Exhibition Tourism in Bashkiria: new routes of the republic

Snow kingdom

Active rest on a mountain estate in the very center of the South Urals with a varied program of natural objects. We offer you to try various forms of movement in nature: on horseback and on catamarans, on foot and by bus. The route is accessible to people with different skill levels.

What will we do on the tour

We will see the panorama of the Ural mountain ranges and taiga.

We will taste wild onboard honey, the national drink of Bashkir kumis.

Let's get acquainted with a unique monument of the Paleolithic era - the Shulgan-Tash cave (Kapova cave).

Let's get acquainted with the harness and carry out a horse-riding trip through the slabs and Mount Kyzylskaya in the vicinity of the village. Kaga overlooking the ridges of Sredny Krak, the Bash-Tau ridge, the boundaries of the Bashkir State Reserve.

We will take a tour of the city of Ufa (main objects: Salavat Yulaev Square, Friendship Monument, Salavat Yulaev Garden, Theater Square, Gostiny Dvor, S. Aksakov Garden, First Cathedral Mosque, ski centers , Hippodrome "Akbuzat", Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary).

We will visit the Jasper Room exhibition; Lemonarius; La-La Tulip Mosque is a unique religious building that has no analogues in the world.



10. 0 local time (difference with Moscow time + 2 hours) in Ufa, the central entrance of the Ufa Department Store (Prospekt Oktyabrya, 31).

Bus trip to the high-mountainous part of Bashkiria to the mining village of Kaga (300 km).

It's great that we are all here today! Something like this could be expressed the mood of those who came yesterday to the VDNKh site in Ufa. Yesterday there was an exhibition Tourism in Bashkiria, which was organized by the State Committee of Bashkortostan for Entrepreneurship and Tourism and the Profi portal. ravel as part of the Know Ours project. To acquaint potential partners, to tell tourists about interesting tourist destinations of our vast homeland - such a good goal was for the organizers of this workshop.

Of course, I couldn't miss such an event. Having shifted a little (geographically and semantically) towards the glorious city of Sochi, I nevertheless consider our republic a very interesting tourist cluster. Bashkiria has great potential for the development of domestic and inbound tourism. And I was very pleased to meet my colleagues in the travel business at this exhibition, who have already made a tangible contribution to this business and continue to move on their course.

I was happy to learn about new accommodation facilities and new tourist routes in our republic. Representatives from other regions of Russia were also noticed at the exhibition. In general, yesterday's event turned out to be very useful and inspiring for me.

And now - about all this in more detail.

This is not Syria, this is Bashkiria

The richness of our spaces

So, at the beginning of one of the presentations on the Republic of Bashkortostan, dry numbers were given, which, however, impressed me. I found out that on the territory of the republic are located:

  • 1 biosphere reserve “Bashkir Ural”,
  • 3 state nature reserves (“Bashkir”, “Shulgan-Tash” and “South Ural”),
  • 1 national park "Bashkiria",
  • 4 natural parks: "Asly-Kul", "Kandry-Kul", "Muradymovskoe gorge", "Iremel"
  • 29 state nature reserves (including 17 zoological, 3 landscape, 9 botanical)
  • 179 natural monuments
  • 1 Botanical Garden-Institute of the Ufa Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • 7 districts of mountain-sanitary protection of health-improving areas and resorts

An impressive list, isn't it? And so that as many tourists as possible knew about these riches of the region, representatives of the authorities and the tourism industry (to put it simply - officials and businessmen) discussed yesterday:

  • The main vectors of tourism development in the Republic of Bashkortostan: the direction of state policy on the creation of tourism clusters in the region
  • Promotion of tourism opportunities in Bashkortostan on the federal tourism market: accents, tools, plans for the future
  • Distribution of a tourist product: how to include Bashkortostan in the assortment of the largest federal operators

Bashkir tourist clusters: new and well forgotten old

As I noticed, a fashionable term is now actively adopted in our republic - a tourist cluster. This is an association of organizations providing services in the field of tourism, created on a certain territory. It, a cluster, may include small and large firms that constantly interact with each other. In a broader sense, a cluster is a group consisting of several companies united by a common activity or on a territorial basis.

As far as tourism is concerned, the territorial association "works" here. This is understandable. All popular accommodation facilities and other tourist infrastructure are tied, as a rule, to some beautiful natural place: a lake, river, mountain range, etc. And all these objects are interested in the infrastructure in this place to develop: roads were built (otherwise how will tourists get to them?), new routes were laid (otherwise why go to this place every year?), new opportunities appeared at the resort (that's right, more fun for the same money!)

Tourism in Bashkiria is a seasonal phenomenon. In winter, there are much fewer people who want to walk through the forests and mountains. But the famous tourist and organizer of one-day tours, Valery Kuznetsov, believes that it is also possible to travel in the cold season. But when choosing a route, either distance or the presence of recreation centers near natural attractions comes to the fore.

Valery compiled the top 12 winter routes. They take into account transport accessibility, the availability of recreation centers and entertainment.

Askinskaya ice cave and Abzanovskiy ice waterfall

I think this is one of the best options for winter hiking - both affordable and spectacular. The cave is located not far from Ufa, and from the southern bush - Sterlitamak, Salavat. That is, you can get by with a one-day trip. At the same time, get a good impression of the contemplation of the ice kingdom with giant ancient icicles.

Winter is the optimal time for Askinskaya. In summer it is already hot, and because of the flow of tourists who bring in the heat, the ice inside is melting more intensively. This is harmful not only for the cave itself, but also unsafe for tourists. Sucks can break off from above, underfoot due to melting ice it is wet and slippery. And in winter, even half of China's backwaters inside - nothing will happen to her. Icicles begin to grow and reach their maximum at the end of March.

This year the Russian Geographical Society took the cave under its protection. Now the visit is paid. The entrance fee is 100 rubles, the guide is another 100 rubles. Everything is equipped in the cave - there are bridges, lighting.

Along with the cave, you can see the Abzanovsky waterfall, located nearby. In summer, there is nothing to do near it - small streams inconspicuously flow down on the moss, and in winter they freeze, turning into an impressive fringe resembling a beard.

Cave - Arkhangelsk region, village Askino. Waterfall - Arkhangelsk region, Abzanovo village.

Aigir Rocks

At the time of my youth, people went to Aygir only in summer, and now this place has become a cult place. Tourists are drawn to it all year round. The fact that a tourist center appeared there made this place even more attractive. This is a good example when a landmark and the existing infrastructure work for each other. Since there is a base, it attracts more people. More people - more information about the object itself, word of mouth turns on.

The anchor attraction is, of course, the Aigir Rocks, which are also called the Shurale's Teeth, the Eagle's Nest. The ascent to them, though steep, but short, is within the power of many tourists. From the height, stunning views of the surroundings, the Small and Big Yamantau mountains open up. You can go to the Borisov stoves - the owners of the camp site support the path in winter. The ascent to the rocks is always trodden. It is good to walk on the ice of the Maly Inzer River. In the summer they are rafted along it, and in the winter the rapids freeze freakishly. You can walk along the river to the Blue Rocks.

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