Excursion tours in the USA

Tourism in the USA

Ecotourism is not just an exotic trip. This is support for nature conservation activities. It's about reuniting and watching wildlife.

Today travel has become available to everyone. Do you want to wander around Kilimanjaro? A plane will take you to the desired point. A weekend in Boston? The train is at your service. You can travel by buses, ferries and private cars. The developing transport sector gives us the opportunity to see the world. But scientific and technological progress should not destroy the environment. To be honest, we are not doing very well with this yet. Ecotourism was invented to make a difference.

Eco-tourism (aka green) differs from conventional travel in its emphasis on conservation. What does this mean?

Ethical behavior of participants, low level of impact on the environment.

Desire to study the history and traditions of local culture and their relationship with the surrounding biological environment.

Provide support for local conservation efforts.

Environmental education for both travelers and locals.

More and more tourist groups go to protected natural areas - on safaris in Africa, surf tours in Bali or the Maldives. Such trips without proper planning can threaten the integrity of ecosystems and local cultures. And then environmental degradation occurs.

And it's not just about nature. Local communities and indigenous cultures can be irreparably damaged by the influx of foreign visitors. And exchange rates, political and social conditions make overdependence on tourism a risky business.

However, the growing interest in travel creates incredible opportunities for the preservation of local communities. Ecotourism is ideally balanced and generates the income needed to protect national parks and other natural areas.

Where to look for ecotourism in the USA and why you need it

In the second part of our article on the specifics of the US travel business, we will learn about hosts and consortia of travel agents, the role of professional associations in the American travel business, and how the traditional American travel industry is resisting the onslaught of online aggregators.

Let us remind you that in the first part - “World practice. How tourism is regulated in the USA ”- we found out that federal regulation of tourist business in the USA is rather general and vague, and the legislation of individual states is much more important.

Among the latter, a group of "travel seller states" stands out, where the tourism industry is regulated by separate laws. At the same time, state oversight of the travel industry is either weakened or strengthened - and in these conditions, the industry can only rely on self-regulation and strong horizontal ties.


First of all, it is worth clarifying that there is no legislative distinction between a "tour operator" and a "travel agent" in the United States - even in the legislation of 11 states of "travel sellers" only in 4 cases the tour operator is mentioned separately, but not described in detail ... The “default” tour operator in the US is usually a large selleroftravel (“travel seller”) who sells ready-made travel packages in the B2B market.

A tour operator, of course, can sell its tour packages to individuals and himself - on the website or in branded retail, but the key sign is precisely its presence in B2B (wholesale). Tour operators can set up their own charter flights: it is typical that in Hawaii, the state law mentions precisely "charter tour operators" and this separates them from the rest of the "travel sellers".

A travel agent in the USA can sell both tour packages from tour operators and individual travel services (transportation, accommodation, transfer, excursions), at the request of the client, "collecting" them into their own individual package. In US travel agencies, the service of assembling a package from separate elements is paid for (and written in the check) separately. Its average cost is from $ 250 to $ 500. The service, according to experts, is in demand - many Americans, especially when traveling outside the United States, are afraid to miss the self-assembly of all elements of the trip through online aggregators, and prefer (as in other areas of their lives - medicine, law, etc.) .) entrust the question to professionals.

In US travel agencies, the service of assembling a package from individual elements is paid (and written in the check) separately. Its average cost is from $ 250 to $ 500

Such a "travel agency", in theory, has nothing to prevent, having earned money, becoming a "tour operator" - putting on stream the layout of the best-selling packages, developing B2B sales and then growing to charters. In practice, the status of a tour operator in the United States implies very voluntary financial obligations to tourists, but more on that later.

The US tour operator and travel agency business is closely tied to the pervasive activities of hierarchical networks and professional associations. These organizations form complex but highly effective horizontal connections in the American travel business. Now it is they who allow the ecosystem of traditional tourism in the United States to effectively self-regulate and develop. And, ultimately, successfully resist the onslaught of global online booking systems.


