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Active rest, what it can be in Crimea

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Crimea is often called "the world in miniature" - there is a sea, plains, mountains, steppes and extinct volcanoes, salt lakes. You can ski and relax on the wonderful sandy beaches, explore the underwater beauty and soar under the clouds. Gastronomic tourism, outdoor activities, hiking in the mountains, health improvement in many sanatoriums, children's recreation in summer and winter - Crimea offers a huge variety of vacation destinations.

The main city of the peninsula is Simferopol, there is a railway station that accepts flights from different parts of Russia, as well as the only international airport in Crimea. From Simferopol it is equally easy to get to any resort in the Crimea, it is located at an equal distance from the eastern, western, and southern coasts.

The most popular resorts are Evpatoria, Alushta, Yalta, Sudak, Feodosia. The greatest concentration of tourists is usually observed on the southern coast of Crimea, where the most spectacular nature, architectural monuments, palaces and temples. For convenience, it is abbreviated as the South Coast.

The southern coast of Crimea is a special place. Here, narrow streets run like a snake to the warm sea, the slopes of the mountains are buried in cypresses and olive groves, and high-society palaces are hiding in the vastness of old estates. A little bit from Greece, a little bit from France - in fact, this is Crimea, a unique region in the south of Russia.

The climate here is fertile - mountain ranges block the way to cold winds, and the sea serves as a "heating pad" in autumn and winter. However, winter and autumn in Crimea are rather calendar concepts than temperature, and if you come to the sunny peninsula in early spring, you will find a fragrant fragrance.

Evergreens - olive trees, palms, exotic cypresses and Lebanese cedars give additional flavor to the landscape. The air itself is filled with the healing aromas of flowering plants and herbs, which gives the walks a medicinal status.

The South Coast is no less attractive for its architectural component. Here are collected magnificent palaces of the era of tsarist Russia, ancient temples of different denominations, interesting museums and modern benefits of civilization - excellent hotels, restaurants, beach clubs.

But do not forget about other parts of Crimea. The west of the peninsula is represented by colorful Evpatoria, a city of churches and old buildings.

The authentic Old Town has been preserved here, which is a pleasure to walk through - for the convenience of guests, three excursion routes have been developed.

Or go to the hero city of Sevastopol, the sea gate of the peninsula - you can sail here on a snow-white handsome liner. In addition to its brilliant military history, Sevastopol is interesting to travelers as a historical settlement - one of the oldest in Russia.


Tour type: prefabricated (minimum group - 7 people)/on request

The price includes: - meeting tourists at the railway station in Simferopol on the 1st day, - transport and excursion services according to the program (5 days); - hotel accommodation - 3 nights (2-, 3-bed rooms with private facilities); - Overnight at Ai-Petri - 1 night (accommodation in oriental style on low podiums with mattresses and pillows); - meals (breakfasts, dinners); - transfer to the railway station in Simferopol on the 5th day; - accident insurance.

The price does not include: - lunches; - entrance tickets to the objects of visit (the cost is indicated in italics after the name of the object in the description of the program).

NOTE: Please be advised that during the season it is possible to change the order and volume of services provided under the tour program at the discretion of the operator, without additional notice.

Tour Route


"Legends of the Crimean Mountains": Demerdzhi: Valley of Ghosts. Chatyr-Dag plateau: Badger glade, equipped cave Emine-Bair-Khosar

Meeting tourists at 8. 0 - 9. 0 at the fountain at the railway station in Simferopol, 9. 0 - 10. 0 Meeting at the airport of Simferopol - at the central entrance to the main building.

At 10:00 the beginning of the excursion in the village. Radiant to the amazing and unique Valley of Ghosts (100 rubles). This place is rightfully considered sacred and mysterious - it is enough to see the majestic stone sphinxes that cover the mountain slopes. The greatness of this place must be felt! Hiking to the sphinxes of the Valley of Ghosts.

Transfer to the plateau of Chatyr-Dag. Lunch at an oriental cafe (optional, for an additional fee).

