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How to get ready for a hike

Who loves sports, unity with nature, chooses hiking trips on foot. To visit the forests, where under the high crowns of trees, the sun's rays peep in, where the sounds of nature sound: the singing of birds, the rustle of leaves and small animals, the smell of flowers, streams that calm the soul and heart with their murmur, all this can be felt on a hike. Hiking tours usually last from 1-2 days to 15-20 days. They pass both the plains and the mountains, depending on what a person likes.

Hiking tours

Consider an unorganized type of tourism.

Tourists choose their own route and method of travel. Each member of the group takes food, a tent and other things needed during the hike. Themselves, they choose a place of rest. The places of our land are beautiful and it is not difficult to find a place where you can relax. The weather, especially in summer, allows the tourist to enjoy the beauty of nature. Some take fishing gear with them. After all, there is nothing tastier than cooked fish on the coals of a fire. There is nothing more pleasant than a sincere conversation, listening to or performing songs with a guitar, cooking a meal on the fire, breathing fresh air, thinking about something pleasant and sublime, calmly thinking about your life path, this is what an unorganized type of tourism is based on.

Enough and extreme in it

A clear organization, thoughtful development of the route, support of discipline is the key to a good and interesting rest. The organizer in the group should be a sociable and adventurous person. This type of tourism is also very popular in Europe, where people can travel outside their country on foot, since the border crossing is free.

But we also need to think about the fact that this type of tourism has a bad effect on the ecology of nature, monuments of history and culture. Every self-respecting person should not destroy and litter the places where they had a good time.

Pack tourism

Tourism, which takes place on pack devices of movement. These are horses, camels, donkeys, dogs, elephants, llamas and other animals. This type of tourism takes place in different places. Donkeys are rarely used. But camels are popular in Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia.

Sled dogs - in snowy places, these are Siberia, Canada, Alaska, the Arctic and Greenland. Llamas are popular in Peru. In the jungle of Thailand, the best way to travel is elephant trekking. Vietnam is famous for its buffaloes. Tourists always want to ride animals that they can only see at the zoo.

Mountain tourism

In this type of tourism, there are routes of different categories. The difficulty of the routes depends on the difficulty of the passes. There are walking paths in the world that are thousands of kilometers long. Mountain hiking starts very early in the snow and ice zone. At 4-5 in the morning - when there is visibility from the morning sun - and ends at 10-12 in the afternoon, there is the possibility of rockfalls and avalanches. But that doesn't scare them. Because to see the beauty of sunset and sunrise in the mountains is already a great happiness. The greatness of the mountains will forever remain in the hearts of everyone who has been there.

Camping is the best vacation possible

Hiking in Crimea

Domestic tourism develops in Russia every year, becoming more and more popular. People think that it is not necessary to fly abroad - and there is something to see and where to visit. One of the most popular destinations for such domestic tourism has been and remains the Crimean peninsula. But beaches are not the only attraction. In Crimea, there is something to do in addition to relaxing on the coast. Undoubtedly, the best that the peninsula can offer to vacationers is hiking in Crimea. In 2020, moreover, trains were launched to the peninsula across the Kerch Bridge, which significantly increased the influx of active tourists to Crimea.

Everything has been done on the peninsula for the development of hiking. Many routes have been marked, parking facilities have been equipped, many springs have been trapped. There are no dangerous animals in the forests, there are a large number of information posters on the trails, and the Ministry of Emergencies responds to the call quite quickly. For those who want to relax on a hike, it is enough just to come to Crimea. Tourist clubs (and the "Unknown World" among them) provide equipment rental at quite affordable prices.

If you are not yet confident in your abilities and do not know if you can walk in the mountains with a backpack, you can always take a tour with hotel accommodation or live a week in a tent camp in the mountains. Such offers are in the club's schedule, and their program is no less interesting than hiking in the mountains with backpacks. For families with small children, this is the best option.

The "Unknown World" club has always tried to keep a high level of professionalism in hiking. Esoteric tourism was and remains the original activity of the club. There are a great many simple tourist clubs involved in sports tourism and the organization of standard trekking. But what to do to someone who is bored with standard trips, who feels out of place in a drinking company, someone whose interests are spiritual growth and personal development? There are quite a lot of such people, and before the advent of ezoturs, they believed that hiking in the mountains was not for them.

There are a number of questions that everyone should find an answer to on their own. What are we? A soul that has a body or a body that has a soul? One thing is certain: even one who spends all his strength on the development of the soul should not forget about the body. When a person is regularly bothered by physical pains, he is not up to high truths. Therefore, you should pay attention to the health of your physical body, except for you there is no one to take care of it.

