Cycling tourism; is it sports or recreation

Traveling on the couch: a selection of useful links

An increasingly popular area of ​​recreation is auto tourism in Russia and Europe. What do you need to travel by car?

Perhaps only a working vehicle, a good mood and a desire to get the maximum of positive emotions. Car tourism, unlike airplane tours, will begin after leaving home, since the road itself is interesting, exciting and unusual. True, provided that you like to drive or in the passenger seat.

What is auto tourism?

Autotourism appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, although it really became in demand relatively recently - in recent decades. The reason for this is the growth in the number of car owners, the improvement and expansion of the road network. In addition, modern vehicles are diverse - you can buy a passenger car for traveling, a motorhome, an SUV, a roomy car in which several people will ride comfortably.

Half of families in Russia have at least one car, and they go on short or long trips 3-4 times a year. Automotive tourism is in trend: an annual growth of 10-15% in the domestic Russian market, and up to 20% in the European direction - in the era of liners and high-speed roads, people increasingly choose to travel by car.

Automobile tourism is unlimited opportunities to travel the whole country, to visit the most protected areas at the right time and in the company of like-minded people, not to depend on the summer weather and not to carry suitcases, choose routes and change them immediately! Such freedom after the first experience becomes a way of life: at least on vacation.

Therefore, family trips by car to the sea or to ancient ancient Russian cities often become trial ones, and then, with experience, tourist excitement comes. And then Altai gets closer, and Baikal or Mongolia grows into the biography after overcoming all the passes along the dashing off-road.

Jeeping is a kind of auto tourism

Jeeping is a kind of sports and extreme tours for active auto-travelers who are ready for difficulties and adventures.

Gender and age do not matter. And for obstacles on the way to become the experience of victories, preparation is needed:

Automotive tourism in Russia and Europe

More and more interesting destinations are emerging in the travel industry. In this regard, people who want to be aware of all the innovations have a question - what is alternative tourism? This concept arose relatively recently, but has already gained popularity.


The word "tourism" is associated with many groups of people listening to the story of the guide and continuously clicking the shutter of the camera. But contrary to popular belief, this is not the only vacation option. There is also alternative tourism, the purpose of which is to learn the flavor of another country, as well as to relax and recuperate. There are many directions for this type of recreation. Each of them allows travelers to get closer to the cultural and natural environment. Features of types of alternative tourism can be considered on the example of Greece.


This is a good option for those who are tired of the hectic pace of life in megacities and want to spend time in nature. Tourists are given the opportunity to learn more about the local culture and art. It is also worth trying the national dishes of Greece, prepared from natural products.

Sports leisure

The purpose of such travel is to take active or passive participation in various sporting events. In this way, you can combine physical activity or the support of your favorite team with relaxation.

Educational tourism

Guests of Greece are encouraged to visit various educational institutions, as well as areas of cultural, religious, archaeological or natural significance. This type of tourism allows you to emphasize the originality of individual settlements of the country.

Religious tourism

The purpose of such trips is to see Byzantine monuments, monasteries and churches. Many structures are decorated with beautiful frescoes, mosaics and icons. All this underlines the fact that the country's population is ready to pay tribute to centuries-old traditions.

Spa tourism

Combining travel with wellness treatments allows you to get rid of many chronic diseases, as well as relieve nervous tension. Greece is one of the most suitable countries for those looking to improve their health. There are many thermal springs here, known for their beneficial properties.

Automobile tourism in Russia and Europe as a direction of recreation. What you need to travel by car, popular countries and routes.

Despite the fact that now the opportunity to travel is very limited, foreign countries do not stop working to promote international tourism, launching more and more interesting online projects. We have collected inspirational and educational projects from foreign countries that will make you feel like traveling while staying at home.

Tourism, like many other areas of life, has temporarily moved online. With the introduction of travel restrictions in many countries of the world, tourism offices of foreign countries switched to the Internet, switching offline activities to online campaigns and social networks. Tourism offices interviewed by Vestnik ATOR say that online projects receive a great response, creating a positive impression of the country.

Tourists miss travel, walks in the cities of the world. And now a lot of this has become available online.


At the initiative of the Greek Ministry of Tourism, the Greek National Tourism Organization and Marketing Greece, with the support of Google, Greece From Home has been launched to support Greek tourism in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The project launched a series of Greece From Home videos.

Here you can, while staying at home, expand your knowledge of ancient Greek and modern Greek culture, get more information about natural beauties, ancient cities, resorts and beaches, gastronomy and wines of Greece.

