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Can hiking in Europe surprise and attract us? Due to the actively growing gasoline prices in Europe, one can observe a change in the tourist preferences of Europeans right now. If Europeans usually go abroad and visit, for example, the most romantic cities in Europe, then this year in Europe the main trend is to spend a vacation in their country and finally pay attention to what they, Europeans, have right at their doors houses.

The favorite tourist hobby of many Europeans is called "Let's go" - hiking. The infrastructure for hiking in Europe is indeed very developed, and now, due to the car fuel crisis, it is receiving a new impetus for development. Now many Europeans go out on the trails on weekends and explore their home countries.

Hiking in Europe

The main motto is "Free and in the fresh air", and the goal is not some place to go, but the road itself. At the same time, Europeans study their native places, nature and each other.

Basically, you can't surprise a Russian person with hiking. Our parents are a generation that grew up on tourism romance. Grushinsky festivals still gather thousands of romantics of all ages, and picking mushrooms and berries in the forest is a favorite pastime during a vacation in the country or in the countryside.

But hiking in Europe is completely different.

  • First, there are no mosquitoes! Yes, yes, and no need to laugh. Whoever goes to the forest, especially in the taiga in the vastness of our vast homeland, understands me.
  • Secondly, there is a very well-developed infrastructure of hiking trails: they are laid, they are marked on maps and they are maintained in good condition throughout all natural seasons.
  • Thirdly, walking along the hiking trails is almost completely safe, if, of course, you follow the safety rules yourself. Safety on trails in nature is associated with an overall more favorable criminal environment than ours. The advice here is this - if the locals walk along the forest paths calmly, then you can feel confident there.

In addition, when traveling on foot, you can also have a drink on the road without fear of fines for traffic violations, like driving.

Tourism tourism is a new passion in Europe. In Germany alone, 600,000 people (.) Are members of the national tourist union (Wanderveband). For those interested in Germany - today the first links on this topic . anderverband. e /; . eutscherwandertag2008. e/

Arrange an exciting wine tasting trip through the Loire wine cellars, uncover the secrets of medieval Bavarian castles, discover Protestant and Catholic Switzerland, rock and roll in Liverpool, walk in carnival processions or spend a fabulous honeymoon in Venice - Customized Europe Tours are designed to make your dreams come true and anticipate expectations.

Suppose you wanted to escape from the routine and spend a romantic weekend in Barcelona or your entire adult life dreamed of watching the Tour de France bicycle race with your own eyes, or you want to change the rainy Russian October for a colorful and intoxicating Oktoberfest. All your dreams come true with individual European tours. Whether you will surrender yourself to the experienced hands of the managers of travel companies or will directly supervise the development of the tour and the preparation of the itinerary - in any case, you can be sure that your vacation will be unforgettable and will be of the highest standard.

The range of types and prices in individual tours in Europe is extremely wide: it can be relatively inexpensive excursion trips to one or several countries, gastronomic tours, health tours, event, wedding or exclusive VIP tours.

Altezza Travel is based in Tanzania and provides Russian speaking support upon arrival. Individual and group ascents to the highest mountain in Africa - Kilimanjaro volcano (5895 m), as well as safari trips to the best national parks in Tanzania: Tarangire, Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro.


In the tourism market, individual tours to Europe have long won a loyal audience, and the most popular among them are exclusive travel to Italy. Personalized and tailored to your tastes, an Italian vacation is a much more exciting experience in your life than standard group events. The travel route can be made richly excursion and include all the iconic museums of Rome, or you can dilute it with a beach holiday in the best resorts of Lido di Jesolo, Ischia, Sicily, Riccione or Milano Marittima. Do you like shopping? Then embark on an exciting journey through Milan's trendy shopping. Do you prefer an active holiday? The best ski resorts in Italy are at your service: Bormio, Val Gardena, Val di Fassa, Piedmont, Lombardy.


France is the second most popular country among tourists who prefer exclusive offers. Each new day of travel, designed just for you, will be different from the previous one. Today it is a trip to exquisite French castles and palaces, tomorrow - acquaintance with the best wines of Bordeaux and Sauternes, and the day after tomorrow - welcome to the magical world of fairy tales and fantasies of Disneyland Paris. Fabulous Alsace, a picturesque Basque country, romantic Provence, mysterious Normandy, medieval Brittany - individual tours to France will reveal to you everything that this beautiful country is ready to present its guests with.


There is also a wide range of offers in individual tours in Spain. At your service are the most aristocratic seaside resorts, the best thermal spas, the craziest entertainment and the most interesting excursions. You will visit all the secret corners of Barcelona, ​​ride along the Costa Brava with a breeze, visit hot Andalusia, admire the coastal towns of the Costa del Sol.

And that's not all

Subtleties and routes of bus tours in the Old World

Bus tours, which have become the main "discoverers" of Europe for Russian tourists due to their availability, are not going to leave the stage even today, although it would seem that air tours at similar prices are now in abundance. Apparently, the point is not only and not so much in the number of banknotes that the traveler is ready to give for the trip: there simply were and are people who really rest on the road and are not ready to spend all the precious time of their vacation staying in one place. We will now talk about what Old Woman Europe is ready to impress them with. But before moving on to details, let's dwell in more detail on several important issues.

