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Good afternoon, friends! Now air traffic between the countries is practically paralyzed and no one undertakes to predict when everything will return to normal. This means that one cannot dream of visiting distant foreign resorts on vacation.

But don't be upset. On the contrary, this is a great reason to pack up your backpack and go to explore the interesting corners of our Motherland. Just before that, do not forget to visit the online travel equipment store and buy everything you need to travel. This article will introduce you to the best of them.

Rating of the best travel online stores

Today, almost every outlet has a site in the network and delivers within the country and abroad. But not all of them do their job really well. Let's make a rating of the best from the variety.

Top Online Travel Stores

For clarity, look at the table that reflects ratings on Yandex. the arcade of the ten largest stores.

The AlpIndustria climbing store was established in 1991 as part of Russia's first sports and production cooperative for high-rise work. Now it is a network of 25 partner establishments.

The catalog contains over 200 brands. There is a discount program and free delivery to the regions for purchases from 5,000 rubles. There is even a “Mountain Club” with training in mountaineering.

The 10Points group of companies includes three sites: "Green Sea" - goods for tourism and camping; Predelanet. u - ski specialization; “10 Points” - cycling.

There is a huge assortment on the pages. There are about 900 tents alone! Order from 15,000 rubles. free of charge will be brought to the point of issue in 65 cities.

The Sport Marathon offers everything for skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, rock climbing, camping and travel. This store has at least 300 top brands of equipment. Everyone in the team is fond of sports, and you can always get professional advice on a matter of interest.

30 best online travel equipment stores

Hello to all lovers of tourism and hiking!

Camping promises a lot of new impressions. Tourism is not only beneficial for physical health. It helps to restore peace of mind and finally escape from the bustle of the city. What can compare to a chilly evening under a starry sky in the woods by a crackling fire, where a campfire is heated in a bowler hat?

Even a small weekend trip has to be carefully planned and equipped. Various things and tools may come in handy during the hike, but it is not possible to take all the essentials from home with you. The luggage will be overwhelming, so you have to get out and choose special gadgets that are designed specifically for the camping life of a tourist. I present to your attention a selection of devices from China that will come in handy on a hike.

Inexpensive tactical kit

You need to take a lot of things on a hike, but you don't want to carry extra weights on yourself either. The best way out is to take a tactical kit with you, which includes a bunch of useful things:

  • Two knives (one of them is multifunctional);
  • Flashlight;
  • Handle;
  • Compass; <
  • Metal ruler;
  • Whistle;
  • Keychain.

All these devices are packed in a compact case-case with a lock. The set can be thrown into a hiking backpack. It will not add weight to the luggage, but everything you need will always be at hand.

Liter waterproof bag

A waterproof bag is useful not only if you plan to swim across the river with your luggage. During the hike, you may also encounter unpredictable phenomena, such as rain, for example. There is nothing worse than a walk in wet clothes, even in hot summer. It takes a long time to dry it: until the fire of damp firewood flares up, until the improvised dryer on homemade supports finally falls into place, and things will dry for more than one hour.

In this case, you need a change of dry clothes, and such a waterproof bag will take care of its safety. It can be rolled up into a compact roller as unnecessary and simply put into one of the side pockets of the backpack. The bag will hardly add weight to the luggage, and, if necessary, will save you from colds.

Now this device has a very good 28% discount ?

Reliable tactical watch

Set of charger + battery for 18650 Fenix ​​3500U mAh Fenix ​​ARE-X11 NEW

Features: Maximum load - 130 kg Weight - 3.2 kg Frame - aluminum with decorative coating Dimensions (LxWxH) - 95x62x94 cm

Travel Wallet is a compact and roomy wallet with many functional pockets and compartments. Velcro closure provides easy access to the inside. A suitable choice for travel and everyday use.

A secret compartment for travelers. Simply attach it to your belt and flip it inside and your money and documents will be with you and in complete safety. - black or brown color, belts to match the belt - two compartments - padded lining Material: Microrip Lite Weight: 20 grams H x W: 11 x 16 cm

Features: the multi-tool is designed for barbecuing this model has 4 functions for sale there are 3 color options for the handle of the tool the tool weighs 260 g the base material for the components - steel 430 length when folded is 22.6 mm the tool is sold with a cover. Characteristics: Blade material: stainless steel Steel grade: SS.

The Aviant Access 55 is designed for those who prefer a backpack to their suitcase on their travels. The outer compartment is designed like a suitcase, so things are easy to pack, as well as easy and quick to find what you need. The straps and waist belt, if necessary, are closed with a special zippered panel for more secure transportation. In such.

