Glampings in the Moscow Region in 2021: tree houses, capsules and the Hobbitland

Extreme vacation in Moscow and Moscow region 2020

The Moscow region, or the Moscow region, as this territory is also commonly called, has a huge tourist potential. The region is densely populated, has a developed transport and hotel infrastructure. There are several cities here that have played a significant role in the history of Russia. There are also places covered with unfading military glory - mute witnesses of the valor of Russian weapons. Our site is dedicated to rest in the Moscow region, we will tell you about all its main aspects and opportunities.

Weather conditions and climate of Moscow region

The Moscow region is located in a temperate continental climatic zone, therefore the natural conditions of the region are favorable for tourism. Summers are quite long here, warm with an average amount of precipitation, and winters are snowy and not very cold.

Above zero, the thermometer rises in the third decade of March, and frosts come only at the end of November. At the same time, cyclones from the Atlantic often bring thaws in February and December. Hard frosts are typical for January. During this time, especially at night, the temperature can drop below -35 ° C. However, the periods of sharp cold snaps are short-lived. In general, the winter weather near Moscow can be considered quite comfortable.

Summer is considered the most favorable season for recreation in the Moscow region. Travelers should expect quite a lot of clear days, moderate rainfall and an average daily temperature of about + 18 ° C. Even severe arctic cyclones at this time do not spoil the picture. With their arrival, the air temperature does not drop significantly, but clear weather sets in. The hottest month in the region is July. Droughts are quite rare and usually occur when Atlantic or Arctic cyclones lag behind, leaving the area at the mercy of overheated air masses from the Mediterranean or Central Asia.

The off-season in the Moscow region is unusually beautiful. Autumn, praised by Pushkin, has a special charm. Nature slowly falls asleep, not in a hurry to surrender to the power of winter. The air temperature is dropping slowly, and you will have to wait for the first snow at least until mid-November. But already in the first ten days of March, the sun warms up noticeably, the rivers throw off their icy chains, and greens appear in the thawed patches. Average daily above-zero temperatures in the off-season are typical for April, May, September and October.

Recreation centers, hotels, hotels and sanatoriums

In the Moscow region, conditions have been created for all the main directions of tourist recreation - educational, general health, balneological. The appropriate hotel infrastructure is suitable for this. The prices are quite reasonable here. The most profitable settlement options are offered, as usual, by private traders.

Vacationers who prefer to combine cultural and educational recreation with an urban entertainment program are always glad to see them in large and small hotels and hostels. Premium class vacations are provided to wealthy clients of five-star hotels such as Hilton Garden Inn Moscow New Riga. A VIP-hotel with a swimming pool, a fitness machine, its own SPA-salon was built not far from Istra. Similar conditions are offered by the Seneshal Hotel in Solnechnogorsk and several other establishments in Dmitrov and Klin. Tourists with more modest requests will be offered accommodation in hotels and private hotels of the comfort category from one to four stars. Budget accommodation is guaranteed by hostels and guest houses.

The Moscow region is famous for its excellent recreation centers and dispensaries, where the entertainment program is harmoniously combined with a complex of general health procedures. Previously, such benefits were available only to the elite, but now any tourist can taste them. The doors of the famous "Barvikha" and other similar institutions are now open to everyone. More economical recreation is provided by numerous boarding houses, for example, "Petrovo-Dalnee" in the Krasnogorsk region.

All the most important things about rest in the Moscow region

Rest in the Moscow region has always been quite popular due to its availability. A huge metropolis with its bustle, constant noise, gas-polluted air and dynamic life tires its inhabitants. Muscovites at any free time strive to go out into nature to breathe in clean air, enjoy the beauty of the local magnificent landscapes of Russian nature, fish, barbecue and swim in water bodies.

And the nature in the Moscow region is really wonderful. The discreet beauty of forests, fields, meadows, hills, valleys, lakes and rivers of Central Russia enchants, evokes a feeling of peace, tranquility and lyricism. The aroma of herbs and forests make a person breathe deeper, enjoy freedom and a feeling of endless freedom. And here is an article about the Tsaritsyno complex - . oyaindia. u/puteshestviya/rossiya/muzej-zapovednik-caricyno. tml.

The richest opportunities in the Moscow Region allow developing ecological tourism, expanding excursion routes, improving the infrastructure of the tourist business in the district and strengthening the health improvement system of the population with the help of boarding houses and resort areas.

Rest in Moscow region - Klinsko-Dmitrievskaya Upland

In the northern part of the Moscow region, there is the Klinsko-Dmitrievskaya Upland, which is very popular among Muscovites and residents of nearby cities and towns. From the high banks of Yakhroma, magnificent landscapes of Russian expanses open before the traveler. Rivers and streams on a hill are a great place to relax, stay in tents, swim, fish and picnics.

