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Big Golden Ring of Russia



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ATTENTION: Passport data of tourists!

program description

ROUTE: Moscow - Vladimir - Bogolyubovo - Suzdal - Ivanovo - Kostroma - Yaroslavl - Rostov Veliky - Pereslavl – Zalessky - Sergiev Posad - Alexandrov - Uglich - Myshkin - Martynovo/Borisoglebsk - Moscow

at 08:00 - when departing on Saturday (group gathering at 07:45).

at 09:15 - when departing on Monday (group gathering at 09:00).

  • Travel excursion program.
  • 13:00. Lunch (or free time).
  • 14:00. Sightseeing tour of Vladimir - the ancient capital of North - Eastern Russia and one of the most visited cities of the Golden Ring of Russia: here are preserved several amazing monuments of Russian medieval white stone architecture. first of all, this applies to three sights included by UNESCO in the List of World Heritage Sites: the Assumption Cathedral, the Dmitrievsky Cathedral and the Golden Gate.
  • Visiting the sights of the XII century:
  • - The Golden Gate (architecture) - a symbol of the greatness and power of Ancient Russia. They decorated the front entrance to the richest princely boyar part of the city.
  • - Dmitrievsky Cathedral - a monument of the Vladimir-Suzdal architecture of the pre-Mongol period OR the Assumption Cathedral - a masterpiece of white-stone architecture. It is a unique treasury of Russian church art. The paintings of the 12th-19th centuries are preserved in it. Famous frescoes by icon painter Andrei Rublev.
  • Optionally, for an additional fee, we offer an excursion as part of the Golden Ring of Russia tour:
  • - Museum "Crystal, lacquer miniature and embroidery" OR the exposition "Old Vladimir" (tells about the city of the late XIX century - early XX century).
  • Departure to the village. Bogolyubovo.
  • On the territory of the palace-castle of Andrei Bogolyubsky (the only civil building of Ancient Russia that has survived at least partially), an excursion to one of the oldest Russian monasteries on the Vladimir land - the Bogolyubovsky monastery: the chambers of Prince Andrew, the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin ( visit).
  • Church of the Intercession on the Nerl (no entry) - according to weather conditions. It was located practically on the river "arrow", making out the intersection of the most important water trade routes. This miracle, preserved from the 12th century, is called the swan-temple.
  • Accommodation at the Sokol 3 * hotel (Suzdal) (reserve hotels: Knyazhy Dvor 3 *, Suzdal; Prince Vladimir 3 *, Vladimir; Azimut Hotel Suzdal 4 * ", Suzdal;" Golden Ring 3 * ", Vladimir - reserve). Rooms of the "standard" category.
  • 19:00. Dinner at the hotel restaurant (or free time).

ATTENTION: Seating on the bus is fixed! 3 days before the start of the tour, the system will automatically allocate seats on the bus as booked (in turn).

If it is essential for tourists to sit in a certain place, then for an additional fee it is possible to pre-select free necessary seats (from those that are free at the time of booking).

  • The cost of choosing a seat on the bus for this program is 2100 rubles./person (net price).
  • In case of an emergency, the available places are determined by the guide.

Booking an unforgettable vacation. Tour of the Big Ring of Russia from Moscow at the current price list for 2020. Read more about the conditions and reviews on Alean. u

The Golden Ring is considered one of the most popular and developed areas in our country. Traveling to the most interesting cities in Russia can compete with many programs in Europe.

The cities of the Golden Ring are located in relative proximity to Moscow and their location is convenient for those who plan to travel on their own.

For the convenience of those planning a trip to the Golden Circle on their own, we will consider traveling through the most important cities. Also, do not forget about small, but no less interesting places in terms of tourism: Uglich, Kalyazin, Rybinsk, Myshkin, Murom, Ples, Tutaev, etc.

Prices for organized tours per year

Traveling along the Golden Ring usually takes 2-3 days (many people come here on weekends) or, if we talk about a longer trip, 7-14 days. Tour prices depend on the excursion program and duration. For example, the cost of a program from Moscow lasting 2 days will be about 6,000 rubles per person. The cost of a bus tour per person for 5 days with meals and accommodation is from 17,500 rubles.

