How to relax in Kazan: the best places and sights of the city

Active rest in Kazan; Who, when, where on what and with whom

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Excursion tours in Russia!

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How to relax well and inexpensively

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13/14 OCTOBER/15:00/Performance-excursion "Time for the growth of trees"

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How diverse is the nature of Russia: there is access to both the warm and cold seas, mountains and steppes, lakes and rivers, the history and power of modern technologies. You can make an incredible travel map only in the cities of Russia. We will tell you about one of these cities in this article. You will learn about a trip to glorious Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, about how and where to relax, what to see, what and where to buy.

A city with a thousand-year history

It can take a long time to list all the advantages of this city. Quite recently, in 2005, residents of Kazan celebrated the millennium of the city, whose history is truly captivating. There are many confirmations that Kazan existed more than a thousand years ago. Numerous excavations and studies have proven this fact. For this reason, the city prepared for the holiday very responsibly. The restoration of buildings, squares and streets, new buildings, parks, fountains and alleys, the development of sports complexes - all this was carried out to a magnificent date. Among the most ambitious events is the opening of the subway. Since then, there has been one metro line with a length of more than 15 kilometers. No less ambitious was the opening of the Millennium Bridge (which means “millennium”) across the Kazanka River with a huge letter “M” in the middle of the way.

According to one of the legends, the name of the city comes from the word "cauldron" or "cauldron". Allegedly, one sorcerer said that in the place where the cauldron dug into the ground would boil without fire, a large city would rise. This place was found by the Bulgars on the shore of a lake called Kaban.

Today the city is one of the largest centers in Russia. This is its "third capital", a place that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Therefore, we decided that it will be useful for many to learn about how unforgettable a trip to Kazan can be for you and your family, which we will talk about further.

Where is

Kazan is located on the left bank of the wide Volga River. The Kazanka River divides the city into two parts: the new northern and the historical southern, which are connected by a metro line and bridges.

Map of Kazan

How to get there

One of the fastest routes to the city is by air. Kazan airport is located 26 kilometers from the city. After a successful landing, you can reach the city by taxi, bus or express train, which departs once an hour. Airplanes of such airlines as Siberia, Transaero, Aeroflot, Pobeda, Ak Barso Aero fly here. The flight time from Moscow or St. Petersburg will be one and a half hours and almost 4 hours, respectively.

Over 1 million 200 thousand people live in Kazan.

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