Hobbies and hobbies for women: how to choose an activity to their liking

10 productive hobbies that will make you smarter and happier

Hobbies help develop our tastes and our hobbies in life can be as varied as hell, cooking, writing, skydiving, comedy, sewing, just to name a few.

However, very few hobbies are considered productive, unless you belong to one of the lucky few who manage to turn their hobby into a second job. or who manage in their work to use the skills they have acquired in their hobby: to be more productive, efficient and happy.

For example, my hobby is taking pictures and filming videos about my life (making small vlogs for myself).

So, if you are looking to acquire a new hobby and develop some skills that will help you increase your productivity, then check out the list of productive hobbies and their benefits that I have prepared.


Cooking is one of the most productive hobbies and everyone should try their hand.

Cooking forces you to be in the moment, fully focusing on products and processes. It also forces you to plan ahead.

As a bonus, with practice, you'll be really good at preparing and preparing food ahead of time for the days ahead, which means you'll be even more productive than you thought.


Hiking is one of the most typical weekend hobbies for people who enjoy long hikes and experience the beauty of nature.

Research has shown how hiking can benefit our brains. They can also have a beneficial effect on your productivity, as hiking allows you to clear your mind of all worries and focus on the present, as well as provide you with exercises to improve your fitness and endurance.


Painting may not seem like a particularly productive hobby, but it can provide a wonderful perspective on your life and help unleash your creative side.

10 productive hobbies that will make you smarter and happier

"Tell me what your hobby is and I'll tell you who you are!" Indeed, a hobby is a manifestation of a person's inner “I”, his character and life purpose. Human fantasy has no boundaries. The only question is how to find a hobby to your liking in such a variety? Not only the Internet can help you in this matter, where you can find out a lot of details about each hobby. You are a great clue on how to choose a hobby among so many options. If you think about it, you can probably remember what activity brings or once brought you peace of mind, joy and peace. Even if it will be growing flowers or caring for a pet, what is not your hobby? In principle, there are no clear boundaries in what to get carried away with. The main thing is that they themselves feel like a full-fledged person, doing this business. Remember that your passion is an opportunity to break away from the endless hustle and bustle, to be distracted and to feel who you really are. And if you know who you are and what you especially love in this life, then the question of how to find a hobby will soon disappear by itself.

Where does hobby choice begin?

First of all, you need to decide what you want to add to your life, understand what you are missing now and what you are unhappy with. For example, if you lack the love or attention of other people, then you can VLOG. It stands for video blog. It can be about anything, as long as you like it. Love to cook - write it down and post it; love fishing - write it down and post it; love to travel - write it down and post it. Don't like the video format? Please post text messages. You can create a platform for this absolutely free. With a little time, you will have a good place to start. If you realized that this is yours, then you can already invest a few dollars and make a professional website.

If you want a developing hobby, then start reading books, going to seminars or webinars (seminars that are held as part of an Internet conference, where you will see and interact with what is happening via Skype). Also, for the sake of versatile personality development and material gain, you can master the profession of a Web designer, programmer, illustrator, copywriter.

Classification of Hobbies

They can be conventionally divided into several categories:

Active. This type of hobby is characterized by mobility and activity. Some sports also fall into this category. It can be fishing, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, dancing and more. The benefits of this hobby are enormous. It consists not only in maintaining good physical shape, but also in the emergence of a new circle of acquaintances. People with such hobbies, as a rule, are active in all other spheres of life.

Handmade or DIY hobby. Another great way to come up with a hobby. This includes all areas of activity in which a person creates something with his own hands. Drawing, knitting, cutting various figures from wood, designing, modeling and polymer plastic and creating various decorations, as well as recently popular scrapbooking, etc. creating albums and postcards with your own hands. Such hobbies not only bring a person great pleasure and brighten up his leisure time. Also, any of these hobbies can become an item of permanent income, or even a matter of a lifetime.

Creating collections. This type of hobby is also quite common. Surely many in childhood were fond of collecting stamps or inserts from gum. However, collections of world famous paintings or antiques prove that such a hobby can be quite serious too. You can collect anything you want. Calendars, pens, coins, magnets, decorative plates, and various figurines. This kind of hobby helps to develop, to learn something new about the cities where the collection items were acquired, their history or geography. Also, this hobby is especially attractive due to its accessibility and originality.

  • Other hobbies. This category includes activities such as solving crosswords or board games, fortune telling or hobby for any sciences, collecting puzzles or mosaics.

As the old saying goes, we all need a hobby. Hobbies help develop our tastes and our hobbies in life can be as varied as gardening, cooking, writing, skydiving, comedy, sewing, just to name a few ...

Passion is what makes your eyes light up, the blues, boredom and laziness disappear, and everyday life changes from gray to rainbow. A hobby brings satisfaction, calms and relieves stress, makes life richer and brighter. A keen person is less prone to depressive states, easily makes new acquaintances, at least in a circle of like-minded people.

Hobbies can become the meaning of life and even completely change it for the better. And seemingly useless hobbies sometimes lead to good earnings or fame. If John Tolkien at the age of 13 had not been carried away by the composition of fictional languages, and then would not have come up with fairy tales for his children, then the world might not have learned about The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

So stop wasting your precious time and justify aimless sitting on the couch with fatigue and difficulties in life. We have prepared a list of the most popular men's hobbies and hobbies, one of which can be yours today. Take a closer look at the list, and perhaps a couple of hours will appear on your schedule for your favorite activity.

