In the South Urals

Recreation centers of Bashkiria

A sultry summer is outside the windows. These days, the question of choosing the perfect vacation spot is more relevant than ever. This choice will depend on the purpose of the trip: youth parties, sightseeing, exotic, silence, extreme, staying surrounded by nature in comfortable conditions. If among you there are fans of the last of the types of recreation, then Bashkiria is exactly the place where you will spend your time with great pleasure and comfort. Incredible nature, as well as the dispersion of vacationers over a huge territory. Unfortunately, most people only dream of waking up in a comfortable sanatorium room and seeing the forest in the window, hearing the singing of amazing birds, and breathing in the freshest scents of the forest.

A bit of history

Local prices are simply surprising for many people. Residents of the capital are happy to buy various products in Ufa, since everything is much cheaper here than in ordinary stores.

Recreation centers in Bashkiria are suitable for dreamers, as well as for those who want to be alone with their loved one. It should be noted that the river Belaya, on which Ufa stands, has icy water, although this will not be a problem for true connoisseurs of comfort.

In Bashkiria, the indigenous people inhabited the territory on both sides of the Ural ridge, located between the Volga and Tobol rivers. In the middle of the sixteenth century, the Bashkirs began to unite in unions. By the end of the same century, they were incorporated into the Russian State. The Bashkirs, by their vocation, were engaged in cattle breeding, were nomads. Their main occupations covered beekeeping, fishing, hunting. In the 90s. eighteenth century reforms were carried out that influenced the field of land use and land administration.


These include a huge number of caves, lakes, rivers and waterfalls in Bashkiria. So, the Yuryuzan River flows among the incredibly beautiful rocks and mountains of the Urals. Talkas is a lake that has always had the purest fresh water. At the same time, residents of these places praise her of the highest quality. The lake is located in the western part of Irendyk, 4 kilometers from the village of Tubinsky. In addition, Iremel is significant - one of the largest mountain ranges of the Urals, the peak of which is Kaban.

Leisure activities

Almost all recreation centers in Bashkiria are open all year round. Taking into account the unique natural and climatic conditions and the variety of landscapes, tourist institutions can offer a huge number of different types of pastime.

Recreation centers in Bashkiria in the summer are:

  • river rafting;
  • fishing and swimming in rivers and lakes;
  • horseback riding;
  • all kinds of active water recreation: boats, yachting, jet skis, etc.;
  • hunting.

In winter, the recreation centers of Bashkiria provide their guests with:

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We inform you that the issue of irregular hot water supply at the camp site has been resolved.

Repairs have been carried out, the supply pipes have been checked and the cause of the water leak has been identified.

Now tourists can take a shower and wash themselves with warm water.

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