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The best countries for love adventures

Today, the countries of Southeast Asia have become a fairly popular tourist destination. Every year a huge number of tourists from all over the world come to these countries for new sensations and exotic vacations.

Laos, India, Vietnam and, naturally, Thailand attract tourists with their wonderful climate and unique cultural and historical attractions that can only be found in these countries.

Southeast Asian countries - advantages of rest in Asia

The most important advantage of tourism in these countries is the ability to relax there throughout the year. The tourist season almost never ends, except for a short period with a lot of rainfall. Rest is perfect regardless of the season.

But even during the rainy season, the air temperature there remains quite high. In addition, significant advantages of rest in Asia are:

  • an abundance of beaches and an extensive coastline - the sea will not be as crowded as, for example, in Turkey or Europe;
  • hospitality and cordiality - Asians understand that tourists bring them income, therefore they provide a high level of security and a warm welcome;
  • there are opportunities for everyone - attractions, outdoor activities in amusement parks, visiting night bars, peaceful massages and medical procedures, you can easily find something to do;
  • exotic - after all, the countries of Southeast Asia are very different from European states, and the nature, climate, and culture will make you wonder;
  • no bureaucratic problems with visiting - visa either not required, or inexpensive, it is issued right at the border, for example, for a vacation in Cambodia, it will cost only $ 30.

It is also worth noting that the cost of vouchers to the countries of this region is much lower than rest in popular European resorts, and the tourist infrastructure is at a fairly high level.

Features and dishes of Asian cuisine in Southeast Asia

Many tourists are attracted to the Southeast Asian countries by the national cuisine of the peoples who inhabit this region. The culinary preferences of the people of Thailand or Vietnam and other countries in the region have an important cultural influence on the formation of traditions.

The main ingredients used in different Southeast Asian countries are about the same, but the cooking methods can be quite different. First of all, Asian cuisine cannot do without rice. It is served there as a side dish with fish, meat and vegetables.

The extremely long coastline and warm waters of the Indian Ocean have greatly influenced the culinary preferences of the local people. And for lovers of seafood, a trip to Thailand or a vacation in Vietnam will allow you to enjoy the freshest seafood prepared according to unique traditional recipes. You should definitely try here:

Benefits of rest in Southeast Asia

One of the most famous tourism destinations in the world, Southeast Asia, has long won the well-deserved title of the travel agent's favorite. People come there from everywhere, from all over the world to see the enchanting beauty of nature, epic sights, and enjoy the unusual dishes of local cuisines.

Southeast Asia is an expensive destination, because even a flight is not cheap, but everyone's love for Thailand or Indonesia, as well as many other places, does not fade away after so many years. This is the merit of not only the Creator, who very generously awarded this part of Asia with all kinds of charms and insane beauty, but also the wise policy of the states of this region. Tourism is actively developing here, local residents hospitably welcome travelers, and the language barrier is no longer a global problem, for example, in Thailand and Vietnam there are many signs and menus in cafes, even in Russian, not to mention English.

Southeast Asia - list of countries for holidays all year round

Residents of the countries of Southeast Asia have long decided that they should share the luxury of nature and architecture with other inhabitants of our planet, especially since such beauties are considered a very expensive commodity, and contribution to the economy never hurts. That is why they go to the countries of Southeast Asia to view the incredible spectacles of nature, touch the centuries-old culture, soak up the pristine beaches, and, in the end, immerse themselves in the real atmosphere of paradise. Therefore, those wishing to get relaxation or drive are sent here. On the territory of the south or east of Asia, there are almost no states where tourism activities would not be fully developed. Rather, tourism in different places manifests itself in its own way:

  • Thailand - it has always been called the "all-Union place of health" (have not been here, perhaps, the most boring couch potatoes);
  • Vietnam is the second most popular destination, where there are many sights and beauties of nature;
  • Indonesia - the most visited place is, of course, Bali, but tourists also visit other resorts famous for the cleanest beaches with white sand;
  • The Philippines is a paradise for those who love exotic nature and measured rest;
  • Malaysia - here skyscrapers of megalopolises coexist with beaches untouched by human hands;
  • Cambodia is a country where it is easy not only to come, but also to stay living for a Russian, there will be no problems with documents, there are many Russians for permanent residence;
  • Laos - the service here is far from ideal, the country is quite wild, but still the beaches are 5 points;
  • Myanmar - this state is more closed, spiritual, "for those who understand."

What can you find for yourself on the territory of the countries of the South-East? To begin with, it is worth noting that the main subject of curiosity for people of any age and nationality is the seas, as well as snow-white beaches. There are incredibly many such miracles in this zone. At the same time, the available natural resources can boast of an incredibly high quality indicator - from a deserted beach to comfortable little things in a hotel, like an orchid in a toilet that can be found every morning.

