How Austrians spend their leisure and vacation

Features of Austrian tourism

This state has always attracted crowds of tourists. And this is not surprising, because all conditions for an excellent rest have been created here. Lovers of theaters and museums will be delighted with the large selection of excursions and performances. And active travelers can go hiking or climb the mountains here. Tourism in Austria makes up almost 10% of GDP, which means that this industry is very important for the country's economy.

Versatile tourism in Austria

It is well known that traditional tourism in Austria, due to its geographical and historical features, can be divided into:

  • cultural (excursion),
  • active (especially skiing),
  • wellness (spa hotels are gaining special popularity),
  • and the so-called "green", when the journey takes place in untouched natural areas.

Austrian Resorts

Among other European countries, Austria stands out for its cordiality and hospitality. And the resorts of Austria are no exception. All conditions have been created here for a memorable stay, and at a fairly reasonable price. The variety of resorts is amazing. Here you can find a suitable type of vacation for any category of travelers.

Ski Resorts in Austria

Due to the close proximity of the Alps and the first-class service, ski resorts in Austria are in great demand. Most often they are cozy and hospitable Alpine villages, the number of which on the map of Austria has more than a thousand. The most popular resorts are located near Innsbruck.

Austrian slopes are equipped with the latest technology. The most modern lifts are installed here and all the necessary infrastructure is developed. Difficult slopes are not common here, however, there are a lot of easy slopes for beginners. So Austria is great for teaching alpine skiing, especially with a professional instructor.

Health resorts in Austria

Health and medical resorts in Austria are opening in the most picturesque corners. When you go there, you can not only have a good rest, but also take care of yourself. For this, not only natural methods of healing are used here: thermal springs and medicinal salts, but also modern methods of relaxation and treatment.

For relaxation, such hotels provide a course of massage, body wraps, various mud baths and medical masks. The diet is selected so that the food is correct and balanced. After a trip to such a resort, tourists return from there full of strength and vitality. Stress and tension disappear, leaving behind only a sense of peace of mind.

Austria Tourism

Austria should rightfully be called a country of active tourism. About 10% of the country's GDP falls on the tourism sector, so much attention is paid to guests here. Austrian tourism is divided into two areas: the first, the capital of the country Vienna and the Alps, the second, the interior of Austria, including the cities of Innsbruck, Voralberg and Salzburg - the birthplace of one of the most famous composers of world history, Mozart. Speaking about active tourism, it is impossible not to mention skiing.

Features of skiing

Austria has a huge number of ski slopes that can be used by tourists with different budgets, while the level of these slopes is, as always, at a height. Here you can find a track, as they say, for every taste and color. For professionals and amateurs, you can find quite complex and difficult options for the tracks, and those who first get up on skis are provided with a wide selection of simple and uncomplicated tracks.

Skiing is not the mainstay of tourism in Austria

In addition to sports complexes and centers, in Austria you can visit a considerable number of historically significant places, theaters, museums and exhibitions. Also highly developed "green tourism", which includes a wide variety of hiking, sightseeing tours, where you can get a good experience of survival in the wild. It is impossible not to mention the lakes of Austria, on the banks of which you can stay in hotels and get unforgettable emotions only from landscapes and beauties. Therefore, any guest of the country will be able to choose a vacation to their liking!

How the ski areas of the Alps are different

The Austrian Alps are tacitly divided into several areas, each of which is aimed at a specific contingent of tourists. And the contingent is based not so much on the guest's budget or the popularity of the area, but on the complexity of the tracks and natural features. In fact, the Austrian Alps have one main distinguishing feature - the highest level of service guaranteed by any sports complex in the mountains, so a vacation in this country will leave only positive emotions.

Innsbruck - Winter Tourism Center

Innsbruck, located on the lands of Central Tyrol, hosted twice the Winter Olympics, this fact makes the city already the unofficial capital of winter tourism. The city is able to receive tourists who came to the country for a winter vacation for six months: from early December to April. Also, not far from the city is the Stubai Glacier, you can also visit it all year round!

