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Tourism instructor courses Moscow

Most people associate the word "tourism" with traveling to other countries or hiking trips. However, they also designate a specialty. Therefore, many people have a question: tourism - what kind of profession is it? It is especially relevant for future graduates finishing the last grades of the school, because they have to make a difficult choice of the direction to which they will devote their labor activity.

Who is a Tourism Specialist: what you need to know about the profession?

Tourism is understood as the movement of a person to another country or area, and a specialist in the field of tourism is a person who works in the provision of services related to tourism. I must say that this area unites a lot of very different and dissimilar professions. Among them:

  • travel manager;
  • travel agent;
  • tourism instructor;
  • event manager;
  • guide-translator.

The first travelers who left their native land not forcedly, but voluntarily to see other countries, first appeared in Ancient Greece. One of them is Aristeus of Proconnes, who lived in the 7th century BC. He assured that he had reached the very Ural Mountains. However, it is quite reasonable to question such a distance of his travel: after all, the Greek claimed that he saw people with dog heads and one-eyed giants in these parts.

Another famous Greek traveler is the historian Herodotus. In the 5th century BC, he visited the territory of modern southern Ukraine and the south of Russia. However, neither in the time of Aristeus, nor during the life of Herodotus, there were simply no special people who helped travelers. For the first time, such specialists began to appear in ancient Rome. This was due to the development of transport infrastructure in the Roman state: roads of excellent quality made it possible to easily move around the territory of the Apennine Peninsula and even across the rest of continental Europe. It was in Ancient Rome that the beginnings of a tourist service appeared: services for renting horses and carts, roadside taverns, hotels.

They did not stop traveling in the Middle Ages. First of all, travel at that time was associated with pilgrimage to holy places. Sometimes for this, people overcame great distances and went to other continents.

In its modern form, the concept of tourism appeared only in the 19th century. The very word "tourism" was first introduced into use by the French writer Henri Stendhal, who modified the word "tour", which in translation means "walk". It was then that outdoor recreation and picnics began to come into fashion. Very soon, with the development of technology and the advent of ships that were propelled by steam engines, as well as trains, travel to other countries became popular. After all, now the movement was much faster.

In its modern form, the profession of tourism emerged only in the twentieth century. It was then that airplanes, comfortable and fast passenger ships and high-speed trains became available to travelers. This made it possible to quickly move to almost anywhere in the world and gave a huge impetus to the development of the tourism industry. As a result, the professions associated with travel and tourism began to develop. Today they are in demand in the labor market around the world. That is why tourism is a profession worth mastering. Her representative is unlikely to remain without work. In addition, he has the opportunity to earn good money.

These are the tasks and responsibilities of a specialist (for example, a tourism manager):

  • selects the most advantageous offers from the tour operator for the client;
  • negotiates with hotels, excursion companies and other organizations to provide services for the client;
  • organizes the departure and arrival of tourists;
  • provides clients with advice on issues of interest to them;
  • summarizes data on companies providing tourism services;
  • prepares reports on its activities for guidance.

In Moscow, a specialist earns from 40,000 to 80,000 rubles, and in the regions his salary ranges from 25,000 to 40,000 rubles. In addition, in addition to the salary, the representative of the profession receives a certain percentage of the amount received from transactions concluded with clients. This increases his income.

Both in Moscow and in other cities of Russia, the graduate will not have any problems with employment - tourism specialists are quite in demand.

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Counselor, Photographer, Animator, CHOREOGRAPH, Host, Leaders

salary for counselors - 14t/month, for sports and cu.

Responsibilities Leader, Photographer, Animator, CHOREOGRAPH, Host, Head of Hand made studio; Sport. instructor in the following areas: Football, Basketball, Table Tennis

Requirements Compliance with the requirements set by the camp administration, interaction with children during the shift. Lack of tattoos, bad habits, experience with children, the ability to build communication with children and charge with positive energy!

Working conditions wages for counselors - 14t/month, for sports and cult department from 17t/month -3 meals a day, -official employment, -full social services. aket, - good mood, the sea within walking distance, creative atmosphere and an unforgettable time in Terra Unique camps!

Salary salary for counselors - 14t/month, for sports and cult department from 17t/month

Instructor of the children's military-patriotic camp

Responsibilities The instructor is a mentor, authority and personal example of students. In addition to training, he solves the problems of fostering a healthy lifestyle, discipline and love for the Motherland. Promotes the formation of moral and volitional qualities of students.

Conducting classes with children 12-16 years old in the following disciplines: o Drill training; o Fire training. o Tactical training; o Providing first aid; o Orientation on the ground; o Basics of radio training; o Tourism.

Requirements • Age - from 18 years; • Experience in working with children; • Medical book; • Certificate of no criminal record; • Certificates from neuropsychiatric and narcological dispensaries; • Higher education or incomplete higher education (preferably - pedagogical); • Recommendations are encouraged.

Working conditions • Accommodation in the camp; • 3 meals a day; • Decent salary; • Official employment.

We also guarantee: • Training according to shift programs; • A team of professionals; • Invaluable experience of working with children; • A summer full of unforgettable experiences.

Salary 17 500 rubles. for 12 days shift

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Moscow Tourism Instructor Courses


Sports and health tourism are very popular. With the development of mountain and water sailing tourism, the number of professional personnel should also increase, ensuring the quality and safety of all tourist trips.

The International Center for Additional Tourism and Local Lore Education, created by: the International Federation of Sports Tourism, the Federation of Sports Tourism of Russia, the International Academy of Children and Youth Tourism and Local History named after A. Ostapets-Sveshnikov ", the Federation of Sports Tourism of Moscow (FST-OTM), LLC" Scientific and Educational Center "Rosintal", LLC "SPORTKOMPLEKS".

Announces admission to training programs for basic tourist training of instructors - guides of mountain and water sailing tourism.

The regulatory legal framework of the program is:

- Federal Law N 132-FZ "On the Basics of Tourist Activities in the Russian Federation"

- Professional standard "Instructor-guide" approved. By order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia dated 29.9.017 N 702n;

- GOST R 54602-2011. Tourist services. Services of instructors-guides. General requirements

The main goal of the programs - "Instructor-guide for mountain tourism", "Instructor-guide for water sailing tourism" is to train personnel capable of ensuring the quality of tourist services and maintaining the level of required safety on the route. Considerable attention is paid to practical exercises both for the development of professional skills and for the improvement of the general physical and special technical training of the instructor-guide. At the end of the course, an internship is provided in the form of an educational and training trip to consolidate skills.

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