Green tourism in Ukraine: the best ideas for ecotourism

Active tourism in Kiev

It is ideal to go to Kiev in the winter months to spend a couple of days in this city, and then rush to the ski resorts of Transcarpathia. What is not a rich and active rest? However, it is cool here in summer, you can organize a weekend tour - given the small distance from Russian cities, it won't take much time. And yes, on the way, you should definitely stop by other interesting megacities to see the real Ukrainian life.

How to get to Kiev?

Tourists from Russia do not have any problems with planning the travel route - the only thing is that difficulties may arise when crossing the border for men of working age. If there are relatives in Ukraine, it is advisable to receive an invitation from them and show it at customs - in other cases, the passage may be closed, at least, tourists have repeatedly encountered this and shared in their reviews.

How to get to Kiev from Moscow?

It will be possible to come to Kiev from Moscow in several ways - the tourist independently chooses the most comfortable and accessible option for him:

  • bus - on the way about 15-16 hours, the ticket costs from 1,200 rubles, they run more often at night, although there are also day trips, this is the best and inexpensive option;
  • plane - there are no direct flights, but you can fly with a transfer, for example, in Minsk, it is convenient if you plan to visit two cities at once, prices are around 6 thousand rubles.
  • train - departing from the Kievsky railway station, the journey takes no more than 13 hours, a reserved seat will cost 4,500 rubles, for a compartment and SV you will have to pay 2 and 3 times more, respectively;
  • personal car - distance 860-910 km., you can go along the M-3 through Kaluga and Bryansk (less busy highway) or along the M-2 through Tula and Orel (more cars). On the way - about 10 hours, if without stops.

Every day several trains and buses leave for Kiev from Moscow - you can choose morning, afternoon, evening flights, whichever is more convenient.

How to get to Kiev from St. Petersburg?

Residents of the northern capital also often go on sightseeing holidays to Kiev - transport links between the two cities are well established, although they will have to cover a greater distance than from Moscow. There are several options to choose from:

  • bus - there are few flights, the route takes about 20 hours, tickets cost from 3,500 rubles, it is difficult to overcome such a distance in rather uncomfortable chairs;
  • train - runs only on even days, tickets cost from 6,000 rubles, the journey takes 22 hours, departs from the Vitebsk railway station;
  • plane - transfers will also be required here, for example, in Minsk, tickets will cost from 7,000 rubles. , but you will not waste a lot of time on the road.
  • personal car - distance 1,200 km., you need to go through Pskov, Vitebsk, Gomel, Chernigov, that is, you will have to call in Belarus. On the way - a little over 15 hours.

Getting to Kiev from other cities of Russia is also not a problem - from the cities of the Central Federal District you will have to go through Moscow, from the southern regions - it is more convenient through the Crimea, but you will have to cover a greater distance across the territory of Ukraine.

Into orbit without a visa: why 2020 will be the year of space tourism

A hike in the Carpathians is romance! Tents, bonfire, mafia game and more. Soup, borscht, porridge in pots! ABOUT! It is also a unique opportunity to understand that nothing is impossible for a person! This was my first trip and not the last! Thanks to our instructor Inna.

Thanks to the organizers for a high-quality corporate party at Migea. We ordered rafting + team building with delivery from Kiev. Everything was at a decent level - food, program, instructor! I would also like to note the creative approach of the instructors. Entertained to the fullest!

I want to thank all the organizers of the Southern Bug rafting! I liked everything very much. An interesting quest, rafting, beautiful nature, good food and professional instructors.

We went with friends on rafting to Migeya from Odessa. The group is not easy - women and children aged 6-12 years. All without experience. Many were afraid and doubted this trip, but in vain! The instructors found an approach to everyone, they felt caring and a sincere atmosphere. The children were generally delighted. Thanks for a nice stay!

I jokingly called my first trip to the Carpathian mountains "... all inclusive ..." - mountains, waterfalls, gorges, steep descents and ascents, where you can see nothing but your own sneakers. Everything is very rich, fast, bright. Thanks to our instructors - Inna and Stas. You are professionals in your field.

Team building on Khortitsa, 120 people. I don't know how it is possible to organize such a crowd, and even so that they do something in a team. But you did it. ? We left as one big family, with lofty goals and passion. Thank you!

A week in the mountains - out of habit seemed rather difficult. But as a result, I overcame not only fatigue, but also my fears. I discovered new opportunities in myself. Thanks to our instructor Ilya for help and support.

