Interesting places in Moscow

Interesting places in Moscow

Today we bring to your attention the TOP-4 of the best children's camps in Russia for young extreme lovers, where even the most active and inquisitive child can satisfy his craving for everything unusual and unknown.

The main goal of children's recreation is to improve health, develop creative skills and get new positive emotions. And children's camps are one of the most effective tools for solving these problems. At the same time, of course, the choice of the camp should be based on the interests and needs of the child. For sports lovers, the best option will be a sports camp, for creative people - thematic, for those who want to improve a foreign language - a summer language school. But for children who are not enough of this range, they need something really new and exciting emotions. Such fidgets can be offered a vacation in a children's camp with a touch of extreme!

These institutions are usually private. They require much more funding, careful work on cultural and educational programs and promote healthy and active lifestyles. The activities in the camp can be very different: hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing, orienteering, aerobatic kiting (kite riding), excursions, etc.

Today we bring to your attention the TOP-4 of the best children's camps in Russia for young extreme lovers, where even the most active and inquisitive child can satisfy his craving for everything unusual and unknown.

Sports camp "Mountain family" (based on the resort "Eurasia" near the reserve "Taganay")

Features: a wide range of extreme activities, the location of the camp in the recreational area, admitting children 9-16 years old, double rooms for living, 4 meals a day, 24-hour security and medical care, video surveillance.

Activities: skiing and snowboarding, treasure hunt expedition, trampoline, rock climbing, relay races, horseback riding, archery, hiking, leisure activities, orienteering, telescope and kart lessons , cable car.

Price: 11,500-12,500 thousand rubles, Wakeboard course - 21 days - 29 thousand rubles, 12 days - 19,900 thousand rubles.

Treasure Island Campground

Features: location on the island. Ukhodovo (Moscow Sea), accommodation in tents against the background of nature, the price of the voucher includes the cost of moving to the island from the mainland, the presence of a volleyball court, sailing catamaran, water trampoline. Important! Since the camp involves a joint vacation of children with their parents (family vacation), the participants buy food individually.

Classes: drawing up and decoding of nautical charts, searching for treasure on a map, orienteering, water tourism techniques, fishing, kayaking competitions, rope course, a course for young ecologists, creative activities, games, practical course survival in the bosom of nature, children's yoga, passing the obstacle course, trampoline, archery.

The best children's camps in Russia for young extreme lovers

Survival Guide

Has your child already grown up? Is it independent enough so as not to annoy you every second with minor everyday problems, and is it still sufficiently attached to you so as not to rush off with friends into the bright distance on its own?

Great! It's time to travel together. Teenagers are impressionable and curious about the world most of the time (when they don't roll their eyes with an expression of endless suffering on their faces).

A trip to distant countries (in your company) will help them find out how the rest of humanity lives, form their own priorities, the desired picture of their future independent life. Although, we will not dissemble - a tourist trip with a teenager is a test, a real test of your pedagogical talents. To make your vacation life easier, try some of the tricks that the collective mind of parents traveling with children has spawned. So:

English with Native Speaker,

comfortable accommodation, 5 meals a day, age groups,

all-inclusive voucher, medical care, security, insurance, transfer from Moscow.

We are a team

A close-knit family in which the opinion of each family member is really appreciated makes life easier. Therefore, involve your teenager in planning the trip together from the very beginning. Let "surf" the Internet in search of descriptions of attractions, read guidebooks, ask questions. Ideally, your child should have the impression that he or she invented, planned and organized almost everything.

Who to chat with

Your child needs more than just your company. In fact, he needs the company of his peers much more. You can try to look for tours in which teenage entertainment is provided, and a tour group, where, most likely, his peers will be. By the way, let him do it himself. You can go on cruises with a large cultural and sports program (as well as dancing until the morning), to a hotel with high-quality animation, or choose a tour that includes visits to adventure parks, rafting, jeep riding and evening dancing around the fire.

Today we bring to your attention the TOP-4 of the best children's camps in Russia for young extreme lovers, where even the most active and inquisitive child can satisfy his craving for everything unusual and unknown.

