Holidays on Seliger in winter: tips and accommodation

What to see in Buryatia: TOP-10 amazing sights

If you are a lover of a relaxing holiday with the sun and fishing, this lake is for you. Lake Volozevo in the village of Budy. Nearby is the Moch bog and the Yelnya bog.

Lake Volozevo is one of the most beautiful in our area of ​​the Vitebsk region. It is located in the Yelnya, Mokh swamp. The best tourist destination in Belarus, in my opinion. Impressed.

Lake Volozevo in the swamp

Two swamps: Moss and Yelnya are adjacent, swampy raised bogs, where sphagnum moss grows, often used for log logs to close all cracks between logs (construction).

I have experienced all the delights of this lake. I saw extraordinary dark water, surprisingly sandy bottom for a swamp lake. Gradual descent.

One small minus is cool water. And the fish was not caught, although it is there and it is written that they are being caught.

It's transparent on the lake, I watched the fauna of the reservoir: how shitiki (caddis flies) crawled, how piavki sat on a shell, crawling ants, mating swimmers. A beautiful distance, a forest behind, a wonderful sunset. Delightful landscapes.

Lucky with a warm sunny day. We drove for a long time, but the road was normal. I strongly recommend it to all tourists.

Tourist Information

It is great that there are places for recreation in the village of Buda. There are gazebos, long masonry. Fishing is allowed there, however, you need to know how and when to fish. We didn't get it. We sat at a picnic, wandered, bathed. The photos came out great.

There is also masonry on the second side of the lake, but not all of the boards are there and no one is doing it. Maybe it was ripped off by high water. Some people build summer cottages near the lake.

It is convenient to make a fire near the gazebo. Nearby grass and trees, including apple trees. The beach is grass, the bottom is sand. The entrance to the water is safe, smooth, shallow.

We rest in Bashkiria

Russia is an incredible country that delights tourists with its picturesque edges. You can find attractions for absolutely every taste. By the number of lakes on the territory of the country, Russia also occupies a leading place. That is why such a phenomenon can be considered a national wealth. If we consider each lake separately, but they have some of their own characteristics and uniqueness.

If a person has a desire to admire the natural beauty, then it is necessary to go to the lake, this article will present 5 of the most unique points on the territory of Russia.

Raspberry Lake, Altai

One of the most beautiful lakes in the whole of Siberia. An incredibly beautiful lake, a lot of tourists come here every year. Raspberry Lake is distinguished by its color of water, which can already be understood from the name.

The fact is that this lake is inhabited by a gill-legged crayfish, which throws a pink pigment into the water. Throughout the year, the shades change, for example, in the spring, the color of the water is the most saturated - brown.

This lake can be compared to the sea in terms of salt concentration. You can safely swim in it, as the body is supported on the surface. At the bottom of the reservoir there is a salt crust, which can be injured, so you should not dive and you need to be careful.

Lake Jack London, Magadan

One of the most beautiful lakes in the entire country. This is the place that newlyweds are advised to choose for their first romantic trip. The lake lies in one of the most beautiful places, the lake is surrounded by mountains and greenery.

There is an opinion that this lake got its name due to an unusual find. Jack London's book was found on the shore. Not far from the lake itself there are many more lakes, but smaller in size.

Lotus Lake, Volgograd

One of the most beautiful and in the literal sense of the word bright lakes in the whole country. Usually tourists come here during the lotus blooming period. With the onset of the warm season, the lake is covered with thousands of flowers.

If the weather is sunny outside, then each flower has a pearlescent color. Naturally, you cannot pick a flower for yourself, since it is listed in the Red Book. If you managed to see this lake once, then this spectacle will definitely not be forgotten. Everything looks incredibly romantic and beautiful. This flower is considered a symbol of a happy couple.

Seydozero, Murmansk

Rest in Bashkiria is the best solution in a crisis year. There is no need to go anywhere, in Bashkiria there is where to go and what to see. More details

Lake Seliger is one of the amazing sights of Russia. It connects several glacial lakes. The nature here is picturesque, and Orthodox shrines attract many tourists all year round.

The water system here is complex, so it is called the “blue necklace”. The locals call the lake Ostashkovsky, so the ancient city of Ostashkov is located on the southern coast.

Today we will tell you more about this lake and tell you where you can stay.

Rest on Seliger

The lake is actively used for recreation. People come here to take a break from the hustle and bustle of big cities, go fishing, sunbathe, swim, look for mushrooms and berries, go on a hike or swim. Active tourism is very developed here: water, hiking, car and cycling. In the cold season, when it snows, you can go skiing, sleigh rides or snowmobiling. People often come here as pilgrims to get acquainted with cultural monuments.


