Children's rest in Finland

Best places to visit in Finland with kids

Why are you coming to Finland? - We asked this question to Russian tourists who regularly visit the country of Suomi. The answers turned out to be quite interesting and not as predictable as expected.

A new generation of shoppers

For obvious reasons, many Russians come for shopping - about a third of the respondents named shopping in border shops as the main reason for their trips to Finland. By the way, contrary to popular stereotypes, there were many young people among inveterate shoppers.

“I live in Vyborg and often go to Finland for groceries - there is much more choice and prices, in fact, are not high,” says Julia, 28, a marketer at a transport company. - Well, it's not even about prices. It's just that there are a lot of goodies. So I buy there Cream Bonjour cheese, for example. It seems to be on sale here, but in Finland there are so many types of it that our eyes run up. Hummus is the same - you can't buy it here. Well, I take all kinds of fish. " Yulia also notes that among those who are engaged in shopping tourism in Finland, there are many of her peers, who are not at all like the notorious "aunts with wallets."

Fish and Transit

The topic of fish for Russian fans of shopping tourism is a separate article. People even come for her from Moscow. “Often I cannot travel, but I come once every two or three months. I take mostly salmon, fish delicacies, caviar, sometimes I also take canned food, - says Tatyana Igorevna, a pensioner from Moscow. - I was lucky - my son lives in St. Petersburg, we travel with him.

Shopping is an integral part of travel, as such, for many Russian tourists, even if they visit Finland on their way to other countries. “It’s never happened before that we didn’t buy anything in Helsinki, returning home from Europe,” says Natalya, a St. Petersburg lawyer, 46 years old. - Sweets, different little things, souvenirs - something, but I always bring it.

Visas for the sake of

An even more trivial reason for visiting Finland is a visa. It's no secret that many people come here just to "roll back their visa". Alas, among such tourists there are also those who speak scornfully of Finland: they say the country is boring, there is nothing to do in it, and "Finca" can only be a transit point. I am glad that there are few Russian tourists demonstrating their ignorance in this way, and the majority speaks very respectfully about the country of Suomi.

“Recently we went with a friend on a one-day tour, to Imatra - a visa to be refused. I liked it very much. Both the city is beautiful and the nature. We took a walk with pleasure. We will definitely come back again, ”says Olga, a client manager from St. Petersburg, 29 years old.

Feel the Difference

There are quite a few of those who come to Finland with interest, for vivid impressions and relaxation. Almost half of the respondents admitted that they regularly visit Helsinki and other cities, because there they can radically change the situation. Svetlana, a designer from St. Petersburg, often comes to Finland with her husband for this very reason: “Sometimes we decide spontaneously - we get on a bus on Saturday and go to some city. Helsinki, Imatra, Hamina, Kotka - most often we go to these cities. Just to relax, take a walk, unwind. We don't have much money, so our tourism is very modest, no pretensions. But we need him. I would like to change the situation. The difference with St. Petersburg and Russia is already very big. "

Why do Russians come to Finland

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One of the most common types of summer holidays in Finland is active tours. Every year, thousands of fans of backpacks, river rafting, horseback riding and cycling come from all over the world for active holidays in Finland to spend time in nature and enjoy the tranquility of a discreet northern summer.

Leisure activities

According to travel agencies specializing in Finland, Russian tourists rarely purchase specialized active tours to this northern country, but most customers order outdoor activities as an additional program, which sometimes accounts for up to 20-30% of the cost tour.

Such entertainments include fishing, rafting, jet skis, boating and canoeing, horseback riding, cycling and ATVs (off-road motorcycles with special wheels). You can buy an artisanal tour to the north of the country, to Lapland, and take part in gold mining at old mines.

Active rest in Finland. River rafting

Fishing in Finland

Fishing is in priority demand. Suomi is one of the countries with the richest fish stocks. There is fish in almost every body of water and in the coastal waters of Finland, and in every region there are entrepreneurs who professionally organize sports and recreational fishing.

