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Crimea active tourism 2017

Committee for resort, tourist and exhibition activities in the Crimea. spruce: establishing a constructive dialogue between entrepreneurs in the field of tourism, as well as promoting the formation of favorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship in the field of tourism, exhibition and resort and recreational activities in Crimea.

Chairman of the Committee - Maria Malgina, +7 (978) 74-77-545 Deputy Chairman of the Committee - Sergey Makovei, +7 (978) 74-77-546

Rest in Ordzhonikidze Crimea on Lenina 1B. Two-room suite with a kitchen (4 + 1) places. July - August: 2800 rubles. September: 2000 rub. A discount of 10% is possible. +7 (978) 011-80-51; +7 (978) 980-04-77 (WhatsApp). render completely.

Peace and quiet Clean air and sea water Closed fenced area Children's playground with toys Free closed car parking Recreation area with barbecue

We have ideal conditions for a quiet family vacation with children. More details: . om/

A new terminal of the airport "Simferopol" with an area of ​​over 78 thousand m2 was put into operation in Simferopol, which is designed to service about 7 million passengers a year with the possibility of expanding to 10 million; as well as a renovated and extended runway with new taxiways. render completely.

At the same time, the commercial space in the new terminal of the Simferopol airport will occupy up to 7 thousand m2. The territory will house more than 40 shops, fast food cafes and full-cycle restaurants.

Now passengers departing or arriving at the airport will be able to buy perfumes and cosmetics of famous brands, tobacco products, accessories, souvenirs and products of Crimean enterprises right in the terminal. The goods will be sold in the Duty Paid store with an area of ​​more than 700 m2, which is planned to open on the third floor of the airport, in the "sterile zone".

The assortment of the store will be identical to the assortment of the Duty free format stores, but due to duties the prices will be slightly higher. At the same time, Duty free operates exclusively in the departure area of ​​international flights. Duty Paid, on the other hand, is intended for passengers flying with domestic airlines.

Aeromag LLC is the official distributor of the Duty Paid store in the new terminal of Simferopol airport.

With the help of the "Warm water map", any holiday traveler can find out the current temperature of the sea water off the coast of the entire peninsula. Entrepreneur Sergei Elyshev, with a group of like-minded people, has developed and is now implementing this project free of charge for users in Crimea.

According to Elyshev, the importance and uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that the sea water temperature changes very often and quickly, and the existing Internet resources devoted to weather forecasting do not reflect these changes promptly.

“Our project is aimed at measuring the exact temperature of the water,” Sergey Yelyshev explained to journalists. - The idea came after acquaintances from other regions who wanted to come to Crimea on vacation constantly contacted me and my friends, they asked about the water temperature. We have developed a device to measure water temperature, these devices are installed in buoys, and we can measure more quickly than other resources. "

Extreme recreation in Crimea, which includes various extreme tours - including hiking, horseback riding, rope jumping, parachute jumping and many other adrenaline-raising entertainments.

The diverse and versatile Crimean peninsula provides ample opportunities for active and extreme recreation on the coast.

Extreme vacation available in Crimea

Active rest is the practice of activities that cause the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream and allow you to get vivid impressions and emotions. It's one thing to ride a bike in the park and another to go down the mountain slopes from the top.

On the Crimean peninsula there are places for practicing almost all extreme sports, perhaps, with the exception of alpine skiing. Its dizzying landscapes add a lot of fun to any adventure.

Tracking, freeride

Mountain hiking, or trekking, has been gaining popularity lately. You don't need anything other than comfortable shoes and a supply of water, and there are a lot of impressions.

They are especially popular on the South and East coast of Crimea.

  • Mount Ai-Petri with three impregnable teeth.
  • Yayla Demerdzhi with picturesque valleys, bizarre sculptures formed in limestone rocks by severe winds, waterfalls and fast-flowing rivers.
  • The ascent to Chatyr-Dag is also interesting. The path to the plateau, located at an altitude of one and a half thousand, begins 10 km from the Yalta coast. At the beginning, travelers will find a lot of caves, including those equipped for visits. The area of ​​the plateau is 40 km2. There is enough space for everyone.
  • Going for a walk along the Roman-Kosh yayla, through which the Gurzuf pass passes, is not worth it. Today the territory belongs to the Crimean National Reserve and its visit is prohibited.
  • In the east, fans of hiking will find the path of Prince Golitsyn. It originates near the village of Morskoye near the Green Bay and runs along Mount Koba-Kaya, ending at the juniper grove of the New World. Travelers will see picturesque bays, grottoes and capes, which offer a magnificent view of the sea.

Most of the listed routes, with the exception of the Golitsyn trail, can be done on mountain bikes or ATVs. They also have access to the hills of the Kerch Peninsula and the mountainous terrain in the vicinity of Bakhchisarai.