It's neither hot nor cold here - the average temperature per year is 4.5 degrees. It is coldest in January when the thermometer drops by more than 8 degrees, and the warmest month is June, when the average temperature is about plus 17. The most severe frosts are never below minus 15, and in the very heat - no higher than 25.

Where to stay?

"Hatin-bor" recreation center

The Hatin-Bor recreation center is located in a pine forest above the large Khatyn bay in the Tver region on the shores of Lake Seliger.

The recreation center consists of 49 houses, which vary in varying degrees of convenience. The dining room is a detached house, which operates on the principle of three meals a day "menu-order". This place is perfect for relaxing with the whole family in nature.

Buryatia is located in the center of Asia in the south of Eastern Siberia. The capital of the republic is the city of Ulan-Ude, the famous Trans-Siberian Railway passes through it. The city is famous for its Orthodox Odigitrievsky Cathedral and a huge monument to Lenin. Buryatia is famous for its natural and architectural sights; there are many national parks and reserves. A huge number of tourists are attracted by snowy mountains and sunny valleys, fast rivers and clear lakes, dormant volcanoes and picturesque taiga forests.


Baikal is the deepest lake on the planet and contains about 19% of the world's fresh water. It is often called the Siberian Sea. Baikal is attractive at any time of the year. In summer, thermal springs, beaches, fishing, many comfortable bases and children's camps, hiking and helicopter excursions, in winter you can ride snowmobiles, dog sleds and downhill skiing.

Baikal State Reserve

A unique natural complex of the southern coast of Lake Baikal. The original natural conditions allowed the relict plants to survive. Here is the refuge of many animals and plants from the Red Data Book. There are two routes for excursions.

  • The path is 12 km long and is designed for walking. The path goes along the Osinovka river with specially equipped parking areas with winter huts and places for rest.
  • The 44 km trail is also designed for hikers. The pedestrian part of the Vydrina river - the Klyuchevaya river (22 km). Along the entire route there are also places for rest and parking and observation platforms.

Ivolginsky Datsan

This is a monastic complex of eight buildings, including temples, a library and the only Buddhist university in Russia, where philosophy and traditional Tibetan medicine are studied. His fame is spread far beyond the borders of Russia.

The glory of the datsan is associated not only with the excellent spiritual education that they receive here, but also with the name of Dashi-Dorzho-Itigelov, the leader of Buddhists of the early 20th century. In 1927, Itigelov left for a better world, reading a prayer in the lotus position. So he was buried without changing his position in the cedar sarcophagus in Khuhe-Zurkhen. In 1957, the body was examined and no signs of decay were found. After the ceremony and the change of clothing, the body was again buried. In 1973, the incorruptible body was raised again and buried again.

In September 2002, the sarcophagus was dug up and the body was examined. She showed that Itigelov's joints remained mobile and the skin was soft. The phenomenon could not be explained. Today pilgrims from all over the world come to see the imperishable body of the twelfth Pandito Hambo Lama. It is believed that Itigelov helps everyone who asks for him.

Barguzin Valley

The area, unique in its beauty of landscapes and richness of natural complexes. There are two specially protected objects on the territory of the valley: the Dzherginsky nature reserve and the Ulyunsky nature reserve. Here are located: Mount Baragkhan - one of the main shrines of the northern Buddhist world, many museums, ecological park-museum "Svetlaya Polyana". Fans of active tourism are offered hiking trails, skiing, rafting, mountaineering, health tourism using mineral waters, rural and ecological tourism.

Valley of the Shumak springs

This section is created for beginner adventure lovers and experienced ones who are looking for something new that has not yet been tried.

This section includes theoretical information for planning and conducting travel, safety precautions, places of rest, resorts.

Active tourism with extreme sports

Not everyone likes to wallow on the beaches and relax in hotels. There are guys who enjoy mosquito bites and ticks tickling their hair, as well as ants, moose lice and other forest dwellers who are not too happy about the arrival of people in their habitat. For such tourists, we have prepared topics:

1. safety in the forest. 2. orienteering. 3. poisonous plants and mushrooms. 4. how to behave when meeting animals. 5. equipment. 6. the experience of fellow survivalists.

Active rest brings a sea of ​​sensations that no Egypt will give.

Passive tourism

Countries, cities ... All day on the beach, deep tan and doing nothing. Tired of work, I don't want to think about anything.

Tourists are different. Someone runs around the city on the first day, then falls off their feet and admires the sea for the rest of the week of vacation.

1. Which countries will delight you with good beaches. 2. Traditions of resort places of rest. 3. Foreign culture. 4. Where to relax at home (lakes, fishing). 5. What transport to get there. 6. What dangers can await. 7. What to see at the resort.

Fishing and mushroom hikes is a great vacation that does not require any money. Want to know more? Then stay tuned for new articles. Everything about tourism in this section.

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