Hiking: description, equipment, advantages and disadvantages, photos, videos

Hiking: description, equipment, advantages and disadvantages, photos, videos

Being in a hot office, each of us sometimes dreams of going on vacation and going on an exciting journey. New countries, cities, peoples - so I want to see the world, relax and absorb new emotions and feelings.

However, not everyone achieves their goal, but everyone sits and dreams. But sooner or later we understand that this is quite real, the main thing is to move, and not sit in one place.

Popular types of tourism

First, turn your dream into a goal - a reliable and unique one. After that, you can already start planning something. You can now choose the type of tourism that is most suitable for you, but for this, let's figure out what types of tourism exist:

Each type of tourism has its own subspecies, but the general classification looks like this. Much here depends on the person himself and on his way of rest. Someone loves outdoor activities, but someone just needs to lie on the warm sand under the hot rays of the sun all day. The territorial affiliation of the places visited also plays a role.

Distinguish between domestic and international types of tourism. The first type involves trips within one country, and the second type involves trips that cross the border of one country and refer to another.

Recently, the most common international travel, which is associated with the desire of many tourists to learn more about other peoples. This is especially true of educational tourism, during which you can better learn a foreign language or the customs and traditions of other nations. The more we want to know about the world around us, the more opportunities we get for this.

Recreational tourism

Recreational tourism includes sports, medical treatment and recreation. One definition captures the largest portion of tourism. For example, most often people tend to visit Turkey or Egypt just to relax or to get acquainted with the sights.

In the summer, a large stream of tourists is heading on the coast of the seas, where you can sunbathe and gain strength. The Azov and Black Sea are popular with popularity, although there are many wishing to try and something exotic.

Medical or wellness view of tourism

Types of tourism

From all types of tourism, hiking is the most informative and interesting. It gives the opportunity to tourists to spend their holidays in the most beautiful corners of nature. Aside with the city noise, the tourist seems a unique opportunity to watch wildlife, here you can relax and soul and body. But to get to such unknown corners of nature, the tourist has everything you need to carry on your own back.

What is your hiking hiking? <

as one of the types of tourism, hiking is the most active view of the rest, which includes movement over rough terrain of various complexity. It may be forests, fields, mountains. Today all over the world there are hiking organizations. The benefit to human health from such trips is obvious.

Departure on such tours is organized as well as in any other sports direction. A person buys a place in a certain round, or agrees with the host party, for example, a tourist base on its own.

Then it submits the standard package of documents to the consulate of own city, the visa center. In fact, it provides only financial documents, passports, copies of tickets, as well as an insurance policy with a coating from 30,000 euros, which takes into account the increased risks associated with the selected direction.

If a special organization is engaged in this question, the documents are transferred to it directly, and all subsequent actions to ensure the departure takes on themselves.

With the proper paperwork, the term of their consideration for a similar tour will be up to 10 days. After that, a person will be notified of the result, and if he proves positive, will be able to go to the ride of interest.

Equipment and equipment <

Required equipment and equipment are primarily dependent on the duration of the campaign in time, the season and on what area the tourist route passes. The tourist backpack usually contains the required amount of food, water and essential things.

List of essential items for a tourist

Some hikers like to argue that long lists of items on multi-day hikes add significant weight to a backpack, leading to fatigue and the possibility of injury. These travelers recommend that you reduce the weight of the backpack as much as possible, since it is easier to travel on foot with less weight behind your back.

Distinguish between domestic and international types of tourism. The first type involves travel within the same country, and the second type involves cross-border travel ...

When we visit new places, we get to know new sights, food, souvenirs, arts and customs. The cultural impact of tourism on humans is beyond doubt, but let's not underestimate the economic importance of tourism: tourism is a very important sector in the economy, over the past few years tourism has become a business industry. However, sometimes tourism goes to a new level - people need something more than just an ordinary acquaintance with the culture. So, thanks to curiosity, new types of tourism are born.

Nuclear tourism

This type of tourism emerged after the beginning of the Atomic Age: curious tourists visit places important for the history of the Atomic Age, where significant events related to nuclear energy took place. There are museums specializing in atomic weapons, but, naturally, the places where atomic bombs exploded are of much greater interest. The two most popular such places are Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

You can also find out all the details about the Chernobyl accident and how it affected the lives of those who lived and worked in Chernobyl. In Kiev, there is a Chernobyl Museum for fans of nuclear tourism - perhaps the most visited in the world. By the way, all the exhibits are equipped with detailed explanations in Russian, so it's easy to understand what's what.

Tolkien Tourism

Despite the amazing success of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy and films based on it, it is difficult to imagine such a tourist current - primarily because of its scale. The Lord of the Rings is a cultural phenomenon with millions of fans around the world for books and films. And this phenomenon has become the reason for tourism and travel.

