Fishing on Seliger is inexpensive

Fishing on Seliger is inexpensive

One of the most picturesque places in Russia - Lake Seliger is located between Moscow and St. Petersburg in the Tver region. It is unique, unparalleled throughout Eurasia. Seliger is not just a lake, but a whole system of stretches and deep-water bays, with numerous channels and islands, as well as lakes of different sizes, connected by canals and inland rivers.

Lake Seliger - the pearl of Russia

Seliger has about 240 lakes, 24 reaches, the largest of which are Troitsky, Berezovsky, Ostashkovsky. 111 rivers and streams flow into the lake, and only one river flows out - Selizharovka. Seliger includes 160 islands of various sizes and shapes. For example, the largest has 13 inland lakes. The largest of the islands are Khachin, Gorodomlya, Stolobny, Koshel, Klichen, Zhuravka. There are many tourist centers, boarding houses, hotels and sanatoriums. If desired, you can rent a private cottage.

The Seliger area is 262 km2, of which 38 km2 are in the islands. The total area of ​​the pool is 2273 km2. The length of the reservoir from north to south is 65 km, and its width is 39 km. The entire winding coastline stretches for 525 km. The average depth of the lake is about 7 m, however, in some deep-water depressions it reaches 25 meters. It is located two hundred meters above sea level.

The Seliger lake system appeared as a result of the melting of glaciers near the Valdai Upland. For several centuries, the coastal lands were inhabited by the ancient Finns. Presumably, it was they who gave it the name, which in translation from the Finnish language means "transparent or indented lake". In the chronicles of the 12th century, Seliger is mentioned as a busy Novgorod trade route, which runs between Novgorod and the southern cities. Read about Lake Sol-Iletsk here.

Seliger on the map of Russia

Fauna and flora of Seliger

The Seliger ecosystem is striking in its diversity. Reeds and cattails, in places reeds and sedges grow along its winding shores. The water surface of the lake is decorated with flowers of white lilies and yellow water lilies. In different parts of Lake Seliger there are about 30 species of fish - bream, pike perch, roach, perch, pike, carp, burbot, ide, smelt, etc. Often fishermen manage to catch ruff, eel and trout.

Seliger is located in the forested area of ​​the Tver region. Both coniferous and deciduous forests can be found on its territory. They amaze tourists with a variety of vegetation. Huge pine forests and light birch groves stretch along the coast. Here grow oak, aspen, ash, willow, maple, linden. Seliger's climate is favorable for cedar and hazel. Its forests are home to 260 species of birds and about 70 species of mammals, including bears, moose, wild boars, roe deer, lynx, martens, raccoons, foxes, hares, muskrats, etc. ..

Cloudberries, blueberries and blueberries grow in the marshy areas of Lake Seliger. In the autumn, there is an abundance of cranberries and lingonberries in the forests. Valdai humid climate is favorable for the growth of porcini mushrooms, russula, boletus and camelina.

Climate on Lake Seliger

The tourist season on the lake begins in early May, when the temperature has stabilized and is kept within the range of +14 - +16 C. By this time, the ice and snow in the valleys have completely melted, and you can arrange hiking and fishing. In summer, the swimming season opens and the influx of tourists increases. There are many sandy beaches along the coast of the lake, which attracts not only adults, but also families with children. The high season on the lake is July, these days the air temperature does not drop below +25 - +30 C.

Lake Seliger - rest for the soul and heart

Rest on Seliger in the summer is one of the favorite destinations for tourists from Russia and other countries, let's see what you can do while resting on Seliga. In modern times, Seliger is strongly associated with the summer forum of a well-known youth organization. Traditionally, it is held on the shore of the lake.

However, this neighborhood does not interfere with the rest of the holidaymakers. The participants of the event try to realize their ambitious goals, complete a rich program and learn as much as possible from such an incredible cauldron of ideas and opinions. They live it as if immersed in another reality.

Meet Seliger

Seliger is one of the most picturesque and beautiful lakes in Russia. It is localized practically in the middle between the two capitals of our country: between St. Petersburg and Moscow. Two major highways lead from Moscow to it - Novorizhskoe and Leningradskoe highways. Seliger is 400 km away from it. It is not surprising that there are many Muscovites among the guests. It belongs to two regions: Novgorod and Tver. In the immediate vicinity of Seliger there are such cities as: Ostashkov, Selizharovo and Peno.

Ostashkov is the largest of them. It is called "Russian Venice". Of course, he was awarded this title with a considerable advance, but not just like that. On three sides it is framed by the waters of the lake, and some houses were erected directly above the water. These unusual buildings are in harmony with the environment of the lake port.

