Equestrian tourism in the Russian Federation and other countries

Equestrian tourism in Russia - PROS and CONS

"Baby, we are all a bit of a horse,

each of us has his own horse "

Horseback riding is the best option for those who want to comfortably visit places that ordinary vehicles cannot reach. Equestrian tourism has a lot of advantages and only minor inconveniences that tourists usually easily get used to and, with the right approach, do not even notice. More and more people are ready to replace their relaxing beach vacation with active entertainment that allows them to feel the fullness of life and to understand and test themselves as much as possible.

Usually very calm and well-trained horses are used in horse riding routes. The organizers of horse trips claim that for easy routes, special training from tourists is not required and training in horse management takes place directly on the route.

It happens that outdoor activities are contraindicated for people with disabilities, for example, with leg injuries. However, horseback travel becomes an option for those who can hardly move themselves, but want to lead an active lifestyle.

What is Equestrian Tourism?

This is an active holiday with the use of animals - horses, donkeys, camels and even elephants. Equestrian tourism includes concepts such as

1) horseback riding or walks (up to 1 day with return to the stable)

2) Horseback riding (from 1 day with stops at special bases or in tents on the route)

Horse routes are accompanied by escort, when things and food are delivered separately from the main group of tourists on separate animals or, if there is such an opportunity, on cars)

Equestrian tourism in Russia - PROS and CONS

As a separate direction, equestrian tourism has developed quite recently, however, in the territories where horses were originally bred for daily use, it is quite developed. On the territory of the Russian Federation, you can travel on horseback in such places as:

  • Adygea and Krasnodar Territory;
  • Khakassia and Buryatia;
  • Ural and Altai;
  • Baikal and Moscow Region ...

Features of horseback riding in Russian regions

In some places in Russia, you can spend almost 7 months in the saddle, making long transitions and crossing the borders of different regions, where each of which is characterized by its own characteristics.

The longest horseback riding tours are organized in those places where the weather is relatively flat throughout the year, in particular the Krasnodar Territory and Adygea. Here you can make horseback riding tours from the first spring month.

If we consider the Krasnodar Territory, then the best places are Mostovskoy District, Tuapse, Yeisk District, as well as Sochi with Krasnaya Polyana. Adygea offers riders the area of ​​the Una-Koz mountain range, as well as the places of the Holy Mikhailovsky Monastery. On the way to these places, you can enjoy a gorgeous panorama of Fisht, Chugush, the Main Caucasian Range and the Lago-Naksky Range.

In some places of a large and immense country, sunny and fine days must be caught in time, which increases their value. Such places include the Urals and Buryatia, as well as St. Petersburg and its environs. Here the cold takes its toll very quickly. In addition, in these regions, horseback riding is associated with such extreme as the weather. Only Her Majesty is able to determine whether hiking is possible during the winter time or not.

When going on a hike in Buryatia or the Urals, it is necessary to take into account the likelihood of avalanches, which increases the thrill, as well as the need to listen to the horse, because animals sense danger and are able to predict the direction from which danger may come.

One of the most interesting places worth visiting for equestrian travelers is Khakassia. Here the routes lead past ancient tombs, buildings and caves. All trails are literally created for those interested in archeology and history. This region is extremely rich in rock paintings and burial mounds.

Against the background of a mysterious natural setting, nature can bewitch anyone. On horseback, you will have to dodge between mountain streams and rivers. However, it should be remembered that all routes in this region are designed for people with an average skill level.

In a place like Buryatia, routes of various difficulty levels are offered. Both a beginner and an experienced rider will find themselves here. Many immediately try to swing at the Shumak Pass, which leads to mineral springs and waterfalls, but not everyone can cope with it.

In most cases, tourists wishing to make a horse ride are offered undersized, calm and very strong horses of Buryat or Mongolian breeds. The total duration of the tour does not exceed 7 days. In fact, this is not as small as it might seem. During this period, it is quite possible to have time to get acquainted with most of the sights and enjoy nature to its fullest, if you do not stumble over every stone.

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Like any active type of recreation, equestrian tourism is a combination of physical activity, vivid impressions, self-improvement and conquest of new peaks. The health benefits of such trips are undeniable. However, there are also contraindications to participation in them. Let's understand the peculiarities of equestrian tourism.

About the benefits:

Equestrian tourism is becoming more and more popular, people, regardless of age and social status, join it, more and more often it is chosen by families with small children.

• First, being in the fresh air, in a group of like-minded people, requiring constant attention and composure, perfectly strengthens the nervous system, increases stress resistance, gives a charge of vigor and good mood.

• Secondly, in the process of communicating with horses, each tourist is charged with special energy from them. The strength and calmness of these animals is transmitted to the person, instilling in him confidence. Taking care of a horse on a hike certainly develops a sense of responsibility, kindness and love for nature in children.

