Holidays in the North Caucasus in the summer of 2021: where to go and what to see

Holidays in the North Caucasus in the summer of 2021: where to go and what to see

Caucasus Explorer invites you to take part in a real adventure. We do not organize typical excursions, but unique tours for those who are looking for genuine discoveries, contact with wildlife and communication with local residents. Any trip with guides "Caucasus Explorer" - whether it is a gastronomic trip in Georgia, an ethnographic expedition to Dagestan, a wine tour to Armenia or trekking in Abkhazia - will change your ideas about the world and about yourself. Our adventure tours are a great way to break out of the usual framework, visit places inaccessible to the average tourist and find new friends. It is important for us that everyone who travels with us will discover something new and return home a little happier.

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Why the Caucasus?

For us, the inhabitants of the great Russian plains, the Caucasus is the most accessible exotic, close and relatively inexpensive. The majestic mountain ranges, monuments of ancient civilizations, local traditions and customs today amaze no less than in the days of Pushkin, Lermontov or Tolstoy, who glorified the wild frontier of the Russian Empire in their works. One short flight, without a visa, sometimes without crossing the border at all, and you find yourself in a different, attractive and mesmerizing world, where the unusual and the unusual are found at every step.

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Why go on a guided tour Caucasus Explorer


The Caucasus is a real tourist Eldorado. Here, as in Greece, there is everything! And even more. Mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers, waterfalls - this is a far from complete list of Caucasian assets. Tourists have chosen this region more than 100 years ago, and the number of people wishing to visit the blessed places is growing from year to year.

Trekking, mountaineering, alpine skiing, thermal springs, mineral water - all this can be obtained at the same time in a relatively compact area. The climate here is so varied that palm trees grow against the backdrop of snow-capped mountain peaks. A variety of cultures and national cuisine reigns in these parts. The Caucasus should be visited at least once in a lifetime. Better yet, do it once a year!

The Caucasus is a mountainous country in Eurasia. A significant part of it is located on the territory of Russia. Geographically, the South and North Caucasus are distinguished. The Ciscaucasia is adjacent to the north. The Black Sea coast stretches from the south. The core of the mountain system is the Main Caucasian ridge. The mountains are 1,100 kilometers long and up to 180 kilometers wide. The highest point is Elbrus (5642 meters). In terms of the number of glaciers, this Russian region is not inferior to the Alps.

There are many tourist routes in the Caucasus. As a rule, they include the most interesting places. So, where is it worth going to the Caucasus and what can you see? We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the ten most popular hiking destinations.


Elbrus is the pride of Russia. It is not only the tallest mountain in the country. There are no mountains above it in Europe! For this reason, the tourist trail does not overgrow here. The mountain occupies an honorable place in the world ranking "Seven Summits". Every self-respecting climber wants to put a tick: “I was on Elbrus”.

The stratovolcano was formed millions of years ago. The last eruption took place about 5 thousand years ago. From a distance, Elbrus resembles a two-humped camel, because it has two peaks - Eastern (5621 meters) and Western (5642 meters). They were first conquered, respectively, in 1829 and 1874.

Elbrus is good because it has all the necessary infrastructure for climbing. Since the southern slope is simpler, peaks are most often stormed along it. There is a lift that takes tourists to the Gara-Bashi station. It is located at an altitude of 3847 meters.

There are three shelters on the slope - Barrels (3720 meters), LeapRus (3912 meters) and Shelter 11 (4055 meters). Here they stop for acclimatization and rest. On snow groomers, those who wish are lifted up to a height of 5100 meters, where there is a place called "Oblique shelf".

The starting points for hiking Elbrus are Mineralnye Vody and Nalchik. These cities have an airport and a railway. Buses run from here to the village of Terskol and the Azau glade. They travel by their own car through Rostov-on-Don or Krasnodar.

There are the following options for hiking Elbrus:

Elbrus region

Reviews of trips and tours to the Caucasus

Interesting route, amazing guide Nastya and comfortable accommodation. Was on this tour in July, I got a double room with a beautiful view of the mountains. We had breakfast at the hotel (porridge, scrambled eggs, pancakes, cheesecakes, instant tea and coffee). Then exit to the radial, lunch with you. We saw very beautiful gorges, waterfalls, lakes, springs and, of course, mountains from all sides. Dinner either in a cafe, or in a room with a view and hand-picked tea from mountain herbs. The week was very busy, the participants were interesting and the places were unforgettable. Special thanks to Nastya for her stories, getting to know people, places, customs, nature and for her care. P.. Zhrunzel, you're cool))

Thanks to instructor Anton and the club team for the excellent organization. Bolshoi Tkhach is the most beautiful rock mass in Adygea. Alps in miniature here in Russia. On the way to Thach you need to work hard - all day uphill with a backpack, but what kinds of views open up around. Be sure to go to the ascent to the top of the Big Tkhach - you will not regret it! We went at night and waited for dawn - we did not regret it, the spectacle is magnificent.

