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Going to the mountains? Remember to choose the right clothes. Remember we already told you about the layering rule? Time to get familiar with the layers you need for hiking in the mountains.

Author: Valeria Zolotoreva, 3rd grade in mountaineering and mountain tourism

So. How to dress properly so that it does not sweat, freeze, rub, be dry, and in general, any surprises from the heavenly office were overwhelming?

Everything is simple here, it is enough to adhere to two simple principles: you must be dressed comfortably and layered, like an onion! The question of comfort is individual, but we will talk about layering.

Its essence lies in the fact that each layer of clothing you wear performs a specific task - for example, to warm, protect from rain, etc. Let's break it down by layers.


Contrary to all expectations, this is not thermal underwear, but underwear (sports top + underpants - for women, for men - underwear). Many people forget about what is closest to the body, and in vain. Your underwear should not get wet while hiking. What to do? - buy sports underwear made of good synthetics. Synthetics on the body dries quickly, which cannot be said about fabrics made from natural materials.

Layer - base

Thermal underwear. Its main task is NOT to heat, but to remove moisture well. Thermal underwear is available for high, moderate and low activity. Thermal underwear for low activity also has a warming function by adding wool to the fabric.

Good thermal underwear for high to moderate activity primarily wicks moisture from the body quickly and efficiently. By staying dry, you don't overcool when you stand still, and you don't overheat when you walk uphill.

This type of underwear is usually made entirely of synthetic materials. It can have a zonal design - this means that in such underwear, each zone is responsible for a certain process: for example, improved moisture removal (under the armpits and in the abdomen). The underwear often has a compressive effect, supporting the muscles so that they do not overload, due to compression in a specific area.

Important! At low activity, compression creates discomfort. Do not wear compression garments if you do not plan to actively move.

Today on the market there is a huge number of materials from which sports thermal underwear is made, and each has a specific function. But this is already a topic for a separate article.

How to find clothes for mountain climbing

USSR State Committee for Physical Culture and Sports USSR Mountaineering Federation

The official Rules set forth the country's requirements for organizing and conducting mountain climbing and mountaineering competitions.

The annexes contain samples of the documentation to be filled in and guidelines for judging the competition.

AM - mountaineering event ASG - mountaineering independent group AUSB - mountaineering training and sports base IKM - Instructions on the classification of routes k. sl. - category of complexity KSP - control and rescue point KTM - "Classification table of routes to the mountain peaks of the USSR" CO - rescue detachment UA - mountaineering department of the Armed Forces VDFSO of trade unions TCB - training camp

1. ... These Rules determine the procedure for preparing, conducting and counting ascents. The rules are the main normative document that contributes to the accumulation of experience, the improvement of sportsmanship of climbers while ensuring the necessary safety conditions.

The rules are obligatory for all climbers, both when performing the “Curriculum for the preparation of climbers” (hereinafter referred to as the Program), and when making any mountaineering ascents.

Climbers who violate the requirements of these Rules are subject to disciplinary responsibility up to complete sports disqualification.

1. ... Climbing ascents include:

1. ... ... Training, performed as part of training units (detachments, departments, training groups), according to the initial training program under the guidance of mountaineering instructors;

1. ... ... Training sessions performed as part of educational units (departments, training groups) according to the sports training program under the guidance of instructors or an independent group;

1. ... ... Credits performed while fulfilling the discharge norms, including as educational or training;

How to dress in layers when climbing mountains

Are you attracted by mountains and the possibility of conquering them on your own? For a successful ascent, you will have to thoroughly think over several important aspects of the ascent, so that later you do not suffer from unnecessary doubts - poorly selected equipment, an unsuccessfully constructed route and other difficulties can discourage the desire to go to the mountains for a long time, making it impossible to experience the beauty of the Elbrus region!

Acclimatization will be an important circumstance for a beginner mountain climber - climbing in conditions of a difference in atmospheric pressure may not have the best effect on your health and well-being! Therefore, it is worth thinking about what medicines you need to take with you on a long and difficult journey - absolutely anything can happen on a hike, so you need to prepare for any development of events!

You also need to be smart about your clothes and your equipment - you will have to leave all unnecessary things at home; in the mountains, unnecessary items will only clutter up a tourist's backpack, making it difficult to put really important things with you.

Preparation for climbing Elbrus

The successful implementation of the task will depend on your efforts, physical labor and active training, which should be approached comprehensively and responsibly. The endurance of the legs and arms plays a huge role in this - jogging, which implies long and monotonous work, is perfect for strengthening the muscles of the legs.