Here, near the village of Volgoverkhovye, 70 km from Ostashkov, the most important river of our homeland, the Volga, originates. Its source looks like a small, nondescript and ordinary trickle, which then turns into a great full-flowing river, it is already breathtaking. Rest on Seliger in the summer is usually accompanied by hikes along this river and night gatherings by the company around the fire.

The lake stretches over 260 sq. km, which makes it possible to become also one of the largest reservoirs in the vastness of our state. The average depth is set at 5-6 meters, with a maximum depth of 24 meters. The waters are incredibly clear, even at a depth of 5 meters the bottom is perfectly visible. The lake is fed by the waters of almost a hundred rivers, while only Selizharovka carries water.

The lake is located on the territory of the Valdai Upland. The lands adjacent to Seliger are dominated by coniferous trees. Most of the pines are over a hundred years old! A walk through such a forest is already a grandiose event for city dwellers accustomed to concrete buildings and gas-polluted air. The local air is exceptionally clean and filled with a whole bouquet of all kinds of aromas (the smell of pine needles, flowers, fresh berries). Remember the taste of wild lingonberries, blueberries, strawberries and mushrooms.

Features of the lake

Seliger originated thousands of years ago. By its origin, this is a glacial lake. The once huge glacier in the process of its movement left colossal scratches and potholes in the ground, which were later filled with water.

In this article, everything about Lake Seliger - where is it, how to get to Seliger, what to see, where to stay, housing prices in 2019. Rest on Lake Seliger, Nilova Pustyn monastery

Lake Seliger for its uniqueness and beauty is considered one of the best areas in Russia for recreation and fishing.

Zhemchuzhina is located in the Tver region between the old and new capitals. The Valdai Upland gives Seliger a certain microclimate in which everyone can relax.

Seliger is a scattered body of water from lakes, connected by a large number of rivers and canals. The exquisite panorama is emphasized by many islets (up to 160).

The reason for the unusual location is its glacial origin.

Every vacationer is amazed by the beauty of Lake Seliger, as well as the entire region of the Valdai Upland.

Lake Seliger - a little history

Only the Selizharovka river leaves Lake Seliger, although 110 rivers flow in. It flows into the Volga, filling it with waters.

But apart from this, there is an old legend about the connection between the Volga and Seliger.

In time immemorial, brothers Seliger and Ilmen lived on Russian soil. Both one and the other fell in love with the Volga girl. But her choice fell on Seliger. Ilmen, in anger and disappointment, cursed his relative, telling him to turn into a lake with many humps.

In a dream, Ilmen saw that Seliger was lying as if he were dead and did not get up. It came to mind that the curse had come true, but it was too late to do anything.

From despondency and grief, Ilmen, in parallel with his brother, turned into a lake. The Volga did not take the loss of her husband to her heart, and went to the Caspian Sea.

Location of Lake Seliger

Lake Seliger is deployed at a distance of 360 kilometers from Moscow and 480 kilometers from St. Petersburg.

If you are an avid fisherman or an experienced hunter, love nature and outdoor activities, then the Seliger forest hunting farm is waiting for you! This is the perfect place for a complete relaxation. Large and small lakes of Seliger are surrounded by majestic relict pine trees, and the rich nature of the peninsula has endowed its landscapes with beauty and poetry.

The Seliger farm is located in the Tver region, in the Valdai Upland, on the shores of a pristine lake. Two log cottages can accommodate up to 40 people. Hunting, fishing and rest on Seliger - these are cozy rooms, a Russian steam room and a sauna, delicious cuisine and caring staff. Here you can relax with friends and the whole family, enjoy the amazing scenery, fish and hunt. Water excursions are organized, it is possible to order a helicopter.

Allow yourself to relax and get the most out of nature.

Who can you fish out on Seliger?

Fishing on Seliger, where the private sector is located, will appeal to both professionals and amateurs. Picturesque places and water rich in fish are an excellent excuse for a country trip. Fish such as bream, pike, perch and pike perch are taken on Lake Seliger. In summer, in addition to the beautiful weather, fishermen will appreciate the transparent depth of the water, through the layers of which you can see your future catch.

Bream is the most common prey for fishermen. You should catch this fish with lure, using regular or nodded rods. At the beginning of summer, it is better to fish for bream from the shore, and already from mid-July, when the fish goes to the depths, fishermen sit on boats.

Pike perch and pike are Seliger's favorite predators, an angler's dream. You can use a spinning rod to catch this fish. Fishing is most often carried out from a boat to the "path", swimming in the middle of the lake. In most cases, fishermen are waiting for perch, another predator of the lake, but the most experienced and patient bring delicious pike perch or sharp-toothed pike to the table.

Exotic fish for central Russia are carp, eel and trout. However, now they have become available to the fishermen of Lake Seliger. These species were artificially populated into the lake. Catching such prey is a real success!

Fishing on Lake Seliger in the farm of the same name will definitely be successful and memorable!

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