Thank you for the excellent organization of the tour. I always wanted to visit the mountains, but there was no understanding of how to do it without compromising comfort - where to wash and all that. The Dombai program is a great option to try. Hotel Zvezdny is above all praise. The guide Dima is an excellent person and a professional in his field. Daytime walks in the mountains are super, in a day, of course, you get tired, having walked 15 kilometers up and down, but this is a pleasant fatigue, you return to the hotel filled with pleasant memories. I am happy to review the photos, I dream of returning to the mountains!

Now I will definitely climb Elbrus! I always thought that it was incredibly difficult, but after trekking along the Elbrus, after the guide's stories about the ascent, after spending the night at the hotel with those who descended from the top, I believe that I can too! There are such beautiful mountains, so many interesting trails along which we passed every day, and from Cheget you can see the handsome Elbrus! The program of the hike is well planned - we started with simple walks (here I learned that they are called radial, when you go to the mountains light and return in the evening to the place to spend the night), and then went further and further into the mountains. And at the end - the most interesting thing - we climbed 4000 meters on the cable car to the slope of Elbrus! It was so awesome! I also took a snowmobile climb to 4700 meters - it was such a thrill to stand at such an altitude! Thanks to instructor Anton for opening the world of mountains for me! And the guys from the office who helped and answered my million questions! I will definitely come back to you, but already on Elbrus

We went hiking with Seryozha and Yula very cool in the summer of 2019! I liked the guesthouses in which we stayed, everything is so homely and cozy. Leah in Mestia and Bido in Ushguli are wonderful and sincere people. Every day there were beautiful places - Mount Ushba, about which there are so many local legends, Svan towers in every village - so colorful! In Ushguli there is a very steep road along the gorge to Mount Shkhara - you can walk, you can take a horse from the locals. In Mestia, the museum is interesting - it has many different artifacts, and I also really liked the museum of the climber. Thanks to MyWay for giving me such an experience! Georgia is a wonderful country!

Caucasus tour and hikes: instructors and guides

Roman Chizhov

Mountain guide, climber, lifeguard, mountain hiker

  • climbing Elbrus from the south and north, Kazbek

Dmitry Chesnokov

Mountain guide, mountain hiker, climber

  • climbing Elbrus from the south
  • hiking in the Caucasus, Karelia, Kola Peninsula, Turkey, Transbaikalia, Arkhangelsk region.

The North Caucasus in summer is an original world full of mysteries and adventures. A lotus shrouded in legends, giants-glaciers keeping secrets, waterfalls falling from the rocks ... The nature of these places is protected like a child. But on eco-excursions you can fully experience its power and beauty.

Rest in the North Caucasus in the summer of 2021 is an exciting journey. You will walk through the forest to the mountains, past the turbulent rivers, accompanied by the calls of birds of prey You will discover the "land of towers and legends", see the Sun Valley and its opposite - the sacred mountain Tsey-Loam, almost always hidden by fog and clouds. Of course, it is also worth coming to the North Caucasus for the sake of wine tourism, having gone to the tasting of cognacs, wines and liqueurs in Dagestan and the Stavropol Territory.

Popular destinations

Go to Princess Mary's house and waterfalls in June

While the heat has not cleared up, it's time to get acquainted with the nature and cultural heritage of the famous resort cities of Kavminvod. In Kislovodsk, the architectural splendor of the 19th and 20th centuries pleases the eye: the Kislovodsk fortress, the philharmonic building rich in stucco decoration, Chaliapin's dacha, made in the Art Nouveau style, the updated Cascade Staircase.

It is difficult to overestimate the beauty and richness of the famous Kislovodsk National Park, which is larger than the largest in Great Britain, Richmond Park. If the heavenly bushes exist, they are here. No less interesting is the Castle of deceit and love, shrouded in legends.