Tolkien's tourism is two-fold. The first is finding and visiting the fictional universe of The Lord of the Rings, the second is visiting every important place related to films or books. Of course, most tourists go to New Zealand, where Peter Jackson made his films. In the UK, there are also two significant places - Oxford and Birmingham, where tourists can contact the Tolkien Society and get acquainted with everything that had to do with it - from artifacts and art to pubs.

Dark Tourism

Dark tourism is centered around everything related to death, disaster, tragedy. The most important places for lovers of dark tourism are those where many people died, it is equally important what historical significance this or that place has. Among the most popular places are those where mass suicides took place, as well as various castles with a dark history. One of the most visited castles of this kind in the world is Poenari Castle in Romania, where Count Dracula lived and killed.

Ghetto Tourism

The term "ghetto tourism" first appeared in the mid-2000s. With the proliferation of hip hop culture over the past 15 years, more and more people have become interested in the places where this genre of music and its associated lifestyle originated. In the past few years, the American ghettos of Detroit, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles have become famous tourist destinations, mainly because young people are interested in the lifestyle of aspiring musicians, graffiti, clothing and music.

In New York, there were even bus tours for tourists - you could comfortably get to the most interesting places of this kind. Unfortunately, tours had to be closed this year, as locals began to complain that they were offended, as foreigners imagine their home.

Shark tourism

While vacationing in India or Egypt in winter, you will most likely notice whole crowds of old tourists from northern Europe. Upon closer acquaintance, it turns out that the old people left their native country in the fall, and they plan to return home not earlier than spring. And so they have been doing since retirement: like migratory birds, they fly south in the fall, and return to their homes in the spring. After all, utility rates in Europe are even higher than ours. And it is more profitable for pensioners to go on a six-month tour than to pay for heating their houses. This fact gave us an interesting thought: why do other people go to travel? And we found out that recently many new, sometimes very strange, types of tourism have appeared, we will introduce you to 12 unusual destinations.

Shopping Tourism

Shopping tours in our country emerged in the early 90s, when many went to sell various trinkets to Poland, to sell products to Moscow and Gomel. This form has remained until now in settlements near the border. But the shopping tours themselves have evolved into highly prestigious travel. Now they go abroad for fur coats and designer things. A few years ago, some firms offered free trips to Greece if you pledged to buy a fur coat there. They were called that way fur-tour. The price was such that it covered the costs of both your flight and accommodation with meals. But people liked it. Now many people follow the sales in Europe and the United Arab Emirates and specially take vouchers there for this time. We even met girls who had never been to the sea or on excursions in the UAE for a week. And they went out into the street solely in order to move from one store to another. There are also quite interesting people who buy household chemicals exclusively in European stores. And although it is of the same brands as on the shelves of Ukrainian stores, its quality is much higher, according to convinced ladies. With such successes, we will soon go to the neighboring country for milk and bread.

Medical tourism

Israel has some of the best cancer treatment specialists. Doctors in Thailand have invented a new technology by which they can grow a lost organ directly on the patient's body (they grow mainly small organs: ears, nose, eyelids). In Germany, abdominal surgeries are performed with high quality, and Lithuania is famous for inexpensive plastic surgeries. And for all these services, people specially come from other countries. Now medical tourism has become one of the most cost-effective for both the host country and for patients who can receive the best quality services at an affordable price. Interestingly, Ukraine is also included in the list of countries recommended for medical tourism. It turns out that our teeth are treated very cheaply and with high quality and dentures are installed.

Medical tourism is beneficial both for the host country and for patients who can receive quality services at an affordable price

Selfie tourism

If previously popular places among tourists could complain that they are constantly rubbed, hugged or climbed on, now they can only complain that they can only see the back of the heads of tourists. Crowds of young people "snapping" themselves against the backdrop of some next attraction is selfie tourism. It involves traveling in order to take a photo of yourself in various parts of the world, and the places themselves can be seen somewhere from afar, peeking over the shoulder, or not quite visible at all. Despite the fact that most Internet users laugh at this new culture, selfies remain popular. Moreover, both among girls and among guys, even the older generation often adopts this hobby. In popularity among selfie tourists, the palm is held by France (especially the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe), England (near Big Ben, on the streets of London and, of course, in local double-decker buses), Germany, the USA, and the countries of East Asia.

Record Tourism

The most unusual tourism is tourism in order to achieve records. Such travelers apply to the Guinness Book of Records before departure. For example, 106-year-old Japanese Saburo Shochi was recognized as the oldest traveler. In total, he covered more than 56 thousand kilometers by public transport and visited 6 countries, including Bulgaria, Canada and South Africa. And the Englishman James Boothorp covered 18 thousand miles and 20 countries in 174 days by bicycle. To achieve this result, it took about 14 hours a day to pedal. Entered the Guinness Book of Records as the traveler who made the fastest round-the-world bike trip!

There are some Ukrainians too. Last year, Irina Galai became the first Ukrainian woman who did not climb Everest. True, she only got into the Ukrainian Book of Records. But isn't that an achievement too?

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