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Bus tours - short educational program

Since ancient times, the territory of Europe and the states located on it have been one of the main places of attraction for our ancestors. Rulers, borders of countries, customs changed, but, allegorically represented in the form of a princess, kidnapped by Zeus, this part of the world remained a cultural, political and administrative ideal. The craving for reserved European places lives in us, the descendants of Peter I, the first who radically approached the issue of borrowing from Western society its best achievements. In order to get as close as possible to European life and embrace the immensity, having visited a large number of cities in a short period of time, there are bus tours, the route of which passes through the capitals of different countries and major cities.

Tours for the New Year and Christmas in Russia and Abkhazia.

Tours to Kaliningrad from 7 300 rubles, Crimea from 10 990 rubles,

Karelia from 5 350 rubles, Veliky Ustyug from 15 150 rubles, along the Golden Ring from 4 200 rubles.

North Caucasus - only experienced accompanying guides.

When To Go

When going on a tour of Europe, you should consider in advance what time of year to choose for your trip. If travel is combined with a vacation at the sea, then you can go on a trip from late spring to early autumn. It won't be hot inside the bus, but crowds of tourists on the streets and in museums are guaranteed. If your tour is only an excursion, then almost any season is at your disposal. The smallest number of guests in European cities will be in winter and late autumn.

Europe - how much of this word

The advantages of European tours are, first of all, short journeys and an abundance of attractions. The variety of European programs allows literally "to measure" a tour for any tourist. Operators offer a variety of travel options, during which it will be possible to see from five to eight capitals, as well as several major cities. For example, you can travel through Poland and Germany to France, then continue your journey through Spain, ending your trip in French territory. Another option is to go on a two-week tour of the European capitals: Warsaw, Prague, Luxembourg, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin. Those who want to get the absolute maximum experience from the trip, while staying in the listed cities, can additionally visit something else interesting nearby. For example, being in Paris, in addition to Versailles and the Loire castles, visit Rouen as well. The disadvantages of the maximum density of excursions during this kind of travel are obvious: this is a limited time for sightseeing and an almost complete lack of free time for tourists for independent "optional" rest.


If you travel from the north-west of Europe, then here one of the most popular tourist routes is Scandinavia - France. At the same time, such programs cannot be called purely bus programs: although one usually gets from St. Petersburg to Helsinki by bus, then a section of the road follows by sea: by ferry from the Finnish capital to Stockholm. This is followed by Copenhagen or Rostock, after which tourists get again by bus to Amsterdam. And then comes the very "salt" of travel - the brilliant capital of France, which is usually allocated 3-4 days. If such a program seems to the tourist insufficiently rich, he can enrich it with additional excursions to the suburbs of Paris and other cities of the country. Of course, such trips are paid additionally: about 100-150 EUR per person.

Leisure activities: ideas for free time

Travel preparations are the journey itself. As soon as the moment of planning a trip comes, a pleasant drive and anticipation of the holiday begins.

In order to ensure that the pleasant impression of the trip is not overshadowed by anything, it is better to follow the recommendations for tourists. For a long time, thanks to the observance of the rules, tourists from all over the world remember their holidays in Europe with trepidation.

The following instructions will help you avoid incidents and troubles when traveling in Europe.

Make a route

You need to decide on the city and country where you plan to travel.

There are several options here:

  • Selecting a specific city for rest. It is possible to go to the nearest settlement for 1-2 days.
  • Visiting several cities.

When choosing the first option, you can save on air tickets. Visiting several cities will leave a lot of impressions from what you see.

Purchase of air tickets

A popular option is to purchase tickets online and use an e-ticket. When purchasing, check the status of the account on the card, specify the information on the registration of the purchased travel document in the air carrier's information desk.

List of winter and summer outdoor activities. Main directions. Tourism as a form of active recreation. The health-improving value of various types of outdoor activities. Examples.

Bus tours are one of the most exciting, affordable and, as a result, popular types of recreation. During one trip, you can see the sights of several cities at once, and it will cost almost several times cheaper than a classic sightseeing tour with overnight stays in hotels. The difference in price will be especially noticeable if there are many night crossings in the program. Finally, do not forget about the emotional component: bus tours allow you to feel the romance of distant wanderings in the best possible way: tourists can personally observe the change of landscapes, cities and cultures, feeling like real travelers.

Almost every country in the world more or less adapted for tourism, you can take a bus tour: "mark" sights, draw up a route and provide logistics. However, there are programs, as they say, rolled out - dozens of buses from different tour operators scurry along them every day - and there are also more rare ones, for the amateur, where only a few groups are recruited per season. In this article, we will tell you about which directions of bus tours are the most popular, as well as what you need to know when choosing a tour and how to get guaranteed pleasure from such a vacation.

North Caucasus - only experienced accompanying guides.

Tours for the New Year and Christmas in Russia and Abkhazia.

Tours to Kaliningrad from 7 300 rubles, Crimea from 10 990 rubles,

Karelia from 5 350 rubles, Veliky Ustyug from 15 150 rubles, along the Golden Ring from 4 200 rubles.

Bus Tour: Travel Comfort

All bus tours, with rare exceptions, are combined. Most bus tour operators offer several transport combinations: bus plus ferry, bus plus rail, etc.

One of the advantages of recent years is that many tour operators build their programs in such a way that tourists can join the group at almost any point on the route. For example, a traveler can take a plane to Prague or Berlin and join the program there.

The main part of the route is still in the bus. These are not shabby "Ikarus" with the smell of diesel fuel for a long time. Modern vehicles on both foreign and domestic routes are tourist buses of the European standard: as a rule, for 50-55 seats, necessarily equipped with an air conditioning system that works for both heat and cold, a dry closet, a washbasin and a lot of comfortable shelves and glove compartments. The angle of deflection of the seats is also a very important nuance, because tourists often have to sleep "on the go", and their cheerful mood the next day depends on their night comfort. In modern buses, the seat back can be reclined even more than in an airplane. Also, tourists are provided with a considerable amount of information materials - guidebooks, maps, phrasebooks, museum diagrams and others.

