Ethnographic tourism in Belarus

Tourist complexes of Belarus for the whole family

Recreation and tourism in Belarus is diverse, despite the fact that this country is landlocked and beach activities for tourists are available here only on the picturesque banks of rivers and lakes.

Tourism in Belarus is an excellent choice for families. The best places in Belarus for tourism are cities with a long history, dozens of sights, old estates and monasteries. These are the newest ski complexes, hundreds of hotels and restaurants, where guests are always welcome. Belarus is distinguished by its hospitality towards travelers - tourists are helped in everything, they are treated with trust, and there is no language barrier.

Belarus is a small cozy country, which is called "the lungs of Europe" because of its untouched nature: forests, fields, lakes. But not only nature is the pride of this state: rich history, distinctive culture, magnificent sanatoriums, ecologically clean products. She is able to surprise and conquer. So isn't it time to go on a trip to Belarus, especially since you don't need a visa or a passport to visit Belarus.

How to get to Belarus?

The distance from Moscow to Minsk is 675 km, and only 433 km from Kiev to Minsk, so you can get there in various ways:




By car from Moscow to Minsk you can get along the M1 highway, the travel time will be about 9 hours, the distance is 717 km.

Where to stay?

Belarus is focused on budget holidays. Therefore, the country has a huge number of cozy hostels, inexpensive all-inclusive holiday homes and guest houses.

The cost of a daily stay is from $ 10.

More whimsical travelers can choose from hotels, hotels, boarding houses: from $ 20 per day.

Tourism in Belarus

Do you want to spend your weekend in Belarus in an informative and unusual way? Not only to see the expositions of the museum, but also to make something with your own hands? Or, in addition to the excursion, listen to live music or delight yourself with gastronomic delights?

Trofei. y made my own selection of places for a non-standard and exciting weekend getaway.

Herbal teas from the "Apothecary Garden"

There is a place in the Narochansky National Park where rare medicinal plants are grown. This is the Aptekarskiy Sad excursion and tourist complex. Here they will not only conduct an excursion, but also invite you to the phyto-living room, where you can taste ready-made tea compositions or compose your own recipe.

Visitors usually spend about two hours here, but in summer, weather permitting, they can stay for the whole day. And all because the enchanting nature of Narochan will not let anyone out of here just like that.

Time: 9. 0 - 18. 0. Cost: for adults - 10 rubles, for children - 5 rubles. Address: Minsk region, Myadel district, 1.3 km south of the village of Gatovichi. Phone: +375 (29) 393-34-14, +375 (29) 393-34-59.

Ostrich meat from a farm near the village of Kozische

Lovers of exotic will surely like the ostrich farm near the village of Kozishche near Kobrin. Here, on dozens of hectares, African ostriches are raised for meat, skin and eggs. The guide will tell you in detail about the life of birds, how they are looked after.

And in the cafe on the territory of the farm you can order and taste roast, barbecue and other ostrich dishes. A set lunch for children costs 3.80 rubles, for adults - 9.80 rubles.

Time: 10.0 - 19. 0. Cost: for adults - 4.50 rubles, for children - 3.50 rubles. (excursion). Address: Brest region, Kobrin district, 0.5 km west of the village of Kozishche, or 25 km from Kobrin. Phone: +375 (29) 725-20-00, +375 (16) 427-32-21.

"Active weekend" from the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life

The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in the village of Ozertso is the only skansen museum in Belarus (approx. Skansen - an ethnographic complex - an open-air museum). On the days of national holidays, here you can not only get acquainted with the peculiarities of the culture and life of Central Belarus, the Dnieper and Poozero regions, but also get to some thematic master class.

Family recreation and tourism in Belarus. Interesting places in Belarus, recommended for tourists. Major attractions and recreation parks.

Belarus is an amazing country with a rich history and traditions, amazing nature and impressive architecture. Holidays in Belarus have become really very popular, the number of foreign tourists vacationing in our blue-eyed country is only increasing every year.

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, want to take a break from hard work, or don't know what to do on the weekend? We have a great solution for you!

We offer you several options for tourist complexes, where you can go for the weekend with the whole family.

Agritourism complex "Garadzenski maentak" Karobchytsy

Features of the complex:

  • lots of activities for adults and children;
  • great location;
  • lots of fun activities throughout the year.