This resort is one of the most popular in Europe: planes and trains arrive here by direct flights from many European capitals, and around the city are modern sports facilities, famous all over the world.

What beach ????, ski and health resorts should tourists visit ???? during vacation. What hotels are available for booking.

At any time of the year, holidays in Austria can bring real pleasure, because Austria is a truly multifaceted country. Here you will find luxurious ski resorts, pristine lakes, picturesque landscapes and ancient cities. In addition, in 2021, people come here for excellent European service, classical music, numerous architectural monuments and sights. The object of pride of Austria is thermal spas that can restore health and harmony of the soul.

Activities in Austria

Austria, which is especially beautiful in winter, provides tourists with a wide range of leisure options. More than half of the country's territory is occupied by the eastern Alps, which in some places have very comfortable and varied slopes in terms of difficulty, making it possible to engage in active sports. Thanks to the glaciers, the ski season here lasts a very long time. The ski resorts of Austria, the country are distinguished by beautiful landscapes, environmental friendliness and special charm.

After winter holidays, cognitive tours are in second place in popularity, which necessarily include a visit to beautiful Vienna. The excursion in Austria is diverse and extremely interesting.

The real pride of the country is crystal clear lakes that appeared after the Great Ice Age. It is the beauty of these reservoirs that helps attract a large number of tourists.

Another popular type of vacation in Austria in 2021 is medical tourism. Numerous thermal springs help to get rid of various ailments and gain new vitality.

Country Tours

Austria has a rich cultural and historical heritage, so it is simply unacceptable to visit this country and not see its architectural masterpieces and sights. The most visited cities are charming Vienna and the birthplace of the genius Mozart - Salzburg. Literally every street, every building in Austrian cities has an entertaining history.

Magnificent Vienna

Legendary Vienna is famous for its romance and architectural masterpieces. It is a city of fine arts, waltzes, galleries, museums, theaters, opera halls and beautiful parks. Among the sights of the capital are St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Vienna Opera, the Town Hall, the imperial residences and palaces of the Hofburg, Schönbrunn, and the Belvedere. The Austrian dessert strudel, the delicious schnitzel chop, the great musical virtuoso Mozart, and the waltz king Strauss are rightfully considered synonyms for Vienna.

How and where is it customary for Austrians to spend their free time and vacation? Where does the family go and how much does the family spend on vacation? What features of mentality, besides attitudes towards nudism, will surprise a foreigner in Austria? Familiarizing yourself with work and leisure activities in this alpine country will help you get a positive trip experience.

Workaholics? Yes, but on schedule!

Austrians are hardworking and dedicated. Their main values ​​are family, health and ... work. The country's unemployment rate is minimal at 6.2% in 2016, compared with an EU average of 8.5%.

Most adults work nine hours, get up early (6:00) and go to bed quite late (22:00). One in 10 is regularly delayed at the workplace after the end of the working day. In their thoroughness and love of order, they have no equal, except, perhaps, the Germans. However, the schedule and rules of everyday life in Austria are quite unusual:

  • Trade establishments, organizations and offices, including in small towns, work from 7-7: 30 to 18-00. For example, wine tasting rooms are only open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm, and on Friday until 1:30 pm.
  • There are 13 public holidays in the country, when banks and shops are closed all day. Even museums are closed on Christmas. Summer school breaks also include closed theaters and many other cultural institutions.
  • In the first days after Christmas, as well as on Sundays, absolutely all shops, including grocery ones, are closed. Gas stations and train stations are a rare exception. Many restaurants close after lunch.
  • In the first days after Christmas, as well as on Sundays, absolutely all stores, including food, closed. Rare exception - refueling and stations. After lunch, many restaurants are closed.
  • urgently needed a medicine from the pharmacy? The main thing is not to get into a two-hour break. In 80% of the doors stores are closed from 12:00 to 14:00. Lunch break is a full part of the working day. And people really relax and dinner, the time to eat three dishes and put them with beer.
  • on the entrance door of the restaurant note that owners on vacation? You have to wait two to three weeks. In the midst of the summer season, half of the restaurants of the tourist town can be closed.

