Health tourism in Switzerland

Holidays in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country of delicious chocolate, gourmet cheese, as well as famous ski and thermal resorts. Due to the exceptional beauty of nature, the unique Alpine climate and healing mineral springs, Switzerland is considered an ideal place for healing and rejuvenating the body.

The healing properties of the Alpine hot springs were known even during the prosperity of the Roman Empire. Today, health improvement in Switzerland is a modern spa complex with the latest methods for the prevention of many diseases, various types of therapeutic baths and pools, rehabilitation programs and much more.

Caring for health is a philosophy of life

Despite the very modest size of the country, the variety of all kinds of tours is simply amazing. A huge number of tourists come here to restore the body after prolonged illness. After all, water from underground springs has a beneficial effect on the health of vacationers. Medical tours to Switzerland are shown for people with respiratory and musculoskeletal problems, fatigue, neurology and insomnia.

It is also recommended to visit Swiss resorts for the following ailments:

  • Cardiovascular ;
  • Rheumatic ;
  • After spinal and vertebral injuries;
  • Impaired motor functions;
  • Recovery after neurosurgical operations;
  • Immune system disorders;
  • Consequences of CNS paralysis;
  • General strengthening of the body, etc.

An individual health improvement program is developed for each person, using the most effective procedures. There are many thermal springs on the territory of the state, and every day the pools are filled with a huge amount of healing water with a temperature of up to 50̊С.

Swiss health resorts offer their guests a variety of treatments:

  • Milk pink baths;
  • Acupuncture sessions;
  • Aqua fitness;
  • Aroma massage and aromatherapy;
  • Hot stone therapy;
  • Thalassotherapy;
  • Acupuncture;
  • Body wraps;
  • Saunas;
  • Turkish baths;
  • Mud baths, etc.

The choice of wellness programs is so great that everyone can choose a suitable option for themselves.

Wellness in Modern Resorts

Health tourism in Switzerland

Holidays in Switzerland are synonymous with quality, excellent service and well-spent (albeit often a lot) money at any time of the year. Switzerland as a tourist destination is not as promoted as other neighbors in Europe - at least the nearest France, Germany and Italy; however, noisy crowds of tourists would only have damaged this country, unique in every respect, by destroying the fragile and charming atmosphere of a European country with a rich and glorious history, carefully preserved traditions and noble, not pompous, dignity.

Holidays in Switzerland - pros and cons

Switzerland is a universal destination. Whatever the inclinations of tourists, this country is guaranteed to find something to their liking. This is confirmed by the frequency with which Switzerland flashes in the directories of tour operators. An interesting excursion program? There is, and even what: Zurich and Basel, Bern, Lucerne and Geneva can boast of an amazing number of attractions for such a small country, both historical, cultural, and natural. Ski resorts? For every taste: high-society and democratic, located in the foothills of the Alps and "high-altitude", ordinary and on the glacier, where you can ride in the midst of the summer heat. Rest on the lakes? Please - Geneva, Zurich, Lucerne, Lugansk and Maggiore - each with a lot of cozy resort towns, a string of spa hotels and a rich cultural life included. Treatment? Let it not be as famous as in some Baden or Karlovy Vary, but with the closest attention to the client, in the healing air and miraculous mineral water. Finally, shopping in addition to the obvious quality (who doesn’t know Swiss watches!) Can also be profitable here - for this you should go to Switzerland during the New Year's sales or visit the largest Foxstown outlet with more than 250 stores of famous brands.

Surprisingly, Switzerland has one of the most attractive diving spots in the world for its unusualness - the purest river Verzasca, at the bottom of which you can spend hours looking at stones of all imaginable colors, and raising your head, admire the almost undistorted thickness waters of coastal life.

In winter

Winter is the “X-hour” for Switzerland and the time of the most significant number of tourists in its hospitable lands. Ski resorts in Switzerland accept millions of adherents of downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snow scooters and other types of recreational "transport". The love of tourists for winter Switzerland is quite understandable: local snow resorts have, without exaggeration, everything you need for a high-quality and comfortable stay. The Alps cover more than half of the country's territory, and a chain of majestic ridges stretches along the southern border of the country for 200 km. What is especially appreciated by keen skiers is the large number of glaciers that provide a reliable "refrigerator" under the slopes. When the valleys are hot in July, in Zermatt and Saas-Fee, you still know yourself cut through the virgin snow and ride on snowmobiles through the immaculately fluffy white valleys.

