Hike across the Crimea "South Crimea"

What is hiking in Crimea; MOUNTAIN-SEA

Tours "Mountains-Sea" are prefabricated auto-walking tours in Crimea. Tours "Mountains-More" are held in the Crimean Mountains weekly, starting from June to September and have clear arrival schedules. From the airport of Simferopol, the groups disperse for 14 days along several geographical directions-routes. Guaranteed arrivals allow you to join any number of people, from 1 tourist, to a group forming on a trip to Crimea!

Tours "Mountains-Sea" include a week-long hike in the Crimean mountains, where a group (on average 15-25 people) is provided with accommodation at camp sites (2-3-4 local accommodation), three meals a day , services of an experienced guide, cook, bus transfers, excursion service. After a week of hiking in the mountains, tourists rest 7 days on the Black Sea coast, in comfortable boarding houses and recreation centers.

Our tourists DO NOT spend the night in cold tents in the rain, and are NOT forced to cook on a fire, they DO NOT knock their feet in the miles under the backpack. We offer a civilized hiking trip, a comfortable stay in the Crimean mountains.

Who are WE and WHY do you need to go hiking in Crimea with us?

Hiking in Crimea within the "Mountains-Sea" tour has been organized by the tour operator "SNP-CRIMEA" for 14 years. We are a legal tour operator of hiking tourism in Crimea. We are responsible for your safety and the quality of the offered tourist product. It is safe to go with us on a hike across the Crimea!

And more .. We are deservedly recognized as the best in organizing campaigns in Crimea! The Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea presented us with the highest professional award - "Crimean Pearl" in the nomination "For the best organization of active forms of tourism". In November 2014, the "Mountains-Sea" tour within the All-Russian competition "Route of the Year" became a finalist in the nomination "Best Adventure Tourist Route"!

And a little more about legality and safety ... In the Crimea, hiking tours in the mountains are offered by many sites. But the overwhelming majority of them do not have the right to organize tours in Crimea. They do not have licenses, qualified guides, contracts with insurance companies, do not pay taxes and, accordingly, do not work in the legal field of the Russian Federation. We are a legal tour operator and a recognized leader in organizing tours of the Crimea mountains for 14 years. We have many awards from the government of Crimea and Russia for the promotion of hiking and the quality of tourist services. We are trusted by the state, partner tour operators and tourists.

Where will we live during our trip to Crimea?

Mountain part: Tourists live in mountain tourist centers, in hotel rooms where bed linen is issued, so there is no need to take sleeping bags with you. All utensils for eating are also provided at mountain shelters. The cook prepares food at the shelters, he also washes the dishes - you do not need to spend your time on this. All shelters have electricity and electricity, autonomous water supply, hot water. All camp sites are fenced and guarded.

What do we eat while hiking in Crimea?

What is hiking in Crimea; MOUNTAIN-SEA

Crimean Around the World 5 days

Crimean Around the World 6 days

Around the World Grand Tour 8 days

Around the World Grand Tour 6 days

Crimean Adventures 6 days

Take your pick. Walk the traditional route and take separate excursions while staying at sea. But this approach narrowly limits the horizons, revealing only a small part and not allowing to see the whole picture as a whole. Or take a ready-made, well-tuned, optimally composed program.

Excursion tour to Crimea 2021 is perhaps the best way to get to know this mysterious peninsula from different sides in a relatively short period. What distinguishes the professionally compiled package excursion trip around the Crimea - it covers the entire coast, from West to East, as well as the central mountainous part.

Excursion tours to Crimea for - days

A significant advantage lies in the ability to combine. Make yourself an unforgettable trip, combining sightseeing tourism with the desire to relax by the sea. The prices of the programs offered here allow for this!

Any of the proposed routes may end at the coast. In addition, there are original author's excursion tours to Crimea 2021, specially designed to harmoniously combine active educational tourism with beach vacations:

Excursion tour in Crimea "MOUNTAIN-MORE ™" (days in the mountains + days at sea)

Tour catalog

Popular routes of individual tours in Crimea on our or your car, as well as author's walking tours. We will pick you up from any place in Crimea, entertain the whole day and return you back with comfort. If necessary, we will offer accommodation in Crimea. We can also add to the prefabricated multi-day tour of Crimea (see. "Calendar of prefabricated tours") or to develop specially for you any tour program for one or several days.

Signature walking tours

Tour of your choice


About us

Higher education: "Information systems in management" (Simferopol State University) and "Economic Cybernetics" (Donetsk National University). He graduated from the courses of the Crimean excursion and methodological center in the direction of "Agent for the organization of tourism." Experience in Crimean tourism since 2002. Head of the shop of vouchers and tours "Solnechny Krym" (now the Crimean tour operator LLC "Solnechny Krym") since 2004. 18 years of experience as a university teacher, extensive experience in organizing tours, excursions and events. Awarded with certificates of honor of the Crimean Academy of Sciences (2010) and the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea (2019). Speaks good English.

Knows many routes in Crimea, including those unknown to mass tourists. Interests: car travel to interesting places in Crimea and not only, opening new directions for trips and excursions, wine and gastronomic tourism.

