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Active tourism in Ukraine

Ostriv Bryuchiy is a unique piece of land in the Sea of ​​Azov, which has the status of a reserve.

Come on, go get some wild nature and clean beaches. Those who love to go down to sleep are screwed up a pure white sand and the sea is warm, yak better, lower on Arabatskiy striltsi. Photographers and romantics vіdpravlyayutsya here, schob posterіgaty behind the wild food.

Ostriv Biruchiy is another unique natural phenomenon of the Kherson region.

Narіvnі from the Kinburnsky spit, the tall island svit is also tsіkavіy and іznomanіtny. Here it is amazing to sit down steppe woods and oaks, wild tulips and olives. Poitrya soaked salty with the smell of the sea and the aroma of steppe grasses.

Clean sea, deserted beaches - earthly paradise on the cordon of Kherson and Mykolaiv regions. Until recently, the Tendrivska spit was closed for tourists. You can spend a year on the scythe, but only in the singing part. Ale everything is in order.

The Tendrivska Spit is a legendary patch of nature near the Kherson region.

The history of the land is the memory of the ancient Greeks, Scythians, Sarmatians, and the legends of the mysterious arts are clearly linked to the names of Achilles.

Dromos Achilleos or "Akhiliv big" was called the land of the ancient Greeks.

Green tourism in Ukraine is a new direction of recreation, the popularity of which is growing from year to year. It's no secret that the poor environmental situation in big cities, the need to solve everyday problems in business and everyday life lead to stress and nervous tension. For this reason, more and more people are abandoning popular resorts with passive pastime on the beach or near the pool, and prefer to relax closer to nature to enjoy the fresh air, walk in the forest, pick fresh berries and mushrooms, drink spring water and eat natural products.

Active rest in the Kherson mountains.

Green tourism (rural or ecological) is developing in three areas:

Active tourism in Ukraine

A weekend hike (or it is also called LDPE) is a weekend hike, during which you walk a small mileage (up to 25-30 kilometers) for one to three days. The area for this type of recreation is chosen not very distant, there is relatively simple logistics. And the main task of such trips is to get away from the noise of the city and relax in a short period of time.

The main benefits of weekend hikes

Why go hiking for the weekend? This type of vacation has a number of advantages:

  • Quick reboot. Just a couple of days after a hard week at work. After such a weekend away from the bustle of the city, you will be filled with energy.
  • Ability to break out for the weekend. There is no need to take additional leave for LDPE. And already on Monday you are at work, full of strength and inspiration.
  • Budget vacation option. You do not need to spend money on special equipment or buy expensive air tickets. For a weekend hike, casual sportswear and equipment is often suitable, which is available at home for everyone who spends a little time in nature.
  • New acquaintances. This is a great opportunity to make friends. After all, interesting people go on hikes, with whom it is pleasant to talk and spend time around the fire with a guitar.
  • Convenient logistics. Therefore, you do not need to spend a day on all the necessary transfers. A few hours - and you are already at the starting point!
  • The first step in your camping life. Weekend hikes are a great opportunity to try spending the night in a tent, day trips with a backpack, cooking over a fire before going out into the real mountains. And evaluate how much this type of rest suits you.

Therefore, we invite you to join us!

Upcoming weekend hike dates from Couloir

Weekend hikes in Couloir

We have several weekend hikes that we have designed with passion, expertise and inspiration. For many of our team members, these places have become home, and we want to open them for you.

Hike for two days - Podolskie Tovtry and Bakota

This region is called Ukrainian Switzerland. And it is located an hour and a half away from Kamyanets-Podilsky. The main feature is the impressive scale of the Dniester River, which can be seen from the slopes along which we will walk. We will also swim in the river, relax on the shore. The climate here is amazing, somewhat similar to the Crimean one! Soft and warm.

On the second day we will walk to the legendary rocky monastery, from which legends literally blow. And we will also admire the incredible natural landscapes. The advantage of this trip is that, in addition to the active walking part, we will have time to explore Kamyanets-Podilsky - a city with incredible history and architectural monuments!

Active tourism in Ukraine Ostriv Bryuchiy is a unique piece of land in the Sea of ​​Azov, which has a status of a reserve. Sudi go, sob be fed up with wild nature and clean beaches. Lovers

The best way to experience a country's culture is to taste it!

Agree, when traveling around Ukraine, every tourist must stop at the place he likes best to eat deliciously and taste the special dishes of the region!

We write a lot about historical sights and other amazing places in Ukraine, and in fact, among other things, Ukraine actually has very tasty cuisine!

We propose to go on a gastro tour to the most "delicious" places in Ukraine to see all its diversity:

Gastro tour in Transcarpathia

In the village of Botar in Vinogradovsky district there is an unusual farm "Tizeh", where there is a jam tasting room! In local slang, jam is "lekvar".

Carpathian jam is made only from organic products grown under the careful attention of the owners of the farm. The assortment includes apple, cornelian, plum, strawberry, currant and blueberry preserves.

In addition to jam, guests are offered natural juices. In the tasting room, you can try the signature dish - sausage with jam. Sausage meat is also made on the farm and not from just anyone, but from a real shaggy pig, a Carpathian cow and a Czech goat.

The white gold of the Carpathians is feta cheese, so the next point of the tour should be “Seliska cheese factory”.

In Nizhniy Selyshche, near the valley of daffodils, there is a cheese dairy with a tasting room. The cheese is made here using innovative Swiss technology without flavors and preservatives. According to the technology, masters can only use cow's milk. The assortment includes three specialty cheeses: "Selskiy", "Narcissus Karpat" and "Khust".

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