Lake Pleshcheyevo is famous for its sandy bottom and crystal clear water, good fishing and boat trips to get acquainted with coastal views. But the surface of Lake Kiyovo is filled with beautiful flowers of marsh plants, you cannot swim here, and it would be nice to relax on the shore, contemplating the beauty of the lake and numerous snow-white gulls.

The slopes of the Klinsko - Dmitrov Upland are rich in mixed forests. Here tourists have laid out hiking trails that make a rich impression on those who came here for the first time. Trails in dense pine forests and rugged spruce forests pass by streams and springs with the purest water, take the tourist to spacious meadows and lead him into light birch forests to lakes and hills.

Walking along these paths, you can see all the beauty of nature for which Russia the Great is famous. Primordial landscapes give a person a lot of energy, peace and tranquility.

Experts recommend going on such trips with children so that they can see and touch the purity and beauty of the nature of the Moscow region. By the way, in the middle of summer in the local forests you can eat wild raspberries, currants and pick mushrooms, nuts and aromatic wild herbs for fragrant tea.

Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve and Losiny Ostrov National Park

There are not so many places in the densely populated Moscow region where nature does not suffer from a developed modern infrastructure that fills more and more territories with its buildings, industrial facilities, and roads. For this reason, travelers tend to go for the weekend to where nature is least affected by the activities of civilization.

To have a wonderful rest, tourists choose a place not so far from the capital. Rapidly developing ecotourism offers routes, excursions and places for recreation in the Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve and the Losiny Ostrov National Park.

In these places, park workers carry out a lot of educational work, conduct daily excursions to protected areas, talk about the restoration of animals and vegetation in beautiful places in central Russia.

Everything about rest in the Moscow region (Moscow region). Recreation centers, hotels, hotels. Attractions, entertainment, excursions. Winter and summer vacation. Climate.

If you dream of an active vacation this summer, the best way to have a good weekend is to go to the Moscow region for an extreme vacation or use the available locations within the city. If you like extreme sports, then in Moscow you will find many suitable entertainment for yourself, for example, hot air ballooning, rock climbing, ATV trips and much more. All this will give you a lot of unforgettable impressions!


Perhaps your ATV ride is associated with the desert in Egypt or with a safari. However, you will get no less exciting experience in the dense forests near Moscow. To organize such a trip, you can contact the Tyutchev club. Experienced instructors will offer you not only qualified assistance and training, but also the most interesting routes.

Rafting, flying and paintball

Did you miss rafting on the rivers of Spain or Turkey? Imagine, in Russia, in particular near Moscow, you can find many attractive rafting spots. Looking for corporate holiday ideas? Then go to paintball, this activity will become exciting not only for fans of impressions and thrills, but also for those who love hot fights.

Looking for romantic date ideas? Then go horseback riding. Perhaps this type of recreation will not seem extreme to you, but experienced jockeys will show you a lot of tricks of these strong animals, you can hardly believe what they are capable of.

If you dream of flying - then visit the extreme "Letarium", the complex is located in Moscow, at the Krylatskoye metro stop. Letarium is a wind tunnel that creates this modern and aerodynamic attraction. Who would have thought that not far from the center of Moscow you can feel yourself in free fall, plunge into a vertical updraft and experience the emotions experienced by parachutists or cosmonauts who are in zero gravity. The open design of the attraction allows it to be used to receive visitors throughout the year, the weather and climate will not harm your pleasant pastime in any way.

Admiral Benbow Diving Club

What if scuba diving attracts you? Underwater diving club "Admiral Benbow" is located at the Taganskaya metro station. The diving club exists for the sole purpose of teaching people to dive safely, as well as to help them acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in order to carry out safe and professional diving on the high seas. There is never too much safety - this is the slogan of the club. Use the opportunity to learn new skills so that your future trip will bring you maximum pleasure!

Climbing School

My climber! My rock climber! To feel yourself in this role, you can go to the first school of rock climbing and mountaineering. It was founded in Moscow in 1998, the school specializes in mountain sports. During the first 10 years of work, the students of the school have made more than 200 mountaineering ascents, and the acquired skills in this school will help you to develop and master new levels of difficulty. Education at the school allows you to make ascents rated at the highest difficulty indicator around the world.

Where do you usually go on vacation? Warm countries, capitals of the world, country hotels. And if they call to nature, then refuse, because mosquitoes, backpacks, lack of a shower are embarrassing? Especially for those who want to go to nature, but at the same time get the maximum comfort and service, glampings have been invented.