The catch is guaranteed even for a person who first picks up a fishing rod. For the lazy or inexperienced, fish cages are offered, in which you can easily catch fish with a net or with a simple tackle.

The rules for sport fishing in Finland are highly regulated. You can fish from the shore with a simple rod without a license, but you must obtain the prior consent of the owner of the land or lake. Fishing with spinning rods, nets, spears and other devices requires a license. If a tourist buys a fishing tour in advance, then the license is usually included in its price.

The fine for fishing with tackle without a license is several thousand marks. There are temporary restrictions and prohibitions for the spawning period, as well as strict requirements for the length of the fish: it is recommended to release juveniles that have not reached a certain size.

Why are you coming to Finland? - We asked this question to Russian tourists who regularly visit the country of Suomi. The answers turned out to be quite interesting and not as predictable as expected.

Best places to visit in Finland with children

Active rest in a country famous for its nature and beautiful landscapes, where every member of the family can relax to their advantage.

Dreaming of a vacation filled with outdoor activities and adventures? Or the respite that is so necessary for everyone to visit museums or look through books together? Finland is a country that has been named the happiest country in the world for three consecutive years according to the UN World Happiness Report. And this country offers a myriad of opportunities all year round for a wonderful family vacation with children.

We have selected ten of the best places for family holidays in Finland, which will fill it with unforgettable experiences, outdoor physical activity and the full feeling of being in a fairy tale, that is, everything that children love so much ...

Article published in April 2020.

What could be more interesting than contrasts, such as the four seasons, the glow of the polar day and the darkness of the polar night, city noise and rural idyll, East and West.

The country of the Moomin trolls

Moomins are favorite fairy tale characters created by the famous Finnish writer and artist Tove Jansson (1914-2001), who are found in Finland at every turn. You can spot them on crockery and home textiles, or see them as top performers in theatrical performances in theme parks and museums. The first book series of the beloved Moomin epic formed the basis of the popular comics published by the Associated Press in 1948. Cartoons, films and television series were created based on the adventures of these beloved characters, including a new television series called Moomin Dol ”, which brought together many Hollywood stars for dubbing in English: from Taron Edgerton and Rosamund Pike to Kate Winslet.

A popular theme park called Moomin Valley is nestled on Kylo Island off the charming seaside town of Naantali, 2 hours west of Helsinki. Here, visitors can experience for themselves what it is like to live in the magical land of Moomins with an authentic five-story blue house, as if descended from the pages of a fairy tale about Moomins.

The first and only one in the world !, The Moomin Museum in Tampere introduces visitors to cute stories about the Moomin family, from the great flood to the mystery of the lighthouse.

Find freedom in the vast wilderness of nature in Finland

To feel freedom in full breast, you need the pristine nature of the North and a little crazy recklessness.

The land of endless expanses and the cleanest air in the world, Finland offers its guests a huge variety of opportunities for active recreation - all year round and for every taste. Suomi is truly a land of vivid contrasts, where you can truly enjoy your vacation, using all the senses.

Finland's unique national parks are a friendly gateway to the multifaceted northern nature, open to visitors of all ages. Each of these protected areas represents the characteristic landscapes of the country's regions. The national parks encompass the Archipelago with its thousands of islands and skerries, the green expanses of virgin forests quietly stretching towards the sky, the waters of the Lake District sparkling in the sun with countless shades of blue and blue, and the white silence of the Lapland hills. National parks (some of them, by the way, are located right next to the largest cities in Finland) are also a great place for sports training and active outdoor entertainment.

Finland is a great choice for outdoor activities with the whole family, attending exciting sporting events and competitions, and participating in school or student sports camps and training camps. Here everyone will find something to their liking: whether it is a walk along the ancient paths of one of the many reserves, a mountain bike trip along rocky ridges or hills, or just a trip to the autumn forest for mushrooms and berries.

In the lap of nature in Finland

Finland, with its four distinctive regions and four contrasting seasons, is a very diverse country. It is this variety of natural landscapes and climatic conditions that makes it possible to enjoy exciting and versatile active leisure - both seasonal and year-round.