But that's not all. Visitors to Discover Greece can go on a fun online travel (and plan their next offline vacation) in Greece from the comfort of their home. On the portal of the National Theater of Greece, you can watch the retransmissions of interrupted performances for the year.


The Dominican Republic Tourism Office has launched the #yomequedoencasa (“stay at home”) campaign as an opportunity for a virtual tour of the Dominican Republic - getting to know the country without leaving home.

In the social networks of the Dominican Republic on VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram, videos are published teaching how to dance merengue and bachata, cook Dominican dishes and make the national doll Lime.

Tourism is the most favorite option for recreation and leisure for many people, and for some - the meaning or way of life. This industry is developing as actively as everyone else. Over the past ten years, new technologies have been constantly appearing in tourism that make travel more accessible, more convenient and more diverse.

Some of them are aimed at the convenience of the tourists themselves, while others facilitate the work of tour operators and travel agencies. But they all bring new possibilities and guarantee an unforgettable travel experience.

Travel Preparation

In this area, a lot of sites and applications have appeared that allow people to independently book hotels, plane tickets, trains or buses. You can find a suitable tour now in the shortest possible time, without leaving your home. For this, it is enough to make only a couple of clicks with a computer mouse.

Select a location

There are sites in which it is enough to enter the date of the intended trip and the direction, and the system itself will give the traveler data sorted by many indicators: the most profitable routes and types of transport, where you can spend the night, what sights or interesting places you can find on the way, etc.

The Nomadlist website allows you to choose a place of rest, taking into account the most delicate personal requests: from weather conditions to the availability of the Internet or the level of danger. In addition to all the listed benefits, the Tripadvisor site contains thousands of reviews from real travelers, among which a person can find important information for themselves about any hotels, restaurants, tourism services and much more. On the Tourister portal. u. you can keep your blog online during your trip, where sorted data about all visited countries and cities will remain.

A large number of sites are being developed where you can buy tickets at the best prices. Scanner sites such as Skyscanner or Aviasales are very successful, as they allow you not only to choose the best ticket in a short time, but also provide advice on buying air tickets at a bargain price.

There are many similar sources for rail and bus transport, which offer discounts and loyalty programs for regular customers.

There are online technologies that allow you to store all travel documents in one place. Such documents can be electronic tickets and receipts, insurance, hotel reservations, scanned copies of other documents that may come in handy on the way. Access to such "storage rooms" is possible from any device. An example of such a service is the Tripit website. om., where you just need to send the necessary letters to your cell. Using the same category of resources, you can purchase and store tickets to theaters, museums, book tables in cafes and restaurants, etc.

Interactive translator

The problem of the language barrier has always been the most important factor scaring away novice tourists and forcing them to refrain from visiting countries with an unfamiliar language. Technology has helped solve this problem with an innovation that promises to rapidly expand the geography of tourism for many people.

When everyone starts talking actively about cycling, they mean passing a variety of routes in which you can meet sights, as well as various objects of an excursion nature. If you decide to relax as actively as possible, cycling tourism is exactly what you need.

You will certainly have a completely unique opportunity to climb into the most remote and secluded corners, drive along the paths and see simply magnificent places that cannot be noticed if you go on a trip by sightseeing bus or by car.

Cycling tourism is also attractive by the fact that you get excellent and useful physical activity during the entire exciting trip, improve the state of the entire immune system.

The main task is to properly prepare and select high-quality cycling equipment. What is so attractive about this type of modern and so popular tourism? What kind of cycling tourism can you do and enjoy the sights around you?


Modern cycling tourism allows every tourist to feel complete unity with a certain area, because you will have no boundaries. With the help of a bicycle, you can explore the territory as if you were walking along it.

Complete freedom of travel directions. A unique opportunity to choose your route, change it at any moment when you want it. Modern mountain bicycles are subject to absolutely any route, so this should undoubtedly be used.

Many people in our modern world pay their attention to the environment and try to take care of it as much as possible. Each person wants to travel actively, to visit various countries. In this case, cycling tourism is the best and optimal option.

What else is the advantage of such popular tourism:

  • Every minute you breathe fresh and clean air, and the body receives a constant load.
  • A tourist has a unique opportunity not only to see the sights, but also to improve immunity.
  • Cycling tourism is also relevant for those who suffer from heart disease, but they are allowed to exercise, controlled by a doctor.
  • Cycling tourism is quite economical.

You will have to spend financially only one time - the purchase of a good and comfortable bike, as well as equipment. You have the opportunity to buy additional items or update your set. Sometimes repairs are also needed, but they are not global, so there will be no big costs.

Types of Cycling

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