Active hobbies for men

Gardening and farming

What? Dig potatoes and grow flowers? Exactly! Working on a personal plot, even the smallest one, is creativity and pleasure. And for a city person or an office worker, real anti-stress and relaxation. The process itself has a beneficial effect on the state of mind, improves mood and makes the muscles stay in good shape. In addition, a luxurious bouquet for a woman or organic tomatoes with a real, rich taste for the whole family is an excellent result that you can rightfully be proud of!


“Dance like no one is looking at you” is a great phrase from Mark Twain. But at the same time it is better to conquer with your plasticity, energy and charisma, catch admiring glances and skillfully lead the girl around the dance floor. Practicing any kind of dance removes internal barriers and liberates even the most shy man, and regular training makes the body flexible and beautiful. Dance helps to express feelings, relax, relieve stress. By mastering various dance techniques, you will get rid of low self-esteem and become the star of any company, which is especially important if you find it difficult to meet girls.


Target shooting is a good way to let off steam and get your adrenaline pumping. Shooting from any weapon trains endurance, concentration and concentration, as well as develops the eye. Pair or team competitions cause excitement and allow you to spend time with interest.

You can learn shooting at a shooting range or join a sports and shooting club, where you will practice under the guidance of a coach.


One can talk a lot about the benefits of a hobby in the life of a modern woman.

However, many girls admit: I don't know what attracts me, what I would like to do. But a hobby is not only a manifestation of some talents. This is what brings joy, satisfaction to life, makes it brighter, fuller, richer. Often a hobby becomes the meaning of life, a cure for blues and even a source of good income.

If you still haven't found something to your liking and feel that it's time to fill this niche in your own life with something, then below you will find a list of interesting and popular hobbies for girls. Perhaps, among them, a cool idea was lost just for you. But, before moving on to the list, let's find out a couple of tips from psychologists on how to choose an activity to your liking.

How to choose a hobby?

“Drama circle, photo circle,

Khorkruzhok - I hunt to sing,

Agnia Barto

So, psychologists advise the first thing to do is to find a hobby in yourself. And in fact, remember what you loved as a child. Each of us at a young age plunged headlong into our favorite pastime. Perhaps you enjoyed designing outfits for dolls, writing poetry or stories, performing on the school stage, or drawing wall newspapers.

Or maybe you had a dream that you never dared to fulfill? Then feel free to try it now.

The second way is to spy on others. Does your girlfriend create culinary masterpieces, your neighbor goes to yoga, and your colleague runs to ballroom dancing? Try joining in and see which of these activities draws you in the most.

Well, the third option is to fantasize and dream. If we put aside everyday life, current affairs and problems and imagine that there is everything in your life, what would you do? Imagine in the smallest detail your hobby: how you achieve mastery or success, how your favorite business fills your daily life with vivid emotions.

Don't forget to listen to yourself, try, experiment. And if in doubt about the choice, then refer to psychological tests that will help set the direction.

Among all hobbies, there are so unusual that it is difficult to believe in their existence. Say, would you go into mobile phone throwing or book carving? Or do you like jumping over children? Well wait, roll your eyes, first read about what people do in their spare time!

Pros of unusual hobbies

Unusual hobbies are good for their rarity. It is much more interesting to do something exciting and even a little strange than collecting stamps or candy wrappers. It is interesting to communicate with an enthusiastic person, to learn something new and intriguing from him. An unusual hobby makes you feel unique. It's so cool to accidentally flash in the company with a phrase like: "Wow, great last Saturday I ironed my linen in the mountains."

Strangest Hobbies

If you decide to do something out of the ordinary, but do not know what exactly, choose the most unusual and interesting hobby from our selection.

Strange hobbies of famous people

Nothing human is alien to celebrities, including unusual hobbies. For example, Tom Hanks, instead of photos from the red carpet, uploads pictures of things found on the street on his Instagram page. And here's what other famous people do at their leisure:

  • Claudia Schiffer collects bugs and spiders;
  • Angelina Jolie collects daggers;
  • Nicolas Cage owns an impressive collection of many things, each of which connected with Superman;
  • Mike Tyson spends time with birds - breeds and trains pigeons;
  • Johnny Depp collects Barbie dolls.

Swamp Football

It sounds, of course, strange, but it really is. The standard game of football, only the field is not a classic one with a green lawn and markings, but a huge puddle of mud. Players choose an area where there is a natural swampy zone, and run with pleasure, almost swim across the "field".

For championships (yes, championships!), special swampy fields are created that meet the standards. Oddly enough, this game also has rules, and they differ slightly from the classic football ones. First and foremost, players fight in boots. Throughout the game, consisting of two halves of 13 minutes, it is forbidden to change shoes. If a swamp footballer loses his boot, he leaves the field.

  • if as a child you dreamed of getting into the biggest puddle of mud and how to roll in it, but your mother did not allow, you can catch up;
  • option, to build muscles throughout the body;
  • it's incredibly fun.

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