Industrial tourism in Russia: the best places

Industrial tourism in Russia: the best places

Someone associates the concept of "tourism" with sand and the sea, someone immediately thinks about sightseeing ... But there is a special subspecies of tourism - industrial. Fans of this type of recreation are interested in exploring various industrial, military facilities, as well as abandoned buildings. They find a special aesthetics in this. If you also decide to get carried away with this kind of vacation, find out everything about industrial tourism in Russia - the best places to travel in 2021 will attract you.

Industrial tourism: brief information

Development history

This type of recreation began to develop relatively recently - in the 60s of the last century. In general, back in the 19th century, some factories a couple of times allowed tourists to visit them, but at that time people were not yet interested in them. But half a century ago, a special committee was created in Great Britain, whose members sought to preserve industrial sites as cultural heritage.

At the end of the millennia, in the 80s, Europeans were drawn to old factories, mines and factories, seeing them as "monuments of the industrial era." Well, after 2000 this type of recreation has become very popular. The Internet spread, and in it information about objects, which attracted many people tired of the usual beaches.

In Russia, industrial tourism began to emerge in the 18th century. Schoolchildren were taken to mines and factories with excursions. This practice continued in the USSR. In addition, after the release of the film "Stalker", young people and adults became interested in visiting abandoned buildings and restricted areas, and later the title of the film became a synonym for such amateurs. Well, with the beginning of the new millennium, everything has only increased similarly to the western direction. In 2007, the S. ... ... ... ... ., and young people are even more interested in the objects of industrial tourism.

Nowadays industrial tourism, although it is less popular than traditional tourism, is still of interest to millions of people around the world.

This type of recreation can be divided into several types:

  • Stalking. This is precisely the visit to abandoned, old, unused objects, formed after the release of the film of the same name. Stalkers are attracted by residential buildings, entire cities (ghost towns), and factories. They not only look at them with pleasure, but also take pictures - just like traditional tourists take pictures of sights.
  • Diggerism. Diggers are those who are passionate about the "underworld". No, we are not talking about some kind of esotericism - just about various bunkers or ghost stations of the subway.
  • Roofing. From the English word "roof", translated - "roof". Roofers love to visit the rooftops of city buildings and watch the views. There are those who prefer to simply contemplate, those who enjoy the extreme process of "climbing" some stairs or pipes, and finally, someone even holds or attends all kinds of cultural events on the roofs.
  • Passive tourism. Not everyone likes to enter forbidden places, such tourists are akin to the first among industrial ones - they prefer to go on excursions to various operating industries.
  • Urbanism. Urban tourists get aesthetic pleasure from exploring the city's beauty. Someone "collects" buildings in a certain architectural style, others like abandoned areas.
  • Post-pilgrimage. It is a type of stalking and means visiting abandoned places of worship.

How much does it cost?

I must say that in Russia there are not many such offers from tour operators so far. The West is still more carried away by this type of recreation. However, there are special travel agencies that specialize in just this. Tourists are offered excursions to plants, factories, film studios and even nuclear power plants.

In the last five years, the direction has become more promising, many experts argue that it can be developed quite well in Russia, because a large number of abandoned objects have been preserved in the country since the Soviet era.

The cost of the offer depends on the payment to the owners of the object, guides, travel expenses. For example, in Sevastopol, a five-hour jeep tour of abandoned facilities will cost around 6 thousand rubles for a group of 4 people. A visit to the factory where Belevskaya marshmallow is made will cost around 2 thousand rubles - this amount already includes round-trip travel from Moscow, guide services, and tea drinking. But, for example, you can get to the Moscow Brewing Company and see the process of making a foamy drink for free - the production itself organizes such visits on weekends.

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