Buy Travel Insurance Online: Popular Online Services

Buy Travel Insurance Online: Popular Online Services

This data is provided by the All-Russian Union of Insurers. It is obvious that the situation with insurance of financial liability of tour operators requires measures to support tour operators and insurers from the state. Foreign experience is also interesting.

The All-Russian Union of Insurers (ARIA) has interviewed 45 insurance organizations - ARIA members to find out which of them intends to deal with liability insurance of tour operators in the future. The results of the survey are posted on the website of the Turpomosch association.

According to the published data, out of 45 companies in one form or another, only 9 companies are ready to work with tour operators for liability insurance, and only three of them are without restrictions.

“There are 45 companies surveyed. Three of them are planning to deal with liability insurance of tour operators without restrictions in the future - these are ERV Travel Insurance (ERV), RICS and Consent. 7 companies are ready to issue financial guarantees, but with restrictions - Absolute Insurance, DalZHASO, Yekaterinburg, Zetta Insurance, Help, TIT, Borovitskoe Insurance Company. They definitely do not plan to insure the tour operators "VSK", "Helios", "Insurance Business Group", "Chubb" and "Yugoria". The rest have not provided their answer at the moment, ”said Yulia Alcheeva, head of the working group for insurance of tour operators in the Russian Union of Insurers, executive director of the insurance company ERV.

Market participants confirm: insurance companies are wary and it is not so easy to solve the issue of liability insurance for tour operators today.

The situation is complicated by the fact that many companies' contracts expire in April, and they need to submit information about the new financial support to Rosturizm no later than April 15 in order to remain in the unified federal register.


“In this difficult time we have to look for insurers, as they say, with flashlights. We contacted an insurer that is not on the list and received a negative answer. Now we are negotiating with the Soglasie company, - said Alexander Tsandekidi, general director of the Mouzenidis company.

PAX has concluded a liability insurance contract with Ingosstrakh. As the general director of PAKS Vitaly Chizhikov said, the current agreement is valid until the fall of 2020.

Even before the full-fledged crisis in the industry, he extended the financial guarantees in the Soglasie company and the tour operator VEDI TURGROUP. “We renewed our financial guarantees in February this year,” said Irina Kareva, general director of the tour operator.


At the same time, Irina Kareva noted that her calmness did not increase, because there was no confidence that the situation would normalize in the near future.

The expert noted that it is necessary to take measures and resolve issues with the refusals of players to insure tourism at the state level. After all, the question of the availability of financial guarantees is a question of the legality of the work of tour operators.

Only 3 companies are ready to insure tour operators without restrictions

Maxim Pichugin from Cherehapa shared interesting information about the online travel insurance market. You will learn about market segments, about the audience, who book insurance, and how you can make money on it.

Online travel insurance market

Cherehapa is the third Travelpayouts offer in terms of sales in the first six months of 2017. Some of the company's partners earn tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles a month. The total amount of payments for 6 months amounted to 1,645,846 rubles.

In Russia, the online travel insurance market is at its initial stage. Online sales are less than 1%. This is typical of all developing countries.

In January 2017, the electronic sales of OSAGO officially began, this gave a powerful impetus to the development of all electronic insurance in Russia. People are gradually getting used to the idea that insurance is electronic.

In developed countries such as Germany, online sales account for more than 3% of the volume. More than 10% in mature markets. For example, in England - 60%.

The market in Russia has doubled over the past year. The cost of the most expensive sold insurance through CherehaPa was 181,163 rubles. She bought a family of 5 people who went to rest in Australia and Oceania.

who buys insurance

The age of the elderly CHEREHAPA client is 94 years old. The age of the youngest - 4 days. Buyers can be divided into 8 groups. For the first three accounts for more than half of sales.


First-hand news

The citizens of our country travel around the world, where, along with rest and adventures, they are dangerous to obtain injury or exacerbation of chronic disease. An excellent solution to such a problem abroad is European tourist insurance, which is carried out by ERV. The company is part of those considered one of the world's best concern European Travel Insurance Group. In addition to European countries, the company issues medical policies to visit the United States, Thailand and Turkey.

