Ethno-tour in Adygea

Multi-asset in Adygea

The Adygea Committee for Tourism and Resorts, together with a number of tourist organizations and public associations, is preparing a series of events dedicated to the World Tourism Day, which is celebrated on September 27.

"In Adygea, the tourism industry is one of the most promising, every year a large number of tourists come to admire the beauty of the mountainous Adygea, so the World Tourism Day in the republic is becoming a national holiday celebrated by people of different ages by participating in festive tourist events", - noted the Chairman of the RA Committee on Tourism and Resorts Inver Kalashaov.

On September 28, on the Friendship Square in Maykop, the RA Sports Tourism Federation will organize a festival of active sports, and next week - climbing the mountain peaks. The RA Rafting and Water Sports Federation will hold the Open Rafting Cup of the Republic of Adygea on September 27-28 on the Belaya River. In the village of Kamennomostsky, the regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society will hold an archaeological festival on September 27.

The Khadzhokh gorge in the village of Kamennomostsky will host a big tourist holiday, and Maikop tourists will gather for a festive bonfire on Lysaya Polyana on Mount Nagiezh in the capital of Adygea.

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World Tourism Day will be celebrated in Adygea

Where to go

As always, to choose the next trip before the vacation, I came to AC-travel. Manager Ivan, knowing that I prefer the North of Russia, immediately dumbfounded by suggesting to consider the South, but not at all stuck.

It turns out that summer vacations in the mountains are gaining more and more popularity, and in the discussion of options, it turned out that I was really interested in Adygea. Well, go ahead for a new experience!

What is Adygea

Adygea is a small (8 thousand sq. km, 450 thousand inhabitants) Caucasian republic in the south of Russia, surrounded on all sides by the Krasnodar Territory. The republic is named after the Circassian people, historically better known as the Circassians. With them, Russia waged the Caucasian Wars in 1763-1864.

If the northern part of Adygea is flat, the southern part is made up of the foothills and mountains of the Greater Caucasus. The mountainous part of Adygea, together with the neighboring territories of the Krasnodar Territory and Karachay-Cherkessia, is included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List. I need it there.

Where to live

Despite the large selection of tourist centers and hotels in Adygea, it is not easy to find one that combines comfortable accommodation with a thoughtful, rich excursion and entertainment program. We chose Base Earth in the village of Kamennomostsky (Khadzhokh).

But since I came to pick up the tour rather late, and "Base Earth" is very popular, there were no more places left at the base. But there was a choice of accommodation outside the base with varying degrees of distance and comfort. A comfortable cottage on Aminovskaya street was chosen.

How to get there

Of course, you can independently drive to Adygea (one and a half thousand kilometers from Moscow). But it is much easier both from the capital and from the regions to reach or fly to Krasnodar. The tour package includes a transfer (delivery) from Krasnodar airport or railway station (by prior arrangement). The transfer takes less than three hours.

Main impressions

Amazing reliefs of mountainous Adygea, the rapid Belaya river, mountain plateaus and forest coolness. Horseback riding, rafting, hiking, fresh waterfalls, extreme park, canyoning, cave trip and bathing in hot springs.

This trip is perfect for those who like a variety of outdoor activities. And also for those who come to the beautiful Adygea for the first time. A great reboot and the opportunity to relax with the whole family.

You can go for all 9 days or less - everyone chooses for himself. The exact cost of the program is calculated depending on the number of days.

What will we do on the tour

We live in guest houses and every day we try new activities from the list:

- walking (with children from 0 years old)

- horseback riding (possible with children from 0 years old)

- rafting on a mountain river (possible with children from 5 years old)

- rock climbing (possible with children from 7 years old)

- canyoning (possible with children from 6 years old)

- extreme park (allowed with children from 5 years old)

- excursion to an equipped cave (you can take children from 0 years old)

Diverse tour includes the most complete geography of adventures in mountainous Adygea. The difference between the multi-asset is two bright two-day expeditions to the highlands. An adventure expedition with us means the absence of heavy backpacks and a comfortable shelter in the mountains. Vivid impressions will be replaced by a cozy forest hotel and night geothermal water procedures. Believe me, there will be no time to get bored.

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Tour program

We are accommodated in cozy rooms of our base, we have a rest, have a delicious dinner, get acquainted with the instructors.

This evening you can go to the bathhouse, grill barbecue (additional fee).

In general, relax and feel like you are in the mountains!

The group will be delivered by road to the beginning of the route (20 km).

We will walk along the canyon of the Meshoko River, along its stone ledges, boulders, passages, where each time the "rock bag" is closed by a beautiful waterfall, with clean, but not cold water.

We will overcome the waterfalls of the mountain river using specials. equipment.

There is a full range of attractions here: caves, rocks, grottoes, waterfalls, panoramic points and even an ancient man's site!

After the route - return to the base, lunch.

In the afternoon, we continue our real adventures within safety!

Each region is inextricably linked with the people, whose history took place on its territory. It is here, in Adygea, that the most beautiful customs of the Circassians, national etiquette, the subtleties of the Circassian cuisine and true love for the Motherland were born and are still transmitted. The traditional hospitality and charm of the Caucasus nature will win your hearts and fall in love with Adygea without a doubt!

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Tour program

10:00 Gathering the group at the railway station in Krasnodar.

11:00 Gathering of the group at the airport in Krasnodar.

13:00 Arrival in the village. Kamennomostsky. Accommodation in rooms with all conveniences.

14:00 Lunch. Acquaintance of the group with the guide-instructor.

15:00 Excursion to the canyon of the Belaya river "Khadzhokh gorge" - a natural attraction of the village of Kamennomostsky.

The gorge is part of the Great Khadzhokh Canyon. This is a winding crevice in the rocks above the Belaya River. The length of the gorge is 400 m, the depth is about 40 m, the width in different areas ranges from 2 to 7 m.

19:00 Trip to thermal springs. Swimming in outdoor pools with running hot water, saturated with minerals from natural bowels. The water temperature in the pools is up to 40 ° C.

Silicon waters of the thermal spring help in the treatment of a number of diseases, increase immunity, strengthen the nervous system and are used for cosmetic purposes.

9:00 Breakfast.

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