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Due to the endless flow of information, radio broadcasting can no longer cover the interests of all listeners. People rarely follow the schedule of radio broadcasts, so most radio programs have moved to the Internet, where you can listen to both recorded and live broadcasts. A radio recording is a podcast.

If you are learning English, podcasts are a useful tool for training your English listening skills. Many podcasts in English are supplemented with transcripts (text version of the audio recording), so it is possible to listen and read at the same time. In this article, we've handpicked English-language travel podcasts that share stories of exciting adventures and provide tips for budding travelers.

Flight of Fancy

The Flight of Fancy editions cover topics from tips for traveling with kids to survival secrets in the coldest places on earth. Podcast host Ben Groundwater is an Australian traveler, blogger, writer and foodie. He has visited over 60 countries and is ready to share his experience. The host speaks clearly, but each show has different guests, so be prepared to hear native speakers in their own way.

From the issue What to do when something goes wrong, you will learn about all kinds of unforeseen situations that are familiar to every experienced traveler, for example: the airline lost your luggage, you did not manage to book a suitable hotel room, the weather turned out to be in paradise not particularly welcoming. Guests and the host of the podcast will advise on how to cope with these challenges and enjoy your vacation.

The Budget-Minded Traveler

The Budget-Minded Traveler is designed to inspire people to travel. In the episodes of the program, you will learn how to break out of the routine and start traveling, as well as find a huge number of practical tips for novice travelers. In 60-minute episodes, the presenter and guests talk about the most amazing places on the planet, which they have visited themselves and advise others to visit.

Host Jackie speaks quickly and emotionally, but legibly enough. In each episode, she interviews different guests, this will allow you to hear different pronunciations.

Last year, Jackie made its 100th Anniversary Edition, announcing the launch of a new project, JUMP. Despite this, The Budget-Minded Traveler has not left the air.

Extra Pack of Peanuts

Extra Pack of Peanuts is a podcast where hosts Travis and Heather talk to travelers, bloggers and adventurers about how to travel the world on a budget. Their fun and useful podcast is listened to in over 180 countries and has been downloaded by over a million people. The presenters interview experienced tourists, give advice in the style of "47 best gifts for a traveler" or "21 ways to survive a long flight." They love to make lists of, for example, "The Top 10 Ice Cream" or "The Top 25 Breweries in the World."

For Living In The Moment, Travis brought Kim and Scott Goyette into the studio, who quit boring office work, bought an old mobile home and traveled around the world to introduce their 12-year-old daughter Kayla to the diversity of cultures , religions and lifestyles. Get connected, listen to podcasts in English.

Choosing vans for independent travel

When preparing for a trip abroad, there are always many plans: what to take with you, how to spend time, what souvenirs to buy, and so on. In order to feel comfortable while traveling and to complete all the planned actions, you need to know the basic phrases for everyday communication with foreign interlocutors. It is not necessary to learn the local dialect, it is much easier to turn to the international language, that is, English, which will help out in any situation and in any country.

In today's article, we will provide the most necessary English expressions with translation and pronunciation, which will allow you to build dialogues for dating, buying tickets, booking a room and walking around the city. Having printed out the necessary material, you will receive a full-fledged phrasebook on the topic of English for tourists.

Communication Etiquette

Remembering the classics of our quotes and aphorisms, we can say that politeness is the main weapon of a traveler. How you contact an unfamiliar interlocutor will determine his willingness to help you on any issue. To politely draw attention to yourself, the following words will help you:

  • Sir [Syo] * - sir; an official appeal to a stranger;
  • Madam [Madam] - mistress; an official appeal to a stranger;
  • Youngman [Yian Meng] - a young man;
  • Younglady/Miss [Yian Lady/Mies] - a young girl; unmarried girl.

* In order for beginners to understand English immediately, we have accompanied the expressions with approximate Russian transcription.

After these words, you must very correctly express your request or message. To do this, use the standard courtesies in English:

  • Ibegyourpardon [Ay bag yo padon] - Allow me to contact;
  • Excuseme [Ixcuse mi] - Sorry (for disturbing);
  • Couldyou [Kud yu] - Could you;
  • Please [Pliz] - Please;
  • MayIaskyou [Mei Ai ask yu] - May I ask you;

At the end of the conversation, do not forget to express your gratitude using the appropriate English phrases:

  • Thankyouverymuch [Senk yu veri mach] - Thank you very much;
  • Thanks a lot for [Senk e lot fo] - Thank you very much for ...;
  • I would like to thank you [Ay ud like tu senk u] - I want to thank you;
  • Thank you and have a nice day [Senk u and have a nice day] - Thank you Have a nice day!

This basic set of sayings will always help you establish successful communication with a stranger and get the necessary answers to your questions. Next, we will analyze specific situations and provide useful expressions for tourists in English.

English for tourists - useful phrases for communication in various situations

Cars, vans for travel: an overview of the requirements for cars, technical specifications. Popular vehicle models for Russia, cost.

