How to Become a Domestic Tourism Tour Operator

Rating of tour operators in Russia; top most reliable tour operators for 2021

The Russian tourism industry is going through the final phase of structuring today. At this stage of market formation, the final division of its participants into wholesale and retail players - tour operators and agents - will take place. In five years, the main directions of mass demand will be controlled by 10-15 tour operators, and the qualitative and quantitative composition of travel agencies will change significantly: instead of today's 12 thousand, their total number will not exceed 2.5-3 thousand

Large companies, concentrating volumes and production, develop not at the expense of the norm, but at the expense of the mass of profit. Every year the threshold for entering "big tourism" is increasing, so the emergence of new serious players is an extremely rare phenomenon. At the same time, the profitability of the tourism business is declining - now it is approximately 1-2%.

It took us about $ 4 million to create Capital Tour three years ago, now it would take up to $ 20 million. Today, roughly enough is required to launch a tour operator company, create the necessary infrastructure and introduce appropriate technologies, and form a qualified personnel composition, production and promotion of a competitive tourist product. To build a leading company in tourism, you should focus on an annual turnover of about $ 100 million.

Tour Operator

When starting a project in the tour operator business, you cannot save on three things: personnel, technology and advertising. It makes no sense to enter the operator business without a technological base, which assumes the presence of a large product. The base of the tour operator is built on the booking systems - the layout of the product that is sold through the site or through large online distribution systems. For example, the Serena system is at the Transport and Clearing House, which sells transportation of Russian airlines.

The contract with TCH gave us the opportunity to sell our product through 11 thousand terminals.

But that's not enough

A tour operator will be successful only if there are stable distribution channels. The preferences of travel agent dealers when choosing an operator depend not only on its pricing and assortment policy, but also on a number of other criteria: safety and reliability, convenience and manufacturability, commercial flexibility and comfort of interaction with a partner. Most travel agencies have already determined their preferences and “they are not looking for good,” and over the years it will be even more difficult to overcome this inertia. The main working tool and at the same time the face of the tour operator is the company's website.

It reflects the structure of the tourism product, its competitiveness and scale. The "right" tour operators are required to provide online booking of tours, which implies a good booking system, guaranteed hotel rooms and flight quotas.

And this, in turn, requires the diversion of significant working capital for deposits, which only companies with strong financial potential can do.

The size and terms of prepayment in hotels depend on the relationship with the host abroad and hoteliers. The art of negotiation is important here. New hotels, as a rule, make all concessions to attract tourists. However, the most popular options can only be obtained on a prepaid basis.

Depending on the direction and the shortage of the hotel base in the country, the level of commitments (booking quotas in hotels with the tour operator's 100% responsibility for buying out seats - "Business") is 45-95% of the planned volume of transportation. For example, the UAE is a popular country with a pronounced shortage of hotels, so we book% on strict prepayment terms three months before the start of the season. And on peak dates, for example, to ski resorts in France on New Year's Eve, we reserve places in April, that is, nine months before the season.


How to Become a Domestic Tourism Tour Operator

Who can be trusted with your vacation.

Greetings, friends! The travel business has been experiencing tremendous difficulties lately. The UN World Tourism Organization, in its July 28, 2020 message, predicts an annual loss of $ 320 billion for the industry. We all know the culprit - the coronavirus. Restrictive measures are slowly starting to be lifted, and the industry is reviving.

Travelers need to be careful when choosing a tour operator, because even in "quiet" years there was a risk of running into a financially unstable organization. And even more so now. Let's figure out how to choose a good company and what are the most reliable tour operators today. To make it easier to decide, I made a rating of the best tour operators in Russia.

Criteria for choosing a reliable tour operator

There are more than 4,300 participants in the unified federal register of tour operators on the Rostourism website at the time of this writing. From such a variety it is not surprising to get confused.

Before making a purchase of a tour, you must check the intended organizer of the trip. Let's list the main parameters by which you can distinguish reliable companies from doubtful ones:

Top-best tour operators in Russia

It is not at all necessary to independently check each applicant for reliability. I have already done this for you and have compiled the top proven tour operators with whom the risk of getting a spoiled vacation is minimized.