An hour's drive from Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, glorified by Mikhail Lermontov, flaunts. The heroes of his works took walks to the popular Proval Lake. At the time of the poet, this place was called "the hellish abyss", believing that a fire-breathing monster lived in the turquoise depths. The city has preserved the gazebo "Aeolian Harp" described by the writer, an academic gallery and even the house of Princess Mary from "A Hero of Our Time". Save your strength for the trek to Hot Mountain, where a large stone eagle is held by a ledge. And be sure to climb over Mashuk on the cable car - remember the view for a lifetime.

You will be impressed by the power of the rushing rivers of the North Caucasus. Few people know about the 50-meter Tobot waterfall in the Dagestan Khunzakh. And the place is amazing. The flat plateau drops off there, as if you are standing on the edge of the earth, and from the top of the gorge in the shape of a Latin V, the river rushes down with a terrible roar. In June, the waterfall is as powerful and magnificent as ever, due to the melting snow and maximum rainfall. There are more than 100 waterfalls in the Teberda Nature Reserve.

Enter the world of magical lakes in July

Magic is close - you just need to see it. Come for magic to Kabardino-Balkaria, where the ancient secrets of the Blue Lakes have been kept between the rocks for many years. These are five amazing karst lakes, whose nature has not yet been fully understood by humans. Not a single river, not a single stream flows into the Lower Lake, and although every day its waters lose up to 70 million liters, the volume and depth do not change at all. This lake is also called Tserik-Kel, it remains one of the deepest in Europe. A particularly beautiful view opens up in sunny weather, when the water sparkles with a light blue color due to the content of hydrogen sulfide. The magic of this place is also in the fact that the lake can change color up to 16 times per day - from azure to emerald. But the water temperature remains unchanged: no more than +9 degrees in winter and summer.

The Kabardino-Balkarian Nature Reserve is the only high-mountain reserve in Europe, a trip along the mountain path will lead to Lake Tur'ya, where Caucasian rock-climbers gather. The trail stretches to the foot of the Mizhirgi glacier.

There are about 180 lakes on the territory of the reserve in Karachay-Cherkessia. And there are magical ones among them, where dreams come true: Lake of Desires, Lake of Love, Lake of Childbirth. And at an altitude of almost 3 kilometers until the beginning of July, Klukhorskoye Lake sleeps in the ice. Even in hot weather, icicles glisten on its surface.

The Russian Caucasus is a vast territory between the Black, Azov and Caspian Seas. The region includes the Western Caucasus (up to Elbrus), the Central Caucasus (between Elbrus and Kazbek) and the Eastern Caucasus (east of Kazbek).

In the Caucasus, there are almost endless opportunities for recreation: beautiful landscapes and varied landscapes, beach resorts and ski slopes, a mild climate, unique flora, ancient monuments, healing mineral springs, as well as the famous Caucasian cuisine, which has become popular far outside this region.

Friendly atmosphere. Relaxed atmosphere.

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65 best sanatoriums in the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

Early booking - 10% discount. Profiles: ophthalmology, neurology, musculoskeletal system, vascular diseases, gynecology, urology, endocrinology. Treatment of children. Comfortable rooms. Modern equipment. Swimming pool and fitness equipment. Infrared sauna. Entertainment and kids club.

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Caucasus regions

The Western Caucasus is the most attractive part of the region for tourists. The landscape consists of forests, medium and high mountains with rocky peaks and peaks covered with snow and ice. This is a popular ski resort; in winter, travelers are welcomed by numerous camp sites and hotels in Krasnaya Polyana, Arkhyz, Dombayskaya Polyana and the Elbrus region. And in summer, lovers of mountain trekking, hiking and cycling and other outdoor activities come here.

The Eastern Caucasus stretches for 480 km from Kazbek to the east to the Absheron Peninsula. The mountains are lower and the elevation differences are less than in the Central Caucasus, but there are more than 30 peaks higher than 4000 m. In general, the area is an intricate labyrinth of highly fragmented ridges and deep gorges. There are jagged peaks of black rocks, flat-topped peaks (Yarydag massif) and pyramidal peaks (Babakudag, 3997 m).

Caucasus Hotels

The hotel business in the Caucasus is developing very unevenly in different parts of the region. In some resorts (for example, in Krasnaya Polyana) many new modern hotels were built for the 2014 Winter Olympics, and now everything is gorgeous there, while in others there are still Soviet boarding houses and the same service. The tourist infrastructure is now rapidly developing, and modern comfortable hotels in all resorts are a matter of time.

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