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Cross through the Volga in Samara

From December 29, 2017, it is possible to cross the Volga through the Volga on the boat on the aircraft from the river station. The actual schedule is always available on the SRPP63 website. u <

Published: May 17, 2015

October - the closure of the summer cycling

Celezon's closure 2014 will be held in any weather on October 18. Collection, according to tradition, in 8-30 on Kuibyshev Square, from where in 9-30, after building and briefing on traffic rules, participants of the event organized by the column <

Published: October 7, 2014

"Velosamar" - the closure of the summer cycling

Summer endlessly ended, and with him and summer cycle season. And on Saturday, October 19, the closure of the anniversary cycling, conducted by the sports tourist club "Velosamar", will be closed. Collection - on Kuibyshev Square <

Published: October 13, 2013

Novoshemeykino old sulfur quarry day second

The same ice kamaz road to the village. Novoshemeykino, only turn right now. He took GPS. The road is tolerable, without holes and large cracks. Along it is various buildings from the country <

Published: September 08 of 2013

Medical tourism

Where in Samara, ride cross-country skiing?

Where in Samara, ride cross-country skiing? Skiing base "Seagull" on the Ski Base "Seagull" you can not only go skiing through the beautiful winter forest by choosing a distance of a suitable length, <

Published: December 10, 2017

Crossing through the Volga in Samara

From December 29, 2017, it is possible to cross the Volga through the Volga on the boat on the aircraft from the river station. The actual schedule is always available on the SRPP63 website. u

Published: May 17, 2015

Exhibition-show "Fishing, hunting and active recreation on the Volga"

The 10th anniversary exhibition-show "Fishing, hunting and active recreation on the Volga 2013" will be held in Samara from 28 to 31 March. This is the only fishing and hunting project in the region. Thousands of passionate fans of the active

Published: March 14, 2013


Kondurcha is a river in Russia, flowing along the southwestern outskirts of the Bugulma-Belebey Upland in the Samara region and Tatarstan. Kondurcha is the right tributary of the Sok River. The river usually freezes in November, during the years

Published: February 14, 2013

Koptev ravine

Medical tourism is one of the treasures of tourism, the main purpose of which is the treatment of citizens in other countries

The Zhiguli Mountains are often called the "Volga Switzerland". Their gentle slopes are picturesque at any time of the year. The climate of Samara is the same as in most regions of the middle zone of the European part of Russia, pampers winter sports lovers with snowy frosty winters. All of these natural factors are great for skiing and snowboarding.

Ski resorts of the Samara region are waiting for tourists from December 2020 to March 2021. There are trails for athletes of different levels of training. The ski slopes of the Zhiguli Mountains are not as popular and advertised as the resorts in the Caucasian or Ural Mountains. Therefore, rest on the banks of the Volga will not hit the family budget, for vacationers there is always a free room in a hotel or a tourist center, and there is no need to stand in a long queue for the lifts.

The ski resorts of the Samara region are not noisy and very partying, but with beautiful views. An excellent choice for those who prefer family vacations. The tracks are located close to major cities, so it's easy to get to them.

The peak of the ski season in the region falls on the New Year and student holidays.

Popular Resorts

Ski complex "SOK": rest in Sokol'kiye Gory at affordable prices

Season start and end

Ski resorts of the Samara region will open on the first weekend of December 2020. Usually, at this time, the slopes begin to accept those who want to ride, they include lifts. If the snow cover is still not high enough, the trails are snowed with special cannons. By the New Year holidays, all tracks are working in full force. If you decide to arrive early, you should first visit the sites or groups of ski slopes in social networks, where the latest news about their work appears.

The ski resorts of the Samara region are closed in late March - early April 2021. As a rule, festive events with music, contests, flash mobs and memorable photo sessions are organized on this occasion.

Become a master of hospitality

Be sure not to be caught off guard by accidents. When choosing an active holiday, take out insurance. You can handle any mountain!