As part of your "Traveling" topic, read short texts in English. The texts are intended for different levels (beginner-advanced) and help to consolidate the passed vocabulary.

Traveling Texts (beginner - advanced)

Text "An Opinion on Traveling on Holidays" (beginner)

I believe that holidays should be a change.

Most people like a change. If they live in the country they like to go to a big town and spend their time looking at the shop windows and visiting cinemas, theaters and museums.

If they live in the city, they like to go the some quiet place in the hills or by the sea, do nothing but walking, swimming or lying in the sun.

So, on holidays most people don’t like doing things they have to do all year round.

What is your opinion on traveling on holidays?

Text "An Opinion on Traveling by Car" (intermediate)

My friends spend most of their free time driving around the country and sightseeing. As for me, I find traveling by car very tiring. It makes no difference if I drive a car or just sit as a passenger. I will try to explain. When I drive, it usually takes too much of me - too much nerves. When I am a passenger, I always feel tensed as my legs and arms hurt. It is because I hate too much sitting. So, after driving I’m usually exhausted.

What is your opinion on traveling by car?

Text "Traveling to a Small Town" (intermediate)

There is very little time, but you urgently need to improve your English for a trip abroad? Or do you constantly travel and want to communicate freely with foreigners? An English for travel course will solve any of these problems within the time frame you set.

Course Features

What are the advantages of the course

Focus on speaking practice

Flexible course duration

Only necessary topics

Personal approach

Practical application in life

With knowledge of English, you are guaranteed not to disappear abroad. Learn to communicate effectively with foreigners!

Student Feedback

After completing the course, you will be able to

How will we teach you this

Personal tutor

The average salary of a hotel manager, according to vacancies on the HeadHunter portal, is 25-50 thousand rubles. If the requirements for the applicant include proficiency in English, salaries are higher: from 50 to 90 thousand rubles on average. It's time to improve your English to earn more!

Many young people are getting secondary or higher education with a degree in hotel and restaurant business manager. Upon graduation, they will have to work in the industry HoReCa = Hotels + Restaurants + Catering (hotel and restaurant business). In this article, we will focus on English for hotel workers, because in order to earn more, you need to work with foreign tourists. To do this, you need to be confident in the language - in vacancies, the Upper-Intermediate or Advanced level is most often required, and only sometimes you can find Intermediate.

The hotel manager has to promptly answer any questions in a telephone or personal conversation, solve emerging problems and conflict situations, while remaining impeccably polite and courteous. For this to work, your spoken English must be fluent enough. You can work out your language skills as part of our personal course - the teacher will make an individual English program for the hotel employee.

Hospitality Professions

Let's start with the job titles of the hotel staff. The first person a guest meets at the hotel is the doorman. Then the guest goes to the front desk, where the administrator (a receptionist - BrE, a front desk clerk - AmE) greets him with a smile on duty. The bellboy (a bellboy - BrE, a bellhop - AmE) will help with the delivery of luggage and food to the room, and a liftman - BrE, an elevator operator - AmE) in a perfectly ironed uniform will meet you in the elevator. The functions of the hotel Cinderella are performed by a chambermaid (a hotel maid, a room attendant). If something breaks in the room, you need to call a maintenance worker. Interestingly, the word a valet in the British version means a hotel employee who is engaged in cleaning and ironing clothes, and in the American version - a valet. At the same time, the valet in British English is a parking lot attendant.

A concierge (a concierge, a guest relations manager/officer) is available to guests in higher class hotels, who performs special tasks for guests, for example, to get tickets to the opera box in high season, to show unusual sights, etc. e. The owner or manager of a hotel (a hotelier) is the highest career bar in the hospitality industry.

In vacancies for HoReCa employees, you can usually find the following requirements: fluency in English, excellent communication skills, politeness and patience, multitasking and planning working time (multitasking and time-management), resolving issues with a customer-focused orientation.

Communication with guests

The gold standard of service in the best hotels in the world is "Smile at your guest as if he were your elderly relative who bequeathed you a huge inheritance." One can argue with this motto, but hardly anyone will object to the fact that the main thing in the work of a hotel employee is friendliness and a positive attitude. Without this, it will not be so easy to cope with all the responsibilities: receive incoming calls (to receive incoming calls), book rooms (to take room reservations, to book rooms) and cancel reservations (to turn down bookings, to cancel reservations), register arrivals and eviction of guests (to check in and check out), work with requests and requirements (to deal with requests).

You should also not let your guests get bored while they are waiting to check in to the room, and be able to keep up a conversation on abstract topics (to practice small talk) or tell what attractions you can visit (to tell about tourist attractions/sights) as well as the most popular places (hotspots).

Welcome and check in guests

Communication with a guest begins with an acquaintance. The administrator politely greets (to greet politely) the guest with the phrase "Welcome!" (Welcome!), Addressing (to address) him "sir" (sir) or "ma'am" (ma'am), after which he introduces himself (to introduce oneself), calling his name and position.

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