Route geography

Thanks to the numerous low-cost airlines in the air transportation market, the geography of bus tour routes has expanded significantly. If earlier, in order to start a bus tour in Europe, tourists had to travel by rail to Brest or Berlin (and this is more than 20 hours, forcedly taken away from rest), now, almost for the cost of a train ticket in a compartment, you can buy an air ticket along a similar route.

During the holidays and vacations, each of us wants to organize an unforgettable trip for ourselves and our family, which will leave only pleasant and impressions. One option is a bus tour of Europe. Today we will tell you how to choose the best option for yourself, what to pay special attention to, which period of the year is more suitable for such a tourist adventure, the most popular routes?

What is the best time of the year to explore Europe?

Of course, everyone decides this issue individually. But why not squeeze the maximum pleasure and impressions from the trip? For example, going to Italy, Spain in summer, you can enjoy the architecture, culture and have a great rest on the beach. In winter, it is good to go to those countries where festive carnivals are organized in honor of the New Year and Christmas. In spring we would advise taking a bus tour to the Netherlands (tulip blooming is a wonderful sight), and in autumn you can take the opportunity to see Germany and visit the world's most famous beer festival.

However, if you do not want to become part of a large crowd of tourists and regularly stand in long lines, then keep in mind that the summer season is not the best time for an educational tour, but just right for a beach holiday. Therefore, we advise you to go on tours to the main attractions in late autumn or winter after the holidays (and prices are lower, and there are fewer tourists).

Most Popular Destinations in Europe

Currently the most popular tours include visits to several European capitals. It is rare when a tourist chooses one country to explore all of its attractions. Many people buy trips to Central European countries, for example, to the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria. Tours in the above tours fly like hot cakes, because it is not only interesting, but also inexpensive. Why sit at home for the whole vacation when you can go on a tour for little money, look at the beautiful Czech Republic and other countries? Of course, the Mediterranean is also in demand (Italy, Monaco, Spain), tours to Montenegro and Croatia are popular. The leaders, as before, are Sweden, France, Norway, Denmark.

How to choose the right travel agency?

If you have decided on the time and direction, it's time to talk about a travel agency, what should you pay special attention to to avoid trouble?

This issue needs to be approached very carefully, it is better to refer to a proven tour. an author you are sure of (used by yourself or recommended by good friends). If neither one nor the other conditions are not present, be sure to read the reviews of real tourists. A good travel agency manager with a reliable reputation will tell you about all the nuances:

  • Which route, the number of excursions included in the tour price.
  • Where the tourist will live (conditions in hotels).
  • Is power on (which boarding house). Do I need to pay for honey. insurance, visa separately or it is included in the price of the tour.
  • All these points must be specified in the contract. Also, the employee must inform his clients about cultural, national differences, give contacts of consulates for communication with the homeland.

We also advise you to pay attention to the presence or absence of free time between visits to the main attractions. Please note that in many contracts the issue of a tourist's delay is also prescribed, as a rule, the bus waits no more than 15 minutes. After that, you will have to catch up with your group for your own money.

And yet, before signing the contract, ask about everything that bothers you. You pay your money, so you need to be sure that everything goes well. If you notice that the agent does not have an exact answer or he leaves him, leave this company, otherwise you risk ruining your vacation and wasting your finances in vain.

After choosing a travel agency and buying a tour, you need to not only pack your bags, but also take care of your mobile connection.

Domestic car tourism may become the main trend of 2020. Summer vacations in some popular regions of the European Union will be either very expensive or especially profitable.

You should wait for the summer vacation booking. Such advice is given by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission. "At the moment, no one can make reliable forecasts for July and August," the head of the European Commission said on April 12 in an interview with the German mainstream newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

The travel industry proposes to shift the dates of school holidays

Thus, one of the EU leaders clearly warns his compatriots, who like to plan the "best weeks of the year" very well in advance, that this time, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot will be different with summer vacations. As we can see, she does not consider the option of going somewhere to relax in June, July and August are a big question.

Latently, the head of the European Commission sends an equally unequivocal warning to the European travel industry: the current high season may not take place at all. The industry understands this - and is looking for ways to somehow ensure the demand for their services.

Therefore, for example, Norbert Kunz, Executive Director of the German Tourism Association (DTV), came up with a proposal to prudently shift the summer holidays in six German federal states to August and September. Thus, he picked up the idea of ​​colleagues from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, who hope in this way to at least partially save the season for resorts on the Baltic Sea. However, the authorities have not yet supported the idea.

Traditional factory breaks may be canceled

Stefan Wolf lobbies completely different interests. “The summer vacation this year should be canceled,” suggested the head of the automotive component manufacturer ElringKlinger and the president of the metal industry employers' association Südwestmetall.

At Audi Ingolstadt

"I would consider it advisable to start the economy at full speed in the summer," he explained, "and let the factory holidays fall out once, no matter how offensive it may be. In times like these, we all have to make sacrifices." The businessman fears that the largest enterprises of the German car industry will resume production only in May, and in June-July they may again get up because of the traditional many-week vacations.

It is possible that numerous small and medium-sized businesses, after one and a half to two months of forced downtime due to quarantine, will prefer to work at full capacity in the summer, without numerous vacations, and will try to negotiate this with trade unions and employees. And a considerable part of them may well agree with such a proposal in order to at least partially compensate for the income losses incurred in the spring.

The middle class will not want to stay at home again after quarantine

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