Holiday calendar in summer, spring, autumn or winter - the best tourist seasons in different countries

Holiday calendar in summer, spring, autumn or winter - the best tourist seasons in different countries

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The climate is a universal healing factor in the resort. Not without reason, according to the rules of balneography, the climatogeographic characteristics of the resort are described in the first place. All climatic factors (atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, wind, solar radiation, etc.) determined by the height above sea level, latitude and longitude of the area, along with the features of the landscape, constitute the environment acting on a person in aggregate, and the landscape and climatic characteristics create that the background against which other therapeutic resort factors act most effectively.

Climate has a powerful therapeutic effect and must be considered a potent factor. Any move to a zone with changed climatic conditions, even favorable for health, is always accompanied by short-term adaptive physiological shifts of many functional systems to ensure the necessary level of vital activity in new conditions - an adaptation reaction. Adaptation reactions are manifested when changing climatic conditions, time zones and when taking climatic procedures during the spa treatment.

When the time zone is shifted by 3 hours or more, painful disorders can develop in the body, the complex of which is called desynchronosis, which is most often manifested by sleep disorders, decreased performance, and deterioration of the underlying disease. The most pronounced changes occur when moving from west to east, when there is an inversion of the usual course of daily time.

Along with daily desynchronosis, when moving to unusual climatic conditions, the structure of the seasonal rhythm of weather conditions can also be disrupted. An adverse effect on the human body is not the accelerated onset of the seasonal rhythm (when moving in the spring from the middle zone to the summer conditions of the southern resorts), but its inversion, which is usually observed when traveling in the fall in the summer conditions of the southern countries.

Climatotherapy consists in the use of various meteorological factors, their complexes and climate characteristics, as well as special dosed climatotherapeutic procedures for preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes.

The biological effect of the climate is diverse: it calms and tones the nervous system, improves the regulation of life processes (activates metabolism, the function of respiration, blood circulation, and digestion), and increases resistance to infectious diseases.

Carrying out climatotherapy requires strict control of the effect and tolerance of each complex and the action of their combination - the adaptation effect. Adaptive changes are of a phase nature - a short-term decrease in the function of many systems is replaced by a gradual increase in them and, finally, stabilization of functions.

The duration of the adaptation (acclimatization) period at the resort is determined individually, depending on the characteristics of the disease and the contrast of changing climatic regions, the characteristics of the environmental conditions. All patients during the period of adaptation (acclimatization) should not take strongly acting climatic procedures; it is necessary to observe a regime that would reduce the intensity of irritants caused by a change in climatic regions, and contribute to the correct training of adaptive mechanisms.


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In order not to get into a mess, we study the issue!

Content of the article:

Tourist seasons in the tables - where are we going to relax in summer, autumn, winter or spring?

Where to go in summer - the most popular destinations for summer tourism

In the period of watermelons, cherries and holidays, the choice of a country for rest is usually the easiest. In summer, almost all types of recreation are relevant.

The most popular destinations are ...

Where to go skiing in summer - choose a country for outdoor activities

For alpine skiing fans, the range of ski resorts shrinks significantly in the summer. But still it is not exhausted at all.

Countries that you shouldn't go to in summer - what travel agencies are silent about:

Where to go in winter - the most popular destinations for winter tourism


Tourism is one of the leading and most dynamic sectors of the world economy. For its rapid growth, it is recognized as the economic phenomenon of the century.

Tourism has a huge impact on such key sectors of the economy as transport and communications, construction, agriculture, production of consumer goods and others, etc. acts as a kind of catalyst for socio - economic development.

The importance of tourism as a source of foreign exchange earnings, expansion of international contracts, ensuring employment of the population is constantly growing.

In recent years, its importance has been increasing in the life of modern society, including mountain skiing tourism. This is facilitated by the growth of incomes of the population, an increase in the amount of free time, the increasing openness of the regions and other factors.

The relevance of the chosen topic of the thesis is emphasized by the intensive development of ski tourism, both in Russia and abroad, and the availability of incomplete information provided to tourists by travel agencies that sell vouchers to ski resorts. by the way, it should be noted that the ski tourism market includes not only the availability of ski slopes, but also many other aspects of such infrastructure facilities of a ski resort such as delivery to the resort, food, accommodation, services for servicing ski equipment, household services, etc.

Within the framework of this 2014 Olympics in Sochi, the ski tourism market in Russia will expand, which will have a positive effect on the economy of the region and the entire country. According to the sportswoman of the alpine skier Svetlana Gladysheva, whose company is currently taking part in the construction of the Laura complex in Krasnaya Polyana, “The Sochi Olympics is a great holiday and, moreover, an image-making thing that benefits any country. Ultimately, everything is built for people and all infrastructure remains for the future. "

Currently, a lot of attention is paid to ski resorts in the special literature, since their development is obvious. Especially a lot of information about ski resorts appeared in periodicals when politicians visited ski resorts. Thus, a visit to V. Putin of Krasnaya Polyana allowed the ski center to attract additional attention even before the decision was made to host the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.