Squats are great for building endurance. Squats can be very productive in general. It is necessary to carry out exercises periodically and the result will definitely appear!

Climbing equipment

This question will require very careful preparation on your part.

Equipment Required:

  • a set of necessary documents (passport, compulsory medical insurance policy);
  • sealed packaging for documents, this will keep them safe even in extreme weather conditions;
  • large backpack for 80-90 liters;
  • rain cover;
  • sleeping bag designed for temperature fluctuations from -5 to 20 degrees;
  • dishes - mug, bowl, spoon, knife;
  • polyurethane mat, seat;
  • flashlight (headlamp) and a camera;
  • a set of spare batteries and chargers for mobile phone;
  • water bottle, sunglasses and matches;
  • large garbage bag;
  • trekking poles;
  • tent;
  • to ensure a stable connection, be sure to bring your walkie-talkie;
  • chapstick in case of chapped lips;
  • sunscreen for effective protection against burns at high altitudes.

All this equipment you will have to properly lay out in your backpack, in a comfortable order for yourself, so that if necessary you can carefully remove them from there.

A useful piece of advice for beginners is that you can easily rent everything you need to storm Elbrus, saving significant financial resources. But it is categorically not recommended to take alcohol with you - its use can do you a disservice, interfering with the body's natural entry into the acclimatization process.

Clothes and footwear for climbing

About a dozen routes of varying difficulty have been developed to conquer the Eastern and Western peaks of Elbrus. Among them there are those that involve climbing both peaks within the same ascent. Only experienced climbers can cope with such difficult hikes. Those who go to conquer the mountain without special training choose tourist, easier routes.

In any case, climbing Elbrus is not an easy task, they carefully prepare for this and buy tours in advance, in 2021 and 2022 7-10-day hikes to the main peak are offered. This is taking into account training camps, acclimatization and preparation. One of these days is left as a spare, in order to try again in case of bad weather.

Most of Elbrus ascents take place from May to October. The most optimal time for conquering the main peak of Europe is considered July-August.

Climbing Elbrus routes

South Slope: Classic Route

North Slope: Route of the First Conquerors

East Slope: Extreme Route

West Slope: Expedition Route

Be sure not to be caught off guard by accidents. When choosing an active holiday, take out insurance. You can handle any mountain!

Preparing to climb Elbrus

Climbing Elbrus is not an easy task, do not underestimate the complexity of such a hike, and at the same time the vagaries of the weather on the slopes of the mountain. And if you are not able to cope with the latter, then being ready psychologically and physically is exactly your task, which will have to be solved within a few weeks before the ascent.

From the point of view of psychology, you need a complete understanding that this is not a walk in the park, but a serious load on the body, life is not in the most comfortable conditions and other inconveniences. Therefore, it is advisable to minimize stress and tune yourself to the fact that you have to show character and endure. In order to at least roughly understand what awaits you, sometimes put on a backpack weighing about 15 kilograms and walk with it for half an hour or an hour (approximately this amount will need to go between halts).

It is natural for humans to overcome themselves and accept the challenges of nature. So this sport appeared, and for some it is just a hobby called mountaineering. It's not just a way to stay fit or have a good time - no. Mountaineering becomes a part of your life. If a person has ever tried climbing, now the mountains are in his blood.

Mountaineering has several special benefits:

  • A unique exercise experience. A person overcomes natural obstacles, working with his own weight and the mass of the load that he carries with him.
  • Replacing dusty and chemical-saturated city air with clean mountain air, which will have a positive effect on health.
  • A way to test your abilities, skills.
  • Possibility to make new acquaintances by interests.

Mountaineering is a great activity, but it requires some preparation and training. Let's figure out where the way up begins.

Mountaineering for beginners - first steps

You can't go mountaineering right away. If you go out into the courtyard, you can start playing football easily and without consequences, then the ascent requires initial preparation.

Mountaineering School (instructor)

It is widely believed that an instructor-mountaineer should be aged, an experienced man, behind whose back there are several hundred ascents and he teaches according to the laws of the "old school". This is a misconception. Great experience is a good thing. But young instructors will prepare for the ascent just as well.

Science is developing rapidly, this also applies to sports. There are now many ways to train climbers using computer technology and new climbing methods. We've never heard of this before. If we add to this a complex of modern physical training (without which lifting is impossible), then the choice of an instructor becomes obvious.

There are a few things to focus on when choosing an instructor:

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