Description of the insurance company "ERV"

ERV was founded in Russia in 2006 and specializes in providing assistance to travelers in difficult position due to deterioration of health. It does not matter what caused an insured event.

Medical services abroad are an order of magnitude higher than in the Russian Federation and may not be affordable to our compatriots. Medical insurance allows them to get them for free in the country of stay or contact the compensation after returning to the homeland. Olis ERV applies to everything, without exception, associated with a person's peculiarity, climatic conditions, the consequences of unusual weather and diet. The warranty area covers the regions from the Polar region to the tropics.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Insurance for Pictures in Erv @

Citizen traveling abroad at any time can feel unreasoning, to expose on the part of third parties, or picked up infection. In such cases, emergency, and preferably also free medical care is extremely necessary.

As for ERV insurance and reviews of travelers, this resource is distinguished by such advantages: <

  • A wide range of services offered, covering all possible risks at all stages of stay abroad, including transport problems.
  • Providing services to all categories of citizens, regardless of their age and health status.
  • Availability of several programs that give people the opportunity to make an optimal choice for yourself. Excellent combination of price-quality parameters.
  • 24-hour access to its own site, a permanent hotline. The client can purchase an electronic policy without leaving their home.

The following disadvantages of the ERV insurance company are noted:

  • The high cost of policies, which is why citizens are forced to refuse to travel abroad.
  • Possibility to contact the assistance only by mobile phone. As a result, you need to take a printout of calls, translate it, and this is additional time and money.
  • Sale of policies only in the Russian Federation. It is impossible to do this outside the cordon. In addition, the agreement must be concluded for the entire duration of the trip, including the time spent in transport on the way back and forth.
  • The client must travel to the clinic and back at his own expense. Expenses are reimbursed only upon receipt and after returning from the tour.
  • Inclusion in the franchise agreement. For this reason, clients have to pay for most of the medical services themselves, without the right to compensation.

What travel insurance programs does ERV offer?

The company issues insurance policies that are accepted in all consulates, embassies and centers that issue visas to tourists, including Turkey and the United States. A medical center is mandatory when concluding a contract. The amount of compensation is 40-50 thousand euros.

ERV offers the following insurance programs:

Traveling abroad is not only exciting, but also potentially dangerous. In addition to losing luggage or canceling a flight, the traveler is prone to illness, bites of exotic animals and insects, household injuries and injuries when engaging in extreme sports. Compulsory insurance protects against several risks, and the absence of voluntary insurance will oblige the tourist to take on all additional expenses. Online travel insurance allows you to quickly issue a policy and protect yourself from additional costs in case of an insured event.

Travel insurance and what it is for

Travel insurance is necessary for travelers in two cases:

  • To reduce costs in unforeseen situations;
  • To obtain a visa.

Traveler Visa Protection

Visiting a number of countries is possible only with a visa agreement. Essentially, a visa is an entry permit. Sometimes the procedure for its registration includes only filling out the form and paying for the document. But some countries admit foreigners only after they have proven their legal decency and ability to pay.

The list of increased requirements also includes compulsory insurance. This measure ensures the financial viability of the traveler and guarantees his protection in the territory of a foreign state. Compulsory visa insurance covers such risks as:

  • Emergency medical assistance;
  • Payment of transportation costs in unforeseen situations;
  • Sending urgent messages, etc.

That is, these are the most important and significant situations in which there is a threat to human health and/or life.

Additional insurance

Only one category of tourists can afford to go to the ski slopes without special insurance. No, these are not masters of skiing at all, honing their technique to perfection. Pros just take insurance almost more seriously than the choice of equipment: they just know that anything can happen on the snowy slopes, and with anyone. No, only an absolute beginner can be at the top of the ski slope with insurance without the option of "active rest" in his pocket, and, moreover, no one has given him the necessary advice in time. The good news: you definitely won't be, because you are reading these lines.