The Deuter Freerider Lite is a light version of the popular Freerider. Smaller volume, lightweight, compact design and a high level of functionality make this backpack convenient not only for excursions into the off-piste space, but also for resort skiing on prepared slopes. Convenient avalanche equipment compartment provides quick access.

The Freerider 30 is a lightweight and functional backpack for freeriding and one-day ski touring. A special compartment for avalanche equipment on the front side allows you to quickly and easily retrieve what you need. An additional entrance to the main compartment through the rear panel allows easy access even with skis or snowboards attached to the backpack. Minimalistic.

The Deuter StepOut 22 is a mid-sized, sporty urban backpack. The spacious main compartment can easily accommodate all your essentials, while the secondary compartment can accommodate a laptop up to 15 inches. The comfortable back and padded shoulder straps provide an excellent combination of a comfortable fit on the body and effective ventilation. A suitable choice.

The Deuter Vista Skip is a lightweight and compact backpack that will help you carry your belongings in style and comfort in your everyday city life. Small and neat volume contains everything you need. The main fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles for a more sustainable production.

The Deuter Walker 20 is a roomy urban backpack with a hiking-inspired design. Stylish appearance is organically combined with a high level of comfort and functionality: ventilated back, padded shoulder straps and convenient pockets. A practical choice for city and light travel.

The Deuter Walker 24 is a roomy urban backpack with a hiking-inspired design. Stylish appearance seamlessly combines with a high level of comfort and functionality: ventilated back, padded shoulder straps, convenient pockets and laptop compartment. A practical choice for city and light travel.

Mosquito jacket Eva NW. 50002 is useful for fishermen, hunters and mushroom pickers. It will provide reliable protection against mosquitoes, ticks and other annoying insects. The jacket can be easily put on over ordinary clothes and serves as a camouflage function. The universal size of the model will suit any user.

Eva NW mosquito pants. 50003 will be useful for summer residents, tourists, hunters and fishermen. They are designed to protect the feet from pesky insect bites. The product has a universal size, making it suitable for any user. The pants are made of high-quality mesh polyester, thanks to which they are designed for long-term use.

The FEEDER CONCEPT AM-6503 Bandana Scarf is used to protect the face and neck from wind and sun.

Does not require tying while wearing.

Made of polyester for a long service life.

Jacket HOODY FEEDER CONCEPT 02 р. AMFC-411-02M is designed to be worn in cool weather.

The hood protects from rain and wind.

The central zip closure saves time when putting on and taking off your jacket.

Side pockets can be used to store items that need quick access.

FEEDER CONCEPT JOGGERS Pants 05 р. XL AMFC-412-05XXL are used in summer for outdoor activities.

Made of wear-resistant and water-resistant material, which guarantees a long service life.

Side pockets can be used to store items that need quick access.

McNett Aquasure Polyurethane Adhesive & Sealant is designed for bonding neoprene, rubber, leather, fiberglass and more. Seals holes, cuts and cracks. Restores worn surfaces. When solidified, it becomes elastic.

Camping equipment has a direct impact on successful travel, and the same can be said for clothing. The number of shops specializing in the sale of tourist items is amazing, if you need to buy clothes for tourism, then you must clearly understand where you will apply them and how intensively you will have to move.

Most beginners prefer thick cotton products, and this is their mistake. Of course, it is practical and comfortable, but during active movement you will have to "sweat" and then your suit will surely absorb moisture, while it will become heavy and begin to restrain your movements. Therefore, it is better to opt for a tracksuit that contains polyester and lycra. This material does not absorb moisture, and the excess vapor is discharged outside, where it evaporates. Thanks to these clothes, you will always be comfortable and comfortable.

When choosing clothing for tourism, you should pay attention to the following indicators:

When walking, the seams should not irritate and chafe the skin, the same applies to the fabric. Hiking clothing should not be baggy, but at the same time, it should be loose enough. Choose products that fit your figure and then you will be as comfortable as possible.

Clothing for tourism should combine strength and lightness, as well as be water-repellent. Hiking gear should be easy to wash and dry in minutes.

  • Hygroscopic properties

Moisture must be removed to the outer layer of the product to allow it to evaporate. Thanks to this, tourist clothing will not become heavier and will be able to maintain thermal performance.

  • Compliance

Also, when choosing clothes for hiking, you should pay attention to:

  • The cut of the product (it must be anatomical);
  • The quality of the seams;
  • Equipping the zippers with ventilation;
  • Zippers should keep moisture out;
  • Mesh inserts for ventilation;
  • Places of contact with equipment should be reinforced with durable fabric.

When choosing a color for hiking clothes for summer, it is better to stick to light shades, as they do not attract the sun's rays. It is also desirable to have couplers that will allow you to "plant" the product according to the figure. In addition, reflective inserts will guarantee your safety.

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