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Walking in Europe: the best trekking routes

Every year it becomes more and more popular to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, so the types and methods of travel are also changing. Today trekking tours for several days are becoming more popular, instead of the standard rest on the beach.

But such a journey, instead of “rest”, can turn into a real challenge. To prevent this from happening, you need to prepare properly. Well, if you are one hundred percent sure that you will not be able to carry a multi-kilogram backpack for a long time, then you can try an alternative - trekking without backpacks. This option will appeal to those who love nature and enjoy it light.

Today we will talk about trekking tours in Russia without backpacks, which you should definitely go to.

Mountain trekking in the Elbrus region

It's no secret that some of the most popular trekking destinations in Russia are Altai and Elbrus. And if everything with Altai seems to be clear, then the Elbrus region should be touched upon separately, because many people think that this region is well suited only for winter sports.

On average, these regions travel for seven days. Every day, tourists go further and further, gradually gaining height, but they do not live in tents, but in comfortable recreation centers. There are a lot of picturesque lakes, rivers and waterfalls here, and, of course, an excellent opportunity to properly admire Elbrus.

Hiking in Kamchatka

Trekking in Kamchatka and volcanoes is an inseparable tandem. Most of the hiking trails lead to the craters of volcanoes, so if you have long wanted to look into the crater of a volcano, this trekking is for you. Also, tourists have the opportunity to walk through the fields with solidified lava and taste the properties of hot springs.

Tourist routes often pass through Avacha Bay, thermal resorts, the oldest village in the region, and helicopter excursions to the Valley of Geysers.

Active rest on Lake Baikal

Trekking at the deepest lake on the planet began to gain popularity back in the days of the USSR. Even then, many took tents and tried to go to rest on Lake Baikal. Much time has passed since then, but you can still find quiet places with wildlife here. But the closer you want to get to the wilderness, the more things you'll need to take with you. That is why it is best to take a light trekking tour and forget about heavy equipment.

Trekking on the Putorana plateau

Trekking without heavy backpacks: the best destinations in Russia

Hiking is a new word in tourism. In America they know about him not by hearsay, but in Russia he is only gaining popularity.

The usual Russian word for hiking is inappropriate here, although they have a lot in common with hiking. But there are differences.

Hiking (from English Hike) is a short walk or weekend hike, and always along a marked and well-prepared route. It is impossible to knock down or get lost from such a route.

Currently, this is one of the most democratic types of tourism. Hiking varies in duration, from a few hours to several days. You can walk on different terrain - flat, hilly or mountainous. Special preparation for such trips is not required, because hiking involves spending the night in a camping, where you can spend the night in a house or tent. All you need to take with you is food, water and extra clothing.

Therefore, this walk is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, age and physical fitness. This option is suitable for busy and time-limited people. The main thing is to choose a path that is acceptable in terms of duration and relief.

Hiking can also be called a short walk in the immediate vicinity and parks for several hours.

Differences between hiking and trekking and backpacking


This is a long hike in mountainous terrain. They also spend the night in specially adapted places where you can eat and relax. It is not necessary to take a tent, because all trekking routes are designed in such a way that all overnight stays take place in prepared huts, cabins or in camps with tents. In such places, you can not only spend the night, but also just stop, have a snack, hide from the rain or warm up. This allows you to take with you only the necessary set of things.

This type of sports tourism is suitable for beginners, because it is much easier to overcome mountains light than in full ammunition and does not require special physical training. This is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle and problems. Just walking along the path, you get an incredible boost of energy. Shoes for this type of leisure should be more professional and well-fitted. Indeed, in the mountains there is a great risk of injury to the legs.


It is becoming more and more popular to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle every year, so the types and ways of travel are also changing. Today trekking tours for several days are becoming more popular, instead of the standard rest on the beach. But such a journey, instead of “rest”, can turn into a real test. To prevent this from happening, you need to prepare as

Tracking or Camping Romance

Hiking has always been a popular form of recreation in Russia, which was a wonderful pastime with friends, sometimes with family, or even just in a specially assembled group united by common goals.

