Family hikes in the Moscow region

A weekend in the Moscow region: top 22 places to go

Ancient, diverse and very interesting cities of the Moscow region surround the capital with a dense ring of attractions, natural beauty and cultural values. Weekend tours in the Moscow region are a great opportunity to take a short break from workdays, breathe in the fresh air of the region and learn more about the long and often turbulent history of the region. Weekend tours to the cities of the Moscow region are affordable - the cost per person is often equal to the price of a theater ticket. Professional guides and a whole bunch of "goodies" in the form of curious souvenirs, beautiful photographs and delicious "products of the earth" near Moscow will make the trip interesting, useful and memorable. Among other things, you can take a child on such a tour - the road is not long, and the abundance of new impressions will not let the child get bored. Finally, over a weekend in the Moscow region, you can have a great rest in sanatoriums and recreation centers.

Excursions - from 800 rubles. Group tours - from 4 800 rubles.

Apartments in the Kaliningrad region.

Reboot on a weekend jeep tour with us!

Our tours are all inclusive.

We will meet you at the airport, train station or other convenient place

Friday night or Saturday morning!

Here you will make the most beautiful children,

and if you get the usual ones, we will refund the money :)

Day Trips

One-day excursion trips around the Moscow region are popular with those who cannot devote both days off to rest or do not have free time of their own, for example, due to a difficult work schedule. Such excursions usually begin on Saturday morning and end in the evening of the same day. Movement options are a bus or a train, and in the latter case there is an opportunity to ride an old steam locomotive, for example, to Tolstoy's estate "Yasnaya Polyana".

There are a great variety of excursion routes, it is suggested to go to almost any city in the Moscow region with a one-day excursion. You can visit one of the architectural and historical ensembles in cities such as Kolomna, Zvenigorod, Mozhaisk (the famous Borodino is located here), Pavlovsky Posad, Klin and many others. Or look at the magnificent examples of manor-museums: Marfino, Shakhmatovo, Abramtsevo, Arkhangelskoye, Melikhovo.

Ecological tourism

A weekend in the Moscow region, where to go by car for 1 day - consider what the Moscow region offers for independent tourists. The information is relevant for everyone who wants to get out of the city for a short time, spend time usefully and learn something new.

Firstly, in the Moscow region it is easy to get out of the capital, secondly, there is beautiful nature, and thirdly, here you can finally breathe in clean air, which is so lacking in a crowded metropolis. On weekends, there is really something to see in the Moscow region - museums, reserves, estates, temple complexes, historical sites. We have compiled a selection of 20 best places to go for a weekend in the Moscow region by car and on our own. Walking tours in Moscow and promotional codes for tours will also be useful.

Where to go on the excursion

Perhaps, Moscow and the Moscow region have the richest program of excursions. There are a lot of options - from the Armory in Moscow to the estates of the Moscow region. And if you want to get quality information, then don’t spare money for a guide.

Sightseeing without a guide is like flipping through a book in another language. The cover and pictures are beautiful, but what is written is not clear. Alternatively, come to the right place and order a full-time guide there, or approach the issue in advance and find non-standard excursions to Tripster and Sputnik.

Borodino field

Borodino Fields is a unique state military-historical museum-reserve, where you must go for a weekend in the Moscow region. Founded by Emperor Nicholas I in 1839 at the site of the Battle of Borodino, a clash between the armies of Napoleon and Kutuzov. Later, the offensive of the fascists was held back here. There is also an excursion to the Borodino field. Diving into the era.

The territory of the museum is 100 sq. m. 5 expositions, more than 200 memorials and memorable places are constantly shown here.

Feedback: “I was at the Borodino field with the excursion. It is huge, and as the guide said, even most of it is overgrown with forest, in the center there is a memorial, a lot of flowers. It's nice that they don't forget even in our time. It's worth going, I didn’t regret it. ”

Weekend in the Moscow region: Peredelkino

The next place to go for a weekend in the Moscow region is Peredelkino, a famous writers' village in the south of Moscow. Pasternak, Leonov, Serafimovich, Akhmadulina, Rozhdestvensky, Paustovsky, Babel, Chukovsky lived here. Many houses are gone, but now you can visit the House of Writers' Creativity Peredelkino and the house-museums of Pasternak, Chukovsky, Okudzhava, the Yevtushenko gallery. There are several interesting excursions to this place: There were also legends of Peredelkino, Writers of Peredelkino, Cozy Peredelkino.

Review: “It is located close to Moscow, we went for a walk on Saturday. It is interesting to spend time with benefit. It's a shame that many legendary houses are simply closed, there are no museums, they are surrounded by a fence, and some were sold by the descendants of writers, there are mansions here, and wooden houses are being demolished. "

Ecological tourism. Future development depends on how carefully the international community carries out scientific analysis of activities ...

Family weekend hike with an overnight stay in nature

Location: Moscow region, Istra district. You can get there by car, by bus, or walk from the train. Duration: 2-3 days. Participants: up to 10 families. Format: campground with overnight stay. Meals: regular/vegetarian.

Family hike is one of the most unforgettable summer adventures

Sing a song by the fire with a guitar, swim in a forest lake, listen to birds singing in silence, study animal tracks, see how mushrooms and berries grow, and learn how to pick them!

New friends, new knowledge and skills are waiting for you in our hikes. The most interesting thing about the hike is the friendly team!

Join the journey with us all together: a company by age and interests will be selected for everyone!

More about the hike program

A weekend hike with children

Hike report with reviews from our tourists

Why go camping with the whole family?

Joint outdoor activities is a chance for parents to better understand their own child, see and hear how he lives. And he - to get to know his parents from the other side, unusual for him - strong, skillful, happy. After all, happy memories from childhood are preserved for life.

Family tourism provides a unique opportunity in reality to acquaint children with nature, teach them to love and take care of it, to be independent in solving practical everyday tasks (walk the route, make a fire, collect firewood, put up a tent).

Achieving a common goal with parents is important for a child of any age. Thanks to this, he gains confidence, becomes more organized and responsible. Resting with the whole family, you become the best friends for your children.

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