Interesting games and contests in nature for adults, part 2

Interesting games and contests in nature for adults, part 2

Everyone loves outdoor recreation. Fresh air, delicious food and lively entertainment will make a simple picnic a great pastime. If everything is clear with the first two points, then you will have to work hard with the third. How to choose and organize your leisure time in order to have fun and not lose heart? This is what we are going to talk about now.

In order to properly organize your vacation and choose the right entertainment, you need to decide how you want to spend your time. There are many different types of outdoor recreation.

The first option is the simplest - rest without entertainment. It is enough to organize a picnic and just enjoy the surrounding beauty and clean air. But only after all the goodies are eaten, and there is nothing to do, the rest will quickly become dull and will not bring vivid impressions. However, such a pastime cannot be ruled out - after all, everyone has different tastes and sometimes you just want to relax.

The second option is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. It is enough to dilute leisure in nature with various sports games. You can play volleyball, football or badminton.

The third option is somewhat unusual, but very interesting. Various quests, paintball and airsoft will give you unforgettable emotions and vivid impressions.

The fourth option is the most popular and interesting. Diversify your leisure time with competitions. Everyone will be able to take part. It is enough to prepare an exciting program.

It is the last option that we will talk about in more detail. Below are interesting outdoor contests for adults that will be a nice addition to a picnic.

Guess Who Competition

Perfect for a noisy and fun company. The competition takes place in this way. One of the guys needs to be blindfolded. Girls are hardly lined up. The guy must determine who is in front of him using whatever means available. Girls, in turn, cannot say a word and do something that can give them away.

All the guys are blindfolded in turn, and the girls are swapped. After all participants have voiced their answers, the number of points for each player is calculated and the winner is determined.

Then we do it the other way around - we blindfold the girls.

Beer Checkers Competition

To carry it out, you need to draw a kind of chessboard on the asphalt or grass with chalk or paint. A small glass of beer must be placed in each cage (for the more daring, you can put cans or bottles of beer). Of course, the container must be different.

Over the thirty years of the industry's existence, we are accustomed to the fact that in games you almost always have to run somewhere, fight with someone and save someone. And the faster the pace and the more formidable the enemies, the better. The most beautiful of the gaming worlds act as nothing more than a backdrop for dashing battles and exciting adventures, and we only think about how to raise an invincible hero or defeat the next boss. In the best case, let's break our heads over riddles.

But times have changed. A whole line of "peaceful" games has appeared, where you do not need to chop and hack anyone, and the scenery, atmosphere and history are at the forefront. Curiously, they are rarely ranked as quests, since there are almost no elements characteristic of this genre. They were assigned a different definition, slightly ironic. And today we present to your attention ten of the most expressive of the so-called walking simulators.

One of these days another representative of the genre came out - "a simulator of forest walks of a lonely and unhappy, but nicely chatting with a colleague from a neighboring fire tower, a forester". It is called Firewatch, and we have already managed to go through this meditative and peculiar game and tell about our impressions.

If you want more, this top is for you.

The game that started it all. Of course, not the first in the genre, but it was she who popularized it and gave birth to the very definition of "walking simulator".

Whether it is appropriate to call Dear Esther a game is still debated. Discussions began back in 2008, when the eponymous modification for Half-Life 2 was released, which later grew into an independent project. Dear Esther has almost no gameplay. You can't run and jump here, you can't even turn on the flashlight yourself - if necessary, the hero will do everything without our participation. Here you can only slowly wander around the island and listen to heartfelt monologues accompanied by sad music.

An emotional story and a sense of endless longing is the essence of Dear Esther. The developers at The Chinese Room deliberately made it so that all the pieces of the puzzle did not add up on the first playthrough. To understand who Esther is, what happened to her and why everything is saturated with inescapable sadness, you have to climb the rocky island up and down. However, the time spent on this is not at all a pity: the game is phenomenally beautiful externally and sincerely, although it tells a rather simple story.

But the most important thing is how she does it.

It's not often that we're allowed to play as a ghost. Recently, only Murdered: SoulSuspect has come to mind.

A poltergeist from The Novelist is doing something not typical for a ghost: trying to save the marriage of a failed writer. That crisis dragged on for a long time, which began after the release of his debut novel. The book is not being written, the relationship with his wife and child is not going well. Need to do something.