Hiking romance combined admiring the beauty of wild nature and overcoming the difficulties of a path without roads and comfortable conditions, acquiring new skills and friends. In the world tourism system there is no complete analogue of the concept of hiking, but there are such popular phenomena as trekking, hiking, and backpacking.

Trekking is a walking trip across rough terrain (in the mountains, over wooded hills, along the coast, along rivers), which takes at least 3-4 days with stops for the night, including in campsites, or in tents in places designated for the camp.

The goal is beauty and health

The distinctive features of this way of travel are:

  • accessibility of the route for all categories of tourists (including untrained ones);
  • availability of a fixed route with stops at clearly defined places (sometimes there are even signs to the campsites or shelters for tourists);
  • the opportunity to deviate from the planned travel plan in time (for example, to explore the area you like longer, to stay at a certain point);
  • the goal is a recreational and introductory walk albeit with overcoming small obstacles.

European beauties for travelers from Russia

Hiking (namely, trekking) along routes in European countries is gaining popularity among Russian travelers, because it provides an opportunity for independent exploration of natural attractions, active recreation in a new format, visiting places with unforgettable beauty (mountain ranges, lakes , waterfalls) as well as live communication with people from other countries and familiarization with their culture.

The relative availability of this type of recreation and the variety of routes make it possible to see many new places without hitting the budget with good preparation.

In the joint HLS heading with MTS, we tell you how to change your body and mind. Today, the organizer of the hikes and the head of the group "Pakhodniki z Belarusi" Syarzhuk Misyukevich tells how to get ready for a hike and find a suitable route.

Is this generally a sport?

If you still think that hiking is for fans of songs with a guitar around the fire, then you are wrong. Long hikes with a 15kg backpack on your back are as good as running or functional training.

Hiking and trekking is a powerful aerobic exercise. Basically, you train all day, interrupting only for sleep and food. That is why people usually come back from the "right" trips much thinner.

Radial hike to Mount Valahnokur, Tosmork National Park, Iceland. Photo: Elizaveta Kustova.

What is this

This is a short hike along a clearly marked civilized route with a small backpack. It lasts no more than a couple of days. You do not spend the night on damp ground, but in hotel-shelters for tourists.

Hwanigil Tourist Shelter in the Icelandic Mountains. Photo: Yana Lipen.


If you are going on a hike for one or a couple of days, you will not need special equipment. Wear comfortable clothes, choose athletic shoes that are comfortable, and check the weather forecast. Depending on it, you may need a sun hat or a waterproof jacket.

“Estimate the length of your walk. If you are planning a small day hiking for a couple of hours, you can even go in jeans. Although, in my experience, it is not very convenient. "

Where to go

Hiking is very developed in European countries. In Norway and Switzerland, for example, it is common to take your kids and friends with you and go for a weekend hike. In the mountains of Europe, there are a lot of places with marked and cultivated routes, equipped with national parks. Finding them is easy: be guided by the GR signs (grande randonnée - this is how the trails for long walks are indicated).


The foreign word "trekking" is most often referred to as hiking tours, the route of which has been developed in advance. This is exactly what hiking tours in Turkey with the "Unknown World" Club are. Therefore, if you are looking for information about trekking in Turkey, you have come to the right address. In this article, we will briefly talk about what is remarkable about trekking in Turkey and why it is worth going on a hike with us.

The first hikes in Turkey with the "Unknown World" Club (easy - "Ancient cities of Lycia" and more difficult - "Tahtali. Fabulous Lycia ") pass along the most famous section of Turkey among fans of outdoor activities - the Lycian path. Thanks to the British tourist Kate Clow, this wonderful route is marked and accessible to everyone. Each parking lot has water sources, and food can be bought in any village at prices that are not much different from those that we are used to seeing in our markets. But the parking lots in the mountains of Turkey are quite small, and therefore it is rather difficult for a group of more than ten people to stay comfortably on them.

