Individual tours

Individual tours

For those who

. seeks to rest where a compatriot has never set foot. Going on a trip on an individually compiled tour, you can easily avoid the not always desired society of fellow citizens - it is enough to choose a hotel not represented on the Russian market or even an entire resort - for example, go for thalassotherapy in Tunisia not to the popular Hammamet or Sousse, but to the mountainous Ain- Draham.

. looking for unbeaten exotic. You will not surprise us with palm trees leaning over the azure water and flower garlands around our necks, but Senegalese thousand-year-old baobabs, Machu Picchu temples or mud geysers of Iceland are still a wonder.

. wants to visit the "city of dreams". For some, this is the alluring Guadalajara, familiar from nursery rhymes, for others - Rio de Janeiro with the notorious inhabitants in white pants, for others - the earthly paradise of Bora Bora. This should also include enthusiastic lovers of fauna, who cannot imagine their further existence without contemplating Tasmanian marsupial devils or colobus monkeys.

Altezza Travel is based in Tanzania and provides Russian speaking support upon arrival. Individual and group ascents to the highest mountain in Africa - Kilimanjaro volcano (5895 m), as well as safari trips to the best national parks in Tanzania: Tarangire, Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro.

Pros and Cons

The advantages of individually tailored recreation programs are obvious. Firstly, complete freedom in choosing the place and time of the trip - you do not need to adjust to a charter that flies on certain days of the week, and there is no danger of "losing" a day of rest due to an inconvenient plane arrival (for example, late in the evening, when a paid hotel stay starts at noon). Secondly, the pleasant heightened attention from the host guides and other travel personnel: you must agree that the desire to visit the Skeleton Coast and the phrase "give me all inclusive in Hurghada" awaken very different emotions in travel agents. Finally, individual tours are often the only opportunity to go to some godforsaken, but personally attractive corner for you - for example, to the Cape Verde Islands or to visit giant mountain gorillas in the national parks of Rwanda. Well, and perhaps only one minus - not low prices at all, because you will have to fly on a regular flight, live in an individually booked (and not a “block”) hotel and go on excursions with a hired guide only for you.

Where to go

Choosing a place for an individual vacation is a simple matter and at the same time difficult. The ease is that you can visit any country, city or landmark by pointing your finger at a geographical map. The difficulty lies precisely in the unlimited possibilities of choice. Most often, individual tours are sent, of course, to exotic destinations: the countries of Africa and South America, the ocean islands, the ice of the North and South Poles and all sorts of countries recently opened for tourism, such as Cambodia or Laos. At the same time, according to an individually compiled program, it is quite possible to relax on Seliger, or, say, to visit the length and breadth of Istanbul, which the Russians have traveled, and open it from a completely new side. A separate point is the unknown sights of popular countries: French La Rochelle, Turkish Bursa or the British Orkney Islands, which even the professionals of the tourist business have heard little about.

Top Destinations for Individual Tours

Individual tours

The pandemic even made active travelers into inveterate homebodies, and yet you can still get to some countries. What should be taken into account by those who are going to hit the road in the near future, says Olga Smyshlyaeva, an expert in the field of tourism, the founder of a travel agency.

Clarify entry and exit issues

If you are planning a trip, be sure to specify which countries you can go to now and whether tourists from Russia are allowed there. So, the Russian Federation allows you to fly to Switzerland, but it is not yet ready to accept our compatriots and only lets Russians in in exceptional cases on a strictly limited list of reasons - such as treatment, study, etc.

Take into account the requirements of the host to foreigners

Before traveling, check the current rules set by the carrier and the host country. For example, to use an Emirates flight, you must pass a PCR test in a certified and approved laboratory by this company no more than 96 hours before the flight, as well as fill out a special form and upload the test into it.

To enter the Maldives, you will need to fill out a questionnaire on the website of local government agencies and upload a negative PCR test result there, submitted no more than 72 hours before arrival on the islands.

Greece has set limits on the number of Russians: it is ready to accept no more than 500 people a week. Therefore, before buying tickets and booking a hotel for certain dates, fill out a special form on the website of the state authorities of this country and receive a special QR code confirming the possibility of entry.

Find out all about the quarantine for visitors

Before you start packing your suitcases, your task is to find out if the host country is in mask mode, if a certificate of arrival is required, what is the policy in case it is found that during the flight or transfer you had contact with the sick. So that later there are no unpleasant surprises.

