Cards of the old "Leko-Tour" active recreation club

sample, must be exchanged for a new sample!

old cards are no longer valid since October!

All details by phone - or in the VK group

When you receive a new card, you are guaranteed to get a 20% discount on tourist equipment in our Leko-Tour store, and a 15% discount in all our Leko stores!

The Leko-Tour club of active rest invites friends!

The Leko-Tour Club was created in 2013 with the aim of uniting Irkutsk fans of outdoor activities and popularizing tourism among Irkutsk residents. People gather here to share their impressions and experiences, recall funny incidents from their camping life, discuss new equipment and equipment, and sing their favorite songs with a guitar from the bottom of their hearts.

Meetings of the Leko-Tour Club

* They are held on average once a month in the office of the Leko company at the address: st. Sovetskaya, 45/2, ground floor

* Club meetings are usually held on Fridays, starting at 18:30. The day of the week and the time of meetings are determined as a result of a survey of the Club members.


- fulfill the dream of traveling - see the whole world in 5 years - travel without harm to the wallet - and even make money on tourism.

According to the ancient Slavic precepts From ancestors having come through the ages Mysterious holiday glorified Got with legends to us! The answer to the past greatness Or maybe the discovery of yourself? In the water we see our appearance Once upon a time loving the whole of Russia! I bathed the parish like a fairy tale. and there are so few fairy tales already. Romance, tenderness and affection are kept in everyone's soul!

At 6:00 pm Bodily practices, purification practices, rituals with water, fire, air, round dances ...

23–00 Walking over coals. redheads through the fire ...

11–00 hike to the "stone tents", rituals

All the delights of a cruise life :. when you exhale your first “Wow. »In the port, seeing a huge liner; when you wake up in a new country in the morning; when you have your first cup of coffee on the open deck overlooking infinity; Show in full. when you stop fussing and running in your usual rhythm and just look into the distance. ; when you visit several countries in one trip without tedious travel and unnecessary flights, only once unpacking your suitcase; when you travel around the globe: cruise destinations: the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, the Persian Gulf countries, the Caribbean and South America; when you travel on a modern cruise ship (in summer or winter - whenever you are going on a sea voyage, new routes and countries, new entertainment and, of course, supermodern liners are always waiting for you. complemented by a unique feature that you just want to test personally: from new attractions to high-tech developments and an interactive assistant) .. It has been proven that 90% of cruise passengers make a sea voyage again. And then one more thing. And further. Currently, an unprecedented growth in demand and the depth of sales up to two or three years in advance have been recorded! Because the earlier you buy a cruise, the cheaper it will be, the benefit is obvious, because many of us want to relax in luxurious conditions at an affordable cost .. For cruise travel, please write to me in private messages. Register at the Travelers Club at the link: . ncruises. om/signup. You can also contact the partners of our Travelers Club: Vitaly Shimkha Anton Chistyakov Elnara Shevyakova Andrey Samoshin Evgeniy Kurin Gulnor Sultangareeva Raushan Tukpaeva Larisa Vshivtseva Sabir Suleimanov Guzel Valitova Lyubov Fenchenko Raisa Amirova Albinia Ismahilanova Fenchenko Khabir Suleimanov Yulia Khakimova-Lykova Elena Makaykina-Dick

Happy travels to everyone, see you on cruises.

On November 13, 2019 at 7:00 pm, a presentation "Secrets of profitable travel" will be held at the "Slavyanka" hotel at the address Yeljabinsk, st. Lenin, 20. Invite guests and come yourself. Admission is free for guests.

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