Summer is the perfect time for jogging, cycling, golfing and all sorts of outdoor activities that Suomi's temperate summer climate is like. Long bright days and the midnight sun of the North, coupled with temperatures rarely exceeding 30 degrees Celsius, make the country of thousands of lakes an excellent place for outdoor activities and sports. Autumn is also not a time to stay at home: the September riot of golden colors, which the Finns call “ruska”, beckons to go fishing or hiking with an overnight stay in tents.

In northern Finland, in Lapland, winter usually begins in October-November and lasts until the end of April. During these months, Lapland, like the Lake District located in the center of the country, is covered in snow and the lake waters are frozen in ice. This long snow season makes Finland a great destination for downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding and ice skating.

Active and sports recreation

No matter how you decide to spend your vacation: enjoying the pacifying and healing silence of virgin nature, or testing yourself for strength and striving for new heights in your favorite sport - choosing Finland, you made an excellent choice! Downhill and cross-country skiing, cycling, hiking, and jogging are just a few of what you can do in the middle of Finnish nature.

There are many great reasons to go in for sports. For some, it is the desire to win and the desire to surpass oneself. For others, it is a desire to keep yourself in good physical shape. And someone just wants to escape from stress and worries and enjoy an active day with family or friends. Most Finns try to lead an active lifestyle for one simple reason: physical education and sports in any form improve health - both physical and mental. That is why Finland has such a well-developed versatile infrastructure for outdoor activities and sports - both outdoors and in various indoor spaces. Suomi offers its residents and guests a network of 40 manicured national parks, more than 60 ski resorts covering the whole country from Lapland to the southern coast, more than 100,000 lakes ideal for SUP surfing and kayaking in summer - just to name a few. active entertainment in the bosom of nature.

Finland's ski resorts and sports centers, including many Olympic training centers, provide excellent conditions for year-round training and education - for professional athletes and amateurs of all levels.

The Scandinavian countries have one indisputable advantage - a special attitude towards children, and this is something that neither attractions nor fashionable novelties can replace. In Finland, children's leisure time is thought out to the smallest detail, and you can be sure that your child will not be bored even for a minute and will have a good time.

Wherever you come: to a store, a shopping center, a water park or a museum, there are conditions for comfortable children's leisure and recreation. Even shipping companies, railways and hotels participate in the creation of a children's fairy tale: they equip special children's carriages and play rooms, provide educational games and books.

English with Native Speaker,

comfortable accommodation, 5 meals a day, age groups,

all-inclusive voucher, medical care, security, insurance, transfer from Moscow.

Family and Entertainment Centers

Numerous family centers are located throughout the country, where the whole family will really be interested: both adults and children. Moomin Valley, Santa Claus Village, amusement and amusement parks, zoos, water parks, science centers and various theme parks. In such establishments, you can not only have fun, but also learn a lot of new and interesting things, see fabulous performances and get to know their heroes.

Children cannot do without attractions. One of the most famous parks is Linnanmäki in the capital of Helsinki, where there are attractions and entertainment for every taste and color, excursions and a giant aquarium.

Almost every large city has amusement parks, entertainment and science centers: Tykkimäki amusement park, Särkänniemi amusement park, Laune family recreation park, Viherlaakso fairy tale valley, fidget country. Puuhamaa ”is only a small part of the children's leisure opportunities in Finland.

In the House of Santa Claus you can see the famous Finnish Santa Claus live, in zoos to communicate with unique animals, in water parks to have fun with the whole family and get a lot of emotions and adrenaline, and in theme parks in a playful way to get acquainted with fairy-tale characters ...

Children's and youth camps

Older children sometimes need to rest separately from adults: this way they can become more independent, find new friends and learn to be a team. There are children's and youth camps in any country, including Finland: health, sports, thematic, scientific, etc. Such tours can not only develop a child, but also help him decide on a future profession.

In the summer - beaches, amusement parks

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