In the form in which we see it now, this ecosystem has developed after the large-scale crisis of 1997 in the American tourism industry. After Delta Airlines, and then almost all airlines in the country refused to pay agents a commission for ticket sales (and the ticket business occupied a considerable share in their commission income), about 85-90% of the then existing travel agencies left the market in two or three years. A large-scale reformatting of the travel agency market followed the path of “atomization” and the formation of network hierarchical structures. As a result, tens of thousands of individual “travel sellers” work in the country (in our reality, these are individual entrepreneurs), united in so-called. "Hosts" (hosts), and at the next level - in consortia.

Nadezhda Yastrzhembskaya, owner of the travel agency Aurora Cruises & Travel in the United States, tells ATOR Vestnik that today about 95% of travel agents in the United States work from home. Typically, there are two or three travel agency offices in a mid-sized American city, the rest being "home", "family" and "personal" agents.

Ecotourism is not just an exotic journey. This is support for nature conservation activities. It's about reuniting and watching wildlife. Why do we think this is important? Today travel has become available to everyone. Do you want to wander around Kilimanjaro? A plane will take you to the desired point. A weekend in Boston? The train is at your service. You can travel by buses, ferries and private cars. Developing transport sector

Holidays in the USA? Sounds weird? Why not? Yes, tourism in the United States is not the most profitable sector of the economy. Nevertheless, the tourist has something to see in this vast country. Today we will just open a new page in our online encyclopedia dedicated to the United States and tell you what tourism is like in the American way.

Tourism in the United States has long been a coveted goal for true adventurers. Here, adventurers have a lot to turn around - the territory of the United States stretches from Alaska to Hawaii and contains all climatic zones. And vacation in the USA is possible not only in sunny California. To see absolutely everything that the whole nature of our planet is rich in - glaciers, mountain ranges, Great Plains, Great Lakes, deserts and semi-deserts - it is enough to drive this country from the northernmost to the southernmost point.

This is not just the world's most developed entertainment industry, everything is the most: the largest nightclub Billy Bob's Texas, designed for 6,000 people or more; the largest indoor stadium on the planet, the Superdome, with a capacity of almost a million people; the largest amusement park - Walt Disney World, whose area is more than 11.3 thousand hectares, which is 2 times larger than the entire Manhattan island in New York!

USA: the best

It takes too much time to list all the largest in the world that is located in America. This list will include such diverse objects as a casino (17.9 square kilometers), a safari park (several tens of square kilometers), a hotel (5005 rooms), a beach (61 km), an aquarium (more than 500 species of fish), a bridge ( 34.8 km), a monument (192 m high gate), a volcano (17 km); and even in the list of "most-most", begun by Guinness, the United States became the most-most!

Adrenaline Industry

Tourism in the United States is characterized by a rather expensive "adrenaline industry" - as you know, in terms of GDP and GNP, the United States ranks first in the world. In the richest country, they know how to make money literally out of thin air. Even the income from the sale of Hollywood films in the early 2000s. exceeded the income from the activities of the military-industrial complex.

Some historians say that America has been a goldmine for all earnings and adventure seekers since gold was discovered in California in 1848. Others argue that much earlier - from 1565, when the first European settlement was founded in America. For its territory, large-scale wars broke out between Spain, England, Holland and France, which mastered new lands, driving out the indigenous people from them - the Indians, or attracting them to their side.

Those who managed to put down roots in these lands passed on to their descendants a special spirit of independence and freedom. He lives in hundreds of epic novels written around the world about the legendary conquest of the Wild West, he reigns on the once desert prairies, and now in the American metropolitan areas, to this day. Apparently, the muse of epic poetry Calliope settled on one of these prairies, if among all the dizzying successes of America, the history of their country remains the greatest source of pride for Americans.

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As in any major country, tourism in the United States is one of the main sources of income. Millions of people come to the country every year to experience the culture and sights. Not only foreigners travel around the country, but also the Americans themselves.

Types of Tourism in the USA

America is a land of vast areas and vast resources. Therefore, the development of tourism in the United States goes in several directions. It is worth saying that America is the second most visited country in the world after Europe. The annual income of this sector of the economy exceeds one hundred billion dollars a year. There are six types of tourism in the United States:

  • beach ;
  • alpine skiing ;
  • environmental ;
  • event ;;
  • business ;
  • excursion and educational.

