Hiking for the New Year

Where Russians met 2021 and spent the New Year holidays

The tourist preferences of Russians on the New Year holidays were corrected by the pandemic. However, utilization at our ski resorts was even higher than last year. We will tell you where the Russians spent their New Year holidays and which destinations became the most popular among Muscovites.

New Year's Choice for Russians

Photo: provided by the heroine of the material Inna

"The holidays showed great interest in traveling around Russia," ATOR Vice President Dmitry Gorin told Moscow 24. "Our ski resorts were in great demand. The main leader is the Krasnodar Territory (Sochi), where the load was even higher. than last year. "

Among other popular ski resorts, Gorin noted the Elbrus region, Dombay, Cheget, Belokurikha, Sheregesh and Abzakovo. In addition, on New Year's holidays, Russians actively visited various cities: Veliky Ustyug, Kostroma, Kaluga, Tula, Kaliningrad, the Golden Ring. Many have traveled in their own cars.

In St. Petersburg, on the contrary, there were fewer tourists than usual. This is due to a request from the authorities to guests to refrain from traveling to the northern capital for the New Year holidays. From December 30 to January 10, museums, theaters and the zoo were closed to the public.

According to ATOR, among foreign destinations among Russians, and especially Muscovites, the UAE, Maldives, Turkey, Cuba were popular. Zanzibar showed particular dynamics in comparison with 2019, to which many charter flights were opened.

At the same time, Gorin noted that, in general, the number of tourists was less than last year. This happened due to closed borders. However, for the open countries, tourist demand was at its highest.

Krasnodar region: skiing against the coast

Photo: provided by the heroine of the material Inna

According to the Regional Interdepartmental Headquarters for the high winter season in Sochi, about 270 thousand people visited the resort during ten New Year's days. This is 11% more than last year. 146 thousand guests rested in the mountains.

In Sochi during the New Year holidays, more than 630 accommodation facilities were received. About 74 thousand people lived in the hotels of the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana. The headquarters noted that security measures were carried out rigorously and the observator, as well as an additional covid hospital for 200 beds, did not receive a single person during this period.

Where Russians met 2021 and spent the New Year holidays

Active holidays for the New Year from "Rest + Sports"

New Year is a magical holiday associated with fluffy snowdrifts, an elegant Christmas tree, outdoor recreation. Start the year with an unforgettable journey, take walks along mountain trails, ride snowmobiles, ski, dog sledding, and recharge your batteries for a long time to come. Every day a new adventure awaits you, an unforgettable experience, something that you have not yet had time to experience or learn in life. Choose active tours for the New Year and catch up. Go to admire the landscapes, wander the snow-capped mountains, visit colorful places with bright holiday fairs, funny entertainment, have picnics in the fresh air, get a lot of positive emotions.

Holidays in Russia

Active holidays for the New Year holidays are a great opportunity to spend time with the whole family. The country's cities sparkle with festive illumination, impress with beautiful Christmas trees, theatrical performances. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Kaliningrad transform into fabulous worlds, greet guests with colorful garlands, unique aromas, millions of lights. The festive atmosphere makes you dizzy, breathtaking, and your mood rises.

An active New Year in Russia can be spent at the best ski resorts in the Caucasus, the Urals, the Kemerovo region. Fans of extreme sports are waiting for the volcanoes and geysers of Kamchatka, the beauty of the untouched nature of Sakhalin, where you can go skiing, breathe in the cleanest air, enjoy the crisp snow.

Active holidays for the New Year in Karelia will charge you with energy for the whole year ahead. These will be the most eventful holidays in your life. The entertainment program includes snowmobiling, a visit to the famous husky nursery, a visit to the Three Bears zoo complex, gatherings in a real Sami tent, round dances by the Christmas tree, exciting excursions, various programs with contests and fun. This vacation will not leave anyone indifferent, it will be fun for both adults and children.

Krasnodar Territory and Crimea attract tourists with their mild climate. Mountains, valleys, sea coast - great opportunities for active recreation. Change the familiar picture of everyday life, get invigorating emotions, going on excursions along the snow-covered slopes on horses or ATVs. While going downhill skiing, snowboarding, sledging, admire the beauty of the amazing nature. Such a pastime will make the holiday extraordinary and memorable.

Holidays with children

It is quite difficult to organize an active holiday for the New Year with children. After all, responsible parents need to carefully think over and plan everything, review many little things, choose a route that is safe and interesting for all ages, and solve the issue of nutrition. We offer ready-made tours in which you can cheerfully and carefree celebrate your favorite holiday.

Active New Year with children includes a trip to Veliky Ustyug. The whole family will visit a real Russian fairy tale, get to know Santa Claus, visit the greeting card museum, and take part in integrative programs.

What tourist destinations did the Russians choose during the New Year holidays?

New Year's hikes from "Rest + Sports"

Winter is a magical time, the season of New Year's holidays, a charming winter fairy tale. How many hopes we pin on the coming year, and we want to start it in a special, fun and unforgettable way. Fans of exciting travels choose one of the most popular types of outdoor activities - hiking for the New Year. After all, on foot you can go to the most secluded places, get acquainted with nature, relax and gain impressions for a long time to come. Whether you will plunge into the harsh beauty of the Russian winter or feel the rays of the hot sun, the gentle waves of the warm sea, you have to choose.

New Year's hikes in Russia

Winter hiking is a great opportunity to see all the charm of the nature of your native land during the harsh season. Russia is famous for its generosity, so when you go hiking, you will enjoy every minute of relaxation and the surrounding beauty.