Cruises for 5-7 days on the Golden Ring on a motor ship will cost at least 17,500 rubles per person. Prices vary depending on the ship, the type of cabin, the duration of the trip and the objects you want to visit.

Where to go?

By car For those planning an independent trip, the most convenient way to travel is by car. In most areas, the road surface is good and there are no problems with hotels, you can spend the night anywhere. However, we recommend booking rooms in advance, especially if the trip falls on holidays.

By bus If we consider all travel options, the most popular are buses. The distance between cities is about 100 kilometers, so don't worry about spending a lot of time on the road.

By boatSuch trips can be viewed only during the navigation period (approximately from May to October). If you want to see the maximum during the trip, then this type of transport should not be considered, because cruises go along navigable rivers and cannot cover all key points and cities. You can visit Ples, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Tugaev, Myshkin, Uglich, Rybinsk and Ryazan.

By train By train, you can only cover selected major cities, such as Vladimir or Yaroslavl.

Travel is good at any time of the year. And if in summer the route is mainly predetermined - everyone wants to visit the sea, then in winter tourists have a huge choice: exotic islands, ski resorts or a more familiar sightseeing trip. In recent years, winter recreation in the cities of the Golden Ring has been very popular. This is quite understandable: the chain of cities united in the Golden Ring route is located not far from Moscow and has a good transport interchange, so the road to them will be easy and suitable for children. Also, a trip to ancient Russian cities, some of which are older than Moscow, will be very informative and interesting: ancient monasteries and temples, unusual museums, massive towers, remains of fortifications, factories and workshops, parks and attractions for children - this is just an incomplete list of objects. which are available for tourists on a tour of the Golden Ring.

In winter, the weather in the settlements included in the Golden Ring is frosty, when the air temperature drops to -15 degrees, and snowy, and warmer and slushy. Thaws usually happen around New Year's holidays, and then winter comes into its own again.

The Golden Ring route includes 8 cities from five regions. The length of the route is about 800 km. Tourists are offered tours of different duration. You can choose a one-day trip - and then it is better to stop at Sergiev Posad, which is closest to Moscow (70 km from Moscow), from where it is easy to get to Aleksandrov. A three-day trip involves acquaintance with several cities of the Golden Ring (maximum 3), and a five-day trip can cover 6 or more.

Excursion tourism

Winter is a great time to leisurely explore all the attractions of the Golden Ring. Tourists at this time will be several times less than in summer or in the off-season.

In Sergiev Posad, every tourist, even being an atheist, suddenly turns into a pilgrim and, holding his breath, looks at the local Vatican - the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. In Pereslavl-Zalessky, the pilgrimage continues - in a small town on Lake Pleshcheyevo there are 5 monasteries over which time has no power.

In Rostov the Great, which is located on Lake Nero, you first need to go to the snow-white Kremlin, which seems to hover above the rest of the city's buildings. Despite its name, the Rostov Kremlin was never a fortress, but served as a residence for church hierarchs. Do not forget to buy audio CDs with Rostov bell ringing before leaving the city - a great gift for friends and acquaintances.

In Yaroslavl, which is more than a thousand years old, most of the interesting tourist sites are concentrated along two embankments - Volzhskaya and Kotoroslnaya. The latter will lead to the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery, on the territory of which you can find an interesting historical museum.

Kostroma, the brainchild of Yuri Dolgorukov, is famous for the large Ipatiev Monastery, built with money from the Godunov family, the city of brides Ivanovo is famous for museums and merchant mansions, Vladimir, the former capital city, pleases with a monument from the UNESCO List - the Golden Gate of the 12th century. Suzdal can generally be called an open-air museum, where time stood still somewhere in the century before last.

Do not forget that in every city of the Golden Ring you will find a real Russian winter with trees in snow-white headgear, snow creaking under your feet and the purest air, which is impossible to breathe. Sightseeing in such an environment will be even more interesting!

A trip with children along the Golden Ring

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation has published a list of criteria by which new cities will be selected that claim to be part of the Golden Ring of Russia. About what exactly attracts tourists on the route - in our material.

Since January 22, the Ministry of Culture of Russia has begun collecting applications from cities that want to enter the Golden Ring tourist route. Alla Manilova, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, told reporters about it on Tuesday.