And be sure to check if quarantine is required in the country of arrival. So, in Dubai, you will have to sit in your room until the test result is received. And in London - all 14 days. It may turn out that instead of rest, you will be forced to be in self-isolation for the entire vacation.

Individual tours, exclusive vacations and VIP tourism. Rest on secluded beaches of exotic countries and a thematic

Why is a huge amount of money spent on helping small tourist businesses?

The travel industry was among the main victims of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the fight against it. And the most vulnerable in all countries turned out to be travel agents - small private enterprises with a minimum staff, which do not have such serious reserves as large airlines and tour operators.

At the same time, the states spend significant sums to save the travel agency business and necessarily include such companies in various financial assistance programs, which involves not only tax deferrals and exemptions, but also direct financial injections.

The logic of governments in this case is to support companies that normally generate good profits and are employers for hundreds of thousands of citizens. In the medium term, such support measures may prove more promising than the payment of unemployment benefits to laid-off employees.

Understanding how travel agent support works in various Western countries.

UK reimburse agents up to% of lost income

Most of the measures taken to support enterprises that have been affected by the coronavirus are additional budgetary funding. Different schemes are used.

In particular, in the UK, the government has developed a support model with the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (HMRC), which involves payments of 80% of the amount of earnings lost as a result of the coronavirus, but no more than £ 2,500 (approx. . 240 thousand rubles). Employers who send employees on forced leave can take advantage of this scheme. Moreover, large travel agency networks - Barrhead Travel, Kuoni and Hays Travel - have already announced plans to use this tool. It is important that these are non-refundable grants, the only condition is to pay all taxes on them, since they are considered official income.

The same scheme applies to self-employed travel agents, even those who work from home. This was announced on March 26th. The applicant must show that travel agency activities were his only source of income as self-employed, and at the same time he earns less than 50 thousand pounds per year (approx. 4.8 million rubles). In this case, the entrepreneur will also be allocated up to 80% of his official income (the one that he showed in the tax return), but not more than 2500 pounds per month.

With regard to targeted measures to support tourism in the UK, these are, first of all, tax incentives and deferrals for various fees. In particular, tour operators have postponed the dates of mandatory contributions to the ATOL fund. In addition, the mandatory refund requirement for canceled tours within 14 days was canceled, and the Trade Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agents canceled membership fees for the next six months.

USA: targeted loans and money helicopters

The United States has perhaps the most generous support for small businesses. President Donald Trump has repeatedly stressed that tourism needs money more than other industries. Congress has already agreed on a huge package of assistance to airlines, next in line is an equally large package for cruise operators, many of which are either from the United States or have large offices in the country.

According to the American Society of Travel Consultants (ASTA), 98% of all travel agencies in the United States are small businesses, with a total of 108,000 employees in this industry. In addition, more than 40,000 self-employed agents work in the United States, most of whom work without an office. These agencies have experienced difficult times - after the September 11 attacks and after the 2008 mortgage crisis, but it is already clear that the coronavirus has become a much more serious blow for them.

Business tourism (Business tourism) is travel for business or professional purposes without generating income. Business travel is considered one of the most important components of international tourist exchange.

The WTO classifies business tourism as travel for participation in congresses, scientific congresses and conferences, production seminars and meetings, fairs, exhibitions, salons, as well as for the purpose of negotiating and concluding contracts.

Business travelers include truck drivers, commercial agents, and tour group leaders performing professional duties outside of their usual environment.

History of Business Tourism Development

In order to clearly present the algorithm for the development of business tourism and the separation of a separate direction from it - MICE, I invite you to look into the past. Almost the entire further history of mankind is directly related to business tourism. In the VII-X centuries. the ships of Arab merchants plowed the waters of the seas and oceans. There were many educated people among the merchants. A merchant seriously counting on success had to know literacy and numeracy, foreign languages, have an idea of ​​the laws and customs of other countries, understand jurisprudence and maritime affairs. Medieval merchants were the first businessmen to enter into trade deals, establishing international relations, exchanging goods of their country for those of foreigners, thus developing and influencing world politics and economy. Necessity and curiosity pushed for business travel: for example, trade caravans from Western Europe to China, this is how the Great Silk Road arose, or thanks to the sea campaigns of Christopher Columbus, Vasco De Gama and Marco Polo new lands were discovered, new routes were laid, trade bridges were built between continents.

