Federation of Sports Tourism of the Vologda Region

Federation of Sports Tourism of the Vologda Region

Championship and Championship of the region in sport tourism on ski distances

February 19-21, 2021 in the village. Poldarsa, Velikoustyug district, it is planned to hold the Championship and Championship of the Vologda region in sports tourism on ski distances.

The online application is open until 12.2 at the link . u/event/15189

Distance conditions: - distance-ski: 2 class, 3 class, 4 class - distance-ski-bundle: 2 class, 3 class

Championship and Championship of the Northwestern Federal District Regional competitions

On January 23-24, 2021, it is planned to hold the Championship and the Championship of the North-West Federal District and regional competitions in sports tourism at walking distances at the Sokol sports complex (Sokol, Sovetskaya St. 17).

Championship, Championship and Cup of the region in sports tourism on walking distances

On December 12-13, 2020, it is planned to hold the Championship, the Championship and the Cup of the Vologda Region in sports tourism at walking distances at the Sokol Sports and Fitness Center.

The online application is open until 9.2 at the link . u/event/13983

Disciplines: - distance-pedestrian and distance-pedestrian-ligament 2 grade in age groups boys/girls (10-13 years old), boys/girls (14-15 years old) and juniors/juniors (16- 21 years old) - distance-pedestrian, distance-pedestrian-bunch, distance-pedestrian-group 3 class in the age group of men/women (2007 and older 3 (1st) category) - distance-walking 4 class in the age group of men/women (2005 and older, 2nd grade)

Program: 12.2 - competitions in disciplines: distance-pedestrian-linkage 2 class, distance-pedestrian-linkage class 3, distance-walking-group 3 class 13.2 - competitions in disciplines: distance- pedestrian grade 2, distance-pedestrian grade 3, distance-pedestrian grade 4

Federation of Sports Tourism of the Vologda Region

In the old days, hikes were organized almost every weekend. And now reinsurers are afraid of everything. | Photo from the site sun3-2. serapi. om

Children's tourism in the Vologda region is not needed Vologda teachers who organize tourist trips are sure of this

Once in Vologda, there was a Center for Children and Youth Tourism and Excursions, which in 2008 was recognized as the best institution of additional education in the North-West and was awarded the National Prize "Heritage of Generations".

A few years ago, about 600 children were engaged in tourism there. Then it was closed, and the Regional Center for Continuing Education of Children (RCDOD) became involved in organizing trips.


The "Regional Center" itself practically does not organize hiking, but it controls those who go hiking, - explained Vladimir Slabodyanik, a methodologist at the Regional Center for Continuing Education for Children. “As a result, last year not 600, but 136 children were involved in tourism. And this year there are only 36 of them left ”.

“Our tourist club“ Robinsons ”has existed since 2003 and during this time made 110 trips,” says Vera Lushkova, teacher at the Vologda Center for Helping Children Left Without Parental Care, No. 2. - Until recently, orphans regularly went with us on hikes from Astrakhan to the White Sea, thereby successfully socializing. A colossal unique experience was accumulated, which other regions began to actively adopt ”.

Last year the club wanted to hold another tour along the Sukhona River. All the necessary documents, according to Vera Igorevna, were already in her hands, but the orphans were not allowed anywhere and everyone was returned back. “They said that from now on we must follow the new provisions and go on hikes only together with the Regional Center for Additional Education,” explains Vera Lushkova. - The guys were very upset, they couldn't find a place for themselves. Everyone asked: "Vera Igorevna, what have we done wrong, why have we been returned?"

“My children and I have been preparing for the hike for almost a month. Suddenly on the shore, where we arrived to start the rafting, a lot of inspectors from various authorities appeared, - says the mother of young tourists Olga Kazakova from Kich.-Gorodok. - They examined everything: equipment, food supply, complement of backpacks and watercraft. Four hours later, they gave the command to sail, but not all, but only Kich.-Gorodok and Kaduyu. We started our journey with songs and jokes. Half an hour later, we were caught up by a motor boat with unknown people who ordered us to turn around. No one named the reason. We stopped on the shore, a bus was sent for us. The children almost cried. Some were counting the losses, others were thinking what to say to their parents. "

Everything is OK

Representatives of the Regional Center for Continuing Education of Children refrained from commenting on the Premier.

Federation of sports tourism of the Vologda region Championship and championship of the region in sports tourism on ski distances 19-21 February 2021 in the village. Poldars Velikoustyugsky

A tourist cluster will be formed in the Vologda Oblast for the development of cruise tourism. Leading river cruise operators assessed the potential of the project and named factors that are driving the development of cruise routes in the region.


The cluster for the development of cruise tourism was named "Russian Shores". As stated in the materials of the regional government, within the framework of the project it is planned to build and reconstruct cruise infrastructure (embankments, dredging and bank protection works), roads and engineering infrastructure to the objects of the tourist infrastructure of investors.

It is assumed that at the expense of investors, berths for receiving cruise ships, tourist and recreational, cultural and entertainment complexes, stations for servicing small boats and yachts, hotels, recreation centers, guest houses and other tourist facilities will be built. infrastructure.

The total funding for the cluster project is RUB 9.7 billion. Of these, federal funds are planned in the amount of 1.8 billion rubles, investors' funds - 7.3 billion rubles, another 570.5 million rubles will be allocated from the regional budget.


According to tour operators, today it is impossible to say unequivocally how the future cluster will increase the attractiveness of the Vologda region in terms of the development of river cruises.

“There is not enough information on this project, there is no specifics - where the new berths will be. At the moment, there are berths in the Vologda region in Cherepovets, in Vytegra, in the Kirillovsky district and in Sheksna. We also use some of them as part of our cruises. As a tour operator, it would be interesting for us to go to Belozersk, one of the oldest cities in Russia, where you can look at old temples and monasteries, admire the beauty of Beloye Lake. We have been talking about the need for a berth in Belozersk for several years already, "Svetlana Goncharova, Deputy General Director for Tourism of the Mosturflot cruise company, told ATOR Vestnik.

The need for a berth for entering Belozersk is also confirmed by the Vodokhod cruise company.

“The pier in Belozersk is very interesting. But at the moment it is inaccessible for our ships, because large-scale dredging works must be carried out there. There are interesting display objects in Belozersk, but we can only take our tourists there by buses during long stops in Cherepovets or Goritsy, which are very few for navigation, ”the Vodokhod press service said.

Currently, all flights of Vodokhod from Moscow and the regions to St. Petersburg pass through the territory of the Vologda Region.

Chapter 1. Analysis of resources and potential for environmental development

tourism in the Vologda region …………………………………………… 6

1. ... Characteristics of the Vologda region ……………………… .. ………….

1. ... history of the region's development ……………………………………………… ..

1. ... flora and fauna of the Vologda region …………………. 0

1. ... Vologda region on tourist maps ………………………… 13

1. ... Characteristics of the tourist and recreational complex of the region …… .. 6

1. ... cultural tours of the Vologda region ……………………………… .. 2

Chapter 2. Analysis of problems and prospects of environmental development

tourism in the Vologda region …………………………………………… 33

2. ... problems of ecological tourism in the Vologda region ………… .. 3

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