Particular importance in periodicals and special literature is given to the international tourism market, including tourism infrastructure, so V. Senin. In his work, he pays great attention to the hotel industry, its main indicators and models of organization, saying that “... the hotel industry as a type of economic activity includes the provision of hotel services and the organization of short-term stays in hotels, campgrounds, motels, guest houses, etc. . ". [29, p. 69] This activity also includes the services of restaurants.

The degree of elaboration of the problem. The problems of improving the infrastructure of international tourism in Russia are covered in the Russian scientific literature quite widely. Among them, it should be noted the work of such scientists as: Balabanov I., Birzhakov M., Briymer R., Bulygin I., Volkov Yu., Voronkova L., Gulyaev V., Dvornichenko V., Ivanov Y., Ilyina E., Katkov V. Kvartalnov V. A., Kryuchkov A. and others.

The problem of marketing research of the development of international tourism infrastructure in Russia is reflected in the works of such authors as: Borisov Y., Butorova N., Volkova L., Garanin N., Dzhandzhugazova E., Durovich A., Zorin I., Ismaev D., Kabushkin N., Kirillov A., Papiryan G. and others.

Every day, aviation tourism is becoming more and more widespread, and the plane has become commonplace for many people. What kind of direction is this, what are its features, and what are its varieties? More on this later in our article.

What is aviation tourism

Aviation tourism is a completely new direction of tourism, which allows anyone to travel, becoming a pilot of an airplane or other air transport. Although "any person" is probably too loud. Perhaps this type of tourism requires very significant costs, so wealthy people with a high level of income can afford it.

Aviation tourism has become widespread in Europe, Australia and America. But in the CIS countries, albeit not so developed, but it has a sufficient number of fans to give such an opportunity in many cities.

Aviation Destinations

Aviation tourism can now be classified in two areas:

1. Extreme vacation. When a tourist is going to independently sit at the helm of an airplane or operate a helicopter, paraglider or other aircraft.

2. Charter holidays (not to be confused with charter flights). The purpose of such a vacation is to visit as many tourist sites as possible in a short time. Aviation technology is used exclusively as a means of transportation, without extreme bias. As regards the aviation vehicles themselves, they can be:

  • airplane ;
  • helicopter ;
  • paraglider ;
  • balloon.

We will describe each means of aviation in more detail below.

Airplane flight

Climatic zones and regions of Russia


Table of climatic zones in the figure Climatic zones of Russia correspond to four meridians - twentieth, fortieth, sixtieth and eightieth, which are multiples of 20. Thus, on the territory of our country there are 4 climatic zones and a special zone:

  • Zone 1 - it includes regions and districts of the southern territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Zone 2 - it includes regions and republics located in the west and north-west Russia, as well as the Primorsky Territory;
  • Zone 3 - it includes the Western part of the country, Siberia and the Far East, with the exception of several northern regions, which are included in Zone 4;
  • Zone 4 - it includes the more northern regions of Siberia, the Far East and the Urals, as well as Yakutia. That is, those areas that are geographically below the Arctic Circle;
  • Special zone - it includes areas that are located beyond the Arctic Circle, as well as north of the northern latitude of 60 degrees, this also includes Chukotka.

The entire northern territory of Russia, as well as islands in the Arctic Ocean, are located in the Arctic and subarctic climatic zones, the middle part of our country is located in the temperate climatic zone, and the South is in the subtropical climatic zone, but its area is so small, which occupies no more than 5% of the entire territory of Russia.

Arctic Belt

Parallels between 82̊ and 71̊ s. ... are the Arctic belt. The area consists of arctic deserts and tundra. This zone is characterized by permafrost. Summer is not here. There is a short warming, during which the temperature does not exceed 0̊. In winter, the temperature drops below 40º C. There is very little rainfall in this climate - no more than 3 meters per year.

The air temperature is also influenced by the proximity to the sea - the closer, the more the climate acquires the features of the temperate zone. After 78 parallel there are no permanent settlements. There are scientific stations that allow organizing expeditions. The subject of their activity is the monitoring of significant indicators of the zone.

Polar Night

A quarter of Russia's area lies beyond the Arctic Circle. This area is called the Arctic or Russian Arctic. In the winter months, the polar night is observed here - a period when the sun does not rise above the horizon for more than a day. The duration of this unique phenomenon depends on latitude: the closer to the pole, the longer the night. For example, in Murmansk it covers the time period from December 2 to January 11, and in Salekhard, the only city in the world located exactly on the Arctic Circle, it is only a day.

Features of rest

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