How to open a travel agency

How to open a travel agency

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Tourism for beginners, useful tips! Part - <

Hello everyone! Today I am writing for beginners and the article is called - tourism for beginners! Where to start, what you need to go, with whom to go, etc. - The topic of today's article :).

Immediately make a reservation that I will not tell how to go to Thailand, or to Europe, or Turkey or Tours to Cyprus. We will talk about a cheaper holiday, it is available to the majority of us and does not require anything - pedestrian \ mountain tourism. You can still take a separate Casta of people who adore weekend hiking (PVD), by the way I treat them :).

p. . For what is worth going to go, I wrote in the last article - anti-time management or why I love hiking <

What to choose?

There are a lot of tourism varieties, go to the next city and sit there on the bench - you can also call tourism :). But many want to go on nature, you want to relax in the normal, and not breathe it is not clear what in the stuffy cities. The one who lives in the villages, they are more pleasant.


Pedestrian tourism - you, some more of the same people go really not knowing where - in the mountains. It is not necessary to go long and tediously, the main thing is to pass the claimed kilometer and the route that you yourself choose in advance. The purpose of this campaign is to relax, look at beautiful places and attractions, immerse yourself in your thoughts and push all your problems and "overload."

Mountain tourism - you, a couple of people as you, go to the mountains for a few days. Be sure to go long and tediously, the main task is to conquer the mountain, climb on peak. Active lovers take with them equipment (ropes, systems, "iron"), somewhere dulfont, climb around the rock, somewhere to bother or just donate. For such trips, you need experience and desire, usually entering pedestrians who are tired of just walking.

The "miners" have more separate castes: climbers, climbers, speleologists.


Mattresses - you, a big crowd, goes to the sea, to the beach, or just in the mountains. Maximum you go about 30 minutes, stand up for the night. The task is to do nothing as much as possible, but drink, walk, swim, play bonbinton, sing songs and have fun to the maximum. Pedestrians and mountain tourists do not respect such people, although they themselves do not mind "mattress" :).

Not an easy start

Let's say you want to take a small position. Tourism manager or assistant manager, for example. The requirements in this case are not very strict. Let's take a look at some of them:

• higher education;

• knowledge of the basics of using a personal computer;

• neatness and neat appearance;

• basic knowledge in the direction of hunting tourism in which the applicant plans to work;

• competently delivered speech, ability to negotiate;

In a number of circumstances, knowledge of foreign languages ​​can be a very important plus. A significant advantage is the skills of working in special programs like 1C and software for searching and booking tours. It has long been noticed that a candidate with the makings of a psychologist and a good memory can achieve considerable success. Therefore, some companies look at this as well.

How does an employer find out about you?

You have an education, you have all the necessary initial skills, and you are looking for a job. It remains to be done so that a potential employer finds you. Feel free to use all modern tools when doing this. Design your resume in accordance with the latest requirements. Focus on your positive qualities, which are necessary in the chosen area.

HR employees actively use social networks when searching for candidates. Therefore, post your job search offer on sites on the Internet and social networks. On some resources on the Internet, you can see an offer to fill a vacant position. Also, thematic platforms are actively developing today, which comprehensively solve HR problems and many others. So in the HR community CVopinion. y one HR employee can recommend your candidacy to another employee. Therefore, become more visible and actively promote your candidacy wherever circumstances permit.

Work experience or education?

Hunting tourism is a very specific industry with special features. Therefore, for each specific organization, the requirements for the applicant can be very serious. Or, on the contrary, it is enough just one responsible attitude to the activity and the presence of specific skills. In this case, the head of the organization may devote some attention to training the new employee during his probationary period.

Where to start

The easiest way to open a travel agency is to buy the Fly. franchise. y ".

But if you still want to do it yourself - we offer you step-by-step instructions from an expert of the company “Fly. at "Ivan Pasechnik.

Tourism, despite all the difficulties experienced recently, remains an extremely attractive business area. It gives you the opportunity to open your own business with little investment and is associated with a lot of positive emotions: helping people arrange a vacation, and then hearing their positive impressions is very pleasant. Nevertheless, the travel industry is a tough nut to crack. In order not to break off the spears about him, or rather not to lose all the money, you need to very carefully and seriously approach the opening of your travel agency.

First of all, you need to find out how the tourist market works and what it consists of. The business owner must decide whether to work with a franchisor or as an independent agency. By opening yourself, you take more risks. Firstly, unknown travel agencies do not inspire confidence, which means they need more serious efforts and budgets for promotion. Secondly, you will have to independently resolve the issues of acquiring technologies related to the search and booking of tours. And thirdly, it is more difficult to work with tour operators - suppliers of a tourist product.

In modern conditions it is more efficient to open not independently, but under the brand of a large network of travel agencies.

Network travel agencies offering a franchise can be divided into main categories, each of which has its own branches.

  • Travel agencies from tour operators whose task is to sell the tourism product of this supplier. It is obvious that a tour operator can offer low cost permits only in some destinations, so such a travel agency in the end may not be profitable enough.
  • Travel agencies receiving traffic from offline channels. Such agencies are not limited in their choice of travel providers. Their disadvantage is the weak development of Internet technologies.
  • Travel agencies receiving traffic from online channels. More modern networks that attract audiences using the Internet and own various online tools for finding, booking and selling tours. The downside is that such a network misses the "classic" offline audience.
  • Networks that combine online and offline communication channels and provide technologies for automating work, as Fly does. at. The main mission of such companies is to give travel agencies the opportunity to sell the most favorable tours with the help of modern technologies and put this process on stream.

When choosing a franchisor, it is important to pay attention to his experience and the specifics of doing business. Some companies have a high risk of bankruptcy in times of crisis. This is due to the fact that in a number of situations a tour operator may require an advance payment for tours in the amount of up to 100%, while tourists often pay for them in parts, and the network's management company does not have a sufficient financial "safety cushion" for such a case.

There is no definite formula for opening a travel agency that will be 100% profitable. Any business involves the establishment of business processes, and therefore a certain guarantee of success is often competent management and, of course, the ambition of the travel agency itself.

Before opening a travel agency, it is important to analyze the presence of the target audience. If you are going to open in a large city - St. Petersburg, Moscow or another millionaire - there is no point in analyzing it entirely. Choose the most attractive area and estimate how much your company will be in demand in it.

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