  • If you haven't been to Crimea in winter, it's time to try. These are bright colors, a feeling of freedom and the opportunity to find yourself in the most beautiful places. Hiking on New Year's in Crimea includes snowmobiling. Go to Mount Ai-Petri and feel the drive, speed, boldly overcome the snowdrifts, trampolines. The tracks are thought out to the smallest detail, so this type of active activity is absolutely safe, and everyone can try themselves as a driver.
  • Hiking in the Caucasus promises to be interesting, extreme and unusual. There will be a place for everyone, as the mountain range is replete with natural wonders. You can travel on foot, snowshoeing, skiing or snowmobiling.
  • A hike across Lake Baikal in winter will impress even the most experienced tourist. During the New Year holidays, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful places on Earth, travel on ice roads, explore mysterious grottoes and caves, ride bicycles and skate on ice.

At your request, you can go to any corner of Russia, do active sports, enjoy the generous nature of the region, explore its attractions, customs and traditions.

New Year Trips Abroad

If you are tired of pre-holiday chores, you want to take a break from the monotonous gray everyday life, drive away the winter blues, then hurry up to fulfill your dream and go to warm countries. Enjoy the sun, fruits, amazing sunsets and sunrises, swim in the sea, ocean, relax under the shade of palm trees.

  • One of the most popular destinations is New Year's trips to Cyprus. The Mediterranean Sea, a lot of sun, warmth, luscious greenery awaits you. You can go on this journey alone, with friends or spend time with your family. You can enjoy the beauty of the coastline, picturesque views of rocks and coniferous forests. Visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Paphos, sea caves, gorges, see a sunken ship. Aphrodite's Trail, Blue Lagoons, Salt Lake with Flamingos are already waiting for you to surprise and enchant forever.
  • Curious tourists can go to one of the best trails in the world - the Lycian Way in Turkey. Travelers will find picturesque mountains, cozy bays, stunning sunsets, and magnificent nature.

Leave all your fears at home and take the unique opportunity to visit exotic countries. Gain strength and energy walking in Morocco, Mexico, enjoy the majestic beauty of the mountains of Patagonia and Nepal, go to Tanzania, Guatemala. This New Year, the whole world is at your feet!

Give yourself an unforgettable experience, contact us and we will select the best tour. When hiking on New Year's Eve, you are guaranteed unrestrained fun, friendly atmosphere, fresh air. After such a rest, you will return home with pleasant memories, refreshed, cheerful and ready for new exploits.

Main impressions

We invite you to celebrate the New Year 2021 in Sochi with us!

We have prepared an unusual and, as always, super active program, and if you want to relax outside the box on New Year's holidays, then we are definitely on the way! We are once again breaking the stereotype that Sochi is suitable only for summer vacations and continue to open the Caucasus for you from unexpected angles. It will also be interesting for those who have already rested with us before!

What will we do on the tour



Meeting of participants, transfer from the airport or railway station. Check-in at a hotel in the center of Adler, on the banks of the Mzymta River. Meeting of guides with all participants, discussion of the organizational nuances of the program, answers to questions.

We are going to get ready for the New Year celebration up the mountain with the most picturesque view of the festive Sochi. A bonfire, New Year's treats, festive fireworks of the whole city, fantastic views of night lights and, of course, gifts from Santa Claus await us on the mountain.

After having a good rest and sleep, after breakfast we go on a hike for new impressions. While someone is lying on the couch and eating salads, you will go to explore the Sochi Psakho canyons: Dry and Wet, a cave, turbulent rivers and a viewing platform overlooking the Caucasus Mountains. Hiking through the canyons is the most spectacular route. We will walk along the Psakho and Kudepsta rivers, enjoy the freshness of wild canyons, see many beautiful baths and waterfalls, walk along a narrow path among the walls of a huge stone fault, visit an unusual cave with a through grotto and, of course, have lunch in a picturesque place.

Today we have the most scenic and spectacular route! Along a beautiful mountain serpentine we will drive up to the observation tower on Mount Akhun (663 m) and climb to its observation deck, then we will go on a hiking route to the picturesque Eagle Rocks with beautiful views of the mountains and the Black Sea coast, to the magical Agursky waterfalls and the mysterious wild cave.

Today we are heading to the highlands, to a real winter fairy tale - Krasnaya Polyana! The road will take about 40 minutes and you will be pleasantly surprised how in literally 40 minutes the palm trees will be replaced by the kingdom of winter with huge spruces and snow-white slopes.

Quite a bit is left to be patient until the moment when it will be possible to say with feeling “it was a difficult year” and raise a glass to the onset of a new one. And if you are going to break out of the close circle of friends, acquaintances and Olivier basins, it's time to think about where to go for the New Year 2021 inexpensively, but interesting.

Taking care of the wallets of Russian tourists, analysts of the Association of Tour Operators (ATOR) have prepared a rating of the cheapest New Year's tours for two people (for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow on December 27 and accommodation in a three-star hotel).

Inexpensive New Year Destinations 2021

And we will tell you more about these destinations and add to them other popular tourist destinations for the whole family (not all of them will be seven days).

Where to go for the New Year in Russia


A seven-day trip will cost RUB 65 466.

Rest on Lake Baikal is for Siberians hardened in spirit and in body: temperatures in winter there are often below -20 °. However, on New Year's Eve, such a violent activity is developing in hotels around the lake that you will simply have no time to freeze. Ice fishing, swimming in hot springs, a Siberian spa (in a heated bath), excursions to the wondrous beauty of the most transparent ice, where through the frozen water you can see everything that happens at the bottom ... And on this ice you can skate, and also play curling and even golf!

Dog sledding, ski resorts, freeriding paradise on Mount Mamai, apart from traditional drinks and snacks - this is just a small part of the winter entertainment on Lake Baikal. Yes cold. But along with the column in the thermometer, prices also go down.


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