Glampings in the Moscow Region in 2021 combine the comfort of a hotel room with the opportunity to be outdoors. Not far from Moscow there are many proposals, and quite unusual ones: houses in the form of domes, with panoramic windows. It will seem to you that you are spending the night in a clearing, but at the same time be in a modern room with wi-fi. And the prices are quite affordable.


A few kilometers from Moscow there is a village of a new format - without walls, fences and with original cottages. Its name is "Village". The development was carried out by the team of the Flacon design plant.

In order to enjoy nature, it is better to choose houses that are as transparent as possible. But what about the amenities (shower, toilet, kitchen)? All this will also be at your disposal.

- For living, you can choose a domed house, lugovaya kargodom, teepee or glamping, - the organizers say.

You can just admire nature for several days or visit nearby attractions. For example, to call in the city of Mozhaisk, see the Memorial dedicated to the Borodino battle. To call on the Ekofer "Vankovo", flying on light airplanes from the Mozhaisky Aerograd.

How to get there: 125th kilometer Minsk highway, cottage village village in the Moscow region. From the metro station "Park Victory" by bus №457 to Mozhaisk, transfer to bus number 39 to Znamenki.

Price: from 2500 to 5000 rubles. (Depends on the chosen house).


Are you a fan of the film "Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbit"? Then you should like the Ecootel Hobbitland. To choose from: Blown's house, House of Tom Gromadina, Bob House Vetcans, there is even a Hobbit Ban.

Selfolation is over, but our plans for abroad summer holiday remained on quarantine. But is it scary, how sometimes it seems to lovers of distant sea coasts?

Pay inside

Loves our people to travel, oh loves! Catalonia, the coast of Ellala, the beaches of the former Byzantiums and the Neapolitan kingdom, the resorts on Bali, Cuba and Vietnam - everything has already been torn. Special gourmets from tourism get to Peru with Australia, look at Antarctica. But did they have to bring their children to Ruzu and Gzhel, show them the caravel edge or wander around Zvenigorod together? Sometimes it is very helpful to convert the eyes inside - not only in the depths of your own soul, but also the native land too.

"In the suburbs there are a lot of places where you can have a good time, enjoy nature, - said the governor Andrei Vorobyov. - Our region is unique in the tourist plan. There are more than 6 thousand cultural heritage facilities: estates, temples, museums and monuments of federal significance. We develop event, cultural and educational, gastronomic, ecotourism. We are waiting for everyone to visit the suburbs! "

Ecotourism in the suburbs is gaining momentum - new interesting programs and projects appear. Four of them were sent to the All-Russian competition for the creation of tourist recreational clusters and the development of ecotourism. "Ruza Reserved", "Ecosystem" Gzhel Tier "," Cravens "," Zvenigorodsky Vector "- Each of these projects will open nearby places from the new side.

In the government of the region, they say that participation in the competition was dictated not so much as much as the desire to obtain prizes, how much desire to provide the opportunity to citizens to immerse themselves in peace of pure fields, forests and meadows.

Especially Ecotourism attracts, there are already a lot of "ecoelectrics" to dismiss them in the most reserved edges. And, according to Natalya Galkina, the head of the Moscow Region Committee for Tourism with the rank of minister, this tourist destination will become even more popular over time.

“Many Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region are tired of city life,” she says. - They want to go out into nature more often, breathe clean air. The Moscow region is perfect for the implementation of new eco-projects. Therefore, we invite investors, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs for cooperation. We want to offer our tourists more options for ecological recreation ”.

Under the Stars of Ruza

The Ruzsky urban district is one of the greenest and cleanest corners of the Moscow region. There are 17 specially protected natural areas here, and the total coastline of water bodies is 200 km. The Okrug is the leader in terms of the number of water bodies and the area of ​​forests. Rest in Ruza is one of the best options for lovers of clean air and green peace, as well as fishermen, mushroom pickers and berry hunters.

And if you love music - you are here too. Ruza is a venue for numerous musical events. The most famous of them is the international festival "Compound in the village of Sumarokovo". On September days, people from the capital and different parts of the Moscow region come to this traditional monastery fair.

Among the upcoming events - the choir festival "Summer of the Lord" in the village of Novogorbovo, which will traditionally be held on the patronal feast of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God on August 10, and the festival "Bread" - hot, musical, family.

Nature trips attract many with the opportunity to see the starry night sky, which you will not notice in strongly lit cities. In addition, I want to wander by the river in the evening, spend the night in a tent. But not everyone will dare to do this: ticks and snakes are dangerous neighbors.

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