Extreme tourism in Armenia

Active tourism in armenia

Rest in Armenia is curative even without swimming in Sevan: tourism is developing in Armenia as a philosophy of love of life and small holidays - whether it is a trip to the Erebuni fortress or to the Areni winery.

Tourism in Armenia is distinguished by enviable hospitality: tourism attracts almost 1.5 million travelers to Armenia annually, and this is exactly half of the country's population! The country has preserved its authenticity and historical location for millennia. Perhaps the secret lies in the continuity - here everyone, young and old, knows their genealogies and reveres their ancestors.

The residents of the CIS and Ukraine are not faced with the question of whether they need a visa to Armenia: free entry with an international passport, and for Russians since February 2017, with an internal document. Citizens of Europe and America, other continents, permission can be obtained upon arrival at airports for $ 8 for three weeks.

How to get to Armenia

Rest in Armenia for many tourists begins at the airports. There are 2 air harbors in the republic - in Yerevan and Gyumri, planes fly in 70 directions.

The railway network connects most of the regions, the branches to Azerbaijan and Turkey are blocked, but a road to Iran is being built.

Due to the short distances, it is convenient to travel by electric trains.

Airplane - 6 hours, $ 80; Train - 45 hours, $ 65; Bus - 1.5 days, $ 60.

Airplane - with a transfer in Kiev, 7 hours, 160 $; Train - 2 days, 95 $ Bus - 2 days, 80 $.

Airplane - 6.5 hours, $ 120; Train - 44 hours, $ 80; Bus - about 2 days, $ 60.

Where to stay in Armenia

The territory of the republic is 20 times smaller than France, but there are similarities: many small villages and fifty towns with ancient history and family businesses.

Types and directions of tourism in Armenia

Tourism in Armenia. Do you like extreme tourism? Then welcome to Armenia! Armenia is one of the most suitable countries for extreme tourism. Thanks to the mountainous landscape and climate, as well as natural attractions such as extinct volcanoes, rocks and mountain lakes, Armenia is increasingly attracting fans of extreme tourism. Moreover, the world-famous National Geographic Traveler magazine included Armenia in the list of the three best countries in the nomination “Active, including extreme tourism”. Now the country's tour operators are developing adventure and extreme tourism, making tours to the best points throughout Armenia. If you are interested in extreme tourism in Armenia, we offer you the types of extreme tourism.

Armenia is a mountainous country and ideal for climbers. There are not so many specially equipped climbing routes, but they will completely satisfy the climbing enthusiasts.

The gorge is located 80 km southeast of Yerevan.

The steep limestone cliffs are ideal for rock climbing, and in general all nature, vegetation and the river are indescribably beautiful. There are several climbing routes in the gorge equipped with station hooks and bolts.

Noravank Gorge. Tourism in Armenia

This is another popular climbing destination. The width of the gorge is 1.5-80m, the length is 8 km, the depth is 100-400m.

Hellish Gorge (Joghki Dzor). Tourism in Armenia

In the gorge there is a beautiful clearing for camping, a stream and, of course, several routes specially equipped for rock climbing.

At a distance of 30 km from Yerevan there is the Garni gorge with rocky walls made of basalt stones.

Garni Gorge. Tourism in Armenia

Because of its uniqueness, the gorge is called “Symphony of Stones”, the beauty of which is beyond words. The basalt pillars originated from volcanic lava. When viewed from afar, the gorge looks like a huge organ (musical instrument). The gorge stretches along the Azat River, its total length is 55m. Tourist buses stop far from the gorge, so you have to walk there or you can rent a car in Yerevan and drive straight to the gorge.

One of the most popular routes for climbers is Mount Khustup, the highest peak of the Khustup-Katari ridge.

The height of the summit is 3206 m. The ascent is not easy, but you will not have a lifetime of impressions.

Tourism in Armenia: how to get to Armenia from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Where to stay and what to visit in various types of tourism.

Traveling light

What is this

Let's get to the most interesting places that no sightseeing bus can reach

Trekking every day: in the mountains, reserves, lakes, forests and gorges

Let's get acquainted with amazing Armenian cuisine, history and traditions

Let's swim in the cold mountain lake Sevan

Let's climb an extinct volcano

We will visit the famous Tatev Monastery and get to it along one of the longest cable cars in the world

We will see ancient fortresses, monasteries and temples

Let's climb the highest mountain in Armenia - Aragats, to a height of 3,879 meters!

It's also a great opportunity to make new acquaintances and friends!