It is up to the spirit living in the house to encourage the writer and his household to make the right decision. But always imperceptibly, otherwise the family will get scared and move out. The player can read the minds of residents, immerse themselves in their memories and push them towards fateful choices while they sleep.

The Novelist allows you to look at everyday problems from an unusual angle and even, perhaps, draw some lessons for yourself. After all, not everyone has such a caring "brownie".

Are you planning an outdoor vacation with your friends? For a fun picnic, you need to properly prepare. This means, in addition to barbecue and beer, remember your childhood and organize fun outdoor games, relay races or competitions. So you will avoid overeating and "drinking", and also recharge your batteries and have fun.

Nothing brings together like team competition. Relays are the best way to help you with this. And here is a new selection from Zavodila. om from which you can choose and find to your liking.

Three Bricks Relay

Props: buy high-density polystyrene foam from a hardware store for floors with a thickness of 10 cm, and cut out rectangles measuring 25 * 12 cm - three pieces for each team. If two teams are involved, six rectangular bricks will be required accordingly. Instead of expanded polystyrene, wooden blocks of the same size are also suitable.

The rules are as follows: at the start of the relay track, we distribute three "bricks" to the teams. Participants stand with their feet on two, and put the third in front of them. At the command "Start!", You need to go a distance of 5 meters on these three bricks, without touching the ground with your feet. We collect bricks back and run to pass the baton to the next participant from the team.

The team of the most agile wins.

Minefield Contest

Great game often used in indoor and outdoor team building.

  • Ground chalk;
  • Blindfolds;
  • Mines, which can be used as pins, balls, paper boats. A fun version of the mine in nature is raw eggs.
Minefield scheme

Rules: draw a minefield with chalk - a square with dimensions of about 3 by 4 meters. We also make two entrances and one exit with chalk. We place mines. We put two participants at the entrances and blindfold them. Two more adults play the role of gunners, telling their "blind" partners how to get around explosive shells. The player who stepped on the mine is eliminated. The victory is for the team whose representative is the first to find a way out.

Fluorography Competition

Here are 60 outdoor games that you can play together or teach your child to have a great time with friends or siblings while you are busy with your household chores.

Games for toddlers

1. "Doggie, doggie, where is your bone"

In this game, a child posing as a dog turns away while someone steals his "bone". Any object can be a bone, but with young children it is better to use a toy bone for better visualization.

When the "dog" turns around, all the children try to look guilty, and the dog tries to guess which of them actually stole the bone. Let small children guess until they guess, older children can be limited in the number of attempts.

Mom stands with her back to the children, who ask questions in turn, and whether or not they can take a step forward. Whoever reaches mom first won.

This game is best played with children who are too young to realize its injustice. Although mom has her back, she perfectly recognizes everyone by their voice. Therefore, in general, it is she who decides who wins. This is a good game to practice counting.

Grab the asphalt crayons and unleash your inner artist. Start drawing yourself, and soon there will be a bunch of children around, and you can sneak out and do your household chores.

You can find instructions on how to make homemade chalk on the internet, but I doubt it would be much cheaper than buying chalk from a store.

4. Excavation in search of dinosaurs

Bury the toy dinosaur bones (or any other toy) and have your kids dig them up. My kids once did this with little cars.

The best ideas for outdoor activities this summer!

Funny games for a company of adults in nature are the same must-have of outdoor recreation, like kebabs and strong drinks. Because both before and after the feast, you will want to somehow have fun, and the question will certainly arise - how exactly?

Especially for this occasion, we have put together a cool collection of outdoor games for a company that will help you and your friends spend time fun and interesting.

interesting outdoor games for a fun company

Lawn Twister

Summer version of the mega-popular game, which is easy to make with your own hands. All you need is a few cans of paint in different colors and empty cardboard boxes (for example, from a pizza) to make stencils for mugs out of them. You determine the size of the field yourself, so this game is great for a large company relaxing in nature - there is enough space for everyone!

Frozen T-shirt Contest

You are probably aware of the "wet t-shirt competition", and it's great if your company has enough beauties who are ready to participate in it. But even if this time you are resting in a man's circle, and it turned out to be a particularly hot day, we have an idea for a funny game for the company of adults in nature.

Soak a bunch of T-shirts in water in advance, put them in plastic bags, and then put them in the freezer overnight. The next day, run a competition to see who can unfreeze and pull on a frozen T-shirt faster than anyone. A chic way to chill out fun.

Sandwich Master

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