Grand tour to the North Caucasus

Grand tour to the North Caucasus

We invite you on a trip to the amazingly beautiful and distinctive regions of southern Russia (North Ossetia - Ingushetia - Chechnya). A grand tour to the North Caucasus is a great opportunity to discover new corners of the country and fall in love with them forever! We have collected for you all the most beautiful and unusual places in the region. Every day will surprise you in a new way! Vladikavkaz - Kurtatinsky gorge - Midagrabinsky waterfalls - Dargavs - Karmadon gorge - Digorsky gorge - Kamunta village - Tsey - Skaz glacier - Tseysky glacier - Rekom sanctuary - Lyazhginsky waterfall - Tower complexes of the Dzheyrakhsky district of Ingushetia - Grozny gorge - Tseysky gorge - Tsei waterfalls - Lake Kezenoy-am - Grozny

Travel to the land of flowering mountains and glaciers

Your emotions and positivity are invaluable!

- June

June is the best time to travel to the Caucasus!


Complete reboot and immersion in ethnography!

Group to participants

Small group for a comfortable trip!


You will see the main and most beautiful gorges of North Ossetia - Kurtatinskoe, Digorskoe and Karmadonskoe

Standing at the foot of the highest waterfall in Europe is priceless! The height of the water fall is over 750 meters!

Grand tour to the North Caucasus

7 days/6 nights Trekking tour. The program includes walks, excursions, one-day walks with accommodation.

6 days/5 nights The program combines a visit to the Caucasian Mineral Waters and the Elbrus ski resort. In.

5 days/4 nights Arrivals 2021: 13.1.1 to 31.3.1 every Wednesday 05.4.1 to 22.1.1 every Monday.

7 days/6 nights Pyatigorsk - Zheleznovodsk - Elbrus region - Vladikavkaz - Grozny - Ingushetia - Kislovodsk -.



7 days/6 nights The route includes various types of active tourism and recreation.

9 days/8 nights Type of tourism: For beginners and experienced mountain climbers Group size: 6-12 people.

9 days/8 nights Type of tourism: For beginners and experienced mountain climbers Sports mountain hike 1 room. ...

6 days/5 nights Pyatigorsk-Zheleznovodsk-Elbrus-Vladikavkaz-Dzivgis-Dargavs-Fiagdonskoe.

We invite you to a grand tour to the North Caucasus. We have collected for you the most beautiful and unusual places in the region. Join us!

Traveling in the North Caucasus is the best thing that can happen to you. If your mind is free from myths and stereotypes, go for it! And we will help you to do everything beautifully, clearly and safely. Read our guide.


As soon as I got my license and bought my first car in 2016, I went on a trip to the North Caucasus. My story is simple: I came, I saw, I fell in love. I fell in love with autotravel, fell in love with the Caucasus. And now every year (or even not once) I gather a team of friends and go on expeditions to the most beautiful places in Russia.

In the fall of 2018, I arranged another trip to the mountains under the slogan #NashKavkaz. We went to break stereotypes and open this corner of our country to the general public. In a month, we traveled through all the republics of the North Caucasus, visited the most beautiful places and proved that our southern regions are a safe and immensely interesting place to travel.

Want to be sure? Read our travel tips for the Caucasus!

Our travel team:

Why go to the North Caucasus

Traveling in the Caucasus by car

To travel around the Caucasus, you need a car. The ideal option is to drive your own car. This is the only way you can see all the beauties, get to the most remote and secret places, be mobile and free to plot any routes. Without a car, you will not see even half.

It is best to drive an off-road vehicle - there are many places in the mountains where only a four-wheel drive car can go in a low gear. Don't have your own all-terrain vehicle? It doesn't matter - go on a trip in a regular car, and on the spot, if you wish, take excursions in jeeps to hard-to-reach places in the mountains. It won't be that interesting, but it's better than nothing.

The roads in the Caucasus are mostly good; all major highways have perfect asphalt. There are many bad, broken dirt roads in Dagestan between small villages in the mountains, but there is always an alternative good road.

Gasoline. The problem with low-quality gasoline is only in Dagestan - there are no real filling stations of famous brands, but only endless Likoil, Lukkoil, Rusneft and other "mutants" mimicking them. Alas, there is a real danger of pouring burned fuel into the tank of your car, which will instantly disable your engine. How to avoid problems and find good-quality gasoline, I told in a separate report about Dagestan.

DPS. There are many police and other security officials in the Caucasus. Get ready that at almost every post (and there are a lot of them here) you will be checked documents and asked about the route. As for the rest: if you do not break it, you will not be stopped.

What are the most beautiful places worth seeing when going to the North Caucasus? The travelers' wishlist includes Elbrus, the Naryn-Kala fortress, Lake Proval, tower complexes of Ingushetia and the city of the dead Dargavs, the Heart of Chechnya mosque. Unconditionally small. We offer 29 ideas for where to go and what to do in the North Caucasus: spectacular views and amazing adventures await you.