To keep your family friendly even when your child becomes a teenager, you need to take a break from time to time. You need to choose interesting leisure time. Which will cause positive emotions not only in you, but also in the teenager.

We will tell you what types of recreation you can choose so that the whole family will like them.

Outdoor activities

If a teenager is active, does not sit still for a minute and loves to move, then active rest is suitable for him. If you lead him to a place where he can throw out his energy, it will have a positive effect on him. And he will enjoy this type of vacation.

Consider the main types of leisure activities for active teenagers and parents.


Hiking is the perfect way to relax with the whole family. Have fun, release energy and bond. The advantage of this type of leisure is that it is multi-season. You can go hiking both in summer, spring, and in winter, in autumn. The main thing is to choose the right equipment and clothes.

Regardless of the weather outside, you and your teenager can:

  • Walk uncharted paths.
  • Visit various natural attractions. For example, winter springs, mountains or outdoor reserves.
  • Go fishing.
  • Go to the forest and cook kebabs there.
  • Play various active games with a teenager. For example, throwing a frisbee. Or play soccer/volleyball with a bouncy ball.

During the summer season, your family has more opportunities for recreation. You can borrow bicycles, for example. And the whole team to go for a drive on them. For this it is absolutely not necessary to leave somewhere. It will be enough just to drive around the city.

Down with boring lessons and textbooks - send your child to rest, practice English and get to know American culture at a summer camp in the USA.

In Miami, Seattle, Florida, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, prestigious schools and universities invite children and adolescents from all over the world to learn the language, develop leadership skills, learn to film or act in films. playing tennis, surfing, photography or computer technology. And after productive classes, every day the children are waiting for sports games, parties, competitions and educational excursions to cult and picturesque places.

Most camps accept adolescents from 14 years old, but you can choose a program from 9-12 years old. The average duration of summer courses is 2-3 weeks. Children usually live in residences at universities, sometimes it is possible to choose accommodation with a host family.

We have prepared a list of children's camps in different states of America where you can send your child to study and relax this summer.

IT Summer Camp in Seattle (Step Computer Academy)

  • m. Kievskaya, st. Kievskaya, d., Entrance 7, 6th floor of BC "Legion III"
  • m. Maryino, Lyublinskaya st., 169 bldg. 2, 3rd floor of the shopping and entertainment center "Mariel"
  • m. Belyaevo, st. Miklukho-Maklaya, 36A, TC "MC" 6th floor
  • м. Sokol, Leningradsky Prospect, 80, building 17, entrance 2 (A)

Website: . tstep. rg Phone: +7 495-151-19-01 Cost: from $ 2980 (without flight) Change from Moscow: 2. 8 - 14. 8

Two weeks in the future: the world of robots, games, design and programming, excursions to the offices of the best IT companies in the world.

  • Office Tours: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, Twitter, Valve
  • English Tuition
  • Seattle Tours & entertainment
  • Outdoor activities
  • Project approach

Camp program

  • Competitive Robotics We'll help you immerse yourself in the world of robotics, start designing and win the robot competition!
  • Virtual Reality Immerse yourself in an immersive and super realistic 360 experience! Using VR to draw in 3D and simulate it in a Google cardboard, students will create their own stunning 3D art and see it in simulation as if it were actually floating in a room.
  • Artificial Intelligence Your child will immerse himself in innovative technologies, get acquainted with artificial intelligence and create his own bot.
  • Engineering Every child loves to design something. Especially if it is a “Smart Home” where you can control temperature, movement or electricity.
  • 3D Print Your child will learn how 3D cartoon characters are created. Learn about modeling and texturing 3D objects. He will be able to create three-dimensional heroes and characters himself, and children will be able to print the best projects on a real 3D printer!

Children will live in the house. Accommodation for 4-5 people in a room. Boys and girls in different rooms. The curator of the group will live with them and accompany them constantly. 3 meals a day, snacks, additionally: barbecue evening.

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