Coral Travel

Several companies operate under the well-known Coral Travel brand. The company was founded in 1995, so the experience of organizing trips is simply enormous.

We offer tours to 39 countries of the world for various types of recreation: SPA, sightseeing, family, ski, corporate, elite, etc. Departure is carried out from 47 cities of Russia. At the same time, vouchers are sold in 900 of their own offices, including 40 premium agencies. Some divisions are located abroad: Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Georgia, Belarus, Turkey.

The partners include 40 world airlines, including Royal Flight. It implements charter flights from Moscow on the most popular routes to Turkey, Greece, Tunisia, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam and other resorts.

How to become a tour operator for domestic tourism The Russian tourism industry is going through the final phase of structuring today. At this stage of market formation, the final

Let's present the rating of tour operators in Russia in terms of reliability and reviews of tourists. Indeed, when planning a trip, it is very important to trust the organization that is responsible for the quality of the services offered.

And although there is no unified system of objective assessment of such companies yet, you can still make your own rating taking into account the existing opinions of those people who have already traveled with their help. It is also advisable to take into account other reliability factors.

General concepts

First, let's figure out what is the difference between a tour operator and a travel agency. After all, most ordinary people do not see the difference. So, the tour operator is the organizer of the trip, is responsible for hotel reservations, air tickets, meals, excursions, etc. It is he who develops the tour itself, the journey to the fullest.

The set of service includes flight, transfer to the hotel, room reservation, type of accommodation and meals chosen, excursion and entertainment program on site. To avoid any unforeseen and risky situations on the road, the tour operator provides financial guarantees and insurance for each stage.

To make sure that the company is reliable, it is worth checking the Unified Federal Register of Russian Tour Operators. If the company is on the list, then the owner has contributed at least 2 million rubles to the account, covering any unforeseen expenses. This is a kind of insurance premium that guarantees the seriousness of the company. If the tour operator is not in the Register, it is likely that they are scammers.

But for the sale and distribution of tours among the population, large companies use the services of travel agencies. They do not prepare and are not responsible for anything, but cooperating with several tour operators at once, they can offer the most interesting, profitable and suitable travel options for a particular tourist. It is much easier and more convenient for ordinary people to work with them, since sometimes prices for tours are much cheaper in travel agencies, and it is also possible to compare different vouchers.

Criteria for choosing a tour operator

To determine which company is the most reliable in this regard, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • The number of proposed directions, since the wider the assortment, the less risk of bankruptcy for the company itself.
  • Does the host have representatives of this company who will take care of tourists during the trip.
  • An arrangement with airlines or even your own planes with a tour operator, which significantly reduces the cost of air tickets and the tour as a whole.
  • Availability of insurance - in case of unforeseen circumstances, there is a financial opportunity to cover the losses of the client and the company itself.
  • Is the visa being opened for the passenger or it has to be done independently.
  • Reservation of hotel rooms.
  • Range of additional services, etc.

Also, when compiling a rating among the leading tour operators, we took into account the existing reviews from those tourists who have already managed to use the services of these companies. Indeed, often in advertising brochures, everything looks one at a time, but in reality it turns out to be a completely different picture. Therefore, it is important to exchange experiences in order to choose the right tour as much as possible.


We list the most trusted and trusted organizations:

Rest at sea and travel abroad for Russians are still expensive entertainment. Therefore, the question is: "Which tour operator is the most reliable today?" especially relevant after the pandemic in 2021, when the entire tourism industry temporarily suspended operations.

It's time to compile a new rating of tour operators in Russia and figure out which tour operator is more reliable.

  • The temporary closure of borders between the countries, firstly, showed that traveling with tour operators is safer and more reliable than independently. Charters with package tourists returned immediately, while many independent tourists were stuck abroad without the opportunity to return to their homeland.
  • Secondly, it became clear which tour operators in Russia have a sufficient margin of safety in the face of economic instability, and which do not.

Hello! We love to travel and in 2016 we created a community of tourists on Vkontakte, in which we follow the news of tourism, prices for tours, and also receive feedback from vacationers.

On this page we will tell you about what criteria for the reliability of tour operators exist, what you need to pay attention to when choosing a tour operator before buying a tour, show the current (constantly updated) rating of the reliability of tour operators and tell you more about the top leaders.