Holidays in Crimea are becoming more and more popular among Russian tourists every year. In 2020, the pandemic also played a role: Crimea broke all records in the number of rested people, more than 7 million people visited the peninsula. Some went to Crimea simply because there was no foreign alternative in the conditions of closed borders. I am among such tourists. And, despite some nuances, I liked the rest in Crimea. Therefore, in this article - a travel guide to Crimea, I will tell you how to organize a trip to Crimea (an independent trip to Crimea or an all-inclusive vacation in Crimea), so that the rest will leave only pleasant impressions. At the end of the article, a bonus awaits you - my author's guide to Crimea in PDF format (free access).

Rest in Crimea: pros and cons

Like any destination, recreation in Crimea has its pluses and minuses. Of course, this is all convention, because each of us has our own preferences. What is a minus for some will be a plus for another. Or what one categorically does not accept, the other will consider "a highlight" or will not notice at all.

Why go to Crimea: the advantages of resting on the peninsula

Disadvantages of rest in Crimea or who should not go to Crimea

Medical insurance in Crimea

Do I need insurance in Crimea? Of course, not officially: in Crimea, there are Russian compulsory medical insurance policies, according to which you can go to any state hospital.

Nevertheless, you need to understand that no one is immune from illness and injury on vacation, and public medicine on the peninsula is still very poorly developed. In addition, a public hospital may be located tens of kilometers from your vacation spot.

And even if you get help at a public hospital, then medications, bandages, and sometimes hotel accommodation after treatment and a new ticket home (if you missed your flight due to illness), you will have to pay from your pockets. Would you agree that while on vacation it will not be so easy to find money for this?

Before going on vacation, I recommend “hedging yourself” and taking out additional insurance, which, in addition to medical care, can include travel expenses to the place of treatment, hotel accommodation, return home, phone calls, flight delays, cancellation travel, loss of luggage. In insurance for Crimea, I would also suggest adding the risk of sunburn and outdoor activities. The cost of insurance is not commensurate with the cost of serious treatment.

Where is it better to relax in Crimea in 2021: tips, reviews, pros and cons of the best resorts in Crimea. Where is it better to go on vacation with children, and where to spend a vacation in active and extreme companies. We will tell you where pensioners and the elderly go to rest.

Where to have a good and inexpensive vacation in Crimea in a year

In order to have an inexpensive vacation in Crimea, it is better not to choose popular and promoted resorts. For example, prices on the western and eastern coast of Crimea are lower than on the southern coast.

Resorts with a low price tag in Crimea:

West Coast

  • p. Sandy
  • p. Nikolaevka
  • p. Olenevka
  • p. Sunny
  • Saki

East Coast

  • Kerch
  • Shchelkino
  • Sea
  • Resort
  • Ordzhonikidze
  • Koktebel (near Feodosia)
  • Kara-Dag

Southern Coast of Crimea (SCC)

  • p. Small Mayak
  • p. Solnechnogorsk
  • p. Malorechenskoe
  • p. Fishing

At these resorts you can have an inexpensive vacation, as housing prices are low. For a relatively low price, you get good beaches and accommodation 5 minutes from the sea.

P - nature P - joy O - vacation Show in full. S - sportT - tourismO - recreation

This group is dedicated to summer holidays in Crimea. We present to your attention the tent camp at Cape Aya. This is a unity with nature, a rest from civilization, and we will help make it comfortable, safe, interesting and unforgettable.

What is the difference between our camp and other outdoor programs and campgrounds.

- You can come for any number of days - There is an entertainment program for children and adults - We organize hikes and trips at a minimum price - Wellness practices and massage workshops are regularly held.

With all these advantages, our prices are much lower, this makes rest affordable for almost everyone.

Accommodation cost - 200 rubles/day per person

Meals 2 times a day (breakfast and dinner) - 500 rubles/day per person

When the mind is at odds with the heart You've probably heard more than once that men often fall in love with some, and marry completely others, or, being married, may fall in love with another, but not a wife what will not be abandoned? And about women, for sure, you have heard many times that they often fall in love with scum, but if the head is on their shoulders, they marry for convenience, and not for love. render completely.

Many women are very afraid to turn out to be such a wife of convenience, who will be considered convenient for marriage, but others will love. And men are even more afraid of this, they are afraid of becoming such - alternate airfields, where a woman is ready to sit, if at all other airfields she is not given a warm welcome. In nightmares, men see that they will be used as earners, and that they will dream of others or even sleep with others, and even worse, they will bring them someone else's child and say "yours." And women in nightmares see how her husband will grumble at her for a badly ironed shirt, and at this time he will put likes to familiar and unfamiliar beauties on social networks. In a word, both women and men have a very negative attitude to the fact that they can not be married for love.

But the problem of dissonance between falling in love and the desire to marry is much broader, and concerns not only mercantile considerations. I will try to tell you where, in principle, this problem comes from, what it is connected with and what its dynamics are.

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