How to survive on a hike: the secrets of camping tourism

How to spend time outdoors

For the human body, there is nothing more important than oxygen. Therefore, young children are often sent for a walk. But growing up, a person begins to spend less and less time outside the home and work, limiting himself to the road to the store and the bus stop or car. And walks in the fresh air are extremely useful. Making some time for this is important at any age. And if it is difficult to force yourself, then the stimulus will appear after reading the information about how fresh air affects the body.

What's the use?

In modern conditions of life, when a person is surrounded by endless stress and thoughts about problems, and everyone has to hurry somewhere, many generally forget about their health. And maintaining it is not that difficult. To do this, it is enough to spend a little more time in the fresh, unpolluted air. It will help improve not only health, but also affect many areas of life. The value of fresh air is much higher than most people think. So what is the use of walking in the fresh air? How do they affect a person?

Improves mood, relieves stress

Hiking in the fresh air is very useful for a bad mood, severe stress, fatigue. This is very important for a modern person. A pleasant, clean scent promotes relaxation, improves mood, and the scent of trees reduces tiredness and stress. Walking slowly, the person begins to feel calm and happy. He remains alone with the beauty of nature and his thoughts, which allows him to get the maximum benefit for the nervous system. A park is the best for hiking in the fresh, clean air.

Improves health

The main benefits of walking in the fresh air are positive effects on health in general. Physical activity in combination with a walk in nature helps to strengthen the immune system, even during periods of cold weather. Daily walks improve the work of the heart and blood vessels, lower blood pressure. The metabolism is accelerated, which cannot be achieved by visiting a regular gym. Fresh air helps plants produce phytoncides, which kill tumor cells and reduce the risk of cancer if a person inhales them.


If you regularly walk in the fresh air, then the need for energy drinks will disappear. Human energy in conditions of pure pleasant smell of nature and a beautiful view is increased by 90%. If you want to drink another cup of coffee, you should try to walk a little - the effect will be amazing. In addition, frequent physical activity tones the muscles, which also gives an additional boost of energy.

Improves sleep

Most people don't even consider the importance of fresh air for sleep quality. Those who spend more time outside the home sleep about ¾ hours longer than others. Their sleep is much stronger, and when they wake up, they feel much happier and more active. Walking in the cool fresh air before bed is also important.

Improves brain function

If you want to become smarter and increase your productivity, then you need to spend more time outdoors. Taking short walks in parks or forests improves memory and increases concentration by about 20%. And fresh air for children with hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder is generally a must, because. this is the best way to keep them focused.

Individual tours

True beauty is always hidden from view. Therefore, sometimes you need to make a lot of effort to see real wonders and beauties that cannot be found below, in the bustle of cities. The best option for us to take a complete break from civilization is nothing more than an independent hike. This time we will tell you about our route to Yalta from Bakhchisarai. You will learn: how to prepare for a hike, plan a route, solve the issue of food, water, what things to take, what should be in a first-aid kit, how to get around a large crowd of tourists, and how not to get lost.

The hike begins with preparation and planning

Maybe someone does not have time to explore routes, maps and other educational material, but for us personally, this is where the preparation for the hike begins. When it's still winter outside, but at the beginning of summer you are going to go hiking, there is nothing more pleasant than taking the time to draw up a new and unique route. Last year, we immediately decided on what we want to see on the hike. Our main points were the Grand Canyon of Crimea, Ai-Petri, suspension bridges to the battlements of Ai-Petri and the descent to Yalta, from where we went on to Novy Svet.

How to plan your own route

We planned to spend 3 days to overcome the walking route from the village of Sokolinnoye, near Bakhchisarai, to Yalta. The mileage we covered left about 37 km. Then it only remained to choose those trails on which there were more sources of fresh water, interesting natural attractions and suitable parking places.

Use hiking trails in your itinerary

Having decided what you want to see, plot a route, count the mileage and break the sections of the way by day. Then mark the places to stay overnight with flags. This will give you a picture of each day of your journey and what you can see or do while traveling.

To plan a route, I use the most convenient, in my opinion, OsmAnd map. This map shows parking places, water sources, cliffs, sights, viewing platforms from which the best views open, as well as elevation changes in order to assess the load and, in general, the possibility of overcoming a certain section of the road. In addition, on the map, you can connect route points by tying them to walking or cycling paths, measure the distance between points and mark the parking places with flags.

Taking food, clothes and equipment - rules for packing a backpack on a hike

After we have calculated the mileage of our route and divided it into days, we proceed to the next stage - planning how much and what to take with us, and whether it is worth taking something at all, or it will turn out to be superfluous cargo. What will be superfluous and what not is up to you. For example, we had a guitar with us on a hike, and not for the first time. Well, what can you do if your friend has a surname - Agutin, then you are definitely doomed to sing. So the road is more fun and there is something to remember!

Decide what is important to you and go!

Camping menu and cooking

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