Important points

First of all, you need to find out if the tour program provides for night transfers, during which a considerable distance is covered without stopping at the hotel. On the one hand, such routes will cost much less, but on the other hand, hardly anyone can guarantee good health after such a trip. The minimum comfort in the form of a reclining seat and air conditioning is provided by any modern bus, but "bells and whistles" like almost full-fledged sleeping places are a very rare thing.

Tours for the New Year and Christmas in Russia and Abkhazia.

Tours to Kaliningrad from 7 300 rubles, Crimea from 10 990 rubles,

Karelia from 5 350 rubles, Veliky Ustyug from 15 150 rubles, along the Golden Ring from 4 200 rubles.

North Caucasus - only experienced accompanying guides.

Secondly, a lot depends on what type of transport the tourist will take to get to the place where the journey will begin. The most common option is a train to Brest. However, in recent years, air travel and railway crossings have become popular, for example, to Berlin. By the way, the most expensive option is not even a plane, but a train journey to one of the European cities. The cheapest is the already mentioned Brest as a bus departure point.

Thirdly, you should definitely count your strength. No matter how tempting the long list of cities covered by one trip may look, still visiting two settlements with excursions and trips to museums during the day is quite tiring. On the other hand, there will definitely not be a lack of impressions.

Where to go?

When choosing options for bus tours, it is important not to make a mistake in choosing the route. Those who go on a bus tour for the first time should look for short trips with a minimum of night crossings. The ideal option is an affordable "express tour" that covers a significant number of countries.

Experienced bus travelers, as a rule, are interested in more detailed tour options with “not promoted” new cities. At the same time, night crossings for many experienced tourists are no longer a problem, but on the contrary - a noticeable plus, since they leave more time for daytime excursions.


The main treasure of Montenegro is its nature - amazingly diverse, pure and beautiful. Majestic mountains, pristine lakes and picturesque national parks are teeming with wild plants, birds and animals. It is best to rest in Montenegro from May to October, when the daytime temperature does not drop below twenty degrees.

Excursions to national reserves (for example, Durmitor and Lovcen), islands and large resort cities-museums (for example, Budva) are very popular in Montenegro. One of the "chips" of Montenegro - tiny inhabited islands. They often house not only the houses of local residents, but also cozy hotels.


It is often seen as a country at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, sometimes as part of modern Europe. It is good in Georgia all year round. In summer, it is great to relax on the pebble beach in Batumi or on the magnetic sands of Ureki, and also to dive with a mask at Cape Mtsvane-Kontskhi and breathe the scent of the sea and pines. Autumn is the time for juicy persimmons and young wine, and in winter you can go skiing and snowboarding to your heart's content.

A trip to Georgia is a real holiday for gourmets and connoisseurs of good wine. Who has not heard of Adjarian khachapuri or Kindzmarauli wine brand? Legends have been going on about Georgian spices and sauces for a long time, they are used to prepare the most delicious and savory dishes.


If you do decide to head here in winter, please the children with a trip to Santa Claus Village. This is an unforgettable Christmas fairy tale that will appeal even to those who did not particularly believe in miracles. In addition, in winter in Finland, you should definitely visit a real sauna, built according to all the rules and very healthy.

Green tourism is popular in Finland in summer. Here you have the opportunity to rent a cottage on the shore of a clean lake and indulge in amazing fishing. In addition, history lovers will like this country very much, there are many museums, carefully preserved historical corners and attractions.


Many travelers who are planning a vacation abroad for the first time wonder about the safety of the trip. And this is correct, because if you want to go on an independent vacation and you will not be accompanied by a guide or a group, it is better to think over all the important points in advance.

European countries are very attractive for many tourists. Stunning beaches and the absence of African heat, an abundance of architectural beauties of the Old World, a variety of nature ... All this really deserves to choose Europe for recreation. Is it safe to vacation in Europe in 2021 and which country to choose? Read this article.

European Security Rating

Europe as a whole is considered a fairly prosperous continent. In most countries where vacationers travel, the standard of living of the population is high, the tourist infrastructure is well developed - and in many countries it has also been debugged for decades. However, the safety ratings of the countries of the world are compiled annually.

I must say that none of the European countries belongs to the most dangerous states on the planet. In 2021, the top ten such countries included the countries of the Middle East, Africa, Latin America.

The safest countries for recreation have remained so for several years. Slovenia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Iceland are among the European countries in the top ten in 2021. I must say that almost all of them, except, perhaps, Iceland, are popular holiday destinations among average tourists. By the way, Iceland is generally at the top of this rating, besides, it is a truly exotic northern country, so perhaps, if you are thinking about where to go, you should pay attention to it too.

Security of European countries by various factors

Road safety

Many travelers choose to travel by car across Europe. It is good to travel on your own transport, you can visit several countries by making the desired route. The countries of Europe are generally considered to be among the most convenient in terms of road transport infrastructure. So, according to the ratings of the last year, the top five countries in terms of security included:

  • Sweden. The road fatality rate is the lowest in the world. For more than 20 years, the country has been running a road safety program aimed at achieving zero road traffic deaths.
  • Great Britain.
  • Switzerland.
  • Netherlands.
  • Denmark.

I must say that the very equipment of the roads, and the attitude of drivers, and the severity of the legislation of European countries act for the good and allow tourists to travel around Europe with comfort. However, before traveling by car, it is imperative to clarify all the traffic rules in the countries that are included in your route, undergo a technical inspection and have all the means necessary for the driver and passengers with you.

Video about the peculiarities of traffic rules in Europe:

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