Wellness is best done in the mountains. If you have the opportunity to go hiking in Crimea at least once or twice a year, do it. The mountains of Crimea are a wonderful place, the water and air are unusually curative here. In addition, a week's break from our obsessed world is very beneficial for the psyche. Try turning off your phone for a while, not reading books or listening to the radio. Let the mind rest from the frenzied streams of information, television and the Internet. A healthy psyche is a 50% healthy body.

Rest your stomach also. Try to live a week without meat, sausages, and foods with a high chemical content. The same applies to alcohol, the intake of which has long become the norm for many citizens of the former CIS. Porridge, vegetables, and most importantly, tea from wonderful Crimean herbs will help relieve the heaviness from the stomach caused by fast foods and quick snacks at work. A hike in the mountains of Crimea is an excellent reason to give a vacation not only to yourself, but also to your stomach, stopping "bombing" it with harmful substances.

In the modern world, many are engaged in mental labor. Sometimes the physical activity of people working at a computer all day comes down to the drive home from the office. Hiking in the mountains is a great way to test how tough and tough you are. After all, muscle weakness sooner or later leads to diseases. The mountains of Crimea are not the Himalayas, even the most difficult hiking routes on the peninsula barely reach the first sports level. So if it's hard for you - this is a "bell": perhaps it's time to take care of yourself.

But the main thing, of course, is not just to shake your mind, stomach and muscles. A week or two that you will spend hiking in the mountains of Crimea is too little for your lifestyle to become healthy, but enough to start it. Hiking in Crimea is a kind of revision of your life. During this period, you will be able to understand what needs to be changed in everyday life. Maybe you should take care of your mind, with the help of practice, making it less twitchy, or you should reconsider your attitude to nutrition and physical activity.

In this case, the hike is like a litmus paper - reveals your naturalness, how harmonious and close you are to nature. It's up to you what to do with the results of this kind of "test". If you love your body, then during the hike you will understand what and how you should work with so that it is healthy and does not interfere with spiritual practices. The body can become both a source of suffering and pleasure. In many ways, this choice depends on you.

With the arrival of spring and good weather, the hiking season begins, which continues until mid-autumn. "Newspaper. u ”talks about what kinds of trips exist, how to properly prepare for them and where to go to travel in Russia.

For lovers of outdoor activities with the onset of warm days, there is an excellent opportunity to diversify their leisure time. In addition to practicing mass sports, a popular hobby is a variety of hiking trips: cycling, water, mountain, speleological, skiing, equestrian, extreme.

Hikes can be of various lengths (from two to ten days or more) and categories of difficulty, ranging from a family weekend trip to extreme routes (from 16 to 35 days on the way), designed only for professionals. Therefore, before going on a hike, especially with children, you should objectively assess your capabilities.

You can decide on the route yourself, relying on reports and reviews of travelers on the Internet, you can join an amateur travel club, as well as contact a commercial structure specializing in sports and adventure tourism: they have a huge selection of hikes throughout Russia and abroad, and they are conducted with instructors. In the latter case, you will not have to spend time and money on the purchase of a significant part of the equipment, since tourist organizations rent it.

But if you prefer to organize your trip from start to finish on your own, then you should take into account a number of the following recommendations, which will be described in detail below.

Two-day family weekend hikes are very common. They are usually the simplest and do not require a lot of preparation time. However, if children are traveling with you, special care must be taken when planning a route, choosing a travel date and collecting equipment. In particular, carefully study the weather conditions in the area where you are going, as you can get into a period of large numbers of mosquitoes and midges.

First, let's talk about the features of common types of hiking.


Hiking is a classic adventure tourism. They can be attributed to the most useful type of outdoor activities. This type of tourism is chosen by lovers of a healthy lifestyle, romance and adventure seekers. Moreover, both the elderly and married couples with small children and youth companies go on hiking trips.

Since real backpacking trips involve the absence of comfortable conditions, then you should be ready to travel with a large backpack, where there will be many essentials.

For residents of Central Russia, the most favorable regions for hiking are the Western Caucasus (Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea), the mountainous regions of Crimea, the Southern and Northern Urals, Karelia, the Kola Peninsula, its mountainous and adjacent plains , some areas of the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania and the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic (Central Caucasus). These areas are the most preferred and popular for initial sports tourism for residents of the European part of Russia.

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