According to the legislation, tour operators must be in the Unified Federal Register, have financial security under a civil liability insurance contract or a bank guarantee (these data can be checked on the Rostourism website).

Tour operators in Russia that are engaged in outbound tourism must also be members of the Turpomosch association and pay contributions to the compensation fund. In the event of bankruptcy of the organization, the injured tourists will receive payments from this fund.

You can easily check an unknown organization in the registries.

An example is the collapse of the major tour operator Natalie Tours. Being in the registers, the travel company began to experience big financial problems in fulfilling its obligations, then it did not want to go bankrupt and people could not receive payments, and after the bankruptcy insurance payments were not enough to cover the debts to tourists in full.

Another example is the tour operator Pearl River. They sold tours to Hainan at prices lower than competitors, while not receiving final permission for flights from the Chinese side and not having sufficient financial capabilities to fulfill their obligations.

It is not pleasant to contact such companies, even if in the end it turns out to return the money back.

It turns out that from the beginning of the publication of negative news to the complete collapse of companies, enough time passes, during which companies manage to sell a large number of tours. Someone will be lucky to have a good rest and return safely, while someone will end up at the end of the company's activities and suffer.

The essence of auto tourism

Automobile tourism - travel of people to countries or areas other than their permanent place of residence, in which the main means of transportation is a private or rented car. Car travel is a type of tourism.

Mobile home, camper, caravan ... this building has a lot of names, but the essence of the concept does not change. All these words describe a kind of dwelling, which is always and everywhere next to the owner, since it is made in the form of a trailer for a car or is built directly on the basis of a minibus, bus or truck.

America is traditionally considered the ancestor of such a trend in tourism, since it was here that the idea of ​​creating a mobile home appeared. Later this type of transport was appreciated in Europe and began to be produced in many countries. Today Germany occupies a leading position (on a par with America).

In the last 5-9 years, motorhomes have begun to gradually find their fans in the post-Soviet space, but in our country this trend is still very poorly developed.

The basic configuration is accepted as the same for all manufacturers. So, regardless of who produces the camper, the basic configuration should be equipped with a kitchen, a bathroom and sleeping places, as well as a relaxation area in the form of a table and a sofa. All sorts of bells and whistles (TV, heating and air conditioning system, floor heating, etc.) can also be found in the basic configuration of some motorhomes, but not all manufacturers.

What is possible in a motorhome? Yes, everything that the soul desires! Integrated and alcove motorhomes are assembled on the basis of any suitable vehicle (from a Gazelle to huge trucks), so the space inside is determined only by the wishes of the customer and the amount of money. As for amenities, modern premium motorhomes can have absolutely any amenities that a person is used to (they can even have a garage in their composition).

The motorhome has a lot of advantages (especially when it comes to high-class houses), but it has not yet become widespread in our country. What could be the reason for this phenomenon?

The first thing that attracts Europeans and Americans about motorhomes is the ability to transport the familiar atmosphere of their home to any corner of the world. This is due to the fact that they have a very long and well-developed hotel recreation industry, and every (or almost every) person who has a more or less normal income, necessarily went to rest at the hotel. They are simply tired of living in hotels, they want home comfort. Our situation is completely different, and a person who will have an extra penny will not put it off to buy a motorhome, but will go to Turkey or Egypt.

The second factor is the price of the RV. The cost of the most unpretentious motorhome (like a domestic one, assembled on the basis of a GAZelle) will be about 35 thousand dollars. For the average American or European, this amount is not that great when you consider that they receive about $ 1,000 a month. The prosperity of our citizens is considered high if a person receives 400-500 dollars a month, and this money is hardly enough for a normal life in a large city. Therefore, it is not necessary to say that a person will spend 6 years' salary on buying a motorhome. And buying a used motor home won't be much cheaper. A motorhome with an age of more than 7 years costs much less, but they have a higher customs duty, and by this time a lot will start to break down.

Another factor is the relative cost of renting a motorhome. On average, rent will cost about 4500 rubles per day (this is just a rent!). It turns out much cheaper to go somewhere abroad to an all-inclusive hotel.

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