The North Caucasus is the confluence of lost auls and modern mosques, underground lakes and alpine waterfalls, impregnable fortresses and unconquered heights.

Interesting places of the North Caucasus on the Map

Climb the Bermamyt plateau

Bermamyt is the flat top of the Rocky Range. Here it seems that you can reach the sky with your hand - the highest point is at an altitude of more than 2591 m.

What to see

The main thing for which travelers climb here is the view of the glacier-covered peaks of Elbrus and the mountains of the Caucasian ridge. The plateau is only 30 km away from the highest mountain in Europe.

Come to Bermamyt at sunrise - at dawn the color of Elbrus changes every minute. The greatness of the landscapes opening from Bermamyt was praised by Lermontov, Chekhov, Gorky.

Where is located

Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Malokarachaevsky district.

Conquer two-headed Elbrus

Elbrus is the highest point in Russia (5642 m).

What to see

North Ossetia is located in the north of the Greater Caucasus. It is here, in Alanya, that the famous Caucasian five-thousander Kazbek (5033 m) rises. The recreational potential of the region has determined the main sphere of the economy - tourism, the active development of which has brought the republic to the top of the most attractive places for active recreation and hiking in North Ossetia.

Popular Places to Visit

Types of active tours in North Ossetia

What is included in the cost of hikes

Tourist tours to Ossetia from the Adventure Club are fascinating journeys to the origins of the ancient Alanian culture and the greatness of the Caucasus Mountains.

The Rocky Range is a series of picturesque rocky peaks and short ridges running northwards parallel to the Main Caucasus Range. The mountains here are cuestas - asymmetric ridges that slope gently to the north and drop abruptly to the south. We will see landscapes reminiscent of the Rocky Mountains in North America. The rocky ridge is so called because the southern steep part of the ridge is formed by an impressive belt of giant bastions, rocky walls and layered weathered rocks - and on our hike we will just pass near them. We will see the remains of ancient Balkar fortified settlements, defensive towers, crypts, get acquainted with the customs and cuisine of the Ossetians. Perhaps we will meet with shepherds and see semi-wild herds of horses and yaks. We will pass through deep gorges of turbulent mountain rivers. But the main attraction of this hike is the many beautiful rocks! We are sure that you will remember the main mountains on the route for a long time: the crown of Mehtygen, the “whale” of Khaznibashi, the “wolf howling at the moon” Borovceg and the “Ossetian tower” Uaza-Khokh. We will pass from Balkaria to North Ossetia, descend into the famous Digorskoye gorge and visit the city of the dead Donifars, and on the way back to Nalchik we will have time to soak up the thermal springs of Aushiger.

Alpine Digoria is the most remote southwestern part of North Ossetia, located in the upper reaches of the Urukh River and its sources. Green meadows, magnificent coniferous forests, picturesque mountainous landscape, fresh emerald green meadows - we will see all this on the routes of our camp. It will be difficult in places, but always interesting and delightfully beautiful! Welcome to the ancient land of legends and mountains.

Magic Ossetia! Ancient towers, ancestral crypts, snowy mountains, hot baths, forests, meadows, rivers, lakes! All this will meet on our way. We will approach one of the largest glaciers in the Caucasus - Karaugomsky, see a beautiful impregnable icefall. And then thermal baths await us at the foot of the majestic Kazbek. You will be able to compare two very different regions of North Ossetia - Digoria and Karmadon Gorge. In one tour we will visit the most interesting places of this wonderful land! Traveling is always great! ✔ A trip to such a fabulous land is doubly great! ✔ Beautiful places await us - mountains, forests, alpine meadows, fast rivers. ✔ Raspberries and blueberries! Their thickets will be the most difficult obstacles on our way! It is very difficult to tear yourself away from the delicious berry and move on! ✔ Karaugom glacier with icefall! In him you see all the harsh strength and power of the mountains, rising with impregnable walls to the sky! ✔ We will touch the history of Alanya. Ancient watchtowers, necropolis, monuments - all this will tell us about the life of the Alans, about the struggle, troubles and deeds of this wonderful people! ✔ Gray-haired giant Kazbek. We will see him at the very beginning of the journey. It is not only a beautiful mountain. It's a volcano! He is now asleep. But it is he who heats the water in thermal springs! ✔ Thermal radon springs! They heal, rejuvenate, warm in bad weather. They have been used for medicinal purposes for 150 years. ✔ Ossetian pies! Nowhere else will you taste real Ossetian pies. Only here! ✔ And the most important thing is the locals. With what cordiality and hospitality they welcome guests! You will love these people and will come back here again and again!

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