In territorial terms, it is impossible to single out the main areas of tourism in the United States, each part of the country is notable for its own interesting places and events. Americans themselves are very respectful of their history and historical monuments, and they are always, like any nation in principle, happy when residents of other states and cultures show interest in their historical lands and events.

Beach tourism

Recreation and tourism in the United States in the representation of not only the Americans themselves, but also the guests of the country are inextricably linked with visiting beaches and national water parks. At any time of the day on the golden coast you can meet people who, covered with a hat, peacefully sunbathe on the sand or splash merrily in the warm ocean. The main directions for lovers of water treatments are well known. This is Miami Beach, Tampa, Palm Beach, located in the hottest state - Florida. If you want something more exotic, vibrant and fun, you can go to Hawaii. Among several dozen of the Hawaiian archipelago, you can choose an island to your liking and settle comfortably in one of the many luxury hotels.

The California coast, the most popular in the world, also always welcomes travelers. On the beaches of Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Long Beach, San Diego, you can even find Hollywood stars of the first magnitude and supermodels.

Ski holidays

There are a lot of beaches in America, but there are even more ski resorts, which are scattered almost throughout the country, even in California. The Appalachian Mountains are the oldest ski resort located about three hundred kilometers from Boston. The oldest trails with a length of about forty kilometers are ready to provide tourists with routes of any difficulty level. The spread of height in these places is from 600 to 900 meters. It is interesting to spend time here not only for adults. Children will find fun in the largest sports parks in America. There are about two hundred trails and 32 lifts in Appalachia. You can ride all day until you get tired. For beginners, it is better to use the services of professional trainers.

One hundred kilometers from New York Albany Airport - and you will find yourself in the delightful Lake Placid Park. This is a national park with a large number of ski slopes, about thirty, more than 40 kilometers long, modern lifts. For fans of extreme sports in the form of a snowboard, special tracks are also built. There are several trails for regular cross-country skiing. A distinctive feature of this ski park, almost every American will call sports facilities of the Olympic level.

Ecology and excursions

Cultural tourism in the United States is inextricably linked with visiting attractions, which, contrary to popular belief, are also numerous in America. Most tourists do not see any significant cultural monuments, since America is a relatively young country. And there is something to see.

Despite the fact that the United States is a fairly young state, with practically no monuments of ancient civilizations, tourism in the United States is very attractive for residents of various states. I especially want to highlight the natural parks, with dizzying canyons, colorful hills, clean lakes and rich flora and fauna.

Cities with modern infrastructure, skyscraper quarters, and rich cultural life are no less interesting. Excursions in the USA are offered on various topics, but I liked the educational tours with a lot of transfers.

How to Travel America

It is preferable to arrive in America by plane to New York - this city should in no case be missed by travelers, especially when first meeting the country. It is also convenient to plan a further route from New York. It's better to get around America:

Important: It is best to combine long distance flights with a rental car within a short radius.

A convenient method of traveling in America is buying package tours, where travel agencies think over the route, order buses, plane tickets, hotels along the entire route.

Major cities in America

New York

Even if the tourist doesn't go anywhere else, acquaintance with this wonderful city and its surroundings is enough for the first visit to the country. You can look at the Statue of Liberty, take a walk in Central Park. From the observation deck of the Empire State Building, a magnificent view of the city opens; on Broadway there is another famous skyscraper - Woolworth Building.

New York City has excellent opportunities for history and culture lovers. Here are some of the world's best museums - the Metropolitan Museum and the Guggenheim Museum with paintings by famous artists of the XIX-XX centuries. (Warhol, Picasso, Kandinsky, Pollack, Chagall, Van Gogh, etc.). History lovers should not pass by the Natural History Museum - the largest repository of artifacts from world events from different eras.

In the evening, a walk along Broadway is obligatory, with a possible visit to one of the musicals.

Usually, tourists in New York are offered an excursion to Niagara Falls (about 600 km) and Washington (about 400 km). I chose nature and did not regret it.

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