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Friends! On Saturday - February 13, the Federal Center for Children and Youth Tourism and Local History has prepared something special for you! Show in full. We invite everyone to the Tourism: Lessons of Courage Mediamarathon! The media marathon starts on the official resources of FTSDYuTiK on February 13 at 10:30 (Moscow time)! Several hours of live broadcast with unique interlocutors, inspiring encounters with travelers and explorers, and many surprises await you. Connect using the link: . u/event/1613051942300-mediamarafon-tur ..

At 11:40 in the framework of the MEDIAMARATHON "Tourism: Lessons of Courage" we will meet with a famous traveler and researcher of antiquities. Full member of the Russian Geographical Society, diver and historian Alexander Konstantinovich Ingilevich.

Alexander has been studying sunken ships for many years and has visited almost all seas from the Galapagos Islands in the West to Micronesia in the East. In addition to diving, Alexander studies the Ancient East, made several archaeological discoveries and, most importantly, makes fascinating films about all his travels and shows them in his personal blog. And, by the way, he is the chairman of the film commission of the St. Petersburg city branch of the Russian Geographical Society.

On February 13 at 10:30 am within the MEDIAMARATHON "Tourism: Lessons of Courage" a unique meeting will take place! Join!

Ivan Viktorovich Wagner, a native of the Arkhangelsk region. Since childhood, Ivan dreamed of space, with this dream he entered the St. Petersburg Voenmech.

At the same time I got carried away with water tourism, I went through several high-category trips. For several years he worked as part of social projects at a tourist center in the Leningrad Region. He took difficult teenagers on hikes. Show in full. In February 2009, he was appointed Assistant Flight Director for the Russian Segment of the International Space Station. In 2010, he was recommended for admission to the cosmonaut corps, and in April 2020, he joined the main crew of the expedition to the ISS.

Now back on earth and ready to answer your questions.

And by the way, do not forget to complete the tasks of the MEDIAMARATHON later! Follow the news!

The competition program of the Touriada is ahead. And we introduce you to the next team of participants!

The team of students of the Department of Tourism of GAUDO "Kuzbass Center for Children and Youth Tourism and Excursions" under the leadership of N. Aksenova. met Christmas in a Siberian way! The guys are engaged in the programs "Young judges in sports tourism" and "Young tourists-local lore." They passed a ski route of 1 degree of difficulty in the Kemerovo region. During the campaign, we gained a lot of new experience, learned to cope with difficulties, were not afraid of Siberian frosts and overcame 30 km through the taiga.

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Do you like active rest? Going to the mountains or skiing? The outfit center "Turbaza" offers clothing and equipment for outdoor activities from world market leaders: Marmot, Trimm, Salomon, Salewa, Craft, Black Diamond, Osprey, Petzl and others. render completely.

We are glad to see you every day in our stores:

Gerasim Kondratyev (Kirov), 6

Strelka River Embankment, 22

Mon - Fri from 10:00 to 19:00 Sat - Sun from 10:00 to 16:00

The "Turbaza" store is looking for a sales assistant, a person who wants to live and work in an interesting way. The only requirement is to want to work and be a cheerful communicative person. salary on time according to the results of work, the schedule is agreed individually.

We will teach you the specifics of a tourist store)))))

Welcome to us. 0509133663

Tent Pinguin Storm 2 for hiking and cycling. Quite spacious vestibule and sleeping place. Windows in the vestibule, the ability to open the entrance from different angles and ventilation. In addition, the set includes a floor for the vestibule, so your belongings will not be safe and insects will not disturb.

Technical features: - entrance to the tent from both sides Show in full. - the awning opens at different angles - ventilation on the awning and the inner tent - windows in the awning - convenient D-shaped entrance to the inner tent - taped seams - can be installed without an inner tent

Multifunctional backpack for cycling and day trips.

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