The reason for such a celebrity in most of these resorts is the simple and kind desire of local residents to please foreign guests. It is not for nothing that one of the countries in this region is referred to as "the land of smiles". It would be correct to apply this description to the entire territory of Southeast Asia: people smile here sincerely and very often.

What to see in Southeast Asia?

People come to the countries of Southeast Asia to admire. The rarest animals and active volcanoes, surprising the traditions of the local population, as well as the delights of the best gastronomes, that is, all the riches that Asia has prepared for curious tourists in all its corners. It should be noted that the southeast of Asia is also famous due to the fact that the most wonderful collection of the most ancient values ​​and culture of all mankind is located on the territory of this zone. Take, for example, Buddhist monuments of incredible beauty - from the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar to the "Buddha footprints" in Laos.

After all, a variety of athletes from all over the planet strive for the amazing nature of Asia. For example, diving in Vietnam has been recognized for several years as one of the best in the entire planet in terms of value for money. Surfing in Malaysia picks up steam every season with the efforts of the eastern monsoons, which give surfers chic waves.

Sights of Southeast Asia

Today the countries of Southeast Asia have become quite a popular tourist destination. Every year a huge number of tourists from all over the world come to these countries for new sensations and exotic vacations. Laos, India, Vietnam and, naturally, Thailand attract tourists with their wonderful climate and unique cultural and historical sights.

Consider the countries for recreation for 2018, where any Russian can have an inexpensive vacation. We will mainly touch upon the territories of Asia. We will find out the budget for a trip to cheap destinations for the whole family and children, where to stay, and note the local cuisine.

Today, due to the protracted economic crisis, a popular trend among Russians has become the choice in favor of inexpensive countries for recreation. At the same time, not everyone knows that you can relax abroad with high quality and cheap. So, the article will tell you about the top budget countries for vacation.


Budget - $ 50-60 for two per day + transfer (the cost of the flight from different cities of Russia and the CIS is different, so everyone has the right to decide how to fly to this country, and which flight option will be more economical) ; on average $ 800-900 for two.

If you book a room in Laos hotels in advance, you can get a comfortable double standard for $ 15-20 per day.

Lunch in a simple restaurant will cost a tourist 6-10 dollars, and if you choose top tourist establishments, it will be twice as expensive.

All sights of the country are paid, but the price of excursions on average does not exceed $ 3 per person. You can significantly save on the transfer by renting a motorbike (only $ 9 per day).

Duration of the trip: 14 days (this is the maximum period, you can certainly vary the length of your stay, but if you fly so far, to an exotic country, then it is better to enjoy your vacation to the maximum)

  • Attractions

You should definitely get acquainted with the capital of Laos, Luang Prabang, visit the Bokeu National Park, look at the U River, Bolaven and Pakse waterfalls, and cruise along the Mekong River to the south.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages

If the period of stay in the country does not exceed two weeks, then a visa is not required, but a prerequisite is the presence of a valid passport, which is valid for more than six months.

Tourist Laos is distinguished not only by high quality service and low prices, but also by incredibly beautiful nature, a lot of historical and architectural sights and the absence of crowds of tourists. The disadvantages are the poorly developed tourist infrastructure, lack of access to the sea (although there are more than enough places for swimming) and the lack of direct flights (connections at airports are not always convenient).

Central Asia is a large eastern region, which includes Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan. These countries are closely linked historically and geographically. Therefore, tourist routes often combine visits to several of them, introducing them to the main attractions of the ancient lands that were inhabited by nomads and where the Silk Road passed.

Popular Places to Visit

Types of active tours in Central Asia

What's included in the price

Traveling to Central Asia will not require red tape with visa processing. For entry to all countries of the region (except for Turkmenistan), citizens of the CIS need a valid passport. There will be no language barrier either. The local population perfectly understands Russian and is willing to communicate in it. At the end of the main tour, those who wish can stay to see local sights and historical sites on their own.

Choose tours to Central Asia - choose a vacation with Adventure Club!

Uzbekistan is a real fairy tale. Here are the ancient cities of the Great Silk Road, the blue minarets of mosques, the desert, huge bazaars, melons, sweets and men in skullcaps. Uzbekistan is the place where the mysterious east is so close and accessible. On the one hand, Uzbekistan is one of the former Soviet republics, that is, something familiar to us. On the other hand, it is a part of a completely different, eastern world, little familiar to Europeans, from here it is a stone's throw to the ancient eastern states - Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. There is hot sun, kind people, delicious natural products, amazing nature and centuries-old history. On our journey we will visit Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand, go to the mountains, admire the lakes and reservoirs. Let's try dishes of national Uzbek cuisine. We will spend the night in cozy guest houses. We have selected cool professional local guides for you who will take you on excursions to cities and mosques, immerse you in a magical atmosphere, and it seems that they know the answer to any question from the history of the country.