Traveling along the Lycian Trail, the Club's instructors have repeatedly met tourists from Germany, Italy and Sweden. Due to the influx of tourists from Western Europe, many Turks speak English fairly well. Some Ukrainians and Russians are afraid to go to Turkey because of the prejudice that has developed on the basis of the unseemly actions of people who practice Islam. Remember, tourists are the main source of income for many Turks, and therefore you will be treated with reverence and respect in any Turkish cities and villages! In general, an anecdotal situation developed with the Lycian Trail. Many locals selling souvenirs and food are trying to correct the route a little so that it passes by their shops.

However, the interests of the "Unknown World" Club are not limited to the Lycian path alone. There are plans to explore the path of the Apostle Paul and the Kachkar path. These places are the cradle of ancient civilizations, while traveling through them, the gaze now and then stumbles upon the ruins of ancient buildings, and each of the Club's routes passes through a couple of ruins of ancient cities. All lovers of historical tourism will love hiking in Turkey. And not only them. Wildlife lovers will surely be delighted by the natural wealth of the Taurus Mountains. Here you will meet exclusive representatives of flora and fauna and can taste exotic fruits (oranges, grapefruits, sweets, pomegranates, papaya, etc.) straight from the tree. The Club's instructors are real professionals with many years of experience, and therefore you don't have to think about cooking and how not to get lost while walking along the route. In addition, the "trick" of our Club is as follows - hiking with us is at the same time yoga and meditation seminars.

If we talk about a campaign in Turkey in simple words, then it is necessary to decide on it corny. Yes, because of the flight, the cost of such a trip is much higher than a hike across the Crimea, but many of our compatriots travel to Turkey to relax in a hotel. Compared to this type of vacation, a hike in Turkey will cost you significantly less. Alas, due to the fact that hiking tourism in Turkey as such began to develop relatively recently, many people do not even suspect that there are mountains in Turkey.

This is interesting: some Internet users type in the search box "trekking in Turkey", which is a mistake, because the word "tracking" is spelled with one letter "k". Tracking is best translated from English as “following a route” or “routing”.

I'm very impressed with this trip, I got a lot more than I expected. So many emotions and positive impressions from communicating with the people I met here, from communicating with the nature of the Taurus Mountains, from the most beautiful views that always suddenly appear from behind the mountains, forests. Beautiful coves that remind me of the Bounty ad, with a sandy beach and clear sea water. So many impressions - it's hard to convey everything ... I am very glad that I met such a wonderful team! The hike was not difficult, fourteen days passed unnoticed.

I was expecting rest and merging with nature from the hike. I received all this and am very satisfied. There were a lot of new impressions! For the first time in Turkey, I discovered a new country. I was categorically opposed to staying at the hotel, and therefore I do not know when I would have got here. And now I want to come to these mountains and to this sea again and again. There were difficulties, the rain helped us, but everything is surmountable. A very good team, a special unity has developed, now it is very difficult to part with you. Seryozha and Zhenya, this is my second time with you, but it seems to me that I have known you all my life and I go with you every month.

At the first "Circle of Kindness" I had a request: "To have 48 hours in a day." And there were actually 48 of them! Two weeks passed very quickly, but if you remember the first stop, it was a long time ago. I want to say thank you so much for bodyrafting - I got into my childhood. Emotions are comparable to when I was a child I was sledding down a hill. It was just gorgeous! Great! Hotel Turkey is completely different. The team is very good, special thanks to the men for their support!

I was glad to get away from the bustle of the city, I want to keep this state. Thanks to all the members of the group, everyone is different, but everyone contributed something different. Seryozha and Zhenya, a special thank you for your care and support!

A year ago I was presented with a non-colored painting. I painted it and hung it over the bed to admire it every morning. It featured palm trees, a sea beach and lilac flowers. And then I saw it all - my dream came true! I'm glad I was able to go on this hike! Thanks to the whole team, and separately to Zhenya and Seryozha. I have peace and quiet in my soul.

I had a simple desire: to relax and understand if I like to go with a backpack. I really liked the trip, especially swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and playing "Mafia". An excellent company, it is interesting that different people get together and in the end we get a single team.

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