• Thirdly, when riding in the saddle, almost all muscle groups work, a beautiful posture is formed, coordination of movements and reaction are improved. The activation of metabolism during horse riding leads to the burning of "extra" fats in the body.

By the way, the physical load on the musculoskeletal system is proportional to the driving speed. So, riding with a step provides a uniform, rather gentle, tension of almost all muscle groups. Riding at a trot requires constant work of the muscles of the legs and back, develops a sense of balance. The possibility of dosing the load makes this sport almost universal, which is why horse trips are increasingly organized in sanatoriums, as a means of gradually restoring muscle tone, coordination, etc. during the rehabilitation period.


• When riding a horse, cardiac activity is activated, blood pressure rises, and therefore it is contraindicated in malignant hypertension and some heart diseases.

• Inevitable shaking, both when riding in a team and in a saddle, is a contraindication for venous thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, stroke due to the danger of blood clots breaking off and migrating with blood to the lungs.

• Riding in the saddle causes a fairly strong load on the groin and pelvic organs, so people with diseases of the prostate, kidneys, bladder, gynecological problems should not engage in this sport.

It is clear that without ethno-, agro-, folk-, eco-, and other economical types of tourism, no outfit and hunting use in Russia will not only not survive on their own, but will not bring even a penny of profit to the organizer, the population of education, nature of conservation, tourism development, regions of recoupment, ethnic groups of recognition, culture of fame, strengthening of Russia, and politicians vote. But in which direction and how should modern participants of the business regatta, who intend to sail in the direction of the beacon of self-sufficiency of the outfit, need to row.

Photo - Olga Frunze - Chernorechensky Nature Reserve Crimea

The "equestrian theme" has never lost its popularity in the world, which is clearly seen against the global background. But lately, she has been performing very prominently in general against the background of the whole outfit in Russia as well. As for the general overview of the outfit market in Russia, I think that my articles on this subject, published many times in different magazines (here is a link to No. 5 B2B Fishing-Hunting-Tourism, pp. 48-56), and even included in the All-Russian Sports Encyclopedia, - this issue has been fully disclosed in Russia, otherwise no one would have included them in the official All-Russian Encyclopedias of Tourism and, even, reprinted several times in several magazines, which I have already written about many times.

Of course, "hippotherapy", children's and youth sports schools, holidays for the population of small towns, and permanent social business projects (for example, joint actions of the same "Badger" or "Levadia") are indispensable and obligatory "additional" occupation of any businessman engaged in the equestrian business, because according to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Fund of St. Tryphon Andrzej Malczewski "business today cannot but be socially responsible." But in order to donate money to charity, you still need to earn it somehow ...

Many businessmen follow the knurled track of creating grandiose pompous KSK, with the organization of cup competitions on their basis. However, if this is not in the historical mentality of the region, then such competitions will become just episodes for secular "get-togethers" and a monument to the authorities. will freeze "being unclaimed by a regular customer and the population. A lot of work, a lot of money, and marketing is at zero. No, this is not how business is done.

On the horses! For what purpose?

Today I decided to focus on a separate specific topic (subsection) of outfit, namely equestrian tourism. About horse breeding itself, I also published specific thematic and historical materials • 17. 1. 010 "Russian horse breeding: Historical imperatives", but today we will talk about the future. The fact that the equestrian business itself is promising, I think, is clear to everyone. I have already written specialized reviews on this topic many times (it is enough to write the phrase "equestrian" in the search box, and you will receive hundreds of materials on this topic), and not only this was the opinion of third parties, but also interviews with top officials of the Republican Financial Corporation, including Andzhey Ryshardovich Malchevsky and Gennady Nikolaevich Seleznev: • 14. 2. 009 Equestrian sport in Russia - corporate interests • 26. 6. 009 Gennady Seleznev about equestrian sport.

Photo - Badger base of the National Fund of St. Tryphon

In its recent rating of the most courageous businessmen, Forbes Russia mentioned two businessmen at once, whose activities are related to horse breeding. Yes, and the activities of other, most influential businessmen in Russia are often associated with horses, not to mention the presidents of all eastern states and subjects of the Federation.

And it would be strange if, for example, Andrzej Malchevsky, having created the second most efficient use of assets and the 28th most profitable Bank of Russia (MOSOBLBANK), suddenly, by creating a base-estate "Badger", or constructing the Equestrian-Sports-Complex-Manege "Levadia", or acquiring stables in the suburbs, he decided to simply spend money. Of course no. And businessmen from the eastern subjects of the Federation constantly come to us, write from Ukraine, offering cooperation in this area. People understand that the equestrian business is quite profitable and, moreover, has a significant cultural and aesthetic "appendage".

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