Higher education: philologist. Since 1985 he has been professionally engaged in tourism and journalism. Tourism Education: Hiking Instructor Courses (1980), Tour Guide Courses (1986, 2014). Grand Prix of the I and X competitions of professional skills "Crimean Pearl" (2000, 2010), badge "Honorary Worker of Tourism of Ukraine" (2002), gratitude of the President of Ukraine (2003), certificate of honor of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine (2006). Huge experience as a guide and instructor, starting with the All-Union routes. From 1995 to 2014 he published the tourist newspaper "Terra Tavrika", which was the most popular publication among Crimean tourism professionals.

Preferring to work with enthusiastic people on non-trivial routes, he knows the routes of traditional excursions very well. At the same time, she knows how to tell in an unusual way and discover new facts even about well-known places and persons. He knows the mountain-forest area well.

A special hobby: organizing holidays of admiring flowers (cyclamens on Mount Kubalach, peonies on Mount Ak-Kaya, tulips on Mount Opuk, etc.), waterfalls (Golovkinsky, Uskut, Kuchuk-karasu, Arpat, Kozyryok, Merdven-tobe, Suat-khan).

Main impressions

This easy route is suitable for those who want to plunge into the coolness of forests and mountains, lakes, rivers and waterfalls on hot August days, see the beauty of the Southern Crimea and swim in the gentle waves of the Black Sea. And also try the technique of rappelling from a cliff and learn what a rappel is, comprehend the technique of coal walking, go through the filming locations of the legendary films "Prisoner of the Caucasus" and "Sportloto-82" and, in general, have fun with friends, learn a lot new and interesting!

What will we do on the tour

We will walk with and without backpacks along scenic trails, enjoy the beauty of nature and communicate with interesting people.



The meeting takes place at the railway station of the city of Simferopol. After all the rental items and the public load are packed in our backpacks, we will take a trolleybus to the Angarsk Pass. South Crimea begins immediately after this pass!

We start from a height of 752 meters - this is the highest point the trolleybus can reach. Turning into the forest onto a dirt road, we will walk along the old Yalta road, and see a monument to road builders. In about an hour we will be at the site of our parking lot, which is called "Polyana MAN" (Small Academy of Sciences). It was named so because of the MAN cave, which was discovered by children together with their leaders from the Children's Academy of Sciences in Simferopol.

After setting up the camp, we go to the mountain Pakhkal-Kaya (Bald Ivan). On the south side it is a steep slope, from afar resembling the head of the Sphinx, and on the north - a rocky rise leading to the top, to the ruins of an ancient temple. In our time, an Orthodox cross was erected on the site of these ruins, since this place is still revered by pilgrims, because it is a very strong energetic place (a place of Power). And what a magnificent view from the top of the mountain! You can see South Demerdzhi, the village of Luchistoye, the Valley of Ghosts gorge, the sea and Alushta. After meditating and finding our place of Power, we, having gained energy, will go down to the camp, where dinner is already waiting for us.

In the evening, after dinner, sitting by the fire, we will get to know each other a little closer. The instructor will tell the group about the hike and safety on the route, how to properly pack the backpack, put up a tent and move along the route.

Auto-walking tour of the most beautiful places of the mountain Crimea with accommodation in an eco-hotel. This tour will include famous cave cities, beautiful canyons and, of course, magnificent mountain peaks, where you can take wonderful photos for memory.

  • The Grand Canyon of Crimea
  • the cave cities of Chufut-Kale and Mangup-Kale
  • Ai-Petri (you will visit not only the battlements, but and in much more interesting places)
  • Chernorechensky Canyon
  • Mount Spilia with its famous Death Barrel.

Important! The tour schedule varies slightly depending on the season. This is done so that you can see the places we have proposed at the most suitable moment. In the spring, for example, it is best to visit the Bogaty Gorge to see the waterfalls overflowing at this time of the year, and in the fall, when the mountain rivers are not so full and fast, walk along the Uzundzhi Canyon.

This tour is not planned for 2020. Registration for the route Hike in Crimea: cave cities and mountains is open

It is possible to organize an individual tour for groups of 3-5 people - please contact us.

Sokolinoye day: hunting grounds of Prince Yusupov: Serebryany waterfall, Yusupov lake, observation deck Stone turn

Introductory day. Let's start with accommodation in the wonderful Kutler estate in Sokolin. But on the way, we will make a short stop at the observation deck in the Belbek Canyon. And after accommodation we will go on the first three-hour walk through the hunting grounds of Prince Yusupov. We will go along the Sary-Uzen river to Yusupov lake by simple mountain paths. On the way, we will see amazing tuff baths and the Silver Falls. And the culmination will be the observation deck Stone Turn, which offers amazing views of the Great Crimean Canyon. Let's go home for dinner.

day The cave city of Mangup-kale and the Annunciation Monastery

Today we will get acquainted with the pearl of the mountainous Crimea! The cave city of Mangup-Kale is the former capital of the medieval principality of Theodoro. We will start our way up from the picturesque village of Khoja-Sala. We will see the remains of defensive walls, a citadel, a Karaite necropolis, we will go to the active Annunciation Monastery, we will visit the rock of the Leaky Cape at an altitude of 460 meters, where sunset views are especially beautiful! When we go down, we can swim in the refreshing Maiden Lake.


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