Kyrgyzstan is an ideal country to visit all year round! Here you can plunge into hot thermal springs, enjoy a stunning view of Issyk-Kul Lake, walk along picturesque paths among huge mountain peaks and see waterfalls of stunning beauty! Magnificent views, wooded hills, the purest mountain air, beautiful gorges, virgin nature, delicious national cuisine and the hospitality of the local population - this is what Kyrgyzstan can boast of! And also the lack of a large number of tourists!

Let's continue exploring the expanse of water? This time we go to the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. Absolutely unusual landscape - we will walk along a wild steep slope of rocks - the nature of Mangistau is unique. The scorching sun, endless steppes and small oases are another climatic zone of our water trips! We will walk along the coast, where we will get acquainted with the history and spirit of this land of nomadic tribes. Unpopulated spaces and cosmic landscapes will open up to us. Mangyshlak is a different dimension. This is an autonomous kayak trip in the format of exploration in one of the most beautiful places in the Caspian - the Mangyshlak Peninsula. A high steep coast, which was washed by a huge ocean 5 million years ago. You can still find prehistoric fossils in the sand today. A dry wind rustles the sand. The salt water washes your feet. A mirage looms over the horizon in the heat of the sun. The land of nomads and wandering sages - Mangystau.

All water tours in Kyrgyzstan A kayak trip along the eastern part of the sunny sea of ​​Kyrgyzstan - Lake Issyk-Kul and its environs. The route takes place surrounded by impressive landscapes and snow-capped mountains, called the Switzerland of Central Asia. Our program is combined, we will see the lake and the mountains around, we will take minibuses to the most beautiful canyons and gorges, we will make light trekking. Since 2020 we have an updated program! We will visit the Djukku and Barskoon gorges in the Tien Shan mountains, where we will get by car from the lake shore. We will visit the Tamga stone, to which we will get on horseback.

Mangystau is a harsh but amazingly beautiful land of natural resources and underground mosques! Everyone can visit here in the role of a Central Asian merchant, following the same caravan paths as our ancestors who crossed the Great Silk Road. See the sea, walk on the steppe, climb a mountain, visit underground temples, breathe in the salty air of the desert, overcome gorges and spend the night in a yurt. Here it is, the smell of freedom, which you want to inhale, over and over again.

For some, sex, like travel, is a search for new emotions, impressions and experiences. But everyone has their own point of view on this matter, and therefore we go on trips for something special. What about Asia? Remember what associations you have with her if you were not there or what do you know if you were there?

By the way, it has long been known that many elderly single Europeans and North Americans live in the countries of Southeast Asia. Let's figure out why and give advice to our travelers.

It has long been known all over the world that countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Japan attract many sex tourism lovers.


The most famous of these countries (especially for lovers of non-trivial and unconventional sex) is Thailand.

Pattaya Resort is the world capital of sex tourism. Here you can find both girls and men and women-men and vice versa. Everything here revolves around this indrustria: hundreds of massage and go-go salons and bars, many so-called places for games. You don't need to look for adventure in this country, they themselves will find you in a couple of minutes. For example, in Phuket it is very easy to get acquainted with a Thai. One has only to go out in the evening for a walk on Bangla Road and she will get to know you herself. Just be careful that it is not a tranny :). To get acquainted with a particularly beautiful Thai woman, it is still worth investing a little: spend a little time to find her on the street, or in one of the many bars on Bangla Road. I made eye contact, smiled and she made the acquaintance herself. Taiki are very funny and active. By the way, there is a chance to spend time and get adventures free of charge, but that is if she likes you very much. It is worth noting that in the country prostitution is official and the priestesses of love are constantly checked by doctors. In addition, at the entrance to the hotel they take an ID-card at the reception, that is, you will definitely not be robbed. In Bangkok, the sex industry is also good, but there are many ordinary tourists and people. An ideal place to combine sex tourism and cultural tourism. One temple of the reclining Buddha is worth something.


Not much behind Tai and Vietnam. However, the management of the socialists in the country gives its own flavor. Brothels are more like pioneer rooms with an overseer. It's just that it's much more difficult to get to know a Vietnamese girl on the street or in some kind of institution than with a Thai woman in Thailand, they are more distinctive and restrained. The easiest way to meet an adventure Vietnamese is to visit a massage parlor and she will suggest you adventures during the massage for an additional fee. She knows what you need. The main thing is to have an additional cache for this case. Not so free morals, but still this country attracts millions of people.


Japan attracts sex tourists with geisha. But I have to disappoint you: real geisha will not serve non-Japanese people. Yes, there are hotels where a pseudo geisha will come to you. But this is 99% Southeast Asia. And if there is no difference, why pay more?

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