Hiking shoes: how to choose and not regret

Hiking shoes: how to choose and not regret

Shoes for hiking are one of the most important conditions for your comfort. Improperly fitted shoes can be the main disappointment of your hike - you can rub blisters, injure your leg, or even worse - freeze your limbs.

To prevent this from happening, you need to choose the right hiking boots and then a hard expedition will seem like an easy walk and will allow you not to be distracted by discomfort and fully enjoy nature.

What are the most comfortable hiking shoes?

When choosing hiking hiking shoes, be sure to pay attention to a number of requirements:

  • First of all, the shoes must be strong so that they do not come loose or crumble at the most crucial moment. After all, you can be many kilometers from civilization, and a torn boot can ruin your entire journey.
  • Secondly, it must be moisture resistant, as your health and comfort depend on it. Damp boots can chafe your feet more and cause discomfort. The saying "keep your feet warm" has a certain meaning: if your feet get cold, then a cold is almost inevitable.
  • Thirdly, it should be comfortable, and not inconvenient, so that it fits well on the leg, but not back to back, preferably worn out before the first trip.
  • Fourth, the shoes should protect the foot well from injury. It is desirable to have a rubber protection on the toe, a durable and non-slip sole, fixation on the ankle joint from dislocation.

Shoe classification

Hiking footwear can be roughly divided into three segments: winter, summer and autumn-spring. By classification:

  • Walking ;
  • trekking ;
  • Off-road shoes;
  • Extreme (for climbing mountains).

Tourist Sandals

They are great for crossing rivers, as they dry quickly and do not gain moisture. trekking sandals are worn on uncomplicated hikes, where there is no need to constantly climb mountainous terrain, suitable for trails, trails, paths, uncomplicated rough terrain.

Sandals may have a closed toe to protect your toes from injury. As with all hiking shoes, the outsole should have good tread and cushioning. The advantages of hiking sandals are lightweight, so as an addition, you can take them into your backpack if they are not your main hiking shoes, but your feet will rest and "breathe" on halts.

By classification: walking and tourist footwear.

Gastronomic tourism

The good thing about our store is that we have almost everything for outdoor enthusiasts. Therefore, if you are going for winter fishing or hunting, have purchased equipment, tents from us, then you do not need to go to some separate shoe store or clothing salon for clothes and shoes. You can buy all this from us.

Our range What can you buy from us?

Our online store will supply you with everything you need for winter fishing and hunting. With our help, you can buy winter footwear and clothing for both fishing and hunting, both men's clothing and footwear, and women's. Ankle boots, boots, insoles, ice shoes, thermal underwear, fisherman's suits, thermal socks and everything, everything, everything. Clothes and footwear presented in our store are of very high quality and are made according to the most modern standards.

Sale of winter footwear in an online store in Vladivostok, footwear for winter fishing for men and women in an assortment of sizes with delivery or self-pickup at minimal prices.

Correctly selected high-quality women's and men's winter footwear for fishing, tourism and outdoor activities is a guarantee of unforgettable impressions and excellent mood. This is especially true for winter fishing.

This type of recreation has become very popular in our country, in most of which winter can last 4-5 months a year. The comfort and duration of the fisherman's stay on the ice depends on the convenience, lightness and frost resistance of the shoe. And this means - indicators of the catch, and just getting pleasure from the process. Do not forget about maintaining health in adverse conditions, such as low temperatures and wind.

Winter shoes for fishing, hunting and outdoor activities

Winter shoes for fishing and outdoor activities can be conditionally divided into several groups:

  • Boots for winter fishing - consist mainly of high-quality rubber sole, reinforced toe-and-heel part of the product and high-tech synthetic materials that provide frost resistance up to -30 degrees. С.
  • Winter tourist shoe covers are combined boots. The tops of the boots are made of water-repellent material or genuine leather. The bottom of the product is made of heat-resistant rubbers, equipped with insulation. Temperature protection up to - 25 degrees. С.
  • Boots for winter fishing, cast using EVA technology.

The best modern fishing shoes in winter

EVA winter shoes are high-tech porous rubber with unique qualities. Due to the chemical composition of EVA material, products made of it are lightweight, flexible and resistant to cracks and incredible frost resistance up to - 60 grams. С!

Women's and teenage models of winter shoes for fishing, made using EVA technology, are also relevant. These waterproof, lightweight and warm shoes will be a real boon when walking with a small child or dog in the autumn-winter period.

Prices for winter footwear for fishing and tourism in Vladivostok may differ significantly from each other. This may be due to factors such as:

Gastronomic tourism Delicious travel Cretan cuisine Crete is a divine island washed by the Mediterranean Sea. It is not only a popular beach destination under the gentle

The record warm autumn in most regions of the country spoiled us - until now, many walk the streets in light shoes and short socks, without experiencing any discomfort. But the first frost is already on the doorstep, and therefore it's time to choose good boots for the winter.

Fashion trends in this matter should be pushed into the background. The priority is indestructible, high-quality and warm shoes, well, stylish - where without it. These are the ones that got into our rating of winter boots, which will help readers in choosing the most suitable pair for the next couple of seasons.

The best winter boots

- Quechua SH Warm

Many conservatives to this day avoid going to the shops, being sure that the same thing can be found on the market, only an order of magnitude more profitable. But modern buyers have long been convinced that the opposite is true. Therefore, with a very limited budget, we recommend going to Decathlon and grabbing cheap but high-quality shoes, rather than paying unreasonable money in the market for a Frankenstein sewn in a nearby basement.

This model can easily withstand temperatures up to -11 degrees in a static state and up to -20 degrees in motion - more than enough for most regions. The durable outer is made of polyester and polyurethane, and the abrasion-resistant outsole is made up of several types of rubber. The membrane provides water resistance and breathability, which is especially valuable in our weather conditions. Branded stores provide a guarantee for SH100 for up to two years - you can't even dream of more, especially for such a modest price.

- Quiksilver Mission V

Relatively inexpensive but good fur boots from a trusted manufacturer. Judging by the mass of positive reviews on the same Lamode, there are practically no people disappointed with the purchase, and why would they? Stylish classic boots with a warm faux Sherpa lining that will keep your feet warm, and a rubber sole with an embossed grippy tread protects from icing.

There are some questions about the outer covering, made of a mixture of natural and artificial leather - to keep the original look of the boots, you will have to walk carefully in them. But this model is intended for the city, and not for conquering mountain trails, so in general the minus is not the most critical.

- Native Fitzsimmons Citylite

The Canadian brand Native, which appeared on the market about ten years ago, immediately established itself as a high-tech company with efficiency at the fore. The upper of this model is made of EVA, also known as ethylene vinyl acetate, it is an elastic and lightweight, completely waterproof material. Inside the improvised "galoshes" there is a built-in sock-lining made of neoprene, which comfortably fixes the foot.

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