"Garadzenski maentak" Karobchytsy "is located only five kilometers from the city of Grodno. If you get to your destination by suburban bus, it will take no more than 35 minutes.

On the territory of the complex there are:

  • large park area;
  • arboretum "Lukomorye";
  • protected area;
  • equestrian club "Amadeus »
  • restaurant, cafe, several gazebos;
  • playgrounds

Excursions. If you want to learn something new, and at the same time surprise your child with something like that, take advantage of the guerrilla camp excursion. You will get a complete and true picture of the military life of our ancestors during the First and Second World War. A tour of the arboretum will allow you to get acquainted with the richness of the Belarusian flora and fauna, make colorful photos on Instagram in the autumn-summer period, as well as take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. And during a tour of the protected area of ​​the complex, you will get acquainted with the life of animals in their natural environment, enjoy the beauty of the fairy-tale forest, and also take an amazing ride on a stagecoach around the vicinity of the complex.

Active rest. If you want to move a little and somehow entertain the children, then the game "Zarnitsa" and laser tag will become your assistants in this matter. For the little ones, there are playgrounds with attractions and swings on the territory of the complex. For those who want to ride a horse, as well as learn this business, you should definitely visit the club "Amadeus".

What are the peculiarities of Belarus for business tourists?

Do not forget about the rich history of Belarus and stunning sights.

Minsk is near

Located in the center of Europe, Belarus occupies a convenient position for tourists. For example, you can get to Minsk from Moscow in about an hour by plane or overnight by train/car. The high frequency of flights, as well as an expanded route network of flights, allow you to choose the most profitable option for moving.

MICE venues in the capital of Belarus

According to official statistics for 2018, there are 587 hotels in Belarus with a total number of more than 20 thousand rooms.

A significant event, thanks to which the renewal and increase in the number of rooms in Minsk, was the World Ice Hockey Championship - 2014. For example, in 2012 there were 28 hotels in the capital, while in 2018 there were functioning in Minsk 52 hotels.

Over the past 5 years, such world players have come to the capital of Belarus as Marriott International with the brands Marriott Hotels and Renaissance Hotels, Hilton Worldwide with the brands Double Tree by Hilton and Hampton Hotels. In April 2019, the first hotel of the hotel operator Accor Hotels will open under the Mercure brand.

Five-star MICE-hotels in Minsk

The hotel is located in the business part of the city in the immediate vicinity of the center and is suitable for organizing a wide variety of events: banquets, meetings, conferences and seminars.

Renaissance Minsk Hotel 5 * has 9 conference rooms with a comfortable business environment. The total area of ​​the conference space is over 940 sq. m. - allows you to accommodate up to 850 people. The hotel has the largest banquet "Ballroom" in Minsk. For rest and immersion in the atmosphere of relaxation, the SPA and wellness club "Renaissance" is provided. This is a place where elegant design and comfortable environment are skillfully combined.

What was Belarus like hundreds of years ago? What makes its culture unique and distinctive? What traditions of Belarusians are known all over the world and what surprises our country for connoisseurs of authentic heritage?

Today in Belarus there are many places where you can touch the ancient Belarusian culture and, at least for a few hours, be transported from the XXI century into the gray history. Among them:

Guests of museums and complexes will see ancient household items and works of decorative and applied art, hear authentic Belarusian songs and get acquainted with ancient dances, taste national cuisine.

In the farmsteads, those who wish will have the opportunity to plunge into the life of the old Belarusian hinterland for a few days. Here they offer walks to the apiary, haymaking, to the forest; culinary workshops on baking, basket weaving or broom knitting; horse riding, fishing, archery, hunting and more.

Folk rituals and holidays in Belarus

On these holidays, festivities and festivals are held in different parts of the country.

You can truly plunge into the history and life of Belarusians by seeing unique folk rituals that have survived only in one area:

One of the most significant holidays of modern Belarus is the festival-fair of village workers "Dazhynki", which takes place every autumn in every region of the country. It combines the modern tradition of honoring the best workers with the folk rituals of the end of the harvest, the harvest.

Folk groups and folk dance ensembles, craftsmen who conduct master classes and present guests with exclusive souvenirs, gather for this bright festival.

Belarusian crafts

The soul of the Belarusian people is also embodied in their artistic crafts, skillful craftsmanship of artisans, which has been passed down from generation to generation.

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