A separate line worth mentioning is the opportunity to combine a ski vacation with an excursion, which is especially suitable for those families where not all household members are eager to join the exciting everyday life of a skier. While the sports-minded part of the family is exploring new slopes, its passive members may well go to see the many sights of Swiss cities. For example, the ski resorts of the canton of Bern - Grindelwald or Gstaad - are only half an hour's drive from the capital of the country, so from here it is not difficult to pay a visit to the bears in the Bear Pit, pay tribute to Einstein and Paul Klee, check the time on the Clock Tower, or introduce the offspring with the didactic fountain "Eater of children".

in summer

Switzerland in summer is slightly inferior in terms of tourist "population" to the winter season - but not at all due to the fact that there is nothing to do here from May to September - it's just that the "thousanders" of the Alps are too tasty morsel for skiers from all over the world. Summer Switzerland gives the tourist a comfortable and cool beach vacation on the most picturesque shores of any of the country's 16 lakes, excellent conditions for excursions even for days on end at an average air temperature of +22 .. +26 ° C and a lot of opportunities for active activities - from hiking to rock climbing. mountain biking and even diving.

At least the nickname given to the northern coast of Lake Geneva - the Swiss Riviera - testifies to the recreational wealth of Switzerland. However, other lakes are in no way inferior to this. Montreux and Vevey - resorts with a rich history that have seen many representatives of the royal families, writers, artists and musicians of world renown - in addition to exceptional relaxation and very high-quality treatment (in particular, the world-famous La Prairie clinic is located here) can offer a serious "excursion" (what at least the Chillon Castle is worth!) and a brilliant cultural life: the jazz festival in Montreux has been hosting the best performers of the planet for almost half a century.

Wellness tourism in Switzerland Switzerland is a land of delicious chocolate, gourmet cheese and renowned ski and thermal resorts. Due to the exceptional beauty of nature,

Switzerland is a cozy corner of calm and stability in western Europe. Pronounced seasons, unforgettable landscapes, picturesque valleys and meadows, mountain rivers and lakes, snow-capped peaks, city architecture untouched by wars, the world's best cheese and chocolate, precise Swiss watches - this is Switzerland.

Switzerland Attractions

Switzerland is an expensive holiday destination.

Switzerland is not a mass tourism destination, however, every year the flow of Russian tourists to Switzerland is increasing. This is evidenced by the positive statistics of visits to Switzerland by Russian citizens for the purpose of tourism. According to official data, 106 350 Russians visited Switzerland in 2009, and already in 2013 the number of Russian tourists was 177 508 people.

Map of Switzerland with cities and resorts

Map of Switzerland with resorts and statistics of visits by Russian tourists

Switzerland is the highest level of security, service and comfort. Switzerland is landlocked, but this does not prevent it from providing a comfortable summer vacation on the lakes and an interesting excursion destination. You can visit Switzerland all year round for health and wellness purposes. Winter in Switzerland from December to April is the ski season.

Summer holidays in Switzerland

Vacation in Switzerland in the summer is a comfortable environment for sightseeing trips and health-improving recreation. Summer in Switzerland is ideal weather conditions for a secluded holiday in mountain alpine villages (eco-tourism). One of the most common summer activities in Switzerland is hiking and cycling. Tempting paths wind through fabulous landscapes and lead to cozy nooks and crannies of nature. There you can enjoy clean air, snow-capped jagged mountain tops, alpine meadows, clear waters of mountain lakes and wonderful fishing.

Tourists admire the mirror-like surface of the cool lakes of Switzerland: the mysterious ridges of the rocky Alpine mountains surrounding them seem to bathe in them, and it is impossible to determine the line where reality ends and reflection begins.

Rest in Switzerland at health-improving and SPA resorts will not be a cheap pleasure. Switzerland ranks 2nd in the world in terms of the development of medicine. Wellness resorts with treatment and prevention of all kinds of diseases receive thousands of guests and guarantee the comfort and quality of treatment.

Excursion tours to Switzerland in the summer are an opportunity to get the most out of the country. Combined tours are becoming more and more in demand, because Switzerland is surrounded by leading excursion destinations. You can combine a trip to Switzerland with a visit to Italy, France, Germany, Austria and the tiny state of Liechtenstein. Moreover, these can be combined tours, including an excursion program and rest.

Holidays in Switzerland in winter

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