We decided to celebrate the company's birthday outdoors. We ordered a corporate tour of the Southern Bug with a trip from Odessa. We took a rope course from additional options. Well done guys, everything was very professionally organized, no complaints. The set goals have been achieved! ? Thanks to ActiveTravel.





The Paton Bridge across the Dnieper offers the best views of the Ukrainian capital and its Orthodox shrines. Bulgakov called Kiev the best city in the world. Indeed, there is little that can be more beautiful than the Dnieper steep and tastier than the Kiev cake in a small cafe on Andreevsky Spusk. Yes, unless just a cake - and dumplings with cherries, and Ukrainian borscht with donuts and garlic - Kiev temptations are innumerable.

After lunch, you can take a chaise and take a ride along Khreshchatyk as an important master - on weekends it is at the complete disposal of pedestrians and recreational carriages. And after driving a little more than a kilometer along the widest avenue in Europe, you should think about where to go next - to the Lavra, to the ancient St. Sophia Cathedral, built by Yaroslav the Wise, or to the new, by Kiev standards, Vladimir Cathedral, painted by Nesterov and Vasnetsov.

How to get to Kiev

Who does not know the famous saying “the language will bring to Kiev”! They say that it arose at a time when maps did not yet exist, which means that travelers had to slowly, asking everyone they met, to get to the city. Today, getting to Kiev is never a problem, even if there are some nuances in logistics. There are direct trains and buses between the capitals. When traveling by air, you cannot avoid transfers, but connections in Minsk are very short and do not greatly complicate the journey.

Read more about how to get to Kiev in this article.


Kiev metro is a fairly convenient and fast mode of transport. Three branches with a total length of 65 km with 52 stations and three interchange hubs allow you to get to the most remote areas of the city. Trains run from 5:30 to 0:00, the fare is 8 UAH. Payment is made by tokens (purchased at machines or cash desks at stations) or a rechargeable transport card (collateral value 12 UAH).

Arsenalnaya station - the deepest in the world (105 m) - is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Ground public transport - buses, trolleybuses, trams and a funicular are run by the Kievpasstrans company (office site in Ukrainian). Its network of routes covers the city and the nearest suburbs. Tickets cost 8 UAH, they can be purchased at the kiosk at the bus stop, from the conductor or from the driver. The fine for travel without a ticket is 60-80 UAH. From 5:50 am to 9:40 pm, a city electric train runs along a 50 km ring route. It passes through residential areas on both banks of the Dnieper, the interval of movement is 10-30 minutes, the ticket is 8 UAH.

Public transport is competing with yellow-colored private route taxis operating in more than 200 destinations. The fare is 5-7 UAH depending on the distance, payment to the driver.

A taxi ride within the center will cost 250 UAH.

Bicycle rental

Green tourism in Ukraine is a new direction of recreation, the popularity of which is growing from year to year. It's no secret that the poor environmental situation in big cities, the need to solve everyday problems in business and everyday life lead to stress and nervous tension. For this reason, more and more people are abandoning popular resorts with passive pastime on the beach or near the pool, and prefer to relax closer to nature to enjoy the fresh air, walk in the forest, pick fresh berries and mushrooms, drink spring water and eat natural products.

Active rest in the Kherson mountains.

Green tourism (rural or ecological) is developing in three areas:

  • active recreation in untouched nature during the weekend;
  • temporary accommodation in a tent on the banks of a river or lake and giving up the benefits of civilization - TV, Internet, electricity , vehicles;
  • comfortable rest in a small cottage in the village with the ability to use running water, a bathroom, electricity.

For nature lovers, the Ukrainian desert in Oleshki is suitable.

The main principle of ecotourism is to care for the protection of the environment. This kind of rest is good because it:

  • is available - camping or renting a house in the village is cheaper than renting a room even in a little-known resort;
  • allows you to have fun and interesting time - depending on the location, tourists can ride horses, go rafting, study folk crafts, go on excursions;
  • passes away from the noise of the city and contributes to complete relaxation and recuperation.

The best season for ecotourism is from late spring to early autumn. The Kherson Tourism Center has prepared a selection of the best locations for ecological tourism in Ukraine in 2019.

An incredible video about outdoor activities in the South of Ukraine blew up the Internet:

Transcarpathia is the best place for ecotourism

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