For saving, the owners of small stores often turn off or muffle the light until there are buyers. If the windows are not glow, it is worth trying to push the door. Most likely, it will be open.


Hurry - Money Make People ...

Raisin attitude to work - Lubility. Hurry in the eyes of local - manifestation of poor education and low social status. Therefore, weighing for the buyer of all candy varieties of 50 g, despite the queue of the back, for Austria is not at all a joke.


Noticing the firm, standing ahead will deliberately lay shopping, look for a wallet and consider a trifle. At the same time, a person will not refuse the request expressed politely. Go without a queue? To do this, quietly clarify the situation standing ahead and just ask to skip.

Business in Austrian: bureaucracy and complex tax system <

Brilliant Austria - a country, each corner of which prepared for tourists its "tidy slice". Opera lovers, attractions and architectures are going, of course, in the capital of Austria Vienna, fans of classical music - to Salzburg, and tourists go to the purest lakes and hot mineral sources to charming Carinthia. Fans of contemporary art will find their in the most "cultural" city of Austria - Graz, and lovers of picturesque landscapes and crystal clear lakes are going to the Salzburg located in the foothills, where the most famous son of Austria, Wolfgang Amadeus, had ever lived. For "idle" the same holidaymakers Austria prepared excellent resorts, according to the ratio of "price-quality" is not considered as one of the best in the Alps.

In addition, Austria claims, and quite reasonable, on the status of the "classic European skiing for the pros". There is every reason for this: a high-quality and varied hotel base, rich "après-ski" (which is sometimes lacking in other European countries) and, of course, a huge number of well-groomed slopes, along which Austria is ahead of the Alps. At the same time, most of them are difficult to attribute to "warm-up": they require good skills from skiers. In addition, the country has many glaciers, which means guaranteed skiing regardless of the weather.

Regions and resorts of Austria

The capital of the state is Vienna, a smart and solemn city. It circles travelers in the sounds of a waltz, amazes with the beauty of temples, palaces and squares, beckons with the aromas of strudel from pretty coffee houses. In the city of Strauss and Mozart, a lot is connected with art in general and with music in particular: the Vienna Opera, Konzerthaus, Burgtheater, Volkstheater are real architectural masterpieces worthy of attention, even if you do not manage to attend a performance or concert. An even more stunning impression is made by local palaces and castles: Schönbrunn, Belvedere, Hofburg, Kreuzenstein.

Excursions to museums will complement the aesthetic palette: in Albertina you can admire the graphics, in Liechtenstein - on items of princely life.

The second largest Austrian city is Graz with manicured parks, baroque palaces and original modern art objects. The heart of Graz is the Hauptplatz square, symbols are the famous Clock Tower on the Schlessberg mountain and the majestic ducal castle, built in the 15th century. In general, the architectural appearance of the multinational city, which managed to visit the residence of the rulers several times in its history, is very eclectic.

Innsbruck is known for its amazing alpine landscapes and popular ski resorts with modern infrastructure. And here everything breathes with Tyrolean culture: souvenir shops are full of hats and suits made of leather and linen that are recognizable at first sight. The Swarovski factory and the museum dedicated to the legendary jewelry can also be considered as original attractions.

Skiing will be possible not only in Innsbruck, but also in many other resorts of the country. Mayrhofen is equally good for young people (the nightlife is vibrant here) and for families with children. Zell am See is suitable for beginners: there are excellent schools with professional instructors and easy tracks. Serfaus is a resort with impeccable service, modern lifts and cozy family hotels. All the details about the cities and resorts of Austria - on the page "The intricacies of tourism".

Time difference with Moscow


The climate in the country is moderate, transitional to continental, highly dependent on altitude. The winter is mild, with frequent snowfalls, the coldest winter month is January, the temperature in the valleys drops to −2 ° C, in the mountainous regions - to −14 ° C. Summers are warm and sunny, the hottest months are July and August (around + 25 ° C, on some days - over + 30 ° C). Comfortable summer temperatures prevail in most of the country from early June to mid-September.

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