Ascent by bus to a height of 900 m above sea level. sea ​​on the Chatyr-Dag plateau ("Tent-mountain"). This is another of the most amazing places on the peninsula. The entire mountain range, like cheese with holes, is dotted with caves. The most beautiful is the musical cave Emine-Bair-Khosar (adult. 450 RUB/225 RUB for children from 6 to 12 years old) with Kecskemed Music Hall. Imagine - a huge underground stone hall, from the walls and ceiling of which the fabulous, fantastic creations of Nature - stalactites, stalagmites and stalagnates - "look" at you! And music sounds around (in the caves - 100% acoustics). No less amazing is the Marble Cave (adult 450 rubles/225 rubles for children from 6 to 12 years old). A visit to the caves of your choice, Having received a large portion of impressions, we go to the city of Bakhchisarai.

Accommodation at the hotel. zhin. Free time. If you wish, you can visit the park "Crimea in miniature" (adult 400 rubles/200 rubles children from 3 to 13 years old). It contains 25 times reduced copies of the main attractions of the Crimea. They are especially beautiful in the evening illumination. Overnight.

It is impossible to form a correct impression of Crimea after spending the entire vacation at the hotel. You need to see at least the main attractions of the peninsula - its business cards. The most convenient way is to rent a car for these purposes or to book excursions around Crimea. The choice of excursions in the Republic is huge, from such a number you can even get confused. To help you decide on the choice of an excursion program, I have compiled a list of the best. Each of them has its own flavor, so I can safely recommend them. At the end of the article, a bonus awaits you - my author's guide to Crimea in PDF format (free access).

If you prefer independent excursions, then my articles will help you:

How to buy excursions in Crimea

You can book an excursion from your tour operator, buy at a kiosk on the street (there are a lot of them in the resorts), or choose an excursion in advance, read reviews and book online. Here are the two main services that I use when I want to book an excursion (both in Russia and abroad):

Tripster - excursions in Crimea (200 excursions in 11 cities) and around the world. Mostly individual excursions and walks with locals. A very strict selection of guides, therefore, you can be sure of the quality of the excursion. Most excursions have reviews, which is very convenient when planning. Through them, I booked an individual excursion in Marseille and a group tour in Berlin. You can read about the latter here.

Sputnik8 - mostly group low-cost programs. In some cities, through them, you can buy tickets without a queue, and in Crimea - an excursion on the cable car to Ai-Petri (access to the cable car without a queue). I booked an excursion in Tallinn on a satellite a couple of years ago.

Below will be a description of the most popular excursions in Crimea. For your convenience, I have divided the review into two parts: sightseeing tours (from different cities of Crimea) and excursions to the Crimean resorts (around the surrounding area and the best attractions).

Excursions in Crimea to the most popular sights

As I said, it is convenient to visit the most beautiful places of the Crimean peninsula on excursions. With them, you do not need to take on the organization of the trip, think over the route, and you can see and learn about the most important things in a couple of hours. What places do experienced Crimean guides offer to visit?

Excursions to Mount Ai-Petri

Yachting in Crimea is one of the most exciting adventures. Conquer the Black Sea, get into secret, hidden from everyone, places on the coast, see Crimea completely different - all this is available to those who decide to arrange a trip on a yacht!

For fishing, Crimea has everything you need: many rivers, lakes, reservoirs filled with fish and two whole seas, from where you can bring an impressive catch. The article contains complete information about local fishing.

You can actively spend time in Crimea in rope parks, and both children and adults will like the entertainment here. Find out the best rope parks in Crimea from our article!

The Palmira Palace Hotel in Kurpaty near Yalta is one of the most fashionable establishments for visitors. It has everything you need for a top-class holiday.

Crimea is a unique place where everyone will find entertainment to their liking. We will tell you about the most popular ways to spend the summer in Crimea in an interesting and exciting way!

Kazan is a unique city in which the cultures of the East and West are harmoniously intertwined. One of the oldest in Russia, he will introduce you to

There is a special category of tourists on the peninsula - those who choose active rest in Crimea. These are not only all possible extreme lovers and thrill-seekers, but also those who love sports and new experiences. Such a vacation allows you not only to spend time with health benefits, but also to get to know Crimea from such sides that you would never have seen while traveling in the traditional way.

Our peninsula is so versatile that it offers entertainment for everyone, even if you have chosen an active vacation in Crimea with children. In this section we will tell you about all types of active pastime that are available in Crimea, and there are a lot of them!