Novosemeykino Old sulfur quarry Day three

Sulfur Lake. the same familiar road to Novosemeykino village, turn right and a few kilometers. before moving. If you believe the map, then in a straight line it goes to the huge area of ​​the quarry, then descend into the hollow

Published: 08 September 2013

Novosemeykino Old sulfur quarry Second day

The same KAMAZ-ridden road to the village. Novosemeykino, just turn right now. I took my GPS with me. The road is bearable, without holes and large cracks. Along it there are various buildings from summer cottages

Published: 08 September 2013

Novosemeykino Old sulfur quarry Day one

At the intersection of the Novosemeykinskaya road I turn left. The flavor of the post-Soviet hinterland is immediately felt: forgotten stele-monuments of achievements, achievements and aspirations of the past era; renovated and well-groomed church; motor scooter "Ant" with a trailer near the gate ...

Published: 05 September 2013

The Russian Highway Cycling Championship was held in Samara

On June 19-23, the Russian Highway Cycling Championship was held in Samara. The first days of the championship were held on June 20 and 21 near the village of Petra Dubrava, group races - on June 22 and 23

Published: June 23, 2013

Samara is the city chosen as the reserve capital of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War. Then the city was called Kuibyshev in honor of the prominent party leader V.V. Kuibyshev. At the beginning of the war, many factories, government agencies from Moscow, and the Bolshoi Theater were evacuated here. The city made a significant contribution to the aircraft industry. The names of such famous people as the writer A. Tolstoy, the cosmonaut Y. Gagarin, the composer D. Shostakovich, the director E. Ryazanov, the main leader of the revolution V. Lenin are associated with Samara. Each of them spent a different amount of time in the city, but their memory is kept in history and local museums. And even in the XX century, due to the rapid economic and industrial development, Samara was called “Russian Chicago”. There were many rich people here, but criminals also flocked here.

Samara for 2 days is a popular weekend travel option. You will see carved wooden houses and Art Nouveau mansions, large-scale squares and monuments. During this time, you will also have time to visit several interesting museums, taste the local Zhigulevskoe beer and go to the observation deck with a breathtaking view of the Volga and Zhigulevsky mountains.

First day

Coming to Samara for two days, make a route around the main attractions of the city. The first day will be the most rich in hiking. You will immerse yourself in different time periods and get to know the history of the city through architectural monuments and iconic places. The program also includes a walk along the Volga and rest in the city park.

Tower of the Samara Fortress

The route begins with an object symbolizing the foundation of the city - the tower of the Samara fortress. In 1586, the fortress of the Samara town was laid. Prince G. Zasekin was engaged in its creation. This place was chosen to ensure the protection of the state border from raids and control of navigation along the Volga. The fortress has not survived to this day. But in 1986, in memory of the founding of the city, one of the watchtower towers was modeled. However, the wooden tower burned down in 2014 and was rebuilt before the 2018 World Cup. It is located at the intersection of Kutyakova and Vodnikov streets.

Revolution Square

From the tower go to the street. Stepan Razin, who will lead you to Revolution Square. The journey will take about 20 minutes. The square has a round shape, in the center there is a monument to V.I.Lenin, around - Alekseevsky square. In the last century, rallies of workers were held here, V. Kuibyshev and M. Frunze spoke. The monument to Lenin appeared in 1927 on the site of the dismantled monument to Alexander II. Pay attention to the beautiful building on the street. Kuibysheva, 60 - the former house of the merchant Svetov, in which the court was later opened. In this court in the 1890s, V.I.Lenin served as an assistant lawyer and attorney at law A. N. Hardin. In the area of ​​the square you will see mansions of the past centuries, you can walk to the half-timbered house in the courtyard of st. Chapaevskaya, 84B.

Leningradskaya Street

Continue along the street. Kuibyshev to go to Leningradskaya street. From here to st. Galaktionovskaya Leningradskaya becomes pedestrian, for which it is called the local Arbat. Both residents and guests of Samara love to walk here. You will see various sculptures, restaurants, shops. The street is located in the historic center of the city, so look around at the houses around you:

  • House No. 34 is the house of the artist, local historian and merchant Golovkin, erected at the end of the 19th century. There was an art supplies shop on the first floor, the second floor appeared a little later, Golovkin lived in it;
  • No. 46 - Zhukov's house with rich decoration, a lion's head and other stucco molding;
  • No. 49 - Sidorov's three-storey house, built at the beginning of the 20th century. with ornamental decor.

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