It was at this time that the first, timid forerunners of the modern tourism system were born - inns, caravanserais, inns - where the traveler was offered rest, food, accommodation.

Prof. Rob Davidson, lecturer at the University of Greenwich in London, wrote about it in the best possible way: “Business tourism is associated with people who have to travel for work. Thus, one of the most ancient forms of tourism seems to be, when since ancient times people have been traveling for business purposes. "

Types of business tourism and its distinctive features

Currently, one in four people leave their home every day to travel on business. And the whole huge sector of travel made with a wide variety of business purposes is called business tourism. Business tourism plays a vital role in the development of the national economy of any country, actively promoting its integration into the world market.

Business tourism is a broad concept. The most capacious specificity of this type of tourism is given by the abbreviation "MICE", formed by the first letters of English words:

I - incentives (incentives or incentives),

Business meetings take place:

- 70.8% - Individual business trips

Would you like to pet a lamb on an Italian farm, taste freshly made cheese at a cheese factory in Normandy, or pitch a tent in the Scottish moor? Then ecotourism was invented especially for you. Calming, interesting, tasty, adventurous - all types of ecotourism in our new material.

Among the tired townspeople, exhausted by traffic jams, incessant phone calls and endless sitting in front of the monitor, the so-called ecological tourism is gaining popularity. True, the very word "ecotourism" is a wrap that can be wrapped in anything: from living in a secluded but comfortable house in pastoral Brittany to living in a camper in the middle of the Scottish fields. Where to go if you dream of forgetting about the existence of the Internet, TV and exhaust gases even for a week or two? We will tell you about the most interesting options for European ecotourism.

Where can I find a cozy house?

On popular booking sites on request, for example, "farm houses", you can find a small family-style hotel or small hotel in any picturesque corner of Europe.

There are sites dedicated specifically to ecological tourism - for example, responsibletravel. om, which offers a search for eco-housing in all regions and countries of the world. Unfortunately, these pages usually only have an English version, but it is not difficult to translate basic information using a dictionary or an online translator. And of course there are many sites dedicated to ecotourism in a particular country: farmstay. o. k offers nature accommodation anywhere in the UK, agriturismo. t will help you find a suitable house in the Italian province, agritourism. l is a pretty farm in Poland and so on.

The price depends on the selected region and type of housing. A room in a small eco-hotel in Spain, Italy or France costs an average of 30 to 60 euros per day, a spacious apartment or house - 150-200 euros and more. To decide on a place of residence, you need to understand why you want to go to the picturesque wilderness.

"I want to live in nature, but with comfort"

A frequent request from metropolitan residents who want to listen to the silence and singing of birds in the morning, but at the same time are not warmed by the idea of ​​making a fire every morning near the tent or helping farmers to shear sheep. This option is also suitable for families with small children. If you want a comfortable "farm stay", we recommend paying attention to houses and hotels located in the suburbs of small towns and near farms. Usually such housing is equipped with air conditioning, parking and other benefits of civilization. You can find a house with pools in the yard and a coffee machine in the kitchen. At the same time, you will be surrounded by a rural pastoral without noisy highways and city bustle.

“I want to eat and drink deliciously”

Then you need to look for housing near a brewery, winery or cheese farm - and maybe directly on their territory. Fortunately, there are a lot of such options. There are many cheese dairies in Normandy, Brittany and other French regions, where you can see and even participate in the process of making real French cheese. You can specify their addresses, for example, here. On the agriturismo website. et you will find Italian wineries. On the website atostogoskaime. t you can look for places where you can taste natural Lithuanian cheese, cottage cheese and other delicacies.

And if you want something truly original, there is Garlic Farm in Newport County (South Wales, UK). The owners are proud to say that they have been growing garlic for the entire county for half a century. There are signs everywhere with funny messages like: “Just stop and smell the garlic! That's all you need. " The farm has a restaurant - most of the dishes on the menu, of course, are generously seasoned with garlic. In the surrounding area, you can walk in the garlic fields, visit a specialty store (you guessed what they sell there), and even attend a themed festival that takes place here every June. You can view guest houses and book places on thegarlicfarm website. o. k.

By the way, many farms offer volunteer projects - an option for those who would like to really plunge into rural life. For a reasonable fee, you will be provided with food and shelter, and in return you will have to help the owners in their work - caring for the animals, watering the garden or building a fence.

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