For convenience, you can divide the options for such a vacation into sea, air and mountain.

Active tourism in the Crimea in the mountains

This type of recreation is especially popular in spring and autumn, when there is no extreme heat. Although in summer you should not be afraid to go to the mountains, because at altitude the air temperature is noticeably lower. Here are just some of the things to do:

  • Horseback riding in the mountains. Almost all regions of the peninsula offer such programs. You can choose a tour around Yalta or Alushta, visiting wonderful groves and mountain lakes there, or visit the Baydar Valley. Better yet, settle at some base in the mountains and not only relax among the virgin nature, but get to the foothills of the most secluded places from tourists.
  • Hiking in the mountains. This is the most widespread and budgetary type of active recreation in Crimea. Hikes can be designed for one or several days. During this time, you can visit nature reserves, climb mountains and walk interesting routes.
  • Quad and jeep trips. And this type of recreation will allow you to easily get to the most beautiful places of Crimea, and the trip will be quite extreme. You can go to lavender fields, climb the majestic Ai-Petri or Mangup, go down to the Ai-Todor valley or visit the mountain lakes near Chatyr-Dag. Less extreme active tours in Crimea can be carried out on jeeps, besides, cars will easily pass where it is difficult to get there by other transport, and there are many such places on the peninsula.
  • Cycling. This type of tourism is possible only in summer and early autumn; in winter, mountain roads are covered with snow or ice. You can go to the mountains or just travel by bike from one city to another.
  • Speleotours - exploring the underworld of caves. Such tours are accompanied by a professional speleologist, and they are possible only after instruction. And what you see in the Crimean caves will not leave you indifferent, especially if you are a lover of everything hidden and mysterious.
  • Climbing. There are climbing bases where you can go mountaineering under the guidance of experienced athletes. And then you can "storm" the real Crimean rocks - such tours are constantly held in the mountains.
  • Rope jumping. This is fun for extreme lovers - jumping from rocks with a rope is very popular among young people. There are many popular places such as Fiolent, Shaan-Kaya, Kaya-Bash.
  • Alpine skiing. If you are interested in active rest in Crimea in winter, come in January-February. At this time, there is already snow on the Angarsk Pass and Ai-Petri, and on the slopes it is possible to go skiing, snowboarding and sledging here.

The Crimean peninsula is one of the best places for a good rest with the whole family, but Crimea, like the many-sided Janus, is able to appear before us in completely different guises. On the one hand, it is a warm sandy coast with cool sea water, and on the other - the unbridled, wild world of the steppes and little-studied natural areas. It is they who attract a large number of fans of extreme or active recreation to the lands of this resort. We will talk about how interesting and varied active rest in Crimea can be.

Crimea is the land of steppes, mountains, forests, as well as salt and fresh water sources, so there are more than enough places for active recreation here! Many of them have long enjoyed special love and popularity among tourists, but there are some that were discovered relatively recently and have not yet been fully studied. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Outdoor activities

There is really something to see on the territory of the ancient Crimea with an interesting history. What are the mountain ranges and ancient cave temples, relict forests and magical lakes that have arisen from nowhere.

Now everyone can enjoy the study of the Crimean lands in the most suitable form for themselves. The most common ones are:

  • Hiking and excursions;
  • Horseback trips to the world of the steppes or mountains of Crimea;
  • Quad biking;
  • Jeep tours;
  • Cycling tours;
  • Speleotours and other types of active ground recreation.

Among them, each of you can choose exactly the tour that attracts you the most.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding on the White Rock or an excursion program full of charm in the Baydar Valley. You can also enjoy communication with these noble animals by taking a tour in Yalta or Alushta, walking to a beautiful mountain lake. Another very interesting horseback riding tour, very popular among tourists, is "The Mystery of the Extinct Cave" Syundyurlyu-Koba ".

The mountain base "Kizil-Koba" is very interesting in this regard. Here you can not only enjoy complete rest and communication with nature, but also enjoy horse riding to the foot of the mountains or to their observation platforms. Such a trip along narrow mountain paths will allow you to see the Crimea from a bird's eye view. Such walks can take from an hour to several days.

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