As previously reported by the head of the Ministry of Culture Vladimir Medinsky, no more than one new city per year will be included in the Golden Ring. To date, such cities as Tula, Uglich, Borovsk, Tarusa and Kaluga have submitted applications for inclusion in the list.

Recall that at the moment eight cities from five regions of the Russian Federation are included in the list of cities in the "Golden Ring of Russia" - Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Suzdal and Vladimir.


The Ministry of Culture has developed a number of requirements that must be met by an applicant for inclusion in the Golden Ring of Russia. They relate to the historical and cultural, recreational and entertainment, infrastructural, tourist information and transport and logistics components.

So, according to the criteria published on the website of the Ministry of Culture, the applicant city must be founded no later than the 15th century. The city must have at least 10 objects of display, there must be a preserved integral historical architectural and planning urban environment. The city must have at least 15 cultural heritage sites, monuments, ensembles and attractions, and at least 50% of them must be in satisfactory condition.

The well-being of the city (pedestrian zones, landscaping, lighting of the main objects of cultural heritage), the presence of parks, recreational routes (at least five) are also important. The city should have theaters and cinemas.

The criteria provide for the presence in the city of at least 80 places in hotels 4-5 *, at least 250 places in facilities 2-3 * and at least 250 places in other accommodation facilities, at least 20 food outlets ( in total at least 800 seats) with national and local cuisine

Among other things, the criteria provide for the presence in the city of at least 80 places in 4-5 * hotels, at least 250 places in 2-3 * facilities and at least 250 places in other accommodation facilities. The applicant city must have at least 20 food outlets (in total, at least 800 places) with national and local cuisine.

The tourist information component assumes that the city has its own website, various excursion programs, a pilgrimage center, and high-quality road navigation.

Finally, according to the criteria developed by the Ministry of Culture, the city must provide tourists with all-season transport accessibility, regular public transport routes are organized, parking facilities are equipped, etc.

A tourist passport of the Golden Ring - a special document that gives a number of advantages to Russian and foreign travelers, can now be obtained in two cities of the route - Yaroslavl and Vladimir. The next step is Kostroma.

The second "passport office" for tourists of the "Golden Ring" has opened in Vladimir. You can get a certificate at the office, which is located in the central park of the city.


For the first time a tourist passport was issued in 2017 in Yaroslavl, the capital of the Golden Ring. The first to receive them were the mayors of cities - Yaroslavl, Rostov the Great and Kostroma. Among the famous holders of the Golden Ring tourist passport is the Russian Snow Maiden. Each turn of the passport is intended for stamps about visiting one of the cities of the tourist route.

In Yaroslavl in the office of the passport office on the street. Revolutionary, 30, you can not only order a document, but also go through the ceremony of crossing the zero kilometer of the Golden Ring, order various excursions, send a postcard with a view of the city, and also get a pedestrian certificate for the Golden Ring, which also gives additional preferences to travelers.


A passport the size of a real identity card can be presented to project partners in all nine cities of the Golden Ring. For travelers, a tourist passport is a separate product that provides discounts and bonuses from program partners. These are, for example, discounts on hotel accommodation, on excursions and visits to museums (some excursions and master classes are free of charge, as a bonus), discounts on health and beauty treatments (sauna, etc.), and in restaurants and shops - various pleasant trifles, such as sets of drinks or individual dishes, gift magnets in souvenir shops, etc. The passport is also valid at festivals held in the cities of the "Golden Ring" - you can get various discounts on it, but more often - delicious bonuses.


The passport itself and its registration cost money. It is issued with a personal photograph of the owner, its registration takes 15 minutes, the cost is 1000 rubles, the validity period is 10 years. In it, as in a foreign passport, marks are put on the visit to the cities of the "Golden Ring". These are either partner stamps, or branded stickers and stamps that tourists are happy to collect on document spreads.

As the "ATOR Vestnik" was told in the passport office of the tourist "Golden" olts "in Yaroslavl, about 1000 documents were issued in almost a year. Now in the cities of the tour there are about 60 partners with various offers. It is still possible to obtain a tourist passport in Yaroslavl and Vladimir. The next city of the Golden Ring, where it is planned to open a passport office, will be Kostroma. In the future, an electronic version of the document is not excluded.

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