“The best meat is on bones, the best land is on stones” - this ancient Armenian proverb has a deep meaning. The stony soil of ancient Hayastan gives unusually generous fruits, the key word for describing which is “ancient”. The great culture of Urartu, whose letters have not yet been deciphered, three thousand-year-old gastronomic traditions and even the world's oldest knotted carpet - all this is Armenia. Heir to ancient Anatolia and the very first Christian country that exists on the planet today.

As for the present, since 2001 the number of visitors to Armenia has been steadily increasing from year to year by about a quarter. Still would! After all, Armenia is duduk and barbecue, churchkhela and lavash, carpets and Lake Sevan, noble mountains and dense green forests, apricots, Ararat - brandy and a mountain, hospitality, toasts ... And also - countless ancient monasteries, one of the main tourist attractions - Tatev , Noravank, Haghartsin, Geghard. However, it is possible to list for a long time, but you should see Armenia with your own eyes, taste and enjoy its aromas.

Regions and Resorts of Armenia

There are 48 cities and towns in Armenia with architectural and historical monuments of different eras, one famous ski resort in the whole of Transcaucasia and several therapeutic balneological ones.

Cities of Armenia

The capital of Armenia, Yerevan is a very ancient and beautiful city. Most of the buildings here are built of pink tuff, which is why it is called the "Pink City" Yerevan is very compact, you can easily get around it on foot. The ruins of an ancient Roman fortress, a Turkish fort of the 16th century, and numerous churches have been preserved here.

The second largest Armenian city is Gyumri. It is located almost on the very border with Turkey and is known for its military history. There is the "Black Fortress" of 1837, which defended the city during the Russian-Turkish war, and the picturesque Aparan reservoir is located nearby. The city itself is very beautiful and green; there are reserve quarters in which nothing has changed since the 19th century.

The third largest city in Armenia, Vanadzor, is located in the basin between the Pambak and Bazum ranges. In Vanadzor, it is very convenient to combine cultural recreation with health benefits: there are medieval monasteries, as well as mineral springs, around which clinics specializing in mud and hydrotherapy have been built. All the details about the cities and resorts of Armenia - on the page "The subtleties of tourism".

Medical and balneological resorts

Armenian health resorts are, first of all, mineral springs and clean mountain air.

Among the huge number of countries to which a modern tourist can go, beautiful Armenia stands out brightly. This is a country that conquers every traveler not only with an amazingly versatile and contrasting culture, but also with delicious cuisine, extraordinary beauty of landscapes, many sights and monuments of antiquity.

A pleasant bonus to this is the country's transport accessibility for Russian citizens: a visa-free regime has been established between the states, which means that to cross the border, an ordinary tourist will only need a foreign passport, and more recently it has become possible to visit the country even with a Russian one. passport.

Geographical information

The full official name of the country is the Republic of Armenia (hereinafter RA), it is located on the territory of the Transcaucasus, occupying an area of ​​almost 30 thousand km 2: the northern part of Western Asia, the northeastern part of the Armenian Highlands. The RA is landlocked, on the south side it borders with Iran, in the north - with Georgia, in the west - with Turkey, and in the east - with Azerbaijan and the NKR (unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic).

  • Population: 2,986,100;
  • Density: 100 people per 1 km 2;
  • Capital: Yerevan
  • Languages: the official language is Armenian, over 70% of the population speaks Russian;
  • Religion: more than 93% of the population are Christians, Islam and Yezidism are less widespread;
  • Currency: Armenian dram (AMD) - 1 ruble = 7,374 AMD.


Due to the large number of altitude differences, the climatic conditions in the country are different. RA is located in subtropical latitudes, but the subtropical climate does not dominate everywhere: it is clearly expressed in the southern part of the state (the city of Meghri), in other regions, a high-altitude or continental climate dominates, which is characterized by hot summers and cold winters. On the territory of the plains, the air temperature in summer fluctuates between 20 and 25 C o, in winter the temperature can drop to -5 C o. Those regions of the country on which mountains of medium elevation are located (medium mountains - 1000-1500 m above sea level) are characterized by temperature drops from -10 in winter to +20 C o - in summer.

The largest amount of precipitation occurs in Syunik and Lori regions, where most of the land is covered with forests.

How to get there?

Today, the easiest way to get to Armenia from Russia is air travel. Previously used direct rail links between Armenia and Russia have been closed. For those who are not looking for easy ways, there is an opportunity to get into the country by personal transport, but for this you will have to cross the borders of countries such as Georgia or Iran.

By plane

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