So, the standard insurance, which, for example, is issued to apply for the same Schengen visa, for ski and snowboard fans in a critical situation is not an assistant. If the tourist has not activated the item "active rest" in his policy, everything that happens on the slope, for example, a collision of two athletes, is recognized as a non-insured event. This means that the extremal will pay for their own treatment or compensation to a third party out of their own pocket.

One for all?

For beginners and professionals, the answer to the question "what exactly is included in the health insurance of a skier?" will be different. The first ones, who are unlikely to carry equipment with them and will probably not go further than the "blue" tracks, may limit themselves to health insurance (medical risks should be written in detail), civil liability (so that in case of a collision with someone on the slope, you do not have to pay) and accident protection. Second, in addition to all of the above, you need to add baggage insurance (read - equipment) to the policy, as well as search and rescue measures and helicopter evacuation, especially if you plan to freeride - rides away from marked trails.

The more options are included in the insurance, the higher its price. But this is just the case when saving is more expensive for yourself. Of course, the amount in the policy will also depend on the country, or rather, on the degree of high cost of its medicine.

What cannot be added to the policy for a skier for any money is insurance of physical and material damage received or caused while intoxicated. But children who, following the example of their parents, want to get up on snowboards or downhill skiing, can and should be insured.

How much

The list of companies ready to lend a hand to extremals in case of anything is not small. But before making a choice, experts advise to pay special attention to the assistance with which the policyholder works. Assistance is the first friend and assistant of the tourist, an intermediary company between the insured and everyone who will provide him with assistance in the event of an insured event (medical centers, transport companies, police, etc.). The speed of providing the necessary services to the victim will largely depend on the reliability of this "link". And yes, it is the telephone number of the assistance company that is indicated in the medical policy, the insured will call its employees.

Among the most reliable, proven from the positive side, are the assistances of Allianz Global Mondial, AP Companies, Europ Assistance. Tripinshurans and, in fact, Allianz work with Allianz Global, with AP Companies - Russian Standard, Consent and Zetta, with Europ Assistance - Absolut Insurance and Sberbank-Insurance. VTB-Insurance is a partner of Global Voyager Assistance, Alfa-Insurance is a Class Assistance, Arsenal is a Balt Assistance.

The sum insured for the countries of the Schengen area cannot be lower than 30,000 EUR (for Russia, you can choose less, and in Canada and the USA, insurers are more willing to offer policies with coverage from 50,000 USD). Also, the policy for Europe should not have a deductible - that part of the costs that the insurer will not pay.

The more extreme the proposed route, the less the number of companies ready to take responsibility for such a tourist. For example, in the Schengen zone, only one insurer, IC Soglasie, is ready to reimburse the cost of services for carrying out search and rescue measures and evacuating a tourist who rides both marked and unmarked routes on alpine skiing or snowboarding by helicopter. The price of medical insurance for 7 days with coverage 35,000 EUR - from 1341 RUB (only on marked routes - 1370 RUB). Additional included luggage insurance for 1000 EUR will not affect the cost of the policy, and an increase in the sum insured up to 50,000 EUR will make the insurance more expensive by 422 RUB. The company does not have an annual policy. Prices on the page are for November 2018.

Sberbank-Insurance offers almost everything the same (minus insurance for snowboarding and skiing on unmarked tracks) for 1478 RUB. Like the previous insurer, this policy includes such important options as paying for the travel of the insured to the place of residence after treatment, payment of travel and accommodation for a third party in the event of an emergency with the insured. An annual policy for an unlimited number of trips will not be sold here either, with 30 insured days, an annual policy costs from 9000 RUB.

One of the leading insurers - Tripinsurance - recommends for lovers of outdoor activities the "Standard" package for the Schengen zone with an increased limit of EUR 50,000 and extended coverage such as a third party visit, legal assistance and early return home. The price of such a policy for 7 days is from 2400 RUB. If you put a tick in front of the line "accident" with coverage of 10,000 EUR, the insurance will rise in price by almost 600 RUB. The annual policy will cost 34887 RUB. In the tariff "Million" the document additionally includes civil liability insurance for 10,000 EUR.

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